Camp Fun!

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Alyson and Dana were excited to go camping at a lake in Northern Canada.

They arrived and set up their tent and sleeping bags and after eating something, and relaxing, they looked out at the wonderful clear lake and headed towards it.
They were all alone so they took off their clothes and dove into the cool water, splashing around like nothing could bother them.

Alyson, was always a bit shy because she was a bit plump but Dana thought she was just beautiful, with her curvy hips and large breasts, compared to Dana's own smaller breasts, and smaller waste. Dana did have big nipples, that stood out especially since the water was cool.

They swam to each other and Dana brazenly took one of Alyson's breasts and lifted it up over the water and suckled on the engorged nipple, the other hand caressed the other breast, and Alyson threw her head back, and reached for Dana's back, she slid her hand below the water and with wanton desire, she grabbed Dana's tight little ass.

The ladies were moving towards the sandy shore where they had put down a large blanket and lay beside each other, touching and kissing and then Dana again, sucked on Alyson's tits, moving down to her belly, and spread her legs with her hands to view the pink wet and pouty lips of Alyson's wonderful pussy. Dana, hungrily moved towards it, licking the water from around the soft mound, and Alyson was in heaven when she felt the hot wet tongue expertly suckle her quivering clit.

Dana's tongue worked up and down the soft hot slit, sucking on the chubby lips, then she slipped a finger inside and she moaned so sweetly. Alyson moved so she could do the same to Dana, and she spread Dana's lips to reveal the glistening gem of her hot vagina. She kissed it and licked it softly. Dana moaned into Alyson's pussy, and both girls got busy eating each other and playing with each other's breasts.

They suddenly saw a shadow above them, a young hiker, with a back pack who looked thrilled at the sight of these lovely women making love.

He smiled and blushed but could not hide his hard on, and the girls noticed with lust, and moved towards him to unzip his shorts they pulled them down, leaving his shirt on, and one of the girls took his dick into her mouth while the other sucked his balls and ass, and the guy just moaned and called out, "ohhhhhhhhhhhhh gooooooooood" over and over and then Alyson got on her hands and knees while Dana guided his dick into her waiting velvet tunnel of love, and he thrust into her with his huge member, over and over, holding onto her hips while Dana straddled Alyson's mouth, moaning as the waves of orgasm ripped through her entire body. Cumming like crazy, she watched as the guy closed his eyes and emptied the contents of his balls into her friend.

She opened Alyson's legs and licked the man's sweet juice from her pussy, as Alyson grabbed Dana's head and came again and again, and then man was hard again. Dana's turn to have some cock, and she lay on top of him and slid his hard cock into her tight pussy, riding him up and down , while he played with her nipples , pinching teasing until her body rocked into one gigantic orgasm and he once more came into a warm beautiful woman.

They all got up and sank into the cool water for a playful swim and then the girls kissed him, and he left down the trail and they settled in for a long sleep in the great outdoors!

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