Cassie Hole 9

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

She knew she looked fucking hot and she didn’t care who knew it, but she knew that she wanted them all to see it. Her firm perfect nipples were covered barely by her tiny top, the thin strip looping around her neck, the deep wide spread V came off both her shoulders and strutted down across the aureoles, barely hiding them, and ended midway down her stomach, where a glittering bangle pierced her belly button and hung dangling down. From the edge of the top her rounded globes bugled out, from between the minuscule strips and also out to the sides. Her cleavage glimmered in the weak light of the room and her high cheek bones gave off a soft sheen as she laughed her impetuous laugh. Her 4” skirt was just inches below that, the string of her thong hugging her ripe hips above the waist, dipping down into her small skirt. The smallest hint of her thin panties peeked below the hem, molding to her cunt. There, bulging against her thin panties was the implements of the night, the tease that would open for the most persistent and wealthy of the assembled guests. Her tanned legs, stretched down into a pair of 3” clear high heels.

The small envelops had been handed out earlier to the guests.

HE had told her to do her self up, so she had rich pink gloss lipstick on and her thick lashes set off her green eyes. Barely a ripe eighteen year old, she had no guilt about letting others see her like this, like a pubescent slut toy, she wanted, even desired that they looked at her and the men just leered as she stepped into the room. Her skin was burnished to a toned glossy sheen with lotions and perfume. She was undeniable, a mere smirk of a smile and she conveyed exactly who she was and what she was capable of. Avery wandered out into the room farther, her eyes twinkling as the amount of conversations stopped mid sentence. She merely strutted among the gathered guests and spoke with several of them, knowing that as she stood alongside them they were blatantly admiring her; looking at her tits and scooped cleavage, her skimpy clothing that left her completely bared to their leering glances and lecherous stares. She wanted that, wanted that lust in their eyes, knowing that the sight of her presence caused their cocks to stiffen and ripen in their elegant suits, the bulge of their shafts enlarging, growing thicker because of her display of young taut flesh. She laughed her infectious teen laughter and her eyes flirted openly with them, acknowledging that she was available and willing, more than willing, wanting them all, not caring who she was to be given to. Any of the guests would be welcome with her, that was the signals she made sure to convey, welcome and wanted with her pouting lips, her erect hard nipples and wet tight cunt. She let them know with her movements she was attracted to anyone whatever their perversion, her hips sliding across a man’s cock as she wrapped her arm around his shoulders to welcome him, her silken hair and perfume enveloping him momentarily as she greeted each guests, letting him feel her ass and tits as he felt he needed, pausing and allowing him, then moving along among the crowd, to let the others get a feel of her merchandise. She had no qualms seeing that she was a prize, a piece that would be honored with the men’s cocks and jizz, their mouths devouring her tits and wet pussy as well as her clit, that was why she came here; to be the offering, the lewd tight ripened load hole for men that were old enough to be her father, and in some cases, her grandfather. That was the thrill that she wanted, that was what got her wet and leaking. She had an absolute heat when it came to older men; that was her need. Men with hard thickening cock shafts that had a maddening lure of a young underage wanton willing dolled up cunt hole, just thinking about that need they had for her nearly brought her to cum, and when they were allowed to unleash that perverse lust by fucking and using her, she became nothing more than a quivering wet jizz hole as they pounded and rammed her in any way they wanted, and the more perverted, the nastier, the better as far as she was concerned.

She went into a reverie as she moved about the crowd, remembering, while working the guests and feeling their welcome hands as they felt her tit flesh and continued to tease her up under her skirt. She felt a warm rush as she moved about the gathering as she remembered.


