City of Orgasim Act 2

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As Sue was showering so too was Andy and her lovely friend Beth Brittle had also just finished cleansing her lovely body. 5í9Ē with shoulder length brown hair the thirty year old Beth was also recently divorced not surprisingly from an airline pilot. Her long slender legs could wrap around any man embracing him during lovemaking! She was a vision of beauty that did not escape the eyes of any man including Andy Savage! She did not know it at this moment but she was going to write her own erotic story tonight her coauthor being Andy Savage! She was supposed to work the Tampa to Boston flight tonight but it was cancelled due to a mechanical failure. So she got to stay another night in the Holiday Inn not far from the airport.

It wasnít long and the three were asleep and all began to dream. Sue was naturally dreaming about Andy and she was with him as he slept but he was also standing in the shadows in the corner of the hotel room gazing at lovely Beth laying in her lace nightie on the bed. She likes wearing her nice frilly night things even when not home in Boston it makes her feel sexy like a real woman. A feeling that was about to become very strong as she began dreaming of the shadowy figure in her room!

At first she did not know what to think because she could not see his face it was hidden by the darkness but she could tell it was a man. Who are you she called out to him feeling very concerned by his presence? Who do you want me to be he asked the frightened young woman?

I donít care as long as you donít hurt me she cried out in her sleep! I have not come to do any such thing just the opposite in fact! I have come to make love to you because you have summoned me here to do so! I donít recall doing such a thing she quipped! Then why am I here the little man replied in a low sexy tone stepping into the light revealing his identity.

Beth gasped at seeing that the man she was dreaming about was Andy Savage but was confused by why she would summon him to appear to her in her dreams. Then she remembered the discussion she had earlier in the resteraunt at the marina and understood why he was here. What do we do now the lovely woman asks opening her frilly nightie exposing her large firm breasts to his eyes? Whatever you would like to do the little man said walking slowly towards the bed dressed only in his boxer shorts. He stopped before reaching it staring at the woman.

Beth was unaware it was just a dream it seemed real with vivid colors she was genuinely pleased to see him and wanted him to make love to her! In her dream he was not an ugly little man but her prince come to rescue her from another night of dreams where she is alone wondering what she will wear to the dining room when she eats breakfast in the morning. Tonight she would learn firsthand if her friend Susan Gander is right about this man because she was waving her finger for him to come hither feeling both nervous and excited simultaneously!

Andy sat on the bed placed his hand on Bethís leg then began gently caressing it with his finger tips moving gently and slowly up her legs to her inner thigh. You are beautiful indeed the little man exclaimed moving his hand up to her stomach then back down to her inner thigh returning to her stomach moving further up this time until he made it to her breasts.

He leaned over her tenderly kissed her breasts for a few seconds then brought his lips to hers. A very beautiful woman he repeated softly then began tenderly kissing her gradually probing her open mouth with his tongue as he caressed her breasts with his right hand and gently stroked her hair with his left.

Oh thatís nice the lovely woman sighed as he began kissing her on her neck moving between both her mouth and neck making sure she understood that this was not some guy come to just fuck her but the man she called up in her dream to make love to her slowly and sensuously not just take her like a sex crazed beast on the sands of some hot desert wilderness. He slowly moved down to her stomach caressing and kissing every erogenous zone along the way to the jewel between her legs.

He returned to caressing, kissing and licking her breasts for awhile then moved back down her body again! Beth was now heaving and moaning in her sleep loud enough for someone in the room to hear but there was no one there to hear except for her lover and he was just a dream. Andy Savage was getting her very aroused and she wasnít even awake. He spun her around on the bed pulling her towards him kneeling on the floor in front of her gently caressing and kissing her calf and inner leg.

Do you want me to eat your pussy baby? Yes eat me! Eat me Andy the lovely woman sighed as the little man began licking the short brown hair around her pink rosebud! Beth was now walking across a platform about to board a train still unaware it was just a dream it seemed so real and vivid as do all of our hidden fantasies when we are asleep dreaming. Our subconscious is where we play with those we desire but cannot have or the repulsive who we secretly desire! This is what is happening now! Beth is with the old busboy from the marina craving him like a bitch in heat! Yes eat me she wails in her sleep!

Her hand was down between her legs she was rubbing her hot slit still asleep but acting out her dream! She stroked her pussy rubbing her clit as Andy was doing the same to her! Oh that feels good she moans her head bobbing back and forth on the bed her body stiffening heaving up and down on the bed as the little man goes down on her! Licking all of her flaming hot pussy both inside and out making sure to use his finger to slowly finger fuck the woman getting her very aroused!

