Claire’s Sweet 18 Poo Party

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction! Part 1 - The Party

"Mum, mum..come look what I did" said soon to be 18 year old Claire Bishop excitedly, as she proudly marveled at the solid brown log resting on the kitchen bench.

"Wow honey that’s a nice one, that will go perfectly in the casserole I’m making for dinner,"

"Yum!!!" said Claire, "your the best mum ever."

What came out of the back passage was something to be celebrated and enjoyed in the Bishop household, which consisted of Claire's mum Carol and her 18 year old sister Louise. The girls were raised to be proud of an open about their bowel movements, something the girls would display by openly discussing all things poo with their friends at school, something their friends had become accustomed to and even started to imitate.

Toilets were rarely used in the Bishop household as most meals used poo as the main ingredient, tonight was no exception as Tuesdays were meatloaf night, a recipe that consisted of the bowel movements of all three Bishop women plus claire's best friend Sally, who was staying the night. The poo of all the girls was lovingly combined in mum's secret recipe and served up fresh and steaming, which they all devoured till they were left with wide brown grins. All the girls agreed that it was Yummy, but the night was topped off when mum produced dessert, delicious brown mousse fresh from her backside.

The Bishop girls were raised to be aware of their bowel movements, touching, smelling and playing with their poo was encouraged from an early age, then when they were old enough they were lovingly fed poo with a knife and fork by their mother, a taste they grew to love. They always brought packed lunches to school consisting of such treats as poo spread sandwiches, poo cakes and other goodies and also sometimes just a big plain old brown stool as a special treat. Their friends were all envious of them and tried to get their mothers to make them such nice lunches.

It was almost Claire's 18th birthday and her mother had a special sweet 18th planned for her, all her friends would be invited round for a poo party. Claire handed out the invitations to all her friends at school, which read 'You are invited to celebrate the 18th Birthday of Claire Bishop by attending a poo party, food and drinks will be provided and all guests are asked to bring a full bowel', they were also encouraged to bring their mothers along, which they all did. All her friends were extremely excited about the party and kept asking her questions like whether they would get to eat poo at her party, she assured them all that they would get to eat lots of poo if they wanted too.

The day of the party arrived, as the girls and mothers started to arrive. There was an air of nervous excitement, as Carol brought out hors d'oeuvres of bite sized poo morsels which although most of the mothers and daughters at the party had never tried, they were all eager to taste. After they found they enjoyed them they quickly devoured the whole plate. Claire's mum then gathered all the guests around to make an announcement.

"Thank you all for coming today to celebrate the sweet 18th of my daughter Claire, today’s party will be a poo party and you have been asked to attend with a full bowel so you can all contribute to the celebrations and fun, I hope everybody enjoys themselves, now relax and get comfortable as I go and prepare the first game."

The girls all excitedly chatted and mucked around while the mothers got to know each other. Carol then returned and announced the first game,

"Today’s first game will be mother daughter face painting, as things will get a bit messy, everybody should take their clothes off for this next game," a suggestion the women didn't need telling twice as they all quickly removed their clothes and placed them in the basket provided.

Carol and Claire then brought out a large plastic sheet to cover the floor, then the room full of excited naked Middle aged women and teenage girls sat down in pairs.

Carol then asked the mothers to all squat with their backs facing their daughters, then Carol asked them to all open their bowels and release one nice big stool, which owing to their nice full bowels they were all able to do. While this was a new experience for these women they were so caught up in the excitement of the party they all eagerly embraced the fun. The daughters all watched on in awe as their mothers produced a thick brown tube of poo from their backsides, an intimate act they never thought they would see, but found utterly beautiful. When the women had all laid down their brown present on the plastic sheet, a pungent smell filled the air, the smell of a room full of women’s poo, a smell they found to be strangely erotic as everybody breathed in deeply the naughty scent.

"Who just thought what your mother did was really sexy?" asked Carol.

All the girls hands quickly shot up as they all shrieked about how cool and exciting watching their mother defecate was.

"Ok on to first game, its time to paint each others faces so we can all get in the spirit of the party."

The mother and daughters hesitantly at first then with wild abandon, dug in with their hands and smeared big brown streaks of poo all over each others faces until their faces were completely covered brown. What a sight a room full of women and girls, all with faces completely smeared brown with poo.

They were all quite dirty by then so the party was taken outside to the backyard which had high fences so they had complete privacy to enjoy the poo party. The girls all ran around naked and enjoyed themselves with their pooey faces. Focus then returned to the birthday girl Claire as her mother brought out the inflatable mini swimming pool, she then announced that it was time for everyone to join in and give Claire her Sweet 18th Birthday bath. Claire quickly laid down in the pool with a smile from ear to ear as her mother started proceedings by turning around and squatting over the pool and then lovingly opened her bowels and unleashed a nice big pile of steaming poo right on her adoring daughters chest. Next all her friends from school started to unload their bowels all over her and in the pool.

"Thanks guys, this is best present ever, your the best friends a girls could have!" said Claire as the pool quickly started to fill up with brown mess, soon the entire party was unloading all over her.

