Cheryl and the bet

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One day Cheryl and I was talking and Cheryl was talking bad about Gregg the old football coach of her son. Cheryl at one time wanted to fuck Gregg and I said that was ok. I told Cheryl that I think she was upset because Gregg didnít want to have sex with her.

Cheryl said Kevin all I had to do was call him and he would fuck me if I wanted him too. I told Cheryl that he wouldnít Cheryl told me Ill bet you he would and if I called him he still would and he called me once already. I told Cheryl I still donít think he would.

Thatís when Cheryl said what do you want to bet Kevin I said I donít care what ever you want. Cheryl said ok if he has sex with me you have to buy me that wallet that matches my coach purse and lick me after but if he donít then I will do what ever you want ok Kevin I said deal.

Cheryl then said come in my office so I followed her in the office and Cheryl put the phone on speaker and called Gregg. Gregg answered the phone and Cheryl started with some small talked and then said to Gregg do you still want to have sex with me. Gregg said yes if you want Cheryl he then said his wife was going out of town on business if she wanted to meet him at his house during the day.
Cheryl said ok ill meet you call me and tell me when Gregg said ok I will call you soon and he hung up. Cheryl looked at me and said I told you Kevin I said talk is cheap watch he wont call Cheryl said yes he will he has been wanting to fuck me for awhile now. I said will see Cheryl.

A few days later Gregg called and ask Cheryl to meet him at his house the next day at about 11am he was going to get away from work. Cheryl said ok she would be there. Cheryl told me and I said that she was just telling me that she said you will see Kevin I said ok.

The next day about 10:45 am Cheryl said Im leaving now Kevin are you sure you donít care if I fuck Gregg I still didnít think she was and said your not meeting him I said ok Cheryl call me when you get ready to pull into the driveway ok. Cheryl said better yet I will talk to you till I get there its only five minutes away I said ok. Cheryl said this is your last chance if you donít want me too tell me now I said go ahead still thinking she wasnít going to meet Gregg. Cheryl called me and was talking to me until she pulled in the driveway and said im going in now and she said I will call you and want you to meet me Kevin I said ok. Cheryl said ok love you buy and hung up.

It was about an hour and half later Cheryl called me and said come to apt 309G I said ok and went to 309G Cheryl meets me at the door and kisses me and leads me to the bathroom and told me to close my eyes she then pulled her skirt up and sat up on the vanity she took my hand and put it on her pussy it was very wet she then slides my finger tips up her pussy slit and said open your mouth and I did she then placed my fingers in my mouth and I could taste the combination of her sweet pussy juice and a salty taste Thatís when I knew she fucked Gregg she then said open your eyes and I did and looked into her eyes she looked so fucking sexyí

I leaned forward and gave her a long passionate kiss she then pushed on my shoulders for me to get on my knees Thatís when she pulled her black lace panties aside and I got to see her well fucked pussy full of cum. There was also cum on her black panties.

Cheryl then grabbed the back of my head with her other hand and pushed my head to her pussy and said lick my pussy Kevin let me feel your tongue. So I looked at her pussy lips wide open and the cum running out of her pussy it was such a turn on and I stuck my tongue in her pussy and started licking and sucking her pussy. Cheryl ask me do you like licking my cum filled pussy Kevin I moaned yes. Cheryl then said does it taste good baby do you like it? I then started sucking and licking her pussy with more passion she then said ooh baby you do like it aha donít stop keep sucking my clit aha shit Kevin it feels so fucking good eat my freshly fucked pussy baby lick all that cum out aha Kevin im going to cum ohhhh I want to scream donít stop donít stop.

Cheryl then pushed my face hard into her pussy and she grinded against my face and said Im cumming ooh fuck im cumming I then felt her warm sweet pussy juice along with Greggs cum. flood my mouth as Cheryl kept grinding against my face. Cheryl must of cum for a minute when she finished she said stick your dick in my pussy Kevin I want you to fuck me I stood up undid my pants and stuck my hard cock in her pussy. Cheryl moaned and said Kevin your dick is so hard baby did you like me fucking Gregg baby do you like the thought of me having another cock in your pussy. I said yes did you like it Cheryl? She said yes his dick was about 9 inches long and thick he fucked me for about 20 min and I came 3 times and the thought of you eating my pussy after made it even better baby. Do you want me to do it again Kevin. I said yes if you want to Cheryl she said yes baby I would really like that I love bringing you a freshly fucked pussy Kevin. Cheryl then said cum in my pussy Kevin shoot your hot cum in my pussy baby. Cheryl said ooh Kevin Im going to cum again fuck me harder thatís it fuck me ooh baby ahh im cumming as I felt her pussy tighten around my dick and soon I was cumming in her pussy Cheryl said OOH I feel your hot cum filling me baby god I love you I told Cheryl that I loved her too she then said Kevin look at my dripping pussy you and Gregg filled my pussy so full.

I looked down Cheryl pussy lips was open like a butterfly the cum was running down from her pussy to the crack of her ass and on the vanity.

Cheryl said to me that she wanted me to go down and lick her pussy again. I ask her can you cum again she said she didnít know but she said she wanted to feel my tongue on her pussy licking and sucking it.
Cheryl then said please baby would you eat my pussy again. So I went down on my knees looked at her pussy with all that cum running out and slowly started licking her pussy again she just moaned and said baby that feels so good. Cheryl said just think Kevin your eating my cum your cum and Greggs cum from my pussy how does it taste? I stopped long enough to say its ok. Cheryl said she wanted to do this again and that she was really turned on by it. I stopped again and ask her why?

She said because she like fucking another guy and then having me lick her pussy after he had cum in her and then me eating her cum filled pussy and then fucking her good. She also said she liked having 2 different dicks in her pussy. Cheryl then said she may like a threesome if I would like too. I said I didnít know I would have to think about it.

Just then she said ooh Im cumming again shit Im cumming now and she pushed my face in her pussy and said lick your pussy clean baby you know you like it After she came my dick was hard again and I fucked her one more time and when I was ready to cum she made me pull my cock out and she slid off the vanity got on her knees and had me fill her mouth full of cum. After that we both got dressed and kissed she said Kevin I do love you so much and I told her I love her to.

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