He licked her clit as he stroked her vagina making sure the tip of his finger was hitting her G-spot every few strokes letting her know that he may be old and he may be ugly but he knows his way around the female form like no other man! Beth is now so hot she is moaning loud enough for those passing by in the hall can hear her! Lick it! Lick it! Oh God lick it baby the horny flight attendant wails as fictional Andy works on her pussy! I canít wait for you to start fucking me oh God I want to get laid she wails causing the elderly man walking in the hall to grin and his wife to slap him!

Now she expected him to mount her and begin giving her what she really wanted from him but he ignored her plea just kept licking and finger fucking her pussy! Fuck me please! Oh God please fuck me the lovely woman pleaded but this man in her dreams is deaf causing her to get annoyed!

Suddenly she hears a buzzing sound and canít determine what it is until she feels a tiny vibrator begin moving up and down her pussy lips causing her to scream oh God I want to get laid! Stop torturing me and fuck me! Suddenly Andy just stopped doing all of the oral and manual stimulation because this is her dream so she can make him do whatever she wants and right now she wanted him to fuck her!

Oh that feels good, Beth wailed as she felt Andyís length entering her hot wet jewel filling her inner places like no other man she has ever known! Her juices boiling within her like magma churning within a volcano! Some of them are already flowing lubricating Andyís meat as he slowly strokes this queen. They are two hearty souls together boarding a train at a station called lust and desire! The train will soon pull out of the station on its way to the city of orgasim! Beth takes her seat pushing it back to the resting position preparing to enjoy the ride!

Beth is now completely consumed by her dream her mind believing it is real even though she is in a deep sleep! Andy is in his apartment dreaming that he is making love to Susan! Itís a strange love triangle none of them know about as they live out their fantasies in their dreams! It wonít be long before they all awaken lying in cum soaked sheets all three lonely souls reaching out to the other to make their dreams come true! Something that will happen for Andy and Susan who knows about poor Beth she may betray her friend to steal Andy away from her!

Andy begins stroking the lovely woman enjoying the feel of his tiny cock fucking the smoking hot flight attendant! Only in a dream would he ever be here as he was here with her now doing to her want she wanted and apparently has secretly desired making her begin to feel a bit guilty about chastising her friend Susan for wanting him to make love to her! A passing thought that came and went but would return again after she awakens. Oh Andy that feels good! Oh baby, donít stop the lovely woman wails enjoying the little man stroking his meat in her!

Oh baby! Oh baby that feels good the lovely woman screams as she feels the little man drilling her tight wet cunt like and oilman drills for oil hoping to bring forth a geyser! She pulls on the sheets tearing them to shreds screaming at the top of her lungs for him never to stop stroking her flaming hot pussy! Oh my God thatís so good she screams glancing out the window watching the stations fly by in a blur realizing now she is onboard the express train in route to the city of orgasim!

Oh Andy that feels so good don't stop the lovely woman wails as the little man continues to fuck her a with nice steady stroke causing her juices to begin to flow! Oh Andy fuck me baby! fuck me good Beth howls as she strokes her clit still unaware that she is sound asleep and this is just a dream!

I think I'm going to cum Andy howls me too Beth screams as they both enjoy this wonderful moment they are sharing! Oh you're tight! Oh God you're tight the little many wails as he fucks the beautiful woman in her dream causing her to shoot a load of cum onto the bed! I'm cumming! I'm cumming the lovely woman screams as her juices ooze out of her drenching the clean white sheets.

She cannot take time to think about that because Andy is still stroking her now very hard and fast about to have his own orgasim! Oh baby! Oh Baby I'm going cum! I'm going to cum he screams out in her dream then ejaculates into her causing her to scream then sit up in bed! Holy crap what was that Beth wailed realizing she is alone? Andy Savage is not with her here they did not have sex it was all just a dream! Wow if those are the kinds of stories he writes perhaps Sue is not crazy after all she thinks now rising to go to the bathroom to take another shower! This time a cold shower!

It was now just past midnight so after her shower Beth decides she wants to see if she can find some of Andyís stories on the internet. She types his name only to find something shocking! Andy Savage does have many stories out in cyberspace all are sexual in nature but many are dark and disturbing! Still she decides if she is going to learn about him she needs to read all his stories even those about forced sex and wife swapping.