Her friends soon joined her in the pool and began rubbing the poo all over her as she writhed in ecstasy. From her toes to the top of her head her friends rubbed and smeared it in every nook and cranny of her body, their hands running all over her body, one girl paying particular attention to her hair giving her a poo shampoo, something Claire had often done at home with her sister. She was brown and smelly from head to toe and loved every minute of it, pretty soon all the girls in the bath were becoming quite brown themselves and the mums joined in too and now everybody was covering everybody else in sweet sticky smelly brown poo, but the bath wasn’t big enough for them all, so the plastic sheet was brought out and soon they were one big gyrating mass of bodies desperate to be covered and cover each other on every square inch of their bodies, there were mothers giving daughters poo shampoos and facials, daughters obsessively rubbing poo into their mothers armpits, between their toes, into the crack in their bum cheeks, anywhere they could get it. They were all now acting like depraved poo whores who couldn't get enough of the stuff, finally Claire's mum announced the final game of the party would be human toilet but first it was time for lunch.

All the women were starving now after all the playing around, so they made their way over to the table, still brown from head to toe, making everything brown as they went, they sat down in excited anticipation as Claire's mum brought out a big piled high plate of poo hot dogs, lovingly made by Carol and her daughters that morning. They all looked on amazed, licking their licks at this strange delicacy.

"Ok everybody dig in there’s plenty for everyone,” said Carol.

They all took a hot dog bun and then helped themselves, the snacks they had eaten earlier had got them accustomed to the taste, so they now all dug in with abandon clearly enjoying the taste. Soon they were going back for seconds and thirds, mothers and daughters alike enjoying the filthy taste of the brown logs, girls were now asking their mothers if they could have poo hot dogs and other things at home and the mothers all wanted too know Miss Bishops recipes. After they had all filled themselves on hot dogs it was time for the birthday cake, it was Claire's favourite, mom's special chocolate cake with special brown icing 'yum'. They sang Happy Birthday and Claire thanked everybody for such a wonderful party, then the cake was cut up and eaten everybody enjoying the unusual taste of Carol's special recipe and for desert there were poo brownies.

Everybody was by now thoroughly full and in need of clearing their bowels. That’s when the final game of the party began. Claire's mum brought out a medium sized clear plastic box which was open on the bottom and had a neck shaped hole on one side, and to the surprise of the girls it had a plastic toilet seat on the top with a shallow bowl and round opening at the bottom that funnelled into a short tube, Claire recognised the contraption as it was often used in the bishop household.

"Ladies now for the final game of the day, Claire's special sweet 18th present, Human Toilet".

All the girls grinned big brown smiles as they led Claire by the hand over to the plastic now brown sheet and lay her on her back as her mother placed the contraption over her head, her smiling mouth was then lovingly placed under the pipe. Claire had been waiting for this moment for months, ever since her and her mother starting planning her party, now she was finally going to get her wish of eating the poo of all her friends and even more excitingly their mothers, she had butterflies in her stomach from the anticipation of knowing her stomach would soon be full of so much poo.

"Claire has specially requested that she would get everybody here today to do her the honour of feeding her their poo, I hope you can all help my daughter out and fill her stomach full of poo, we will be going in the order of daughter then mother until everybody is done, now Sally since your Claire's best friend I think should get to go first."

Sally excitedly rushed over to seat and sat down, her bottom now only a few inches away from her best friends face. Claire stared up through the clear plastic bowl looking at her friends anus thinking what lovely things were about to come from it and how it was the first of many anus's she would see today. Sally didn't take long before she grunted and a big long solid stool emerged from her anus and slid down into the no friction bowl and down the tube right into Claire's waiting mouth, the poo filled Claire's mouth, but she quickly chewed it all up enjoying the flavour of it in her mouth, Sally then filled her mouth again with a second then third brown sloppy log finishing of by farting down the tube which Claire breathed in deeply and savoured. Next was Sally's mum Bridgette who emptied a nice big load in her mouth. This depraved act was exciting the women and girls who couldn't wait to get their turn to publicly poo in a girls mouth. After each mother daughter couple had finished, the daughters inspired by Claire would clean their mothers anus with their tongue and then vice versa, something they had never done before but clearly now poo play would be something that would be introduced to their households.

Claire had eaten most of the presents of the guests of the party an was in absolute heaven now, as all her wildest poo dreams were coming true, but after eating almost 25 big loads her belly was starting to strain and she was having trouble getting it down, her mother recognised this and removed the toilet from her head. She sat Claire up soothing her and rubbing her stomach. She left Claire for a moment and then returned with a plate and knife an fork and also a bib which she placed around her daughters neck, Claire looked up at her surprised, but could see what she was thinking, this was claire's special day and she wouldn't let her be disappointed. The next mother in line came up and filled the plate with 3 and a half big steaming coiled stools. Her mother then proceeded to use the knife and fork to cut off bite sized pieces which she placed in her daughters mouth, urging her to chew and swallow.

Everybody at the party urged Claire on as her mother continued to lovingly spoon feed her the guests poo. There were now only three mother daughter pairs left in line and they all produced nice big loads, which now despite being almost unable to chew Claire's mum kept forcing down bit by bit till she had eaten everybody's poo except her mothers which she had saved for last. Claire loved her mother and was thankful that she had not let her give up and had helped her achieve her dream.

"I love you Mum, thank you for that, but can I have yours now" said a clearly exhausted Claire.

"Of course honey if you think you can handle it" said her mother wiping her daughters pooey mouth with the bib.

