Cat Fight

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The two sexy women stared at each other with hate in their eyes. The first woman, Natalie was five feet seven inches, waist of 26in, 36D cup, long black hair that enhanced the beauty of her eyes and a soft, tight, smooth body to match. The other woman, Linda was five foot six inches, her long, brown hair accentuated her golden body. Her nipples poked through her spaghetti strapped top as her rippled, hard flat stomach on her 25in waist moaned to be sucked.
Kirk sat on the couch, caught red handed. For months, he was seeing the two girls behind each other’s back and tonight they had both decided to surprise him by showing up in his apartment.
To his surprise, the girls were not angry with him. They were angry with each other. Kirk stood up, moving between them. As much as their quarrelling was turning him on, he could not stand to see the two sexy women hurt each other.
“Please girls, how about we just sleep on it together. We’ll see how we could all get along,” Kirk said.
Natalie watched Linda scornfully. “I’ve fucked many girls before but never would I touch that whore!”
Linda, hands on hips raised her middle finger at her. “The girls I’ve fucked were all wet and delicious. Not dried up like your skanky ass!”
“You cunt!”
“You dried up bitch. Probably was not even using Kirk’s cock right!” Linda shouted.
“At least I know where to put it, you bottom feeder.”
“Hey. At least I could suck on his ass and feel comfortable with my sexuality, hoe!”
Natalie took one step forward. “Why don’t you come here and say that, miss bitch who needs an instruction manual to use her pussy!”
Linda rushed up to her, swinging her fists but Kirk held her back. “Okay that is it! It is too late for anyone to go home so Natalie, you take the upstairs room, Linda you sleep downstairs in that bedroom and I would be in my own room. No sex tonight for anybody.”
The girls agreed.
“You hear that you bottom feeder,” Natalie provoked.
“Oh I hear that fucker!” Linda said.


