Can't Judge a Book by it's Cover

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The other night my wife and I were in Slippery Pete’s at closing time. She was dressed in slacks but she was also wearing pantyhose and heels for my benefit. Just her nude nylon covered feet were plenty enough to send me over the edge even without the added eroticism of a short skirt. I wanted nothing more than to have her stocking feet in my hands and face while my little dick exploded, in her, on her, on myself, I didn’t care. I just wanted to experience ejaculation and her stocking feet at the same time.

I wasn’t the only one hot for her though. She had attracted the attention of some young guy. He was kind of boyish looking and was drunk off his ass. Unlike me, he didn’t even know she had feet, much less hot stocking feet just dying to be rubbed. He just saw a hot milf and was horny for her. He was too young to know about fetishes, he just wanted pussy. He came over and started talking to her, getting closer and closer, touching her. Part of me wanted to kick his ass and get rid of him because I was ready to go home and get my treat. The other part of me was getting turned on with the potential.
Then he slipped his arm around her and kissed her. I was immediately torn in two separate, equally powerful directions. I was frozen in place teetering on the edge for a few seconds as my blood boiled in my head. Then I felt the blood begin to boil between my legs and I was swayed by my cuckold fetish as much as my foot fetish had been driving me all night. I figured this was a golden opportunity to take another step.

I suggested to my wife that we bring him out to our car and let her give him a hand job. It was a pretty safe bet that he would be extremely compliant and easy to control. Not to mention the fact that he probably wouldn’t remember a thing and more than likely wouldn’t even be able to get a full erection in his condition. So with this plan we wound up in the back seat of our car in the parking lot. She was in the middle unbuttoning his pants and I was beside her unbuttoning my own. He was kissing the side of her face at the same time.

Our first surprise came when a big fat cock flopped out in her hand. It was as limp as all get out but oh my god, it was way fatter than mine has ever been fully erect and already 7 inches long. My heart was skipping beats and my dick was electrified as I saw her eyes light up and her face register awe as she worked it in her hands. It made the small floppy 5 inch dick in my hand look so totally pathetic that it refused to get any harder and made it want to prematurely ejaculate in response to being so inferior. She started giving him an enthusiastic hand job that made me extremely jealous. She was ohhing and ahhing over it and it made me stroke mine faster and harder to compete, but it was no use.

“I want to suck it John.”

“Oh god . . . . . .NO.”

“Yes, please. It’s so big and fat. Oh god please. I want to see what it feels like in my mouth.”

“Oh godddddddd………”

“Come on baby. I’ll just suck it for a minute then I’ll finish jacking him off, I promise. I’ll slip my high heels off and let you smell them while I suck his cock if that will help.”

Now I was stuck speechless, squeezing the life out of my cock and looking away out the window in an attempt to keep from coming right then and there. I was frozen. Unable to say no, unwilling to say yes, at her mercy and whim. I felt her stir beside me and as I turned back to look she was slipping her high heel off with her free hand and offering up to my face with a grin as she held onto the ever stiffening shaft of his cock. His cock wasn’t growing much bigger. It was already as massive as a porn star’s. But it was beginning to stand up on it’s own. Then she did it. The fucking bitch did it. She leaned over right there and took his cock in her mouth as I breathed from the insole of her high heel and masturbated.

“Uhhhhh, oh god baby, Stephanie, oh god, ooooooooooo, mmmmmmm”

She was unable to say anything with her mouth full but I did hear her gag a couple times and I had to snatch her high heel away from my face and look out the window again to keep from cumming right there. I heard a popping sound as his cock came out of her mouth. She was panting now and his cock was not only standing up on it’s own but curling upwards. I was the most awesome cock I had ever seen. I guess we messed up trying to judge a book by its cover. He was so drunk as to be compliant and satisfied to take only what she was offering, but I could tell she was about to offer him more than I was willing to give away.

“Okay, hurry up and finish him off and let’s go home.”

“I want it inside me John.”


“But look at it baby. Look how fat it is. Look how skinny yours is. Look how haaaard it is. Look how soft yours is. Mmmmm, look how long it is and look how short yours is. His is a real cock baby, just what I’ve always wanted. Pleaseeeeee.”

The blood was pounding so hard throughout my whole body that I was physically shaking and could barely hear her next statement. It was a moot point because I was way beyond the point of not only not being able to stop her but wanting too.

“I can lay down right here and spread my legs for him and I can lift my feet in the air for you. What about it baby?”


It came out as just a whine. I was never able to pronounce the NO as badly as I wanted too. So I just continued to whine and pull on my dick and try to command my voice and body to stop this situation before it went any farther. But it didn’t. She pulled her slacks off. I started whining again as I saw her stripped down to her nude pantyhose and sheer crotch in front of this drunken punk. He was gawking at her cunt under her hose.