She had gone out with her close friend, Suzie when they were both, out to the mall. It was a normal event. Both her and Suzie rode the bus and giggled about the boys they had crushes on in school. They always talked about how they’d meet that “special” one that would be their own, be the man that they would marry. It was all just school girl talk and silly fantasies but still Avery had a nagging feeling about those talks, she always kind of felt “different” as they let their dreams go on and on and often she noticed that when she was in the changing rooms, she was somewhat wet when she tried on a new outfit, her panties sticky as she pulled them off. She smelled it and often stuffed her soaked panties in her purse, afraid someone may discover her excitement. Trouble was, was that Avery, when joking about her “special” one, she envisioned a man that was much older, one of her teachers, like Mr. Walls. She never let on to Suzie that was what she secretly desired, but she did allow herself a formation of a desire alone late in her bed at night. In her favorite scenes, she was sitting in his class and while looking at her lesson, whenever she looked up from her seat at the front of the class, HE was looking at her, not just casually, but looking at HER, willing her to part her legs so that she would open them, at least, that was what she thought. She more often than not, found herself sitting with her legs open wide at the end of class, her panties tugging tightly against her cunt lips as she often squirmed, shoving lower in her seat pulling them up tight between her hairless lips, thinking that HE knew, HE wanted her to show him how grown up and available she was. Avery often found her fingers moving faster and deeper into her parted twat hole as she lay there until she felt the gushing wetness dripped out on her hand, knowing that somehow HE knew. Back then she dressed very much like a normal schoolgirl, long skirts or jeans and a thick polo or knit top. Today she and Suzie had decided to try the new store that had just opened at the mall, Suzie had heard that some of the hot guys at school had gotten a job there and she had wanted her and Avery to go in and see if they could catch their interest. Of course Avery had by then, given up on the boys at the school but she wanted to go along to please Suzie, besides she was excited at the thought of the new store. As they walked in, Avery was overcome by what she saw; it was just the thing she wanted. New Rave was the perfect store that would be her only fashion place from that moment onward, it had everything. As Suzie moved over to talk with the guys at the front counter, Avery began to move into the aisles and began picking out outfits, thin thong panties that were way too small, tops that were shrunk down way too tight and skirts that were incredibly short and small. She took a yellow silk mini and a pair of tiny thongs and went into the changing room. She pulled her clothes off and immediately struggled to get into the dress, it was so tight she felt the fiber of the dress cup her cunt cup, the silken fiber soothing over her sensitive pubic mons, also over her full breasts, tingling against her nipples. She stepped into the panties and stretched them up and up until they snuggled over her twat, so little that they parted her cunt and flared out her lips so that she was spread slightly, the moisture she always felt seeping through them. She adjusted her tits in the mirror so that they filled the dress comfortably. She giggled as her nipples rose erectly beneath her dress. She looked over her shoulder at her ass and smiled as her ass cheeks stood so firmly out, hard and perfect. She swished her red hair around and the tresses flowed out and settled along her tits and only subtly hid her thick nipples. She was amazed at how grown up she looked, so sophisticated. With each outfit she tried on, each more revealing than the last, short shorts and T-tops, she grew bolder, wanting to show more, to tease more, to find a more tempting alluring look. She soon began trying on outfits that were minuscule and no longer wore any bra or panties, she watched as she looked so nasty, her hairless twat almost completely swollen and on display, her tits thrust out and her nipples pulsating against the sheer tops that she wore. She knew that she’d be spending every allowance for the next four months, but she had to have this, she had to. She picked out four complete outfits and scooped them up and went out to pay for them. When she went to the front counter, Suzie had been shamelessly flirting with a boy from school. Avery saw the boy nearly drool as he rang her up, mentally comparing what she was purchasing with what she looked like and he was stuttering as Avery paid and then collected her new purchases and Suzie and her giggled walking out.