"Please mummy, please I really want it,"

"Ok" said her mum as she laid a nice big load down on the plate then proceeded to feed it to her daughter who clearly struggling, wanted it bad as she devoured every morsel, loving the taste of her mothers poo most of all. Everybody cheered when Claire finished the last bite, the mothers clearly touched by such a loving moment, hoping they can do such wonderful things with their daughters, which after today seemed likely.

Part 2 - The After Party

The party was starting to wind down with everyone still covered from head to toe in now drying poo, one of the guests named Michelle Phillips, inspired by the days events had decided to invite everyone back to her place for an evening party dressed exactly as they were. Everyone agreed enthusiastically including the now recovering Claire. Despite being naked and covered from head to toe in poo, they all confidently headed out and got in their cars following Michelle back to her place, a lovely big house just a few blocks away. They all piled out in their kinky state of dress, unashamed of anyone seeing them, mother daughter couples proudly showing off their new found head to toe brown covering like it was the most natural thing in the world.

When they all arrived, Michelle and her poo covered daughter Elise, led them to their magnificent backyard entertaining area complete with heated swimming pool, BBQ area and entertainment lounge, it was a great place for a party and soon 30+ nude brown smelly women and girls were all having a great time, for the women the Champagne and Chardonnay were now flowing and all the ladies were mingling and having a great time. The Girls were all having a great time too, excitedly enjoying themselves the way girls do, relishing the feeling of being nude with their friends, not to mention being covered with the poo of all their friends and their mothers.

Claire and Carol of course where still the stars of the show, everybody wanting to know about their lifestyle and how they could get it with their daughters.

Carol explained,

"The key is to start with getting your daughter to become comfortable with her bowel movements, explaining to her that it is a natural and beautiful bodily function, then get her to become open about her bodily functions, Get her to let you know when she has to do a poo and praise her for it, when she comes home from school ask her how many times she pooed and how many stools she produced, soon she will tell you herself and be proud of it, you should praise her for this. Soon bodily functions will be something you discuss openly and she will be eager to tell you about."

The women listened fascinated and eager to learn.

"With Claire I started off by getting her to poo into a zip lock kitchen bag every time she needed to go, then we would take it out and I would get her to smell it and lick it, to get her used to the taste, it wasn't long before she asked me if she could eat some, which I of course encouraged. Pretty soon I had her stop using the toilet altogether for her bowel movements and instead just pooing into bags, she even pooed into bags at school and brought them home in her backpack, we would them take them out and get her to eat it, as you can imagine I was proud as punch."

“Wow,” said one the mothers, “I should stop my daughters using the toilet I’m sure they'd love that.”

"Of course they would, just look at our daughters," they all looked over at their daughters, all brown and smelly and loving every minute of it.

Maybe it was all the liquor flowing or all the depravity they had witnessed and been a part of that day, but the women were becoming increasingly horny and their daughters were the object of their affection.

"Who would like to remove all the toilets from their house?" called out one of the mothers.

All the girls excitedly threw up their hands and called out all sorts of positive responses, which excited the mothers no end, unbeknownst to them the girls had sneakily stolen a bottle of champagne themselves and were now a bunch of horny schoolgirls.

The now quite horny themselves mothers continued to call out things to the girls like "You smell like poo, it's making me horny" and "I need to poo, who's hungry" which drove the girls wild, playfully opening their mouths wide in anticipation.

"Hey honey from now on everything on the table is going to come from mom's backside, what do you think about that?"

"Cool, wow I can't wait" was the response.

Mothers also called out things to their daughters like "Kelly from now on your going to be covered in poo when your at home."

"Really!! thanks mum your the best", followed by a barrage of daughters asking their mums if they can do the same thing. Of course you can imagine what the response was.

Claire's best friend Sally who'd been practising the lifestyle with her mother ever since their mothers had met, was now super horny and a little bit tipsy, when she confidentially walked up to her mother and said,

"I'm hungry can you feed me" with her cutest baby girl eyes.

Her mother with proud loving eyes replied "Of course babydoll, just sit down behind mummy's bottom and open up your pretty little brown mouth, here it comes baby girl your yummy snack".

This was just too much for some of the mothers who just had to have their daughters right there an then, taking their daughters by the hand they raced over to the nearest corner or anywhere they could find, feeling the horniest and most alive they had in their lives, they coupled with their daughters in all sorts of bizarre positions where the lucky girls mother would proceed to have a long slow luxurious loving poo, right into her daughters accommodating mouth.

The party then exploded into an orgy of mothers unashamedly and proudly using their daughters mouths as toilets, with the daughters desperate to eat as much from their mothers bottoms as possible, they all knew what they were doing was dirty and filthy and probably wrong, but it just felt so right and natural. Each daughter took at least one nice big load from their mother, until they wore a satisfied wide brown smelly grin, the way their mothers thought they looked the prettiest. The party continued on getting drunker and dirtier, all the girls started mingling with all the mothers, flirting and showing off their brown pooey mouths and their poo breath. Soon opened mouthed pooey toungy french kisses were the order of the day with every mother and daughter couple locked in a toungy embrace.

By now the brown covering on everyone was getting dry, but nobody wanted the party to stop yet, they all agreed that they should all be recoated but first they needed to clean off. Michelle invited them to all wash off in her pool, which quickly turned brown, a colour she decided she should keep it. They all played around in the pool washing the poo from from each other, it was extremely erotic but they all knew once they were dry they all wanted to be coated again from top to bottom in poo.

