Castle Keep

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A soft breeze blew and rustled Francesca's long black hair, bringing with it a reminder that winter once again approached. She pulled the clothing tightly around her slender body to ward off the chilly night air. She was filled with a sense of longing as she stared below, the wilderness that surrounded the castle dimly illuminated by a bright full moon. 

It looked so scary out there, yet it was exactly where she yearned to be, embarking upon a bold adventure of discovery. But her fate was to remain within the cold castle walls, safely tucked away in wait of a future she had no control of.

"I wish William were here," she whispered hopelessly into the night air, her heart heavy with sadness.

"But I am," a voice whispered from behind.

The frown on her face immediately turned into a wide smile, and excitement filled her flesh as she realized that William was near, indeed! But she dared not let him see the enthusiasm her heart felt, for it could be mistaken for something that could never be. She selected a star and made a silent wish to be a normal girl, a peasant, one who could select her own future and not have it selected for her. Had that been the case, William would be hers, and she his. But his stature was beneath hers and left her with no such hope.

"How is it you know precisely when I long to have you near?" she questioned suspiciously. "Do you possess some special power?"

"It is you that possesses that power," he responded in a whimsical tone. "It is you that draws me here in your time of need. I merely respond to your call, and am always happy to do so."

"And I am glad that you are here," she admitted in a soft whisper that the breeze carried away before it could be heard by another.

She sensed him stepping up to her from behind, and then felt his hands as they gently moved her glistening long black hair aside. His mouth lightly kissed her smooth neck, and she could not help but tremble and sigh in relief. Her flesh welcomed his touch, and she quivered with excitement. Yet at the same time she welcomed the feel of his lips, Francesca's heart was heavy with despair, realizing that these brief moments of joy were all she could expect to savor. Her life was not her own, for she was merely a pawn, an item to be bartered.

Her eyes closed as his mouth continued kissing at the base of her neck. She leaned back against him as his arms encircled her chest, hugging her tightly. She softly groaned and enjoyed the intimacy, her saddened heart now pounding with pleasure. The thoughts in her mind melted away as she lived for the moment, momentarily lifted to a wondrous place where nothing else mattered, if only for a few moments.

She was not surprised as his hands tugged at her clothing, pulling the top of it open. His warm hands crept inside like a silent intruder and cupped each of her silky breasts, lightly caressing the warm mounds of supple flesh. Francesca did not deny him that pleasure. Her nipples swelled and hardened in response, and the throbbing nubs drew the teasing touch of his thumbs. 

Her strength seemed to drain away and her weakened legs trembled as his mouth kissed upon her neck and his hands fully explored her bare breasts, unimpeded by resistance. Francesca's willingness surprised even herself, for as frequently as she thought of such things, she had never anticipated their occurrence.

William seemed to enjoy himself, his movements bolder than usual. Francesca suspected that he sensed their relationship was doomed, and in his sadness desired all that she would be willing to provide. But she knew that this was her limit, that she could not give any more of herself, as badly as she wanted to.

"I know for what you yearn," he whispered.

"I cannot," she replied, resigned to her fate. “My father, the Baron, will select my mate of his choosing and I shall have no say.”

The hands on her breasts squeezed the supple mounds harder, and his fingers pinched upon the erect nipples until a sharp pain assaulted her flesh. Francesca yelped aloud and groaned, surprised by his abuse, yet could not deny the distinct excitement that his handling encouraged. Her thighs pressed together, placing wondrous pressure on her womanhood that seeped with wetness and ached with desire. 

How could William have known that she would react in such a manner, when not even she knew of it? Did he know that as a child she crept into the dark, dank cellars of the castle to listen to the tortured screams of criminals, aroused by their pain? No living soul knew of such things, and she secreted them away deep inside, ashamed of her desires. How was it that William knew of such things? Was it so obvious that all could see?