Later that night she waited until her parents had gone off to bed and she opened her package and laid out her purchases. She had earlier gone and snuck into their room and sneaked out a pair of her mom’s high heels, pink satin. She went and poked her head out into the hall and made sure all was quiet and then turned back and closed her door. She pulled her long cotton robe off and dropped it on the floor. She eased on the pink heels and posed in her mirror, her small body turning and looking her bald cunt lips and full tits as she cupped them up. She took the first top off the hanger and wrestled it over her head and down over her tits, huge and full as she smoothed the blue top on. The logo “Help Me Roll my R’s” done in glitter, was stretched over her tits, and as she looked she realized something was needed. Avery went to the bathroom and swathed her lips with thick red glossy lipstick, pursing her lips and opening them. Now she looked like the message clearly showed what she intended. She snaked into the crème colored short shorts and watched as they crept up into her ass and cunt sleeve, the sheer material spreading her firm flesh within them. She now turned to her mirror and looked at herself, the protruding solid tits shoved out, her slim stomach hallowed in, her taut shorts grasping against her ass cheeks and plump pussy lips, clearly evident from the outline of the cloth caressing them so tight. Avery thrust her hips forward and saw how her twat pouted forward even more, her thighs curving inward from the heft of the high heels. She squatted down and watched smiling as the skimpy shorts stretched even tighter against her cunt, threatening to ream open, exposing her completely. The material held and her every muscle of her fuck hole pulsed against the shorts and showed in the mirror. Avery reached up and allowed her finger to run along the crevice of her cunt lips through the material as the reflection showed them gaping wider as she squatted as hard she could. The small bud of her clit throbbed against the stretched tight seam of her short shorts. She teased and then slapped at her bud, the angry nub getting thicker as she played across it. Avery leaned back fully on her left hand as her right hand played more and more roughly against her clit and cunt through the shorts. Avery arched her back and let her head hang back, her hand a frenzy on her split pussy lips, running up across her tits and then back to her fuck hole, her fingers peeling back the tight hem of her shorts, one finger reaching into tease her clit; finger to flesh. She felt a huge surge as she touched her raw clit, so engorged and excited already. She whimpered as her thoughts began on her favorite scene, the one with Mr. Walls. She saw him in front of her in the classroom, his hand reaching down and actually yanking her shorts aside roughly, his thick finger snapping and squeezing her clit and starting to slide into her fuck tunnel, Avery pushing hard so that her crème hole gripped his finger as he finger raped her tight cunt, the rippled sleeve of her twat trapping his probing finger and trying to keep it deep in her jizz opening. She wanted him to keep fingering her deeper and faster, and she gripped her thighs together trying to force his hand, force it to fuck her. She felt his lips kissing her fully on the lips, his tongue swirling into her mouth as he continued to jam into her and achingly getting her cunt crème to ooze out. Avery heard her voice moan and ache as she saw Mr. Walls suddenly rip up her top so that her bulging tits came free and his mouth immediately sucked and bit on to her elongated nipples, his tongue coarse as he lashed over her sensitive nubs, the reddened tips throbbing and leaking wet, again his mouth came back and kissed her lips fully as two fingers invaded her stretching pink cunt hole, the elastic bald cunt opening as he forced her legs wider and farther open. He looked at her spread and as his fingers parted her pussy apart, he grinned at her as he said, “You have such a gorgeous set of fuck lips Avery, just perfect.” She swooned as Mr. Walls used her, used her cunt, tits and mouth however he wanted, used her like a piece of fuck meat and she shivered deeply, she could not get enough, she wanted it rougher, wanted him to ram and fuck her hairless cunt hole, shove that fucking log she was sure he had in her defenseless fuck holes, any and all of them. Her eyes came open momentarily and she saw his hulking figure over her, his enlarged cock shaft bobbing above her, her cunt stuffed with his three fingers, the pain not registering at all. She felt her fleshy ring easing open, her panting breath coming in bursts, no longer was she able to catch air in her lungs, her pink heels dug hard into the top of her bed as she was raped by her husky lover, her perfect cocks man, his shaft gnarled and full and throbbing and thick and angry and the huge meat that she wanted to invade her vulnerable spread leaking pink sperm hole. Avery reached up and gripped her thighs pulling them farther open for him, showing him she wanted his cock, inviting him to plug her completely with his juiced up cock load, rip into her with a violence she wanted so dearly, she ran her hands up along her thighs to her calves to her ankles until she held them both hard and her legs wide open begging to be fucked and raped nice and hard and rough, her eyelids barely came open and in a haze she mumbled, under her breath, “ Fucking do it, please fuck me hard…please….stuff that COCK in me…” As HE reamed into her cunt and she fully accepted him, she tossed her head as HE kissed and tongued her wet red lips and she sucked at his tongue, feverishly sucking at his tongue as his cock, large and thick stretched her fuck cunt open, her fleshy tight lips straining to take him in and gripping him on the out load, just as HE brutally slammed hard and deep back in. As the sweat dripped into her eyes she looked up in the half light and saw as Mr. Walls pumped her and yet heard as her fathers voice whispered hoarsely into her ear that he “loved his cunt slut baby, his fuck hole princess, his perfect cum dump daughter, you are my little young ripe whore hole”, and as she swayed back into a swoon, her body was plummeted and abused she tried to look but she was so deep into a full wave of orgasm after severe orgasm gripping her, Avery just laid back and let her man absolutely control every hole, every need, her every want that enveloped her, she only understood that a hard thrusting cock was stretching and filling her for the first time and she felt a series of mind numbing vibrations shocking her body and she didn’t care where it was from, but didn’t ever want it to stop. She vaguely remembered a gush of pain and then a wash of sticky wetness but as she angled her hole to accommodate HIM, she barely cared or knew what it mattered anymore. Her breath was ragged and she knew something was about to happen as she hunched up against the rampaging cock stuffing into and out of her silken dripping pussy and as she looked at the bulbous cock head come out and shove back in, she saw her clit bouncing bloody red and quivering hard, her whole body buzzing and tossing against the impaling shaft drilling into her willing cunt, she started to physically struggle on the bed, her heels were ripping against the sheets as she dug in, wanting to have HIM pump her hard and deep, her mouth covered as she bit into HIS hand and came and came and came as a flood of thick wetness splashed and dumped into her hole and she arched up causing the crème expel out along HIS pumping shaft, so that the wetness mixed slick and gooey along the meat forcing her against the mattress and washing slime out her ravished cunt, the pink now raw red and flopping open as HIS cock jammed in, out, in, out and started to slide limply smaller. Avery heaved against the last thickness and gave a anguished mewl as the shaft left her. She didn’t remember seeing HIM leave.