"Ok ladies time to get out" said Michelle, as she and her daughter handed out white towels, which not surprisingly soon turned brown. After cleaning each other off they were mostly free from poo now, but they all knew the thing they wanted most now was to be completely covered again.

Michelle as the host of party decided that her large downstairs hot tub, currently having no water in it, was the perfect place for everybody to hop in and have a sexy communal poo bath. The spa room was directly connected to the outdoor area through a glass door, which they all filed through. Pretty soon they were all, if somewhat tightly packed into the spa, pressing naked flesh against flesh and almost straight away there was the sound of women and girls letting go of their bowels, the girls especially after having their stomachs filled with their mothers poo, unleashed large loads. Quickly the poo started to fly, countless hands smearing it all over each other's bodies, before long the hot tub was a seething mass of mothers and daughters doing their best to cover themselves and each other in a coating of brown smelly muck that made them uncontrollably horny.

For the second time that long day they completely abandoned themselves to a desire they never knew they had but now couldn’t get enough of and were so happy to be sharing with their daughters. The hot tub by now was quite a sight, with all the females by now having their entire bodies recoated with the brown stuff, mother's delighted in seeing their daughters in this state, wishing they could keep them that way forever. Things got sexy in the now 'pootub' with mother daughter make out sessions happening all over the place, girls sharing amazing pooey kisses with their mothers. The feeling of love in the air was palpable as the couples gave each other deep, thorough poo shampoo's, mothers making sure their daughters hair was richly covered so it would hopefully retain its wonderful odour for days, something they could share with their friends at school.

The orgyastic poo smearing fest went on for nearly an hour, with the poo getting absolutely everywhere, it was simply the most wonderful experience any of them had ever been a part of. Make out sessions were not just limited to mother daughter couples any more, with the mothers starting to make out with each other and the girls having sexy toungey kisses with their school friends, loving the taste of each others pooey mouths. Mothers were also kissing each others daughters, thrilling in the delight of sticking their tongue down the throat of another women's daughter, while her daughter did the same thing with another women all the while completely covered in smelly brown poo.

The party continued well into the night, everybody sprawling out over the backyard area and the spa room. Everybody being either locked in some sexy embrace or just enjoying each others company revelling in the fact they were in a state of dress they found unbelievably exciting. All the while the champagne kept flowing, everybody getting intoxicated and enjoying themselves, mothers were discussing things like how they would incorporate poo into their daughters daily diet and the girls were even planning things like how they would love to go to school dressed as they were, and how they would now spend their lunchtimes playing poo games with each other. Finally exhausted they started to drift off to sleep, mostly spooning together in large groups in the spa room. As they slowly awoke the next morning the events of the previous night dawned on them and they couldn't have been happier, discovering a new lifestyle that they would now fully embrace.

The first step in their new lifestyle was to use their daughters as toilets for their morning poo, something they were only to happy to do, the feeling of the woman who raised them using them as their personal toilet, seemed to fill the girls with an immense sense of fulfilment. They had all left their clothes back at the Bishops house so they all decided to head back there, feeling confident they strode out to their vehicles as they were, to the astonished look of the neighbours. They drove back to the bishops house in a cavalcade, loving the look of the on faces of the people in the other vehicles, women in SUV's looking on a mix of shock and envy, clearly turned on by what they were seeing. When they arrived back at the Bishops they all said their goodbyes and collected their clothes, although nobody bothered to get dressed again, deciding rather to return home as they were to introduce their families to their new lifestyle.

Part 3 - School

The next Monday morning Claire Bishop awoke and was given a yummy breakfast of poo on toast and a poo smoothie, which she then repaid by flavouring her mothers morning coffee. Her mother then dropped her off at school still smelling faintly of the weekends activities, as did her friends who were all delighted to see her and thanked her for such a great party. They all had tales of how much more dirty fun they had with their mothers the rest of the weekend, those with sisters had also got them involved introducing them to their first taste of poo. The bell rang and they all left for their first classes at the exclusive all girls college they attended. Claire's first class was boring and she entertained herself by staring at her middled aged teacher's rear, wondering what it would be like to eat from it. She naughtily pondered the idea of teachers rewarding good grades by filling the mouths of their star students with her luscious brown poo, surely this would be a great incentive for all the girls. Finally the bell rang.

At lunchtime poo was the number one topic amongst Claire's group of friends, they all showed off the naughty smelly lunches their mothers had all packed them, poo sandwiches and poo banana substitutes were all the rage. While they all knew about the special lunches that Claire had always brought to school and had always been curious and a bit jealous of them, they never would have thought their mothers would do the same thing for them. That was until Claire's party, where they had all been introduced to the wonderful world of sharing poo and now their mothers were more than happy to make sure their daughter had a steady diet of poo. They all felt quite naughty as they sat around casually eating their mothers poo in such a public place, but they weren't shy about it and quite happy to tell anybody who was curious about it.

Following the example made by Claire's mum Carol, all the the other mothers in the group had taken to feeding their daughters their own poo, something they were all overjoyed about, even adopting Carol's method of getting the girls to bag their poo at school and bring it home to be fed later. Although it was never unusual for the girls to accompany each other to the toilet they would now attend together in order to help bag in zip lock bags each others poo. Sometimes the excitement would get the better of them and they would eat each others poo, wishing they could also rub it all over each other and return to class like that.

