Chelry gets it on with T.Q

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

I hate to say this but at 21 years I'm still a virgin!! Growing up in a
family where your 3 sisters have all lost their virginity before 18, 
really makes you wonder "what exactly is sex all about?" Now the only 
reason I'm still in this state is because most of my friends, well, 
when they all had their first time they were like "it get's painful at 
first..." "it really hurts.." "you've got to make sure he knows what 
he's doin..." 

"UHM... the good part is always when you have an orgasm?" 

i once tried masturbating, but half way into my pussy with my index
finger i stopped, because either i was too tight or i was just not 
meant to have sex. so i quit and i became somewhat an ice queen. but 
that was in my high school days, although it (ice queen)continued till 
i went to college when i was 18. 

Now I'm truly desperate, this is my second to the last year before i
finish college and I've never even experienced an organism!! how's 
that fair!! 

In came tq, the school's pro in basketball, now as a fan of basketball
i'd say he was good but as an ice queen damn did i hate him. Tq was a 
renowned playa among all the girls and boys. And as the youngest in 
that class i wasn't really given much notice (and i was a geek!!) so i 
couldn't really get him to notice me, then came one day. 

After a game, tq comes up to me, (after taking about a million girls
number of course!!) and says 

"Hey uhm, Cheryl!" his teeth were so white i wondered if they were
really his. he stood so close to me that i could smell his cologne, 
which smelt masculine and hot. 

"hi." i held my books under my arm which kept on trying to slip away! 

"well, i was wondering if you could help me with the mid term exams
coming up? i mean since your good and all these things..." 

"uhm, yea why not. where do you want us to meet?" 

"could you come over to my place. Friday night? jason, " his room mate
"would be out and I'm sure we won't be disturbed." 



"k. bye" he waved his hand then took off after some girls. 

Friday night there's always some big gala going on with loud music
(mostly rap) and i would have gone out but because of going over to 
help tq i just wore a sweater with nothing under (xcept a bra) and 

i got there to see him watching a game on NBA. And he was yelling when
he saw me 

"hey, come in. just watching the bulls." 

i smiled and came in "want something to eat before we begin? just so...
you know... to relax. you know." 

"no thanks." the early the better. the way he was just rubbing his
fingers through his braided hair just made me want to jump and let him 
explore my body. 

he brought his books and we began. 

After a while we called time out and he brought sodas. 

"So what do you do apart from being icy?" he asked "What'd you mean?" 

well your always so uptight and looking like xena the warrior princess
'nobody come near me, or I'll cut off ur dick with one slash!'" i 
laughed as he mimed xena with an air sword. 

"I'm not like that" i protested.

"hell yea you are, so uptight that even when i came to you after the
game my mind was goin 'man, your in trouble, she go cut ur dick off!" 

i laughed some more 

"so, you didn't answer my question, what you do in your spare time?" his
voice had gone all husky and he was now so close i could bite his lips 
from where i sat on the couch" 

"nothing." my voice was clogging up and i wondered if i would breath

"nothing? what's a young black beautiful, looking sexy girl doing all
alone on a Friday night? nothing? you surprise me." 

"i surprise you?! you don't even know me." 

"then maybe i should get to know you." his fingers went for my neck and
slowly caressed it. i shivered and wished i'd worn more clothes before 
approching here. 

"maybe you shouldn't." my voice was a whisper 

"i shouldn't?" and with that he kissed me long and deep, biting and
nibbling on my lips. his other hand went to my hair and removed my 
band, letting my waist length hair fall. i gasped as he trailed his 
lips to my neck, licking and sucking as he went. Then his hands went to 
my waist, and gripped them sending me into a shock. 

"tq! no!" 

"shh... baby, damn baby you hot. i know you'd be hotter inside." and in
the blink of an eye his hands were inside my pants searching for my 
pussy. he found it and plunged a finger inside. 

"tq!.. please..." 

"why? your wet and hot for me." 

"i can't." i breathed into his mouth 

he fingered my pussy and at the same time sucked on my breasts through
the sweater, i knew it wouldn't be long before he removed my sweater. 
he pushed me back on the couch and settled on me. Making me feel his 
towering presence all around me. He took a second finger inside me 
which made me gasp because my pussy was too tight and i didn't think it 
could stretch anymore. 

"no!" i cried "i can't" 

"but you will" he whispered. 

Then my body started to tremble and shake, and i felt, for the first
time, a strong wave over come me and i came all over his fingers. He 
licked his fingers and smiled at me. 

"I want more." he said. i laid there wide eyes looking at him, then he
thrusted his tongue into my mouth, forcing me to want him. i tasted 
myself on him and i got all the more hornier. 

He carried me to his bed and went down with me. 

He removed my sweater, kissing me all the way. when he saw me pre-naked
he stopped. 

"Damn your beautiful." then he removed his jersey and his shoulders
which weren't half of mine. Shined beautifully. i touched them and he 
took my hands away. 

"Don't" he said "you'll make me cum right now." 

i wondered if my touch was that powerful. he went down to my pussy and
worshiped it. licking and sucking all the cum. i went into about 5 
orgasm and blacked out half way through. When i came, he was kissing 
me. "don't even think of blacking out, cos' we've just started." 

He sucked on my breast and bit them till i cried. 

"Christ! tq...don't stop...please don't stop." then he entered me. his
11 inch went, stretching my pussy to the limits and broke my wall. i 
cried so loud that he had to cover my lips with his. 

then everywhere was still... 

"Why aren't we moving?" i asked 

"Why didn't you tell me?" he said, looking at me accusingly. 

"Does it matter?" 