So she starts by reading those stories. After about two hours of that she decides thatís enough of that and moves on to the erotic stories with consensual sex. She is disturbed to see all of his erotic stories feature only two main characters Andy Savage and Susan Gander.

The disturbing part is that there are no stories with any other woman in them just Susan. The only woman Andy Savage ever makes love to or has wild passionate sex with in his erotic stories is Susan! There are no stories where he makes love to Beth or any other woman!

Now there are other women mentioned in his forced sex stories including Beth who he describes in one as ďa stuck up bitch who heíd like to throw across a bed and fuck the shit out of showing her that heís just as much of a man as all those rich studs she dates from the marina. ď He did not include Sue in any of his forced sex stories the reason why is obvious! He is in love with her even though he knows she could never love him.

In his stories this is not the case she seeks him out as her friend and lover. Beth did notice one thing that made her start thinking he may be a really wonderful man. He always describes himself as an average man with average skills as a lover. He does not exaggerate his manhood he describes himself as he is without any embellishment!

Beth decided she wanted to read the forced sex story Andy had written about her but thought she would need a glass of wine to sip while she was reading it so went into the kitchen to fetch one. She soon returned with a nice Chardonnay. Sheís walking to her car alone at night at the marina. He grabs her drags her into some bushes behind the dumpsters. He tries kissing her. Obviously Iím not going to allow this she mumbles still reading. Oh come on now there is no way he has the balls to ever do any such thing she growls while reading the rest of the story!

Still it got her to thinking differently about Andy Savage. He obviously has difficulty interacting with women but he does have a more than adequate knowledge about human sexuality. Even in his forced sex stories he always performs oral sex bringing a woman to orgasim before he does the other things. This tells me the details of my dream were accurate she thought puzzled by how this could be since she had the dream before she read the stories. Perhaps it is just a womanís instinct.

She read every story that Andy had written including the unfinished one he was currently writing ďThe Love Train!Ē She read all of the consensual sex stories and every forced sex story though even they were mild compared to what some men do to brutalize women so though they were disturbing they could have been much worse.

This made her feel better. He was just a man who wanted to be allowed to interact with women in all the same ways as other men! Especially the totally drop dead gorgeous women like Beth and Susan. Since he canít do it in the real world he does it in his stories and of course in Bethís dreams.

The night passed quickly for our love starved trio a new day had come bringing with it a new perspective to things that until yesterday and last night only Andy Savage had ever thought about. This morning as Beth and Susan were eating breakfast they chatted on the phone. Beth told her about her dream also about Andyís stories. I feel a little cheated not being in any of his forced sex stories the lovely blond lawyer exclaimed over the phone! They really arenít too bad dear in fact I found them quite arousing the lovely brown haired stewardess replied.

So he only writes about me in his consensual sex stories Sue goes on thatís nice but I think I would like to be just taken and ravished by him in the woods! I was thinking the same thing Sue but we both know he isnít up to it! No but it still would be nice to know he thought about me that way dear! Well he certainly thinks about Jennifer that way of the six forced sex stories I read she is the woman he takes four times! Iím not surprised Sue barks, she is always rude to him at the club. Sheís just like you only worse in her treatment of the average man.

So what are we suppose to do Sue have sex with every man who wants us even the ugly dirt poor slobs like Andy? No but you could have smiled and said hi when he came to the table. I didnít want him to get any ideas that I was being more than polite. Now that youíve read his stories you see he already has these thoughts so you may as well be nice to him or he may surprise you and live out his story with you Beth!

I can handle being nice but we both know he may think about those things but heís not man enough to do them though I wouldnít mind him going down on me! I havenít had a man make me cum in a long time Sue!

Sue then told Beth that she masturbated last night fantasying that Andy was making love to her not leaving out any detail. Beth was not surprised to hear this revelation. Of course you did that after the way you felt him up yesterday I knew youíd be doing that Sue! I did not know I would be doing it also and while I was asleep Beth growled through the phone. I guess weíre both hot for Andy Sue said with a throaty laugh! Thatís not funny Sue I donít want to have dreams about an old man that busses tables making love to me or raping me!

Since you already said yourself that you know heíd never do such a thing I donít think you have to worry about him raping you! Paul the bartender or that guy you flirt with that owns the classic Chris Craft you need to worry about because they will definitely do something like that if you donít stop teasing them Beth! Theyíre very creepy guys way more creepy than Andy Savage! Look whoís talking about teasing men you strut around all the time wearing mini-skirts and no panties!

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