When the light came in the morning through the window, the comforter thrown over onto the floor, she looked, catching sight of herself in the mirror, her lipstick smeared and her tiny new short shorts pulled open and stretched out so that the hem was hanging open showing her cunt lips under the leg top, her top was hanging loose from her neck, the heels laid loose on the carpet. Avery looked shocked for a moment, scrambling to hide her mother’s heels under the bed, and clutched the comforter up over her and then, laid back and smiled as she again nestled back in to her warm bed, her fingers slowly swirling over her clit and cunt, though she did wince, her pussy lips somewhat sore at her first touch. Avery felt so good, warm and alive and knew that she had finally found what she had wanted. She heard a car start and back out, heading out of the driveway. She eased up and looked out the window, just in time to see her mom’s BMW moving out onto the street. Oh yeah, she thought, it was mom’s turn to host the campus fund raiser this year. She was always off doing charity because Dad made so much at his business; she wanted to fill her time. Avery laid back, it was still early, she had time before she needed to get up. She really, really, really wanted to wear one of her new outfits but she knew she wouldn’t have a chance of getting out in one of them. Still she was pulsating with her vision of Mr. Walls and her from last night, felt the wet stickiness on her “fuck lips”, as she thought of them now, and got up, pulling the other outfits from her hiding place in her closet. She took a pink mini dress from it’s hanger and wearing nothing else she slipped and struggled to stretch it over her tight body, finally putting it on by stepping into it and yanking the straps and top over her tits so that they were stuffed in, even then they bulged out the sides and created a creamy valley in the deep plunge of the dress. She again retrieved the heels and slipped them on and looked at herself. Mr. Walls would fucking go crazy seeing her like this, he would “love” to use her “fuck lips” again; she just knew it.

Suddenly she heard footsteps in the hall and a slight tap on her door and she scrambled back into bed dressed and pulled the comforter up as she heard her father say “Av, time to get going, I need to drop you at school babe.” He entered and saw her laying there in bed and the cover pulled up. He came over to her bed and kissed her on the forehead, his hand smoothing her red hair and settling down across her shoulder, the comforter sliding off a little ways. The pink strap of her dress showed and she blushed quickly.

“OK Dad, I’m up, just let me have a minute.” She tried to draw back down into the bed, and as he perched on the bed, he let his hand drift down and Avery felt a light squeeze of her tits and along her thighs, then along her leg, firmly touching her all the way down her leg. He finally let his grip go as he was about to grasp her “pink heels” and stood, and Avery saw, knew she saw, that her fathers cock was hard in his pants, very hard. There was no mistaking the outline of his hardened cock; that much she could see clearly. “OK Dad, I’ll be right down.”

As he left he looked back at her and Avery saw the look of her father, leering at her as she wanly smiled back, and then the door closed. She was in such a frantic state of mind; she jumped up, took the heels and stuffed them in her pack, grabbed her jeans and T-shirt and pulled them on over her dress. She packed her lipstick and face blush into her purse and slipped into her tennis shoes as she raced out to catch her Dad already waiting in the Benz for her, the side door open.