Soon word started to spread around the school of their lunch escapades, with the girls making no secret of their behaviour. Some girls professed to be disgusted by the whole thing, but the majority were at first curious but then downright fascinated by it, as a strange new trend spread through the school, girls becoming extremely open about their bowel movements with each other, some even professing to trying and liking it, an now being full blown poo eaters. Some girls still acted like they found the whole thing a little icky, but soon the toilets were full of girls cheekily entering stalls together and returning with wide brown grins. The authorities at the school were vaguely aware of what was going on but dismissed it as just another curious teenage fad. Curiosity passed through the school and soon all the girls wanted to have at least a taste of poo, girls tasting their own and their friends at after school sleepovers was now common place. Most girls though longed most of all to eat from their mothers bottom, but it was a difficult things too bring up with their mothers.

One such girl that faced this dilemma was 15 year old Rebecca Wright, who along with all her friends at school had tried each others poo and found they liked it, but she was now desperate to have a feeding relationship with her mother, something she had heard so much about and wanted badly. After school that afternoon Rebecca was as nervous as she had ever been, but determined to at least bring the subject up with her mother, she wanted it so badly probably more than she had wanted anything before in her life. Her mother picked her up at school that afternoon as she always did, the pretty young 15 year old hopped in the families SUV and greeted her mum with a big kiss right on the lips, instead of the usual peck on the cheek.

"What was that for honey," said Rebecca's mum Sandra.

"I just wanted to show you how much I love you mum,"

"Thanks honey, I love you too" said her mum.

Rebecca then decided it was time to broach the subject.

"Will you be doing a poo when we get home?" boldly asked Claire..
Her somewhat flustered mother answered,

"Why do you ask?"

"Just wondering" said Claire.

"Why honey, why do you want to know that" said Rebecca's now curious mother.

Sticking to her guns, Rebecca replied,

"I was just curious,"

"curious of what honey?"

"Well some of the girls at school, well they, you know"

"know what honey?"

Rebecca was by now on the edge of asking her mother the strangest thing she had ever asked her but had no intentions of stopping now, finally she just blurted it all out.

"Well I was wondering, but only if its okay with you, if maybe later on when we get home if you need to do a poo, well I was wondering if I could please have a taste?"

Her mother looked at her with a mix of love and confusion.

"Are you asking me if you can eat my poo?"

"Yes mummy, I really really want to, please, please can I, all my friends mom's let them, please."

"If your sure it's want you really want,"

"yes mum it is, I want it so bad."

"Ok honey, but only if you do all your homework,"

"Thanks mum, I'll do it straight away, your the best mum" said Rebecca giving her mother a peck on the cheek.

As soon as they arrived home Rebecca raced straight up the stairs to her room and got started on her homework. Her mother meanwhile busied herself downstairs. After about half an hour Rebecca's mum headed upstairs to check on her daughters progress.

"How's the homework coming along honey?"

"Just finishing up now, can we please do it now mum, please?" asked Rebecca.

Her mother sat down on the bed beside her and said,

"Ok darling, as long as your sure this is what you really want,"

"It is mum, please I want it so bad."

"Ok honey" said Rebecca's mum.

Then to Rebecca's surprise her younger sister Katie walked into her room carrying a large dinner plate full of five large fresh steaming stools of her mothers poo, along with a knife and fork and a bib.

"Thanks honey" said Rebecca's mum as she took the plate.

"Katie has asked if she can stay and watch, Is that ok with with you honey?"

"Of course she can" said Rebecca as her mother placed the bib around her neck.

"Ok honey, now once I start feeding you I expect that you will be a good girl and eat every last morsel,"

"Of course I will mummy I promise I will eat it all up."

Her mother then took the knife and fork and started to feed her daughter nice big mouthfuls of her poo, which Rebecca would lovingly chew up before swallowing and opening her mouth for more.

The taste at first was quite strong but Rebecca quickly got used to it and knew that it was what she really wanted.

"That’s a good girl, eat it all up for mummy" cooed Rebecca's mother as she continued to place fork fulls of her poo into her daughters mouth, Rebecca eating it all up like a good daughter.

Her sister watched on in both awe and envy, wanting to do the same thing. Rebecca's mother knew it wouldn't be long before they were both after the contents of her backside. Finally they reached the end of the plate, Rebecca looked up at her mother with a loving brown smile and said,

"Thanks mummy, that was so yummy, do you think I can have some more tomorrow?”

"Of course honey, from now on you will be eating everything that comes from my bottom, plus I will be making sure you eat all of your own poo as well"

Rebecca was by now almost in tears of happiness and love for her mother as all her wildest poo dreams were coming true. Her younger sister Katie then asked if she could lick the empty plate, her mother asked the 13 year old Katie if she too would like to be fed poo.

"Please mum please can I, I want to eat poo like Bec" said an enthusiastic Katie.