“You want some of this baby?” she asked him while looking at me.

He just mumbled something unintelligible and she laughed at me while she pulled her pantyhose down for him, leaving one of her legs inside them for me. The cool air and this stranger’s eyes hit her trembling cunt at the same time and she was ready to cum at the least bit of stimulation. She got way more than a little bit as he clumsily guided his big fat cock to the mouth of her cunt and collapsed down on top of her, plunging his cock inside her all the way down to his balls.


She gasped and moaned as he drunkenly began to fuck her without concern of her pleasure. My dick was more electrified than it had ever been. It was now rock hard itself. The site of this little kid’s huge cock fucking my wife was having more of an effect on my own cock than Levitra ever had. I finally found my voice.

“Tough shit bitch. You wanted another cock so shut your fucking mouth and take it like the slut you are. Damn you! Damn you. You’re giving my pussy away to this fucking punk.”

I sounded pissed. My emotions were definitely high and on the fence but I was masturbating furiously and kissing the bottom of her bare and nylon covered feet behind his back while looking down over his shoulder at his cock pounding inside her.

“Yeah, and its even better than I ever imagined too baby. His cock is sooooo much better than yours is. You know you fucked up huh? I’ll never want yours again John. My cunt belongs to him now. I’m soooo sorry baby. Ummmmm, ohhhh, yeah, fuck me boy, fuck me, oh god yesssss.”

I had fully planned on fucking her myself when he finished with her. It didn’t matter if my little cock could ever get her off again. I knew her big sloppy fucked cunt would make me explode in seconds. But her taunting me and encouraging him drove me over the edge and before I realized it I was cumming all over the back of her leg and the back seat.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmuuuuuuuu, oh my goddddddddddd, Stephhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……..”

They both started cumming together at the same time she felt my hot cum splash against her leg. Her cunt contracted around his fat pulsating throbbing cock and began milking it dry as it swelled even bigger inside her.


Her moans trailed off as she neared unconsciousness. She experienced the most powerful orgasm ever. The drunken punk was spasming on top of her and collapsed on top of her when his balls finally emptied inside her. They were both motionless. She couldn’t move even if she wanted to with him on top of her. She was forced to lay there with his still swollen cock still inside her even after the moment of passion was gone and the reality set in as to what she had done.
Initially it made her feel dirty guilty and scared. But as I was still trying to put my spent dick back inside my pants without making any more mess than I already had it began to make her horny all over again. Laying there relieved with another man’s cock inside her while her husband did nothing about it made her cunt begin to quiver again. I tried to get him up but she began moving her ass underneath him, getting fucked by him even though his body was motionless. His cock was still huge but it had gone back to its original softness now. She likes floppy cocks and she was getting off on it as much or more as when he was fucking her with a hard cock.

“Okay, you’ve had enough, let’s go.”

“No, it feels too good. I can’t stop John. I’m sorry, but I’m going to cum again. This cock is absolutely heavenly. I had no idea a cock could fill me so entirely and feel soooo good.”


“Ummmm, this is what it’s supposed to feel like. Oh god John, he’s spoiled me on yours forever. Oh god, I’m his now. I’m going to get his name and number and he’s going to fuck me every day. You’ll never get my pussy again.”

She was working us both up. She began to hump under him harder and faster and I pulled my dick right back out of my pants and began jacking it off again. Meanwhile he just lay on top of oblivious to what was even happening. It wasn’t long before she and I were cumming again. My balls hurt from being forced to empty twice within 30 minutes. I was left trying to get him up off of her and out of our car. I finally got him standing up next to the open door. His fat cock was still hanging out of his pants like the truck of an elephant. She laughed at the sight.

“You can let him go like that. Put his cock back in his pants for him.”

“You’ve got to be kidding!”

“No, it’s been inside me, the least you can do is touch it.”

It was slippery from their mingled cum. It was fat and thick and heavy in my hands. It made my stomach churn and my groin begin to tingle again as I worked the fat cock that had just fucked my wife back in his pants. If I had not already cum twice I would have jacked myself off again with one hand while my other hand was still wrapped around it. I finally got it back in his pants and zipped him up and shoved him in the direction of the bar again. My wife was just laying there grinning, watching with her legs still spread and her fucked cunt gaping open.

“You liked holding the cock that fucked me didn’t you? You liked seeing what a real cock was supposed to feel like in your hands after jacking that puny thing you have off all these years didn’t you? Well, you know your job is not over with yet don’t you.”

She pointed down between her legs at her pussy covered and overflowing with his cum and smiled.

“Eat it.”

“Oh god . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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