Co worker 2

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Thanks to a former coworker worker of my wife, our sex life became incredible. The woman gave us our first threesome over a year ago and continued to have sexual tryst with us until she earned a promotion that took her out of town. We agreed to visit her and she agreed to visit us as well. However, a seminar there company had provided an opportunity for my wife and her to meet in the American mid west where they would have professional and personal business with each other without me. I would have to wait for an encounter a little bit longer than my wife who I was currently taking to the airport.

As we drove, my wife had her hand on my crotch. We had just had our final fuck fest before she would leave for the week and yet she couldn't keep her hands off of me. It was all thanks to her co worker!

As I adjusted my position, she poked my full bladder and realized I had to pee extremely bad. I pulled over at a rest stop and went inside the empty facility where I noticed someone had created a glory hole in the only stall. I laughed as I urinated as before meeting the co worker, I would have had no clue behind the purpose of the hole in the wall. As I returned to my vehicle, I told my wife about it.

"You should have let someone suck you," she said once again showing me she had no limits to her sexual urges after meeting that damn co worker. My wife had all of a sudden gotten into different types of porn genre. Swinger's, shemale, threesome and cuckolds were now some of her favorites and she loved referencing them as we made love. That made her wild and our sex life was great. "One day soon, we re going to bring in another man," she informed as we parted. We had gotten into exhibition and voyeurism, but had yet to involve another male.

As I drove home alone, my phone vibrated. It was the co worker. She wanted to speak with my wife who had her phone on airplane mode, so she contacted me. We made small talk and eventually she speculated how I would satisfy my sexual urges with my wife being out of town with her enjoying lesbian love to the fullest. My dick got immediately hard. She then went on to give me two numbers and I was to call them in the order she gave. I joked that her instructions sounded like a bad movie line. We laughed and she ended the call with, "go in the order in which I gave you the two numbers as you have to graduate to the second number.". As soon as we hung up, I made up my mind to go out of order. I was calling the second number first as it seemed to promise a more drastic experience. As I thought about it, I got extremely horny. It was too early in the morning to call either number, but I was horny as hell as I approached the rest stop with the glory hole. I pulled over as I saw a couple of cars there and hoped someone would be there willing to suck my huge cock.

I waited around, but none entered and eventually left thinking how insane things had become. I was waiting on allowing a strange man to suck my dick so I could tell my wife and her lesbian lover co worker. It was surreal.

Mid week, after masturbating a time or two, my sex drive kicked into overdrive. I called the second number and the woman told me she was expecting my call. We set up a date for the next evening. I arrived and the Amazon of a woman answered the door wearing a black silk robe. Her breast were huge! They were obviously fake, but they looked great. Her robe wasn't fastened tightly, so I got a look at her satin panties. There was a huge bulge. I looked at the woman in her face and the manly features began to jump out. I knew my wife had spoken to, if not had gotten, the shemale fantasy from her co worker. I wasn't ready for this experience, so I abruptly left. He called out for me but I was busy dialing the first number.

I was turned on by the thought that my wife had shared her most intimate thoughts with her co worker. She was making this woman a part of our marriage and I loved that. Who wouldn't love being married to two sexual beauties?

Horny, I called the first number and a man answered. He informed he expected a call earlier in the week. He and his wife were anticipating my visit and with some hesitation, I went to check it out. The male to male fantasies of my wife were not going away.

I arrived at what would best be described as a mansion. The home was beautiful and as I approached the door, it opened. An older gentleman, wearing a white terrycloth robe opened the door. He had a receding hairline line and what was left was grey. However, I must admit he had an impressive physique. He must have hit the gym five days a week putting a majority of the time on weight lifting. The way he eyed me made me feel dirty and I was once again about to make an abrupt disappearance. He sensed it and suggested, "you shouldn't leave until you have seen the goods.". I agreed as he went to get his phone to show me some pictures of his wife. They were poorly lit, but from what I saw, she was a ginger, which was intriguing. She had large boobs and a tiny waist.

