Captured For Sex

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She struggled as the two man held her. One pinned her arms behind her back, the other was fighting off her kicking legs. She was taught to fight her attackers. She had attended a rape protection class and they had shown her various ways to fight off her attackers. It seemed much easier in class with one attacker coming straight at her. With two, two strong men in was not so simple.

She had been walking home from the store. It wasn’t dark yet, the sun just starting to set, the streetlights not on yet. She had felt reasonable safe, having done this before. The neighbor was safe, or so she thought it was. For an eighteen year old girl, life was always a series of challenges and adventures. Except for the rape protection class, which her mother had forced her to attend, she always felt safe, having a tendency to underestimate danger, seeing it more as adventure. She regretted it now.

They came out of nowhere. One minute the street was empty, the next she felt someone behind her. Before she had a chance to react, her arms were pulled behind her back, a hand thrown tightly over her mouth. She was hefted up into the arms of the men, one holding her arms tightly, the other lifting her feet off the ground and hustled off to the car that was parked around the corner.

She was thrown into the back seat onto her stomach, her arms pulled behind her. Her face was pushed into the seat, unable to breath.

“Stop your struggling and I’ll let you breathe,” she heard one of them say.

She continued to fight, but began to get dizzy from the lack of air. She stopped struggling, feeling the pressure on her head relaxing. 

“AAAGGHH,” her head pulled sharply back by her hair. A piece of wadded cloth was stuffed into her mouth, smelly fingers pushing the dry material deep into the hot confines of her mouth. “GGGHHHGG,” she gagged as it pushed into the back of her mouth. Her cheeks swelled from the large amount of cloth, her saliva soaked up into the dry material. She sucked in air through her nose, her chest rising and falling rapidly, trying to fill her lungs.

She felt her wrists pulled together and groaned in pain when she felt the harsh rope wrapped tightly round and round her wrists, biting painfully into her skin as her unseen attackers tied her tighter then needed. Rope was applied to her ankles, the same painful manner used, her toes and fingers already feeling the pins and needles as the circulation was cut off. She felt a hand on the back of her knees, her ankles brought up to her wrists, more rope securing them together. 

A blindfold was placed around her eyes, darkness descending on her. She felt earplugs pushed into her ears, the sounds of the night suddenly silent. She felt the strangers leave her and she attempted to struggle to get free but only succeeded in bringing about more pain as the ropes seemed to constrict tighter as she moved. She had lost two of her senses, sight and sound, trapped in an unknown hell. Her breathing was ragged, still trying to figure out how to fill her lungs only through her nose.

She panicked, feeling someone pressing down on the seat near her. She began to struggle as fingers clamped tightly onto her nose, her only avenue for air now cut off. She shook and struggled, fighting the ropes that bound her tightly, ignoring the pain, her only purpose was to get some valuable air into her lungs. Her movements began to slow, getting lightheaded, her head dizzy. She was just about to pass out, almost grateful for the reprieve from the terrible asphyxiation when the fingers were released. She sucked in air through her nose, her body hyperventilating, hoping to fill her lungs rapidly. She continued the rapid filling of her lungs, grateful even for the stale air of the back seat.

She began to thrash about again, her nose clipped tightly again by strong fingers pushing harshly down. The pain was nothing compared to the apprehension she felt, as she bounced around the back seat, struggling for air. This went on for three more times. Each time her assailants seemed to know exactly when she would pass out and allow her to breathe again, not letting her escape into unconsciousness. He, or they, seemed to delight in her struggles and she never failed to do as expected, fighting for the air she was being denied.

He finally let her go, the assailant leaving the back seat. The vibrations of the car began, an indication that they were taking her elsewhere. Her hopes of a quick rescue by her family or neighbors were rapidly decreasing as they continued to drive longer and longer. They seemed to be on a highway now, the car no longer stopping and starting at lights or signs. It seemed like hours, the passage of time no longer relevant, the pain of the rope and the fear that they would return and cut off her air again keeping her on the edge of reality. She felt a rough, calloused hand run up and down her leg every once in a while, but the ear plugs had effectively cut off all sounds and voices. She could not even hear the car, the vibrations her only indication that they were still traveling. 

It must have been at least an hour or two, the sense of time without hearing or sight being difficult. The vibration of the car seemed different now, and they seemed to be going slower now or the surface of the road was different. She felt the vibrations of the tires, they seemed to be going over a rough surface, not the smooth pavement of the highway. It began to get cooler in the back seat, her fears worsening. They could be in the mountains by now. Her rescue now seeming more distant. Her only chance of escape would be herself. She had to fight them off and get away. She didn’t know where she was, but anything would be better then with them. She feared that she would be raped, a thought that she dreaded. At the first chance of escape, she planned to take it. No matter what!

She felt the car slowing, the air colder, her body getting goose bumps. The hand continued to occasionally move back into the seat, the assailant in the front much be leaning over and running his hands up and down her legs at will. The vibrations and the car bouncing up and down made her believe that they were on a gravel or dirt road. The car did not seem to be moving fast, her body bouncing up and down on the seat. Her apprehension increased, they seemed to be driving for a long time. It could only mean that they were driving deep into the forest. Even if she could escape, the hike out would be hard and she would have to evade recapture. She would not know where she was or even which direction to run. It must be dark by now, the blindfold making her reality that. In addition, any hope she had of screaming and someone hearing her and coming to her rescue was gone. They seemed to have planned her capture. It was not an act of randomness. It seemed to well planned. The car around the corner, the rope, and the drive to a desolate location all indications that her capture was planned. She feared that the most. They seemed to have worked out all the details. What were the details for her?

The car stopped and began to bounce, knowing that her assailants were getting out. She felt a rush of cold air come in the doors and felt hands returning to her body. She was forcefully pulled by her ankles to the edge of the seat and was frightened that she would be dumped painfully on the ground, unable to break the fall. She was relieved when she felt another pair of hands grab her by her shoulders, her body lifted and carried off into the night. They must be strong, her body tossed about like she was a feather. Escape would be more difficult.

She felt the hands leave her body and was released. She seemed to be flying through air, afraid of where she was going to land. She bounced on a bed, scant relief that it was soft, landing on her bound arms and legs, bending them painfully at unnatural angles. She lay curled on the bed, her heart racing, waiting for the unknown, the silence eerie. She could feel the room begin to get warmer, brightness behind her blindfold an indication of bright lights. 

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