Everyone retired to their beds but Natalie had another idea. She had come to give Kirk a surprise and that was what she was going to do. She tore off her clothes and put on her dominatrix outfit. Kirk was always a bit kinky, she smiled. She pulled out the handcuffs and proceeded to the room opposite.
She knocked lightly on Kirk’s door. Tonight she was going to scream out so loudly and show that bitch downstairs who was Kirk’s real woman. Kirk answered, his cock enlarging against his boxers.
Natalie giggled and moved in, kissing him. Kirk kissed her back but she could feel his strong hands keeping her out of the room.
“What’s going on baby?” she asked.
“Not tonight. Not until you and Linda sort this out.”
“No way baby. Not me and her!”
“We’ve been talking for months to bring in another woman and you told me to get one so I did. She even agreed to it.”
“She agreed to fuck me?”
Kirk sighed. “Well, before she met you she had. I think she hates you now.”
“I hate her too. fuck that bitch.”
Kirk kissed her again. “Not tonight baby. Why don’t you go do some laps in the pool.”
Natalie thought awhile. “You sure baby. You don’t want to join me?”
“I am sure,” he kissed her again and squeezed her ass. She squealed and giggled. He then closed the door and she went back into her room.
Kirk was right, she thought. Some laps in the pool would calm her down. She tore off her outfit and wrapped a towel around herself. Since Kirk had owned the apartment building the pool was for his use only. The other public pool for the rest of the tenants were on the other side of the building.
She closed the patio door behind her and placed the towel on the chair. She then slowly walked naked into the cold water. The water looked inviting she thought. She just wished Kirk was there to make her cum. She ducked under the water and came back up allowing her hair to fall perfectly along the arch of her back. She decided to masturbate in the pool before she left there tonight.
Suddenly, she jumped in fright as she heard a noise behind her. She turned. Linda had just surfaced from under the water. She too was naked. She rubbed her eyes and exclaimed equal surprise to see Natalie there.
“What are you doing here?” Linda asked.
“Look, this pool isn’t big enough for two of us!” Natalie said, admiring her body. She could actually see why Kirk fucked her.
Linda judged her competition. She actually liked what she saw. “Take a picture bitch. It would last longer. It ain’t like you getting any of this!” Linda told her.
Natalie moved up to her threateningly. Their mouths mere millimetres from each other as they faced off. “I don’t want a dried up whore like you anyhow, cunt!”
“You don’t have a prayer in hell to score with me bitch! Imagine Kirk wanted you and me to fuck. Dream on darling.”
“You dream on fucker. You wouldn’t even know how to give a woman an orgasm.”
“Like you can, you skinny bitch!”
Suddenly, Natalie slapped Linda across her face and the two women grabbed on to each other, fighting and swearing. Their hard breasts slapped each other as they both scratched at each other, biting and pulling hair.
Linda kicked Natalie away and then jumped on her ducking her under the water. Natalie then pulled on Linda by her navel and pulled her underwater as the two women proceeded to cuff each other.
Finally, they surfaced and Linda wrapped her legs around Natalie, biting on her lips. The duo fell back against the tiles and Natalie bit back, feeling their saliva mixing. Linda squeezed into Natalie pussy with her legs and pretty soon the woman was feeling an orgasm emerging. She could not believe it. She opted to release her hold on the other woman but then Natalie may get the advantage. The orgasm rose up to her and Linda could hear her distant moaning rising. Natalie, however, sensing what was happening pushed her fingers into the woman’s cunt and smiled.
“You want that baby. Well fuck you!”
She inserted her fingers masturbating. Linda released herself pushing away Natalie’s hand.
“Oh, you bitch!” She then slapped Natalie which spun her around. Linda then hugged her and from behind pushed her fingers into her cunt. Natalie moaned as she felt the sudden surge of eroticism into her body. She bent her hands backwards and grabbed on to Linda’s ass gyrating her hips for her. Her pussy rubbed against Natalie’s ass, making Linda melt into potty.
Suddenly, Linda’s grasp was released and Natalie turned. The two women watched each other, the arousal in each at exploding point.
Suddenly, the two women kissed, fondling each other. They wanted each other badly, their bad-ass attitude making the sexual pleasures heighten. Linda moaned hard, “Fuck me you cunt!”
“I will you dried up bitch!”
The two women leaned against the tiles as they kissed and slurped on each other’s neck and breasts. Suddenly, Linda ducked underwater and covered Natalie’s pussy. Natalie moaned as she never felt anything like it before. Linda’s tongue probed every crevice in her cunt and her clit erected, allowing the strange tongue to explore the undiscovered region. The tongue slipped in and out and the water made her melt even more. The orgasm exploded and she could feel Linda sucking on it.
“I love deep sea diving! Now let‘s see if you could make me cum you dried up whore!” she said as she surfaced.
Linda then backed into the corner of the pool and propped both her legs over the sides into a full split. Natalie pulled opened her wet, red pussy and sucked the fruit. She sucked like there was no tomorrow. The split had enticed her so much. Linda screamed out this time not able to contain herself. Natalie inserted her hands in but then jammed in her fist as Linda screamed for more and Natalie felt Kirk’s huge dick insert into her ass.
The three of them moaned as Kirk drove his dick deeper and deeper, feeling it enlarging in her. Linda then opened her eyes and squealed in excitement as she saw Kirk. She then fell back into the pool and the three of them rose to kiss each other together. Their tongues wrapped around each other expertly and Kirk inserted his hands into both their pussies.
While kissing and feeling Kirk’s fingers in them, the two girls grabbed his cock driving it up and down hoping to feel his hot cum spill all over their hands. They fought each other passively as they tried to hold the tip of the penis. They scratched and pinched each other, heightening the sexual pleasure for them.
Suddenly, they felt his cum integrating with the water. The two women giggled as they wrapped themselves on Kirk and exploded on him as his fingers moved inside of them. Their tongues elongated and slapped each other as the orgasms exploded upon each other and the juices mixed underwater. Kirk had never felt the two girls’ pussies so wet and slippery.
Kirk then backed away from them and the two girls watched him.
“Rub pussies for me!”
The two girls eyed each other giggling. They advanced towards each other, smiled and kissed, fitting their pussies like a jigsaw puzzle into each other. Their hands fondled each other’s silky breasts and they sucked on their hard nipples, nibbling on it and getting turned on by the moans of each other.
Suddenly, after a few minutes they jumped on each other, slapping pussy cheeks and squirting juices before their orgasms exploded again and the two women rode each other until their red pussies could fathom no more cum. They moaned hard and Kirk masturbated as he watched them but not hard enough to cum.
The two girls melted in each other’s arms as their orgasms exploded but then they waded over to Kirk and Natalie sucked Kirk’s entire cock leaving only the end of the shaft for Linda. Linda becoming jealous and sucked on Natalie’s lips and bit her, forcing her to release the cock and allowing herself to take over. Natalie then pushed Linda with her mouth and the two of them settled on the sides of the cock, kissing each other and driving the shaft up and down, using their tongues to masturbate him. Suddenly, his cum squirted out as he moaned and enticed them to allow the cum to settle on their lips. The girls then sat up and kissed each other passionately sucking off the semen from each other and swallowing.
“Ooooooohhh,” Linda said as she tasted Natalie’s sweet cummy lips.
“You are so delicious!” Natalie whispered to Linda. “Bitch!”
“Cunt!” Linda responded.
They then settled on the steps.
“You set this up, didn’t you?” Linda asked.
“You sent us both down here?” Natalie enquired.
“Oh yes. It seemed like a good idea when you both came to fuck me earlier in my room without the other one knowing. Did it work? Do we have a future together?”
The girls looked at each other, leaned over Kirk’s chest and kissed.
“I think so,” they both said.

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