After they were done Rebecca's mum told her she had called some of the mothers of her friends and spoke to them and decided that she would be putting Rebecca and now Katie on a strict all poo diet, something Rebecca was overjoyed about and couldn't wait to tell her friends. They had also been invited to Jessica Richards mother daughter poo sleepover that weekend. Rebecca's mum explained that from now on they would both be eating all of her poo as well as all of their own, they would either eat it fresh or she would cook with it and it would be part of their daily meals. Both the girls were now drooling at the thought, as their mother went on to explain that she also wanted them to bring everything they did at school home with them to be fed that afternoon. The girls felt so naughty at the thought of carrying around their own poo in their school bags, but knew there would also be lots of other girls at school doing the same thing. They couldn't wait to get to school to show of to all their friends that got to eat their mothers poo, who no doubt would be envious if they didn't already get to do the same thing. Their mother also promised that the girls would be receiving weekly poo shampoos and facials.

Girls all through the school were now not obsessed with poo, but most of all obsessed with what came out of their mothers backsides. Soon most girls started to pester their mothers to let them eat their poo and also let them eat it for school lunch, of course there were some more conservative mothers who didn't want their daughters to engage in such filth. But for others while this seemed like a strange request, generally as it become more acceptable amongst the school community, mothers would send their daughters to school with poo for lunch. The mothers were quite baffled, but pleasantly surprised by their daughters sudden fascination with what came out of their back passages. It was now common in many households for mum's to give yummy snacks straight from there source to their daughters when they got home from school, some mum's having to share their backside's amongst 3 or 4 hungry girls. Teachers at the School even started to get in on the act, taking the most well behaved girl in class back to the teachers lounge for a lunchtime feeding of their poo. It was not an uncommon for site for nine or ten girls to be kneeling in the teachers lounge with the open bum cheeks of their favourite teacher in their face, depositing a large load of poo into their mouth, which was eagerly devoured by the hungry student. It became extremely sort after by all the girls to be taken back to the teachers lounge for lunch.

Part 4 – Going Public

It was Friday night in The Bishop household as Claire lay across her mothers lap, with her bare bottom facing up towards her mother, she wore only the short pink cotton sweater her mother had bought her and a pair of cute pink socks. Her mother lovingly stroked her backside as she let out a loud sloppy extended fart, right into her mothers face.

“Wow honey that was really lovely”, said Sarah’s mum as they both breathed in deeply the aroma that came from her bottom.

This was common practice in their household as they were all open and proud of their flatulence, It seemed Carol almost never broke wind without one of her two daughters having their nose buried between her cheeks, inhaling the beautiful scent produced by their mum's anus.

“Do you really think ill be able to go to school like this, mum?” said Sarah looking up at her mum with her brown poo smeared face.

“I'm having a meeting with your principal on Monday to discuss the matter, but I don't think it should be a problem.”

“Awesome mum!, I can't wait, it's going to be so cool.”

It was Carol's greatest wish for her daughter to be able to openly wear her mothers poo on her face wherever she went. So far Claire had with her mother's help, played a season of junior softball with poo caked on her face at every game, and had also been a member of the brownies, always attending with a browned faced, something that had caught on with some of the other girls. But Carol's greatest wish for her daughters was for them to be able to go freely in public including school, completely covered in her poo.

Claire's sister Louise walked into the lounge room freshly washed after having a poo bath, dressed similar to her sister in just a top and socks.

“Hey sis, how was your bath” said Claire.

“It felt really good, thanks mum.”

Louise then walked over and let out a loud smelly fart right into her appreciative sisters face.

“How would you girls like to go to the mall tomorrow with pooey faces?” asked Sarah's mother.

“Awesome! That would be so cool, do you think Sally and her mum can come as well?” asked Claire.

“I will give Sally's mum a call and see” replied Claire's mum.

“This is going to be so cool, I can't wait till tomorrow” said Claire as she let out another loose smelly fart.

The next morning Sally and her mother arrived at the Bishop household, the mothers then proceeded to get the girls ready for the mall by smearing large loads of their poo all over the girls faces, making sure it was thick and completely covering their entire faces. The girls all looked adorable now, with their brown smelly smiling faces. They all piled into the Bishops SUV and headed down to the mall for what was to be a very public display of their love and affection for each other.

Although Claire was no stranger to going in public wearing poo, this was going to be Louise's and Sally's first time and although excited, they were still quite nervous and anxious of what peoples reactions would be.
Claire reassured them that it would be lots of fun and they would probably be surprised at the attention they would get. Once they reached the mall, they did a final touch up on their faces and after taking a deep breath the girls all boldly got out of the car, the mothers took them by the hands and they all confidentially strode into the mall together. Immediately there was some odd looks from some people but the girls just ignored them, more commonly though the women in the mall seemed to look at the girls with a look of nasty desire and the girls their age looked at them with a look of jealous envy, wishing they could be so bold and sexy. Shortly into the mall the girls bumped into three of their school friends, who loved their cheeky new look and bombarded them with questions about it, they all decided to go to a Cafe in the mall and talk some more.

The Cafe they found was filled mainly with middled aged women, the girls felt more than a few pairs of lusty eyes sneaking a look at them, two women even came over to tell them how cute they looked with their pooey faces. After they had chatted for a little while, a pretty young waitress came over to take their order, she blushed slightly upon seeing the girls but did her best to treat everything as normal. Claire's mum ordered two cups of Coffee for the ladies and asked if the girls could have a large plate of women's poo to share, the waitress said she would have to check this request with the kitchen staff, but would be back with an answer shortly. It wasn't long before she returned with two coffee's and then much to the delight of the girls a large plate full of fresh hot steaming poo, the waitress explained that the ladies in the kitchen were more than willing to help out.

