Chinese actress given training : Part 2

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Connie could not believe she was being raped in the back of the van by the triad thugs. The glamourous starlet was on her way to becoming a leading Hongkong movie actress, having appeared in a number of productions since beginning her career five years earlier. Her photos were constantly in the show business press at glittering receptions and film first nights. Wearing the latest fashions, she was stunning and her photos had inspired many men while they masturbated. Of course, like a lot of other actresses she had to open her legs for the rich and famous to further her career. The casting couch was alive and well in Hongkong.

Connie would not have regarded this as whoring. The men were powerful and she had no choice if she wanted to go up the ladder. A night with her also cost HK$100,000 - the standard price for one the top-class Hongkong starlets. Many other famous names had followed the same path and obtained their goals by sucking and fucking.

But this was very discreet and although there were rumours, the details were kept secret. Connie was portrayed as the girl next door in her movies, but the men who managed her wanted to change this image. They planned a series of raunchy films featuring a very different, horny character with sex scenes and nudity. Connie objected because she didn't want to become a sex bomb who was infamous for a few years and then faded from the scene. It had happened to others. The pressure had been put on her to agree, but she'd rebelled and was now paying the price.

The triad thug on top of her, Tommy Pang, hammered away between her legs, while his companion neared climax in Connie's mouth. The men both enjoyed their work. They'd done this countless times to women who were being punished for not doing as they were told, to humiliate their husbands who had offended powerful men, or to break in girls as prostitutes. Fucking a movie star added to the pleasure.

The van was taking Connie to a remote house used by the triads in the New Territories for 'entertaining' women. In a remote spot, surrounded by high walls, the training centre had been used to break hundreds of women. Rape was a very effective weapon to reduce even the strongest women to begging for it to stop and agreeing to do whatever was required of them. Connie would be no exception.

The actress was in torment as the thug rammed his cock down her throat and orgasmed. She had to swallow to stop choking as the hot fluid spurted. Connie coughed and gagged as he pulled out of her mouth. 'Good. You know how to suck, little chicken." he said. Tommy was in his last stage before climaxing. He'd held back and given her a long fucking but with several final thrusts he deposited his seed into her belly.

Connie was in despair as he crashed down on her as he came. She knew this was the end of life as she knew. A proud, strong willed young woman, she had resisted previous attempts to totally control her life.
The sex she'd given had been on her terms to get what she wanted. From now on, she'd be at the beck and call of men who would use her ass to make a lot of money while degrading her.

Her body was slick with sweat and semen covered her face and thighs, and leaking from the violated vagina. "Enjoy that, eh," laughed Tommy. "Got a lot of my boys waiting to give you some more in the fun room. They're really looking forward to training you." Connie groaned in despair.

The van was driven into the compound of the house and stopped inside a garage. Connie was dragged out, naked now as the remnants of her dress were ripped off her. Lipstick smeared across her tear stained face, hair in tatters, she looked a mess as she was pulled along a corridor in her high heels, breasts bobbing. She was pushed into a room. Her eyes took in a large bed with a mattress and six grinning men stripped to their shorts. She was terrified, legs weak and trembling.

"Here she is boys," said Tommy. "Some nice top class expensive pussy for you. Make her squeal but no bruises. She's got to perform after this." There was no fight left in Connie as she was dragged to the bed. Every man in the room had seen her photos and movies and discussed what they'd like to do to her. Now they were going to give her the fucking of her life.

The actress was spread eagled on the bed, and her legs and arms tied to the four posts. Her gorgeous body was totally exposed. Several of the toughs reached out to explore the breasts and pussy. "Very nice, said one, his fingers sliding into the inviting clit. "See big brother has begun your training but you have a lot to learn yet."

He mounted Connie, while two of his triad brothers knelt beside her head with their erections pushed into her face. Her breasts rose and fell and she whimpered as a very big cock was shoved into her. "Open your mouth," ordered one of the thugs kneeling beside her as he painfully yanked her hair. She obeyed.

For the next hour, she was expertly fucked while having to give head to all the men. Tommy watched contentedly as his team whored her. He'd seen this many times and they'd never failed to achieve their objectives. Connie was by no means the only actress to suffer on this bed. Many beautiful women had been humilated here and turned into whores. She cried out and twisted, while her ordeal was filmed in every detail for future blackmail and the enjoyment of some very prominent people.

Several times she experienced involuntary orgasms from the constant friction inside her well used pussy. Connie couldn't help herself and the men laughed as she climaxed. It was hell and she thought it would never end. They didn't hurt her very much to avoid bruising but she was given some pain through her hair being pulled when she didn't suck hard enough, and her nipples were crushed between fingers and bitten. Connie was exhausted and shattered, thinking it would never end.

After an hour, she was turned on her front. Connie had a wonderful tight ass which was now the centre of attention. "No, please," she pleaded, knowing they were going to sodomise her. " Yes, every man in Hongkong has wanted to do this to you. Enjoy." Connie's buttocks were spread to expose her tiny butt hole. She screamed as a very big, hard cock was pushed in violently and penetrated deep. Waves of pain flooded her body as the man thrust. Her pleas to stop were ignored. Face buried in the mattress, she cried loudly as he sodomised the famous ass. After him came the five other men. The pain eased a little but the anal sex was a horrible experience for the actress.

She was aware that everything was being filmed. Her humiliation would be viewed and laughed over. Connie knew that from now on she'd be forced to do a lot of things she'd refused in the past. There would be no choice. Tommy was the last to bugger her. He'd been excited by watching her rape and enjoyed fucking her ass as hard as he could despite her shouts of pain. Finally, it was over. Connie lay sobbing
and broken on the wet mattress.

"Now you have learned your lesson,' said Tommy, running a hand down the sweat stained body. "You will be obedient and do the movie?" "Yes," groaned Connie. Her whole body ached, and her pussy and anus were raw and gaping wide open from all the cock. "Good. And you will show respect for those who issue you orders." "Yes," she replied. "Right. Let's get you cleaned up."

Connie was helped to the shower on her weak legs. As she crouched under the water spray trying to wash off the filth of the men, she wondered what lay ahead. She would soon find out.

To be continued...

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