Avery sauntered towards Cassie’s dad, Michael and he opened his arms to her, taking her in his arms and feeling how firm she was, smelling her expensive perfume, and lifting her chin to kiss her on the lips. As he felt her soft lips on his, his hand reached to the edge of her dress hem and felt for the tiny metal object underneath the thin fabric of her panties, tugging it softly as Avery moaned quietly beneath their kiss. The others there stole glances at her as she leaned into Michael, her appeal so dynamic and inviting as her skirt rode up her ass and her movements made them all envious of the control he seemed to have on her. He whispered in her ear and after a few minutes more, she strutted up the stairs and disappeared into one of the large rooms on the second floor. The party continued and the mingling of the guests took on a normal tempo and it settled into a sedate gathering of businessmen, brokering side deals and discussing future business.

Finally on the peak of the hour, Michael tapped his fork hard against his glass and spoke up, drawing the attention of the others around the room. He stood on a raised dais and waited as the men in the various groups fell quiet and turned to him as he smiled and waved them forward. They all moved up closer towards Michael and formed a semi-circle around the raised foyer, settling down into the leather couches that were assembled there. Murmurs were whispered among them all, glasses raised and smiles spreading as they sat down or stood cloistered close.

“Good evening gentlemen and I am so glad and extremely excited that you all could come tonight. As you are all aware that we have all had the same business interests as well as the same knowledge that it takes powerful people to get powerful things done, and I know that you all have contributed greatly to the fortunes of your own individual fields. Tonight we are here to be rewarded and somewhat honored for those efforts. As you know each of you received two envelopes. One holds a bid slip, and the other holds a small implement. I trust that the bid slip has been filled out and you may pass those forward.” After the men all shuffled the various envelopes up and he had them he again spoke. “Shall we begin gentlemen?” The lights lowered somewhat and the men could see just a silhouette behind him on the dais as a figure came in behind him and sat in a reclining stretch seat facing away from them. Next the door behind them opened and the men all turned to see who was coming in.

Three women, young from the looks of their bodies, strode into the room, they all were wearing the same uniform, short pleated white skirts that barely hung below their hips, so that their ass cheeks were clearly in view. Their tops were transparent mesh, their bulging tits crammed in them, their nipples thickly thrust out. Their heels were 4 inch Lucite mules on their feet, their nails done in sharp red. They were all about the same height, 5 foot, slim and tanned all over. On their head, each wore a rubber pull on mask, nose holes, and a mouth hole, a crimson circle painted on like lips circling the hole. Their whitened teeth and roving tongues were visible through the mouth opening. Each of these three went to the back of the room and squatted on to lowered chairs so that their mouth holes were on level with most of the men’s cocks. They straddled the chairs with their legs spread facing the back of the special chairs. Each of their tits was thrust forward as was the clear smooth clefts of their bald cunts. They all smiled at the men assembled in the room, the sparkle of their whitened teeth stark in the hoods.

The tight light rose on the dais again and the men turned back and watched as the figure lifted and stood from the recliner, the long red hair flowing back down her back. As she turned the men saw what was a unmistakable gorgeous Avery as she turned to face them. She was in 5 inch high heels and wore a crème Armani gown that was both elegant and sexual, the silk came off her neck and stretched over her tits, the fabric hugging real tight and lifting them so that a valley of her breasts stood out. The dress plunged way down far on her flat stomach, so the tight swell of her stomach nearly showed to her cunt bulge. The dress hugged her waist and down along her long legs and a slit began in the front at the hem and spread open slightly up toward her upper thighs so that only her pussy lips were covered from top or bottom split of the dress by a mere inch. As she turned the back of the dress scooped open to the upper swell of her ass cheeks and her ass rode high. A simple rope of small chain nudged out from her dress and snaked back under her dress on her upper torso. She had on a diamond studded choker on her neck and one on her wrist as well, glittering in the bright light. Her face was impeccable, her skin flawless and her red flaming hair flowed back and over her shoulders. Her skin showing was burnished with just the sheen of glowing blush and her green eyes flashed as she looked down at the distinguished guests hovering there in front of her. Her lips were highlighted with a frosted gloss that sparkled as she smiled at them. Long silvery dangling earrings hung off her earlobes and glittered against her high cheekbones. Her long neck and the athletic tone of her arms and legs had been moisturized so that each young firm muscle rippled and showed with a perfect specimen of pubescent fuck flesh she was, a dynamic impeccable woman, yet at the same time a ripe inviting cock socket that oozed moistly at the men that would fuck and use her. She turned on her heels and allowed the men to all look at her poised for them, her tits thrust out naturally as they bulged out of the gown, the appeal of her huge globes filling out and pushing out the sides of the dress added to her raw promise. Her ass cheeks encompassed the lower half of the back of the scooped gown, swelling as they swayed up from the material, snug and tight. The men glowered at her, each wanting to thrust his cock in her tiny wet cunt hole, or to suck on her erect extended nipples and then feel her tongue and glossed lips savoring his dick as it shoved in and out of her delicious mouth and throat. They all felt their cocks harden looking at her offering herself to them, a implicit willing ready wet dream there solely on display for them and anticipating them abusing and devouring her every open hole and need.