"Don't you think it matters?" we were just answering questions with
questions. i looked up at him. 

"Your weight is crushing me, so either we move or you get up!" he stared
at me some more. And i could feel his gaze bore into my soul, "when did 
you become Mr. i care? i thought you were the hot shot! i didn't know 
playas had a heart! now get off me!~" although i seriously didn't want 
him to, i felt his dick inside me swelling and my eyes widened. 

"god!" and with that he got up!! 

"No!!" i cried "please tq, i know you care, but what's done is done now
please can we continue." 

"i didn't really get you here to study, i wanted to ask you out. Get to
know you. but you were just sitting on the sofa looking all so sexy and 
innocent, i just didn't know how innocent!! damn!!" 

"You wanted to ask me out?" i couldn't believe tq, playa of all playa
wanted to ask me, ice queen and geek! 

"I've been wanting to, for 2 years now, i neva thought you'd agree. so i
didn't. Look I'm sorry about the whole mess.": "o" i picked up my 
clothes and went to his bathroom. "can i use your shower " I asked 
"cos' there was no way i was goin back to my dorm looking like a total 

"yeah sure." 

i went inside and washed my face which just kept soaking with my tears.
i put on the shower and started bathing, i reached for a towel and 
found none. 

"tq" i called "got a towel i can use." 

The door opened and in he came, then gaped. i was standing in the shower
covering my boobs with one hand, and reaching with the other. my hair, 
which was let down clunged to my face and my waist. And back. i grasped 
the towel and he grasped my wrist. 

"Your so beautiful" he said 

i looked at him, and said "then let's do it" 

it didn't take much persuasion Without saying a word he pulled me to him
and began kissing me very softly. My lips parted and his tongue 
slipped inside my mouth. His warm tongue danced in my mouth and I 
relished the feeling of our tongues slipping in and out of each other's 

I felt his hands began to explore my body; he slid his hands slowly up
and down my back, pulling me to him so we were pressed so close I could 
feel his heart beating against my breasts. 

He slowly let his hands drop lower so they were resting on my rear; he
gently squeezed my bottom. I could feel his hands slid lower as he 
gently caressed me. My nipples hardened under his touch and I shivered 
inwardly. "It's cold here. Can we go to the room." He carried me to his 
bed again!! 

I felt his warm hands on my skin and heard him moan softly into my mouth
as his kiss became more passionate. He was exploring my behind with 
both hands. 

He broke the kiss long enough to whisper, "you are so sexy! And hot and
wet through and through. I want you right here and now!" 

I was completely soaked in my pussy and throbbing with need, by now and
silently begging him to make love to me. He was alternating between 
both breasts, taking turns nibbling and sucking my now rock hard 
nipples. I felt his hands taking turns massaging my breasts and lightly 
pinching my nipples, it felt so good! I looked down at him and watched 
as he slowly kissed his way down to my naval, stopping for a moment to 
lick it. He looked up at me and smiled, he looked so sexy hovering 
over me with a look of such passion. 

I expected him to make love to me but instead he slowly went down and 
buried his face in pubic hair (maybe I should have shaved it, I 
thought). He rubbed his face in my hair while his hands moved down to 
gently touch and tease my clit. I felt electricity shoot through my 
body; I arched my back wanting more. 

I felt his warm breath on my clit an instant before he licked it, again
I felt the electricity and moaned to let him know I wanted more. His 
fingers gently explored the wet folds of my pussy while his tongue 
flicked my swollen clit. I had never experienced sex before let alone 
oral sex and it was almost too much to bear. 

I was writhing on the bed while he continued to touch and lick me. He
spread my legs and climbed between them so I was completely exposed to 
him. I felt his mouth slowly slid lower as he licked up the juices 
that were now flooding out of me. 

I could hear him licking and sucking, the noises he made were incredibly
erotic. To have the man I was deeply in love with between my legs 
pleasuring me with his mouth was so intense I began to feel what I 
could only describe as a tidal wave building inside me. I could feel 
my body rising on this huge wave, it kept building and building until 
finally it crashed down and I was left shaking and feeling like I'd 
worked my legs off!! 

Still he continued to lick and suck until the feeling of riding a huge
wave came over me and I again came crashing down, this time I couldn't 
help but clutch at his head with both hands and bury his face deeper 
while I moved my hips back and forth on his face. 

When I was finished he slowly sucked up the last of my juices and looked
up at me from between my legs. His chin and mouth were glistening and 
he had a huge smile on his face. 

He looked down at my swollen lips and smiled. "You taste so sweet!" 

"I'm sure you'd taste better" I said, then gripped for his dick which
was hard and swollen. 

"no" he whispered, then came on top of me, lowered his head to mine and
kissing me passionately, plunged deep inside that I could feel him in 
my womb. 

We kissed passionately and let our hands explore each other's bodies. He
massaged my breast, while I rubbed my hands all over him, digging my 
finger nails into him. He moaned and lowered his mouth to my breasts; 
he kissed and sucked them till I was writhing underneath him. He 
thrusted in and out until I was out of breath. We moaned together each 
time he thrusted. It was a delicious feeling and I knew I was with a 
pro here. After a while we came with so much force, I screamed and 
tried to scratched his back. The force was so deep and his cum so hot I 
wanted cold water down on me. 

"oh cherly baby, you were so hot! So tight1!" I smiled and kissed him.
"would you like to go out tomorrow? There's a party and if you'd like 
we could go together. I couldn't believe tq was asking me out "yes!! 
I'd love to! Is this a date?!!" I asked as I kissed him all over his 
face "uh huh." To be continued ....

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