Fag School Registration Day - Chapter 3

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Don't read this if you are illiterate, or if you are offended by the term "fag." However, if you now know that "fag" is an endearing term used by passionate fag lovers and their supporters, then read on. The time setting for this chapter of fag school is between chapters 1 and 2, the day the fresh fag freshmen check in and check each other out.

We begin:

For the past year, two good friends have been living a life that is both a profitable and, to them, a philanthropic contribution to the sex and love lives of many men in Boston. You see, every man is at least "bi-curious," but they often need an encouraging nudge to "bi-active" or "fag-centric."

Often a wife or girlfriend has an interest to have their man or men get a little more kinky. They think they would be turned on to the max if they could watch their guys getting it on with other guys. Sometimes this desire follows the wives and girlfriends having had exhibitionist lesbian flings at the request, and for the gratification, of their men. The women want reciprocity.

Then again, sometimes the women may just want to see if they can get the guy-on-guy transition to progress to a guy, guy, guy, guy, etc., fling with the girl. There are many reasons women push men to pursue homosexual liasons. There are just as many reasons many men on their own pursue homosexual liasons.

What has just been described is a "market niche," an area where consumers can be courted and sold what they need. In this case, what they need is higher education. They need to be exposed, so to speak, to the myriad and intricate details of fag activity. They need this fag school.

Erin, a real and delightful women in her early twenties, along with her friend Felecia, a totally passing shemale who has the beautiful face and body of a Britney Spears, but with the incredible cock of the most studly porn star you ever saw. They have graduated eight fag classes so far, each a three week intense program of 24/7 live-in, love-in, and learn-in.

The classes are highly selective. The men must all be in perfect physical and mental condition. They, and any women they are associating with, must agree that all contact for the three week fag boot camp will be strictly for owners of well-functioning cocks. Before they sign the agreement, they are told straight up, pardon the pun, that some of the men will emerge with an incredible lust for cock and a surprising loss of any sense of lust for pussy.

They are not given the percentages of conversion the classes have in producing complete fags out of the students. Even if they were told, at registration day, none or few would believe that every student in the eight 30-man graduating classes are now COMPLETELY and EXLUSIVELY FAGS, by their own choice and with such vocal conviction that there are absolutely no closets for the proud fags. Cock is the new god they worship and which brings them kinky salvation day after day after day.

Erin and Felicia call their institution a school for fag training and sissy-boy training. They like to make all men "dick lickers," which seems to be their favorite phrase and favorite thing to foster and to watch. Theirs is a clandestine cock school, as you can imagine. New England still has a lot of people with the puritan mentality, so although their graduates become confident and kinky flamers, their school must be and is still very much in the closet.

You have to pass a lot of tests and pass through a lot of secret doors to get to this closet school. And you might think that as more and more classes graduate that the closet classes would become easier to find, but in fact the newly-trained perfectly-fag fags have grown to an absolutely loyal army of protection for their alma mater.

I'll get into more details about how would-be fags and sissy boys begin qualification testing for this school in other chapters, but I want you to see, in your mind's eye, what a pretty picture the first day of school always is.

Blindfolded by former graduates and starting from all points of the compass, the recruits are led by taxi to the secret, eerie, luxurious, bet still very inviting centuries-old mansion. There is no nonsense as the insense and candles illuminate the minds, and all the senses, of those about to learn just what a masterpiece work of art is the beautiful human cock.

Still blindfolded, the new class assembles in the main hall, each with their post-graduate sponsor. To prove that they are ready, they are instructed to remain blindfolded, dance with, and deeply french-kiss their sponsors. As the music is all classical, they dance close enough to know that all cocks are raging hard. The new students now slowly and sensually undresses their sponsors, per instruction, and kiss their man from head to toe, then kiss their hard, totally bare cocks for at least an hour.

For nourishment, lunch is served on the hard cocks, and the new class licks it off with life-giving lust. The "lunch" is a special milkshake made from gallons of frozen cum the graduates out in the world have happily supplied to the school on a regular basis.

And the lunch is really THE SECRET POTIENT, the point of no return. A Julius Caesar would say, "Alea Iacta Est!" Once a man, or even a woman for that matter, tastes and swallows cum, they are forever under the phallic spell. With their cum lunch down the hatch, they are well past any need for snatch.

Then the new class removes the blindfolds and sees where they are, kneeling in front of beautiful hard cocks in a long marble hall lit with torches. On the walls are exotic, huge oil paintings of huge beautiful cocks rendered Rembrandt style -- one subdued light source, and one great cock, pointing in only one direction (straight up, pre-cum dripping, and ready to suck). With that sight, the recruits need no prompt to start sucking and loving the hard cocks that are their presents at their first day at school.

So after lunch, and "dessert," the recruits finally get to look around. All of their classmates are absolutely gorgeous. They are still fully clothed, but the man-to-man mental raping reaches such a peak, it is clear that all the new fags will have their cocks hard, hard, hard for days, days, days.

It always begins that way. It always stays that way. They will always love for it to stay that way. What woman has ever given any of them an erection so hard and so enduring? They have been carried across the threshold. They will all get straight A's in their new classes, but they never again will be straight in their new lives.

Because Erin and Gretchen have made the process so detailed, so meticulous, so deliberate, the best fags in the world have the best cumming out parties in the real Brave New World, the real New New England. Now for a secret: the series on this website is actually part of the fag-screening test. If you have the wisdom, the intelligence, and the patience to understand what these stories are about, you can be contacted for further testing and further information on the school. Score the stories low and you will be left alone to your straight boring lives, but score them high with detailed reviews and then watch your email for the next signal.

Are you fag enough? Do you have what it takes? Can you endure what has to be done to be a World Class Fag? Not everyone can make it, but for those who do ... well stay tuned because the details to follow will get you hard enough to ... well, again stay tuned ... Hopefully, you can "hardly" wait.

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