She turned slowly once and twice and then laid down on the contoured love couch, her impeccable body draped back on it, her head cushioned so that as she laid back her flawless face and emerald eyes stared out at them. Michael leaned in and gave her lingering kiss as he cradled her chin. As the kiss broke, Michael pulled a white ball gag out attached to leather straps. “Are you ready Avery?”

“God yes, please.” A relaxed Avery beamed smiling at him, parting her lips in a posture of a “O” so that he could secure it into her mouth. He positioned the gag in and them securing the strap around her head, he snapped a lock into the taut fastener in the back, then flipped her hair over the strapping so the red flows fell back across her shoulders and gently fluffed at her tits. Smiling down at her, he reached easily into the sides of her gown and clipped two small strong rings to the sides of the couch. He asked her to sit up and she had just enough slack to lean up still looking at the crowd of men. Going around to the back of the couch he reached down and pulled the small strips hiding her tits and there covering her nipples were nipple caps, secured by small locks to rings that were pierced through her nipples. Going in front of her, he pulled up the dress by the high slit in front revealing her cunt. There before them, they saw that a strong metal ring encircled her waist, the lock in front of her cunt lips showed that a phallus was shoved in her and secured by the lock on each side of her cunt lips. The ring was the same ring that secured her hands from the sides. “Oh and if you haven’t guessed, the ring that surrounds her waist also secures a butt plug shoved into her ass, also secured by a lock.” He smiled out at the men. “And yes, the dildos in her ass and cunt are throbbing on their own so that she has been stimulated for the last hour upstairs. She is very wet, aren’t you Avery?” Avery mumbled around the gag and nodded her head quickly.

“But unfortunately her fuck holes are all unavailable. Such a gorgeous pet that is so needy and needed but seems there is nothing that can be done.” Smiling, Michael turned to the crowd and asked them to come up and examine her up close. As the men all came up and ran their hands all over her, they could not get to her tits, cunt, ass, mouth and even her hands were restricted. Every man had a hard cock, every one of them so ready to get to her flushed twat and open willing mouth, her tight ass ring. No matter what they tried, there was no access to her at all. She squirmed as she was fondled and groped all over her body. She was more than willing and ready but it was part of HIS game, HIS scene; perversion that fed hers. She thrilled at their fingers and tongues as they tasted and taunted her available flesh. Finally Michael ushered them back.

As Michael took the stage center again, he requested that each of them to open up the envelops they held. All of the men opened the small envelops each shook out a miniature key and it became evident each key corresponded to one of the locks attached to Avery’s perfect nubile body. As the men started to make calculations, they realized that there were 8 keys and seven locks. Michael sneered slightly. “So you see gentlemen, one of you has a key that will not open anything. And if you can not unlock Avery, you can not partake of her moist inviting body. The others will be free to do whatever it is that they want, but one of you will be left out.” A anger started to sound out from the men, until Michael spoke again. “Will you go with your original bid or will you buy insurance? The insurance will allow you in even if your key does not work. But you may stay with your original offer and if yours opens a lock, you have your complete access to her, but if not, you will be forced to borrow on her “sitting nymphs” that surround the room. The draw back is that these ladies are talented and have the innate instinct to know that special moment of release, and they have been told to deny that perfect ache, therefore you may find yourself the cuckold of your own doing. Of course these ladies are not here only for that chore, rest assured, they are more than willing to “fluff” and swallow any contribution the rest may feel they would like to offer up. But before we begin the insurance bid, I ask that you all partake of these ladies and take some time to consider your decisions. “