"I hear your thoughts, and rest assured that only I know of your deepest desires," he whispered, her heart and mind laid bare to his vision. "Is it the stench of the cellars that attract you, or the desire to feel the sharp pain of abuse?"

"You know better than I," Francesca answered, realizing that he knew her better than she knew herself.

He did. Once again his fingers grasped the swollen nipples of her breasts, twisting and pinching on the rubbery nubs until he heard her soft whimpering from the stinging pain that assaulted her sore flesh. But this time he did not immediately stop, and continued the abuse for several moments longer, all the while feeling her body jerking and trembling against him as her soft cries of protest drifted into the dark night sky. 

Her head slowly rocked from side to side, and when it moved to her left his mouth pressed upon her full, soft lips. It was powerfully erotic, and their mouths hungrily devoured one another. He kissed her like never before, lips and tongues roughly seeking out each other. They nibbled at one another as they kissed, savoring the delicious warmth of their embrace. His fingers squeezed hard upon her bare breasts, triggering another jolt of pain that tensed her eager flesh and filled her supple body with growing excitement. The wetness between her quivering thighs increased, and her desire for William was as never before.

"Come quietly," he whispered, reaching for her hand as he ended their passionate kissing. "Dawn is hours away, and I have much to show you."

Francesca trusted him with her life, and made no effort to resist. She pulled her clothing closed, covering her bare, sore breasts. She fell silent and followed in his wake, careful to make no noise as they descended the circular stairs into the bowels of the castle. Her mind raced, uncertain where they were headed, curious as to their destination. 

She so wanted to feel his lips upon her mouth again, and suspected that the kiss they shared would not be the last of the night. William knew her deepest desires better than she, so Francesca followed him through the darkness with pounding heart and breathless panting, struggling to remain as quiet as he during their journey into the unknown. The sense of adventure Francesca felt was what she had always longed for, and it further aroused her.

Several guards were encountered, but they were not vigilant. She found it strangely easy to bypass their posted positions, the shadows shrouding their moving forms and protecting them from view. When at ground level they skirted the courtyard, keeping to the shadows, and entered another doorway. They descended yet again. 

Francesca could smell the musty stench of the cellars as they grew closer, carefully following the stone steps into the dark depths. At the bottom heavy doors prohibited entry, but a sleeping guard provided them with opportunity. How William managed to open the doors so silently was amazing, and Francesca felt herself trembling with intense excitement the closer they drew to the punishment chamber.

Torches were spaced two dozen feet apart, barely providing adequate illumination for movement. As they passed them their shadows danced upon the walls for a moment until darkness once again swallowed them. William knew the passageways better than she, and Francesca had no idea where they were or how to get back. She had never ventured this far before, and a sense of fear developed in her belly as she was afraid of being caught. The further they walked the more likely their capture, and Francesca was filled with a growing sense of dread.

"We'll be found," she whispered, desperately voicing her fear.

William ignored Francesca, leading her past a final door and into a large, dark chamber. He left her and stepped away. Initially she did not where he was headed and gasped fearfully as the darkness enveloped her body, leaving her feeling so desperately alone. He disappeared but returned a few moments later, holding a torch to light the way. He opened a thick, heavy door and took her inside, locking the door behind them.

The torch cast eerie shadows in the chamber, illuminating an array of devices that looked so cold and frightening. Francesca could only imagine what happened within these thick, moist walls, and she tried to determine the function of the tools that surrounded her. It was from this room that she recalled hearing torturous screams, and it both scared and excited her. 

For so many years she wanted to be here, to see the mysteries this room contained, and finally it was so. But she still feared discovery, and her ears listened for the slightest noise that could betray the arrival of a suspicious guard.

Everything was made of heavy timber and iron braces. Shackles with daunting chains dangled from them menacingly, easily capturing and retaining the flesh of prisoners with unyielding strength. She reached a hand out and lightly touched the rough wood, feeling as splinters bit into her skin. 

