Camp Cunt

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This story is fictional!

I'm Ali, 18, I'm 5ft 6, blonde hair to my waist and I've been told I look like a supermodel.
I have had a crush on Mark, the CCF( combined cadet forces) junior( helper). He's 18 and a GOD!

My story begins on the coach holding 40 howdy teens, a very scary teacher by the name of Mr Henry and Mark the God heading to Army Training Camp. It was a long ride and we all got bored. But we made it and headed to the assult course for training.
We came back 3 hours later muddy, wet and tired. Being the only girl on camp, I got a room to myself, which was nice. I slept or hours, dreaming of mark.

By day 4, everyone was shattered. We were doing our weapons training, with real bullets and aiming at targets. Robert, a jerk who thought he was cool was so close to falling asleep that he dropped his gun, without the safety on. Bullets were firing everywhere, and eeryone was jumping for cover. I felt a searing pain in my hip, and looked down to see blood gushing out from a wound. I screamed, and while people were trying to control the gun, I collapsed, unconcious.

When I awoke, I felt as though so someone had stabbed me in the gut and hip. I screamed with pain , which alerted the medical examiner to give me more morphine. It made me feel drowsy. I then noticed Mark huddled in a corner, fast asleep in a chair. The nurse noticed me looking and chuckled, " he hasn't left your side you know". Confused, I dropped off to sleep again.

When I awoke a second time, I saw a set of the beautiful eyes in the world staring down at me. "hi. You feeling better or you wanna try dying on me again?" looking into his eyes, I saw he was serious. I tried to sit up and tell him off for fussing, when a sharp stabbing pain overtook me again. "ssshhhh it's alright"he said"calm down just lie down there's my girl"
I liked the ring of that. I was his girl.
"your girl?!"
"sorry I shouldn't have said that."
"I like it."
"yes." I took a big step and said "just like I like you."
"you like me?!"
"yeah." i shuffled in my bed nervously.
Marks face lit up. Shocked, I stayed silent.
He said," but you never said anything!"
"what did you want me to say!? You're the most popular, gorgeous guy in the whole school,the country, the planet..." I was stopped as he put his finger on my lips. "sssshhhh" he said. I nodded.
"nurse," he called. She came over, and mark said "is it possible to be left alone for a while, we need to talk about something private?"
"I'm sorry Mark, but you know I can't. " she said.
"Ali is feeling much better, could I maybe take her to her room, and if I take an itercom, could she sleep in her bed? I think she might stop shouting in her sleep if she feels more comfortable."
"alright, but you must stay with her at all times, alright?fine then."

As I stood up to walk to by room, the pain returned. "here, let me" hesaid and lifted me into his arms as though I was a feather. "don't drop me!" I said. "as if I would" he said and carried me and the intercom to my room.bending slightly, he placed me very carefully onto the bed. There, he gently kissed my lips, turningme into jelly. I kissed him back, puttin my hands behind his neck and pulling him closer. He groaned, and muttered into my lips"god, I love you, I've been waiting to kiss you since I first saw you2 years ago!" I just pulled him closer to me, until he was lying on top of me, but putting his weight on his arms on either side of my head. "can I turn you over?" he asked me. I responded by shoving my Tongue down his throat. He groaned and returned the favour. He shifted so he was on His back,and then slowly and carefully pulled me on top of him. I groaned ad he slid one hand under my shirt. He removed my bra and shirt and gasped. I know my breasts are good for my age and size: 34E. He flew down to my left breast and sucked my sensitive nipple. I felt myself spasming and shoved his face down I to my tit further. He was no longer gentle as he ravaged at my left nipple while piching my right painfully.

I shook into an orgasmic state and I swear the best orgasm of my life. I shook for ages and then felt so turned on I felt myself dripping. Marks right hand slid down my stomach and reached my trousers. He unbuttoned them and gently pulled them off. He reached down and stroked my pussy through my thong. He yanked it out of the way, and next thing I knew, I was on fire. He had stuck two fingers in and was now finger fucking me so fast I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. I was so wet as he slowly ripped his fingers out. He kicked his fingers and shouted"Fuck you taste so good!" he then moved his mouth down to my pussy and began eating me out. I bucked and groaned until I reached my second orgasm. He was rubbing my clit with inhuman speed and licking my pussy and sucking all my juices out of me. I screamed as his Tongue entered me.

After 10minutes of this, I killed him up to me and whispered in his ear "take it. Take my virginity now!"
"are you sure? I mean..."
"fuck me. Fuck me NOW!"

He grinned and swiftly removed his clothes. I stared at his massive 12 inch cock and it must have been the width of my wrist. I groaned and shouted"get it in me" he followed his orders well, and inserted his head in. "ahhhhh"I shouted. He removed it."no.I want it in me NOW!" he reinserted it and pushed slowly hurt bad but I wasn't expect what happened next. He reached my hymen and said "This is gonna hurt. I'm so sorry. Just breathe and try to enjoy it!" I nodded and he pushed. I screamed as he began. It slowly got better, until all I felt was intense pleasure. I was thrusting with him now, groaning all the time. It felt SO good! I was never gonna stop this! He began thrusting faster and faster, which brought me to my 3rd orgasm of the day. He felt me tighten and at this, began thrusting even faster. "yes. Yes,yes,yes,YES,YES,YES IM CUMMING BABY IM CUMMING!" I felt warmness in me and relised he had given me his cum! It felt amazing!

We fell asleep and I was women up on numerous occasions by the pain of my hip, which woke him up too a d we found the only way to ease the pain was good old fashioned fucking!!! Bliss!

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