Chris becomes a party girl : Part 1

(Part 1 from 1)

It was a few weeks before graduation and hard to believe that Chris who only last summer was a virgin wanted to be tonights party girl.

Since last year we had expanded our party group to include 9 guys and a number of girls. Not all the girls had become what we called a party girl. Chris would be our 5th. Unlike a most tradition gangbangs were a girl takes on all the guys in the room our version had the girl in a bedroom and guys would take turns one by one with her. Our rules are simple to be a party girl. The guys draw cards to determine order, girl has the choice of condoms or no condoms. Each guy gets 15mins. All guys present get a turn.

Chris was a hot little pastors daughter whos cherry I had busted near the end of last summer. Since then she had become a real little fuck slut. I was also the first to do anal to her but not the only guy that had her in her senior year. We started out dating but she wanted other cock and I was fine with that. After all there were other cherries to break. By the end of Chris' senior year she had sucked 6, fucked 4 and done anal with 2.

Chris had been to our parties before. Most of our parties took place at my friend Richards cabin. His parents only used it a few weeks in the summer so we had the run of it most of the time. Chris had been at the cabin when Lisa became our first party girl. About a week ago I saw Chris in the hall after gym class and she asked if I could setup a night for her to become a party girl. Sure no problem but I informed her there were 9 of us at the last one and Lisa had only done one with 6.

Chris showed up wearing a short black skirt, nylons and a red sweater top. Recently she had cut her long black hair to shoulder length. Her 5'2" and 110lb body looked stunning. After a few beers and two glass of wine for Chris to take the edge off we were ready to get down to party time. Five other girls were there also with their boyfriends (you want to date one of use you have to go along with this). After their guys had their turn with Chris they could take him to another room and have their own fun.

First Chris said since she was on the pill we could all go without condoms. We let one of the girls shuffle the cards and started to draw, high card goes first, suites go in order of Diamonds, Hearts, Spades and Clubs. (Diamonds are a girls best friend). Dam I drew a 5 of Hearts and ended up 6th in the order.

The first guy Jerry banged her for about 5 mins and pulled out to cum on her tits. He then made her eat it up with a spoon. She started to give him a blowjob but the timer went off before he did.

Guy number two was John. He took Chris doggy style and came on her ass after only 3 mins. After a little blowing he was ready again and finished up with her on top and got a second cum in deep inside her.

Next up was Richard. Richard doesn't have the longest dick Chris has had but for sure its the thickest. Richard banged the shit out of her for over 10 mins before dropping a load in her that oozed out of her full pussy. By now Chris was starting to feel tired out and still had six more guys to go.

Number four was Steve. To give her pussy a rest he agreed to a blowjob and then fucking her in the ass. Chris didn't mind this because Steve was long but thin. After 5 mins of blowjob Steve rode her ass for the final 10 cumming just as the timer went off.

After Steve we gave Chris a 10min break to clean up some of the cum from her pussy and ass.

Look for part 2 of this story.

Also will write about the taking of Chris' Cherry. And the other 4 party girls Lisa, Sara, Lynette and Cindy.

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