Francesca nervously placed a wrist within an unlocked shackle, feeling the cold iron upon her flesh. She swallowed hard as she imagined being bound within, completely helpless, as guards pleased themselves with her screams of pain. A cold chill jolted through her body and she shivered involuntarily as the image frightened her.

William suddenly appeared behind her, closing the shackle shut and securing it with an iron pin. Francesca gasped aloud, her mind racing as she was caught off guard. He roughly grabbed her other wrist and placed it into the opposing shackle, again closing and locking it. He spun a wheel and the slack in the chain was slowly taken out, forcing her arms to extend upwards and outwards at the same time. 

He continued moving the wheel until her arms were fully extended, leaving her standing helplessly beside the heavy wooden frame. William then pushed her against the frame and closed a shackle around each ankle, securing her in place. A chain was placed around her waist and tightened, holding her upon the splintered wooden timber facing it. Even through her clothing the sharp daggers penetrated and stuck into her like dozens of pins.

"I'm frightened," she whispered cautiously, now fearful of her precious William, suspicious of his motives. "Please, William, show me out of this wicked chamber."

"Show you out?" he questioned with an evil laugh. "My sweet Francesca, this is what you desire, what you have always dreamed of. You have always fantasized of feeling the fear and pain within these cold, dank walls, as that of a poor peasant."

"How do you know of such things?" she asked fearfully, tugging at her bindings in a vain attempt at escape.

She sensed the change in William, transformed from the sweet man he was into a wicked beast. Was it the room that triggered such a thing, or was it merely a facade that had just now been ripped apart? Was this his true form now showing?

He stepped away, taking the torch with him, leaving her to the mercy of the darkness. She heard noises from behind but was unable to watch. There was the unmistakable sound of iron against stone as he sifted through an assortment of tools, selecting one that appealed to him. She heard him approaching, and as he closed in her heart pounded. Francesca nervously bit on her lower lip, silently admonishing herself for having trusted William so completely. She could taste the fear she felt, and her body tensed as it filled with impending doom.

"I'm very fond of leather," he remarked in a whimsical tone.

Francesca could move little, so he held the leather strap up so she could see her approaching fate. Her eyes locked onto the thick strap and tears formed in her eyes. She had never before felt such powerful fear and dread as she was helplessly locked into position on the wicked frame, completely at his mercy. 

Yet at the same time as she quivered in fright it was mixed with an equally intense, erotic excitement, something that she could neither understand nor deny. She felt it rising within her flesh, generating bizarre tingling warmth that rippled through her soft, supple body. The change was evident in her beautiful green eyes and it relaxed her tensed muscles slightly.

William grabbed a handful of silky, soft hair and roughly jerked her head to one side. He held the strap up and pushed it against her lips. Francesca's mouth opened and he pushed it between her teeth, which then grasped and held the strap. His hands pulled at her clothing, ripping it when necessary to remove it from her flesh. Within a few moments she was naked, the clothing piled at her feet, and a cold chill invaded her body. 

He held the torch close and admired her nude form, noting her slender frame and succulent skin. His eyes beheld the beautiful breasts that he had earlier fondled, noting the swollen pink nipples that throbbed invitingly even now as she stood before him trembling in fear. When his gaze dropped down to the virtuous treasure nestled between her thighs she tried to close her legs, but the shackles kept her thighs parted enough so that he could clearly see all she had to offer a man. The soft curls of dark hair fringed her lovely pink flesh, and he could clearly see the thick wetness that continued to seep from her belly.

"No, you must not," Francesca admonished him, knowing how he desired her. "Lay not your eyes upon my precious virtue, for it must be untouched when my father gives me to a man of means."

"Perhaps the sting of leather will change your heart," he shot back, displeased by her words of protest. "You give me reason now to administer punishment, and I shall do so without regret. Pray that I show you mercy."

He placed the torch in a nearby holder, the stone above it blackened with years of fire and smoke. Her bare body looked magnificent as she was outstretched before him so helplessly, the light of the torch dancing over her skin. Her smooth skin seemed to shimmer in the soft light, beckoning to him, drawing him near.