All the girls including their school friends quickly dug in with forks not only loving the nasty taste, but also the liberating feeling of publicly and openly doing what they loved to do most, even if it wasn't their mothers poo, but they new they would be doing that soon enough. The site of six teenaged girls all digging into a plate of fresh poo and loving it, was to much for some of the women who were clearly becoming unbelievably aroused by the sight of such a depraved act being done by such a bunch of pretty young girls. There were erect nipples and discreet rubbing between the legs all over the cafe, as women looked on wondering why they had never done the same thing with their daughters.

After the girls had finished up their lunch, their school friends had decided they wanted pooey faces as well, so they all headed off to the nearest public toilet, where Claire and Sally's mums took the girls into a stall and proceeded to give them nice brown faces as they had requested. Soon six girls all stood around super excited about their sexy new facepainting, and eager to go and show themselves off in the mall. The girls all decided to go off shopping together while the two mothers went off and did their own thing. The group of girls were all loving the horny stares and lusty looks they were getting from all the women in the mall, Claire by now had decided that she wanted to try and go everywhere she could with her mothers poo on her face, if not all over her body.

After the girls were all shopped out they said goodbye to their friends and met back up with their mothers, Louise had also met up with a friend when they were shopping and had decided to go back to her place for a sleepover. So now it was just the four of them, Carol proposed they go on a picnic for the rest of the afternoon.

“How would you girls like to go to the park and be completely covered in poo?” Carol asked the girls.

“Serious, that would be awesome mum, wow can we really?”

“After we pick up some supplies for the picnic, we will head down to the park and get you girls covered”.

After picking up some food and drinks, they headed off down to the local park, a large green leafy park with a few people around enjoying themselves. The girls all headed into the park and found themselves a nice spot were they set up their blanket and got the food and drinks ready. The women then started to eat quickly filling themselves up as well as having a few white wines, the girls of course being on strict all poo diets were happy to wait till later for their lunch. Soon the ladies were done and feeling a little tipsy, It wasn't long before they were both eagerly helping their daughters take their clothes off in full view of the others in the park, which mainly seemed to be health conscious female joggers who didn't seem to mind having a good look as they jogged by.

The two girls were now dressed only in shoes and socks and their mothers poo. The two mothers laid their daughters down on their backs and then turning around and lowering their tight jeans to reveal their magnificent tight curvaceous bottoms that their daughters lusted after so much, they both lay over their daughters and slowly an sexily opened their cheeks to deposit large loads of their poo all over their daughters chests and torsos, making sure that all those female joggers got a good look as they openly displayed their affection for their daughters, once they were finished they lay over them and slowly rubbed their poo deeply into their daughters young smooth virgin skin, making sure to turn them over and massage it good and properly all over their bodies. The girls were by now in pure bliss, loving the feeling of doing such a nasty loving thing so openly in public,.

“Open wide darling” said Claire's mum as she deposited the last of her digested lunch into her daughters mouth, to the astonished look of a few passerby joggers.

Once they were done, it was time for the mothers to show off their daughters, together they took their daughters by the hand and strode confidently into the park, they walked down the jogging path with the girls only wearing shoes and socks and their mum's poo. Together they chatted and acted like any other casual stroll through the park, they were either casually accepted or received a smile or the occasional compliment from the passing female joggers.

The girls loved all the attention they were getting and loved their mothers for treating them like such poo princesses. They did a full lap of the park making sure to show off to everybody they could, after they were all walked out they returned to the Bishop's SUV, where first a plastic sheet was laid down over the back seat so the girls wouldn't get it dirty, with their poo covered bodies. They all still felt super excited, so they decided to stop for some Ice cream, before heading home to all have some more fun together.

Part 5 – Mother Daughter School Fun day

Mothers day was coming up and at Claire's School the student council which Claire was on, had decided to celebrate it by having a mother daughter school fun day. They had taken their idea to the school board who had thought it sounded like a great idea. It was decided they would take the responsibility for the paperwork and technical stuff, but would leave all the planning of the events and activities up to the girls of the student council.

The girls all new exactly what they wanted, this was going to be a fun day centred around poo, the student council got together in a brain storming session and came up with lots of ideas, they had all the usual boring stuff like food stalls and a few mundane rides, but it was decided straight away that all the food stalls would sell nothing but poo, there would be poo facepainting for all the girls and the mother's could receive a relaxing poo massage. They all decided there definitely had to be a kissing booth where mothers could exchange pooey kisses with the girls in the booths, but the most exciting activity they came up with was the toilet wall, where there would be a large wall with holes in it that girls would stick their faces out of and mothers would line up and poo into a girls mouth before proceeding to the designated cleaning hole where a girl would tongue clean their anus. It was imagined that this activity would be extremely popular so it was decided that the stall would have to be manned on a rotational basis so that all the girls that volunteered would get a decent turn. Their final idea was that due to the potentially messy nature of the activities, there would be a clothing optional dress code for the day.

