Chapter 3 : Sue's Last Time

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Sue’s final chapter

It was a week since Sue’s 9 man Gangbang, she was still recovering from the pounding the men had given her, for a couple of days after that amazing night Sue still walked abit strange, her Pussy and Arse still sore, her arms and legs aching from being tied to that Headboard for hours on end , her entire body knackered from having Orgasm after Orgasm. She was not complaining though she had the most amazing night of her life. Sex just didn’t get better than this………..Or so she thought?

Sue took a couple of day’s off work to recover, she told her husband that she was just feeling abit under the wheather, in fact the only thing she was feeling was HORNY! She knew that it was not the last time she would be Gangbanged, she loved i.! she just had to get it out of her system before it was too late. Sue was 52 years old, this was her last bit of fun before she was to old to enjoy it And she was more than enjoying it, She was Loving it.

A couple of weeks had now passed, Sue was keeping herself busy, trying her to keep her mind off sex. She couldn’t believe that just 7 months ago she was just a boring normal Housewife that was getting old before her time, her life was like a treadmill, she was going nowhere, now people noticed a change in her mood and way she looked! She looked more like 32 not 52. As the day’s went on she was getting Hornier and Hornier. The only option she had was to visit Tom again and see what he could do for her.

Sue finally plucked up the courage and decided to pay him a visit, luckily for Sue her husband was away on business for a week the only person in the house was her Son James, Sue had two other children but they were away at university, her Son James was 18 and still at college. 

“See ya James I’m just popping out for abit, wont be long, be back in a hour or so.” said Sue. 

“Ok mom see ya.” 

Sue didn’t bother dressing up, she had jeans and a T-shirt on, she didn’t plan on getting Gangbanged tonight she just wanted to visit Tom for a chat and to see if he could help her out in any way.

Sue got to Toms house, she was very nervous. 


She nearly started the car up and went back home. 


She got out of the car and made her way to Tom’s front door. 


After a while the door opened. 


Sue made her way in and sat down in the lounge, Tom already knew what Sue wanted. 


“I’VE BEEN FINE.” replied Sue. 

Both of them exchanging small talk for awhile, soon Tom turned to the subject of to the Gangbang. 

“Everyone thought you were amazing that night.” 

Sue smiled. 

“You men fucked me hard, it took me a week to recover!“ 

“I was telling a couple of friends about what you let us do to you that night, they were gutted they weren’t there, They did say that if I ever saw you again to ask you if you were up for meeting up with them?

Sue couldn’t believe her ears. 

“Really? well how many guy‘s?”

“Theres four of them.” Tom replied. 

Sue was off in a dream world. 

“You haven’t got to worry I’ll be with you, I wanna watch them Gangbang you,If you thought Giant and Joanna was good wait till you have these guys."

Sue was getting wet just by hearing what Tom was saying.

Tom told Sue that he would make a quick phone call to one of the guy’s and arrange a date with them. 

“Back in a minute!” 

A couple of minutes past, Sue sat waiting, she could hear Tom’s voice taking to one of them on the phone. Suddenly he returned to the lounge. 

“SORTED, we are gonna meet them in two days time at a Night Club just up the road from here.” 

Sue was getting excited her mind was doing overtime. 

“Dress up Sue they have got a special night planned for you.” 

“Don’t worry about that, I always make an effort.” Sue replied. 

With that Sue left Tom’s house and made her way home. 

The next day Sue went shopping for a new outfit, she decided on a short tight black skirt with a split up the back of it that went nearly all the way up to her bum, a yop that barley covered her boobs, a pair of high heels and of course a pair of black pantyhose.

The day had come, tonight Sue was meeting up with the 4 Guy‘s. Luckily for Sue she had the house to herself, her husband was still away on business and her Son was out with he’s friends, she didn’t expect him back until late tonight. 

The day seemed to drag, she pottered about the house doing little jobs trying to take her mind off what was going to happen to her tonight. Part of her was excited and part of her was concerned. 

“What if the Guy’s don’t like me?” 

“What if I don’t like them?” 

“What have they got planned for me?”

Sue knew that she would be safe because Tom was gonna be there with her, but her pulse was racing because just didn’t know what was gonna happen. It was coming up to 5 o’clock she was going to meet up with Tom at 8 so she decided to start getting herself ready. 

After an hour of showering and pampering herself she started to get dressed. She put on a very small black bra that she could barley keep her tits in . Then came her new low cut top that had buttons up at the front of it. Next came her black pantyhose, how she loved the feeling of wearing Pantyhose while she was having her pussy licked and rubbed, she would never forget when Joanna bit a hole in the Gusset of her Hose with he's teeth before he fucked her. Sue was getting turned on just thinking about it. Last was her skirt, it hugged her shapely legs and being short it did show off a lot of leg Finished off with her new high heels she was ready for anything. 

It was now nearly 7.30 Sue made her way downstairs, she left a note for her Son telling him that she was going out with some friends and don’t expect her home before the morning . With that she got her car keys and made her way to Toms house.

On her way there she couldn’t believe what she was about to do. 

“I must be out of my mind to meet up with 4 Guy’s that I haven’t even met and let them fuck me.” thought Sue. 

But she also knew that she couldn’t resist having their hands touch every inch of her body or having there cocks pound her pussy and arse for hours on end!. She knew her husband couldn’t give her that same feeling, sex with her husband was about making love, sex we these men was just about lust and raw dirty sex and at this stage in her life that’s exactly what she wanted. She wanted to be treated like a whore!

Sue arrived at Tom’s house. Tom was already waiting at the door. 

“Sue you look gorgeous!” 

“Thank you Tom.” 

“Come on lets go.” 

Sue and Tom got into he’s car and started their journey. As they were driving along Tom noticed Sue’s short skirt. 

“You are showing some leg tonight aint’ ya?” 

Sue responded by lifting the hem of her skirt over her thighs showing the tops of her legs. 


Tom put hes hand down between her legs. 


Sue could see Tom was getting excited, the bulge in hes jeans getting bigger and bigger! 

“You are in for one hell of a ride tonight Sue!.” 

For the rest of the journey Tom’s hand was fixed between Sue legs, just him touching her legs was sending her over the edge and the night hadn’t even stared yet.

“Right Sue, we are here.” 

Tom parked the car. 

“We are meeting the Guy’s in that Night Club over there, lets go.” said Tom. 

The club was heaving with young people, Sue felt a little out of place. 

“Sue, you wait at the bar, I think I’ve spotted them, ill go get them over here.” 

Her heart now pounding out of her chest. 

“Fuck! fuck! fuck! Fuck I’m finally meeting them.” thought Sue. 

After a couple of minutes Tom returned with the 4 Guy’s. 

“Right Sue this is Barry, hes Jim, that one’s Adam and finally that’s Clint. They each said hello and kissed Sue on the cheek. 

“Pleased to meet you Sue, we have heard a lot about you.” one of them said laughing. 

Sue just smiled back. 


As the night wore on the drinks started flowing Sue and the Guy’s were getting on like a house on fire, the more drink they drank the more they all flirted together. Sue felt like a teenager, the 4 men were half her age, she was in heaven. One by one the men would take it in turns to dance with Sue, with each song they would get closer and closer. As one of them danced with her the others would watch, it wasn’t long before they were getting more adventurous with her. Hands moving lower down her back onto her bum, hands moving up higher near her chest, she was getting turned on , she wanted more. 

“Im ready for more.” Sue whispered in Clint’s ear as he danced with her. 

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