William positioned himself carefully with her rounded buttocks as his intended target, then lifted and swung the thick leather strap. It struck home forcefully, creating a loud slapping sound that reverberated throughout the chamber. Francesca cried aloud as a jolt of stinging pain shot through her flesh, surprising her with its burning intensity. The tears that had accumulated in her adorable green eyes spilled over her cheeks as she prepared for another strike of leather.

He paused a moment before striking her a second time, using just as much force. Again a loud slap sounded, but this time Francesca did not cry aloud. She was determined to face her punisher bravely, and somehow withstood the stinging pain without a whimper. Her buttocks burned, and angry red stripes marked where the leather had bit into her flesh. 

It bit her again, accompanied by the slapping sound. The stinging, burning pain filled her body, and tears dripped down her rosy cheeks and dropped to the floor near her feet. Francesca felt so alone and helpless, repeatedly tugging at the shackles that refused to release her. Then the leather struck again, a surge of pain jolting throughout her body another time. 

She angrily fought back her tears and they slowly stopped. Francesca refused to give in and instead stood bravely in place, making a defiant stand as best she could. After a pause there was another strike, and as she maintained a precarious hold on her emotions, she wondered how much longer it would last.

Francesca grimaced as she stood in place, waiting for the next blow. Her sore, aching body was tensed and ready, her beautiful face hardened with defiance and distorted with pain. She waited for several more moments, anticipating the strap hitting her buttocks, but it never came. Her punishment had ended as abruptly as it had begun, and she was filled with a sense of relief.

There was a noise from behind. She tried to turn her head but was unable to move it enough to investigate. A moment later she sensed William returning, and he placed a bucket of water and a washing cloth at her side. 

"I can be kind, as well," he offered in explanation.

He stood behind her and wet the cloth. He gently rubbed her extended arms as water dripped from the skin. Francesca still felt desperately helpless, but found the cloth and warm water very comforting. Her ass still burned from the strap but the sharp jolts of stinging pain was no longer. Intense excitement mingled with the discomfort, even more so with the intimate touching. When William began washing her neck and shoulders she softly groaned, no longer intent on hiding her true feelings.

William dipped the cloth and reached around, tenderly washing her breasts. Francesca groaned louder and her back arched as much as her bindings allowed, aroused by the feel of the cloth upon her supple peaks and hardened nipples. He washed and teased each breast in turn, then lowered his hands and washed her smooth belly.

"No William, please," she pleaded as he returned the cloth to the bucket and prepared to wash her groin.

"Is it the strap you seek?" he replied, the threat very clear. “You are in no position to deny me anything that I desire.”

Francesca paused for thought. In her position there was no stopping him, for he had free reign over her flesh. The thought of the strap frightened her, for the pain was quite severe, and although she found it strangely erotic, she was eager to avoid another punishment. If she angered him further there was no telling when it would end, and it would likely be more severe.

His hands tentatively reached around, testing her reaction. She remained quiet, fearful of reprisal. He washed each leg in turn, lightly caressing her smooth inner thighs. The touching drew groans of excitement, and her legs quivered weakly. As the fingers of one hand pushed her pink lips apart, revealing her wet virtue for the first time, Francesca felt on the verge of fainting. 

She was overcome by waves of dizziness and wondrous pleasure. When the cloth tenderly rubbed upon the tender folds of flesh she cried aloud and twitched in spasms of delight. The sensations were incredible, ripping the air from her lungs and leaving her breathless.

The burning of her buttocks was matched by the fire in her loins. Creamy wetness oozed from her belly invitingly, her flesh eager to be savored. William continued rubbing the cloth on her virtue, then replaced it with his fingers. He teased her skillfully, drawing her to ecstasy. It took only a few minutes of gentle rubbing and probing for her pleasure to peak. 

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