Cought Friends Mommy with Man : 3

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

Then everyone in that room except mom started to wear their undies. I thought that the fucking session were over. I searched, what is my mother doing? Mom is lying naked and she is astonished by their act. I saw that mom is biting her lips with her own teeth and next scene astonished me because she is massaging her 38c boobs with her own hands. Is I am dreaming!? I can't believe the word's that came from my mother's beautiful mouth my friends were looking each other's faces.

I remembered what she said to Shiva, why did u stopped the fucking? Please fuck me, don't leave me like in this condition'. Then Shiva started to laugh loudly and said,'oh,you liked our fucking, don't you bitch?.mom replaid,'yes,i liked it very much. I didn't fucked like this in my life time'.Then muthu said,'is it bitch. don't you fucked by your husband'. Then mom said,' yes but the length of my husband's tool is only 6Œinches.if he came one time, he will go to sleep,

Shiva said we will fuck you, but you had to listen to us if you don't we will stop the fucking, Then mom said,'yes, I will obey all the things you were asked please fuck me'. I can't believe the word's that mom said to them. Then Johnny said to other's goh, man Fathima aunty is really a slut, Then Simon said loudly, salman is really lucky. He don't have to go outside for sex, Then shibin said it is true, anyone in the world can't have a beautiful slut like her in their home, I didn't utter any word and started watching the gangbang sex of my mother.

My mom is now in doggy style. She is sucking Shiva's cock hardly. In that time raja started to fuck her in the pussy. Mom is moaning(hmmm,aaaha,oooh) loudly like the actresses in the blue film. I saw that muthu is recording the fuck, with a sonny handy cam. He also sniffs my mom's panty and bra with the other hand. Five minutes later raja withdraw his tool from my mom's pussy. Then i saw a gum like white color red fluid oozing from mom's pussy. I understand that it was his cum mixed with mom's pussy juices. At that time Shiva withdraw his tool from my mom's mouth.

It was shining by the saliva of my mother. Then Shiva shoot his cum on to the desk and ordered mom to lick it and eat it with her tongue. I saw mom is licking the cum like a dog. Shiva ordered mom to stand aside of the desk. Then muthu lay on the desk and ordered mom to climb in the desk and said to sit on the tool of muthu. Mom sit very slowly first and half of the tool entered into the hairy pussy of my mom she said git is paining now ,it can't go further into me'. Suddenly muthu held mom's waist and pushed her downwards. My mom and muthu roared loudly.

I understand that the tool is disappeared into my mom's little pussy. My mom fell down to the body of muthu. Then muthu caught her head and started to kissing her. He then started to fuck her. Without wasting any time Shiva came behind her and started to lick her asshole with his tongue. He then inserted his tongue into the asshole and started fucking with his tongue. H e then slowly put the cock tip into the asshole. Mom said,'don't do it. I am virgin there, But Shiva didn't mind it and pushed hard his cock into my mom's virgin asshole.

Mom cried loudly with an another push the cock entered fully into the asshole. Now raja is the videographer. Then muthu and Shiva started to fuck hardly and speedily. I saw the shit is coming out when Shiva is fucking. But he didn't stop the fucking. Me and my friend's masturbated twice seeing the gang bang of my mom. Then Johnny said,'i didn't seen any sex film interesting like this. Fathima aunty is look's like heroin's in blue film's'. Jhonny said to me'yah,if you let your mother act's in x-rated film's your mother will became the great porno actress in India,

Hearing this I smiled shamelessly. In the screen the climax is running. Mom got raja's dick into her mouth to suck. After 15 minute's continues fucking in same position every came in to climax. Raja shoot the load in to my mom's face Shiva shoot the cum into her ass muthu into the pussy respectively. T hen mom got up from muthu's dick and stood near the desk. Then Shiva ordered my mom to clean everybody's cock with her tongue. Mom cleaned every inch of everybody's dick with her tongue, even Shiva's shit covered dick.

Then everybody started to wear their dresses. Shiva ordered mom to leave the bra and panty here. The mom said,'what are u saying. How can i go out without wearing bra&panty'.Then raja said,'we will give you another bra & panty, it is a special one, your son selected this for you'. I saw mom wearing the black bra& panty that i theft from the shop. Mom wore the bra & panty with very difficult. Then Shiva said'oh,we understand why your son theft this, you look's like u a sex bomb in this

Johny said' your selection is super man, your mom look's like sex bomb in that undies, When Shiva came to our room, we were sitting there like we were afraid ,and nothing happens there. Then Shiva said geverybody can go, his mother gave the payment that you were stolen from here, we said that you were tried to steal a jean's from here'. We said thanks' to him and went to outside.

When we went to outside my mom is standing there. She didn't say anything to us. Everybody said sorry to mom and Johnny said to mom that he will drop us. Jhony said'drive the car salim'.I sitted in the driving seat and mom is made to sit in the middle seat in between jhony and shibin. I smell's something bad is going to happens in the 30minut's journey'..(To be continued)


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