The Proposal and ideas for the mother daughter fun day were put to the student body for a vote to gauge their response, not surprisingly they received a 98% positive response in support of the idea. The next step was to take it to the school board for approval, at first they were sceptical of the idea but faced with the 98% vote in favour by the students and the promise of all the money it would raise for the School, the board decided they would send a letter out all the mothers for final approval of the idea. The letter was sent out explaining the idea and the nature of the activities the girls wished to participate in, which would include the consumption of faeces. There were a small portion of mothers who didn't want them or their daughters to participate, but the overwhelming majority were in favour of the idea. It was finally decided that the day would be held on mothers day a Sunday two weeks from then, the girls all got busy with the planning and a buzz of excitement started to build round the school as the posters went up.

All the female teachers at the school were drafted in to help man and supervise the girls at the stalls, the student council was inundated with volunteers to not only help on the the food, facepainting and massage stalls, but most of all for the kissing booth and toilet wall, where it seemed just about every girl wanted to have a go. Schedules and rosters were drawn up to make sure everyone got to have a go, it was also decided that since there had been such an overwhelming response to the day, that if it was successful such days would become a regular event.

Mothers day arrived in the Bishop household and Claire rolled over on the plastic sheet of her bed still covered in the poo from last nights fun and made her way to her mums room and woke her up with a nice big sloppy open mouthed kiss.

“Happy mothers day mummy, I love you,”

“Thanks honey, I love you too” said Claire's mum as they kissed again.

“You wait right here while I go and make you breakfast in bed” said Claire.

After Carol ate her nice big breakfast, they had a long hot soapy mothers day shower together, Carol helped wash last nights poo from her daughters body as they got all soapy and slippery together. Normally at this stage Carol would feed her daughter a nice big breakfast from her backside but today she wanted to save it for the days activities, so they finished up and got ready to head down to the school. They had decided they would both take the clothing optional option and only wear shoes.

They arrived at the school and tried to find a carpark, it was amazing how many mothers and daughters they saw getting out of their cars either dressed like them or in some form of semi nakedness. They found a park and made their way to the entrance, Claire and her mum got in for free as she a V.I.P. being one of the organisers. Looking around Claire was amazed to see so many of her school friends and colleagues not to mention their mothers dressed in nothing but shoes and socks. Claire and her mum walked hand in hand through the crowd saying hi to everyone she knew as they went.

“Why don't we get something to eat first honey, and then we'll go get your facepainted” said Carol.

“OK mum, I'm starving.”

They made there way over to the food stands where a bunch of schoolgirls were serving up hot fresh steaming stools straight from their backside's, that were then being sold for $5 a plate by one of the volunteer teachers manning the stall. Claire and her mum both had $15 worth, Claire would need all the nourishment she could get as later she was scheduled to help at the food stalls herself.

Next Claire and her mum headed over to the face painting stall and waited in line as they watched one excited girl after another get her face smeared all over in the combined poo of all the volunteer girls, which was stored in a large bucket and liberally applied by the volunteer face painter, her teacher Ms. Archer. When it was Claire's turn Ms. Archer asked her where she would like her face painted.

“All over please Ms. Archer, and I would like some on my lips too please, I love having a pooey face Ms. Archer.”

“I bet you do Claire and it looks so cute on you.”

A few hours into the day it seemed like all but the most conservative girls now had poo all over their faces, not to mention large parts of their bodies as well. After Claire had done her stint helping out at the food stalls, her mother decided to go off and talk to some of the others mothers while Claire went off for her turn to man one of the kissing booths, something she did with relish as she got to spend half an hour deeply and passionately tongue kissing a long line of hot mostly naked middle aged mothers, all the while with her mouth caked with poo. She loved the feeling of one women after another spending a whole minute with their tongue buried deep inside her mouth as their combined tongues played with each other and swapped bodily fluids.

By the time Claire had finished her first stint in the kissing booths, she had made out with over 25 women and couldn't wait to get back for her second session. But first Claire would get to spend half an hour in the most exciting activity of the day, the toilet wall.

It was an amazing sight to see, a large white wall had been set up in front of a closed tent pavilion. In front of the wall there were long lines of women waiting for their turn to use the unusual girl toilet facilities. In front of the women were ten faced sized holes at slightly below waist height, out of which ten smiling pretty teenaged human toilets looked, all eager to receive their next big load. The two girls on the end acted as human toilet paper thoroughly cleaning each ladies behind when they were done.

Claire headed into the tent and waited with the other excited girls for the change of shift. They watched on as all ten naked girls kneeled in front of their holes, their bums poking out in a submissive fashion and their faces poking through the holes obviously lapping up everything they were receiving, the smell was amazing. Soon the change of shift was called and Claire quickly made her way to a hole eagerly taking up her position as a human toilet, a feeling all the girls found to be almost unbearably exciting.

“Open wide honey” said Claire's first user, as she turned around and spread her athletic bum cheeks wide and pressed them into Claire's waiting face.

The women lined up her anus with Claire's mouth and soon filled it with a large solid brown log, followed by another and then another as Claire did her best to keep up and eat it all. When the women was done, Claire had barely finished thanking her as was customary, before she had another pair of gorgeous yummy mummy bum cheeks in her face. By the time the day was done and everybody was well and truly satisfied and exhausted Claire had eaten almost 50 large loads.

All over the school mothers were immensely proud of their daughters for being such good little toilets and bragged to each about how many loads their daughters had eaten. It seemed things would be a little different from now on.

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