"I guess I'll stay for a moment. We sat down on the couch and he began to talk.

"My wife loves a big dick in her and I love to watch her being filled up by one. I have a nice size, but I like to watch her get stuffed by gigantic cocks.". He then told me the co worker of my wife had told him I was blessed with the type of member he would enjoy. As I realized the evening, I became more relaxed. "My wife is younger than me. She can go for hours. I m getting up there in age," he joked, " but a young stud like yourself doesn't have to worry about that yet.".

We were then interrupted by the sound of twelve inch heels coming down the stairs. The black heels then led to me seeing a nice set of naked legs with calf muscle that screamed swimmer's body. And then her thighs appeared. Her trim waste and washboard stomach shortly followed. There was a gold linked chain around her midsection and that was all she wore besides the black fedora on her head. The red ponytail extended from the back of the head gear and reached the crack of her buttocks. "Glad you decided to stay?"

"Hell yes," I responded to the man.
"Good. Now go fuck her," he said as his wife stopped at the recliner and turned around poking her tightened buttocks in my direction. I undid my pants as I approached her. I was rock hard when my pants hit the floor and although I liked to begin with foreplay, I was ready to get at her pretty pussy with a nice red runway patch.

I entered her and she moaned. She was well lubricated. I started with nice slow and long strokes. Her husband walked over to get a better view. "Look at that big wet dick go in and out," he said to no one in particular. I looked down to see the creamy cock I thrusted deep inside of her increase with speed. I then smacked her ass. "Yes," he encouraged. "Punish that pussy!"

"Yes baby," she spoke. "I ve been a bad girl. Punish me," she instructed, so I hit her again with a little more force. I then took my hands and grabbed her gently around the neck. They both moaned in approval. My hands immediately went to her hips as I began to fuck the hell out of her. He then opened his robe and began stroking his cock.

"Suck his big dick," he said as he masturbated to me giving his wife some good dick. I then stopped and took a few steps back. Before his wife dropped to her knees, she kissed her husband in the mouth. That surprisingly turned me on. She then took me in her mouth as her husband sat in the recliner and jerked off. She struggled with getting g me all the way in but eventually she figured out how to handle all that meat she was working g with.

After sucking it, she pointed it upwards against my belly. She then played with my scrotum sack with her tongue making my balls roll around. Eventually, she took my entire nut sack in her mouth and gave them the right amount of pressure in her warm, moist mouth. She then stood up and kissed me in the mouth.

"Suck your husband's cock," I heard myself saying. "Make him cum first," I said as I began to play with myself. She turned around and dropped to her knees. She began easily to devour his manhood. From her position, I was unable to enter her from behind with my dick, so I got on the floor and used my fingers. I had fingers in her ass and the other tickling her clit. Her husband grunted loudly, signaling to his wife that he would be releasing his load soon. She then stood and straddled him. I once again put my fingers to work on her ass and pussy. As I tickled her clit, my hand brushed against his cock. Before the co worker, thoughts of homosexuality would have crept into my mind and ruined the moment. Post co worker, I knew we were doing some serious fucking!

He burst inside of his wife and she stood with his cum dripping g down her leg. He began to lick the trails of semen as I watched on. From the amount of fluids that came out of her, I understand that she had gotten off as well. I was still rock hard, but somehow satisfied that I had helped the couple. I pulled up my pants and they began passionately kissing as I made me exit. They both caught up with me and thanked me before making my exit. I called my wife and she placed me on speaker phone where I told them about my experience. I had yet to leave the mansion. The three of us, my wife, the co worker, and I all masturbated. I was the first to cum and as I drove home I listed to my wife and her co worker moan in ecstasy as they fucked each other. Eventually, we ended the conversation with my wife and I agreeing to meet with a single guy in our area that her co worker suggested.

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