The men all began to unzip and move to the corners of the room where the women sat in the chairs and parted their mouths as their hands worked the cocks that crowded around as they sucked and throated the variously huge and long cocks that were presented them, their tongues stuffing out from their lower lips as they shoved cocks in their mouth, their wet tongues licking at their balls as they stroked off men around. As one man drained into one of their mouths, another took his place and again they all worked furiously at the hard gnarled shafts and bulging ball sacs. Some of the men, the ones with especially thick or elongated shafts, would grip the latex masks and force their cock heads down into the women’s throat and mouths. Not one of the women flinched, but opened as wide as possible and allowed the men to plummet as deep as they wanted into their mouth holes and felt the cum fill their mouths and drool down the rubberized latex as it dripped onto their tits and nipples.

Finally the men, all spent, the sticky cum smeared on their pricks hanging out or their half rigid shafts bobbing out, turned and saw that Avery on stage. She had been moved to a contoured bed, so that her mouth, ass and cunt were in a position to be unlocked, opened and fucked, her tits thrust out obscenely at the men, the ball gag secured between her creamy glossy lips. Her eyes fluttered at the men, the green hue a blaze of want, as if watching the men all being sucked off and the churning of the dildos pulsating within her was becoming unbearable. Her muscled thighs rippled in spasmodic quivers as she sat there, her dress molded on her prepubescent firm sleek flesh. She eyed each smeared scum dripping of jizz on the men’s rods hanging out before her. The men all had barely thought of the bids as they had their cocks serviced so deeply and well and now as they looked at Avery they again started to harden up and soon the bids ran up into the thousands to top the offering they had already made. As Michael made note of each further amount, he announced that they were ready.

The first man was invited up and as her used the key he finally was able to unlock one of her hands. As her hand freed she immediately began stroking his flaccid cock and watched dreamily as it started to rise, the scum of his earlier cum sliding on her fingers and palm. The second man finally secured his key into her tit lock and as she sat he gripped and pulled at her nipple ring and her fleshy thick nipple. Next came the ball gag and Avery let out a huge groan as she began to devour a huge thick black shaft that was presented to her. Next came the other tit, her other hand and as the next key unlocked her ass hole and the dildo was pulled out and replaced with a hard cock, she was whimpering at finally having access at the men and them her. The next key failed at any of the locks and while she only had a hand and her cunt locked down, she nearly cried that she was not completely available. The man looked at Michael who nodded and stepped forward and using his key, unsnapped the slender lock that held her twirling dildo in her cunt and as he allowed the man to pull it out, her crème dripped out along with it and the man immediately crammed his large thick stump of a cock into her hard and began ramming in and out of her as he fucked her. At that Michael freed her completely and she was ravished by every one of the men as they used her parted wet holes and mouth and tit valley as her dress was ripped off her body and tossed on the metal locks and chains that had held her. She then assumed every position any of them wanted, allowed men to slap her tits and face, to fuck her two at once, two cocks in her tight cunt or ass at a time as she eagerly throated any one who wanted to fuck her face, men wrapping her hair around their pricks and jacking off as they waited their turns in her cunt ass and mouth. She was numb as she came again and again with the men, her body assaulted as freely as they wanted, her clit pulled and sucked and teethed and tongued off. She was only vaguely aware that some men stood the chairs and either tit fucked the other girls or mouth fucked them, occasionally pulling them up so that they could fuck their pink bald cunts or their assholes as they held open their ass cheeks for them. Every load of cum that went into her ass, cunt and mouth was savored and she often let the scum drool out coating her perfect body as she barely had time to swallow as another cock filled her mouth or twat hole. She had lost count of the times she came and each nerve of her body shook inside, fulfilling every nasty need she wanted and hours later as she laid back her raw holes were soothed as she felt the small lapping of the girls that were there “fluffing” cleaned their hostess as she basked in the glow of having fed her greedy needs again and earned her master the recognition she knew he also wanted and deserved. She knew that soon he would give her the gift that she deserved, HIS love making in HIS bed, together alone.

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