Change Of Heart

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His face was a blur, but the tall man was walking towards me, and I could see he was very muscular. Before I could realize, he was tearing at my shirt and we locked into a kiss. Then everything started to turn red, and then I awoke.

I lay in my bed, my vision obscured by red, opening my eyes to find that the bright summer sun has snuck through the bottom of my curtain managing to strike at my eyes. Just realizing the dream I had, I was almost angry at myself. “I am not gay” I murmured to myself. Despite my frustration I was exited that day as I was going to take the longest biking trip in my life, from Toronto to Niagara Falls with my closest friend, Jason. When he proposed it to me, I was shocked. The trip would be 175 km there and 170km back, but I loved biking, and a good challenge, so I agreed. By the way, my names Alex. I am 18 years old, tall, medium build, and have spiked hair whenever I find the time to do it.

The doorbell rang followed by Jason’s voice “Hurry up!” .Jason was always 5 minutes ahead of schedule, and I scolded myself for not predicting it earlier. I grabbed my water, backpack, tarp, and snacks before dashing out the door. Jason was 16 like myself, but like 14 days older than me, and made sure I remembered it. He was always the competitive type of guy, and I am still trying to beat him in an arm wrestle, as he’d brag about it every day. Despite his cockiness, he was a good guy – someone to back you up of you needed it, and to help u when you were up to your knees in shit.

When I got outside, I was near blinded by the sun, but when my eyes adjusted I could see clearly. Jason was wearing cargo shorts, and a loose shirt, which didn’t do much to hide his chest let alone his arms and legs. Once again I reminded myself I wasn’t someone that was into guys, before saying, “All set?” Jason nodded, and I got out my bike before ridding out with him.

While we biked his competitive attitude showed as he lead the way in front of me. I got a good glimpse of his ass as we rode, and then realized once again what I was thinking. I quickly passed him and tried not to think of him as we rode on. On the way, we were hit by 3 hills that completely drained us. At the top we were soon disappointed to see that the hill had no decline, and stopped for a break. My legs were the strongest parts of us for Jason and I, but those hills just killed us. I sat down on a curb, drinking my water, and eating walnuts and shreddies while Jason cooled himself by pouring the rest of the contents of his bottle onto his head, releasing a large sigh of relief. I couldn’t help notice as the water trickled down the curves on his back, and rolling over his behind, before dripping onto the floor. Turning around, Jason turned quickly noticing me staring, obviously not fully realizing that I was staring at his body, he asked “what’s on your mind?” He said as he sat down beside me. “Oh, nothing, just thinking about the test on Monday.” I said quickly, before crossing my legs to hide the bulge rising from down under. “Your probably going to ace it, man. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.” Jason chuckled before chewing on his energy bar. With his mouth full, he quickly got up saying “We should get- *cough* Get moving, while we’re still beating.” Nodding, I rose up, and we continued riding.


When we got to the falls, we faced one long hill before reaching the camp site. Exhausted, we locked out bikes to a big tree, and collapsed onto the sweet grass. We both groaned in pain, trying to top each others misery. “My legs ass hurts so much… I should have put a gel on my seat. Ugh.” Jason moaned, before standing up. “I think I can manage” I said standing up. We prepared our food, which tasted so good when your hungry and tired. I poured myself some of the thick meaty soup. When I took a big spoonful before realizing that is was hot, burning my tongue. Jason laughed, and I decided I was going to go to the washroom while my food was cooling. Jason just sat down relaxing as his bowl of soup cooled. 

When I returned, I saw him crouched over my bowl sprinkling power into my bowl. Realizing I was there he jumped a bit, before quickly saying “I love these spices, they’re the best.” I suspected something was wrong as he knew I hated dried spices like pepper or salt, but I didn’t bother put too much thought onto it. After eating my soup, I realized that I was getting very tired. It must have been from the trip, and I fell asleep before my head even hit the floor.

I woke up, with a start. Looking around me, I could see that I was in the inside of the tarp, and when I tried to get up, I found that my wrists, ankles and forehead was bound to the ground. Jason entered the tent realizing I was awake. His shirt was off, and just looking at his upper body made my manhood quiver to attention. I was completely nude, and there was no way to hide it. He looked at me with a smile that said “I knew it”. He took off his shorts, before crawling on top of me. I was so confused “I am not g-“ I started before realizing he was sucking on my nipple.

He licked my chest, and worked up to my neck. The feeling was like nothing I had ever felt before in my life, and I couldn’t speak. I felt like I was melting under the warmth of his most tongue and lips. He then moved down and licked the tip of my pulsing cock. “Say you’re enjoying this, Alex.” Jason spoke in near a whisper. He teased me, only slightly touching with his tongue until I couldn’t take it anymore screaming “I like this I like this!” With the same smile as before, he took the whole head of my cock into his mouth. I could feel his tongue swirl around my head. He played with my balls, and used my cock as a harmonica before taking my entire cock into his mouth. I could feel the warmth as he moved his head up and down until I unloaded into his mouth and I could feel him swallow it all. He then crawled up to my face and kissed me, and I could taste the saltiness of my own cum. When the kiss broke, he smiled saying, “now tell me you didn’t enjoy that.” 

Breaking the tight straps that bound me to the floor he turned me over onto all fours. I could tell what was coming next. Instead, I felt his tongue moving in my crack. I near wriggled with pleasure before his tongue plunges my asshole. Jason then grabbed my hips as I could feel the head of his cock move into my ass. I flinched in pain, and realizing that I have never done this before, he tried one finger, then two. I still felt the pain, and he told me to relax. When I loosened up, I felt I was ready, and his dick started to move into my ass. The pain was bad at first, but that was quickly replaced with pleasure as he prodded my prostate with his dick. The warmth in me was so good; I stopped him, lay him down, and sat onto his cock, moving in circles, while making hops. I could feel him as he shot into my ass, and we both lay there on the floor, exhausted by what they had both taken part in.

We do this kind of thing allot nowadays, but one in a while, we bring someone like I was, to have some fun with. The good thing is, my ass didn’t hurt as much when I got home. I got used to it the night before.

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