Carla has fun

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

Carla lay in bed with Garry his brother. She never wore panties or a bra. She was a slut and her boyfriend knew it. They had come back from a night of drinking and her Garry thought a threesome would be exciting.

"Kiss her Donald" said Garry.

Carla opened her mouth and let Donald french kiss her. Then the brothers took turns sucking her breasts. She moaned with pleasure and spread her legs.

"She's ready now, do her" urged Garry.

Donald jabbed his prick in the girl's wet hole and fucked her like mad while his brother watched. Carla climaxed and screamed for more when Donald filled her with cum. Garry took his place and banged his girlfriend until he went off several times. When they were done using her she kissed them and said.

"I want both of you to fuck me from now on"

"It's ok with me" said Donald.

"I always share with my brother" laughed Garry.

Carla slept with the two men and dreamed of marriage and babies. The next morning she gave them both blow jobs before she fixed breakfast.

"You're a good cook" said Donald.

"My mother taught me" beamed Carla.

"Did she teach you how to fuck too?" laughed Garry.

"No, my daddy did" she replied.

"Did your mom know about that?" gasp Donald.

"Yes, and when he was done with me she sucked his cum out of my cunny and told me I was a good girl"

"How old were you when your dad first screwed you?" ask Garry.

"He did it when I was nine"

"Does your dad still fuck you?"

"Whenever I'm home" she giggled.

Garry had never met Carla's father. Now he wanted to meet the depraved bastard and thank him for producing such a wonderful slut.

"I want to meet your parents" said Garry.

"Me too" said Donald.

"They don't live far from here" said the girl. When Carla rang the doorbell to her parent's house her mother answered it. She was a short plump woman with big breasts. She didn't look anything like her daughter.

"Hi mom, I brought my friends with me"

"Come in sweetheart, your father was wondering when you would visit us"

"I miss daddy, where is he?"

"He's at the bar getting drunk as usual" laughed her mom.

"Do we have any beer or did daddy drink it all?" laughed Carla.

Sarah got some beer and they talked until her father came home. When the door opened Garry looked at his girlfriend's dad. He was a tall gray haired man. He didn't look like a child molester.

"What took you so long Frank?" ask Sarah.

"I was playing pool" he replied.

Carla ran to her dad and kissed him. It was a kiss between lovers and not father and daughter. She introduced Garry and Donald and they shook hands.

"I'm tired of this chit chat, I want daddy to fuck me" said the girl.

"Carla!" gasp her mother.

"That's alright mom, I told the boys about me and daddy"

"Oh god" moaned Frank.

"That's alright Frank, you can do your daughter while me and my brother have sex with your wife" said Garry.

Sarah looked at the brothers and giggled.

"I hope you boys want to do something kinky"

Donald took Sarah's blouse and bra off. Her huge tits had long fat nipples. He liked woman with big nipples and sucked both breasts like a baby. Frank and Carla were undressed and fucking like mad on the floor while Garry jacked off. Sarah was ecstatic that she had a young stud like Donald to fuck. When the young boy went off in her hole she kissed him and pleaded for more.

"My turn now you old bitch" laughed Garry.

The delighted woman spread her legs wider so her new lover could have easy access to her hole. Carla's boyfriend rammed his prick in the woman's pussy and fucked her like a man possessed. He did her again and again until the woman had huge orgasms. When Garry was done with her she ask.

"I want to fuck you both at the same time"

"How?" laughed Garry.

She pushed Donald on the floor and got on top of him and impaled herself on his prick.

"Now fuck my asshole Garry" she cooed.

The boy spit on his prick and pushed it up the woman's rectum. Sarah had never been fucked in both holes before and she was in heaven. Frank and Carla watched with amusement.

"Don't shit on my boyfriend mom" snickered the girl.

When Sarah heard what her daughter said she giggled like a little girl. Donald went off in the woman's cunt so many times his prick went limp and fell out of her cunt. Suddenly the woman had a huge climax and trembled like a leaf in the wind.

"Look daddy, mom is pissing!" laughed Carla.

Donald could feel the warm pee on his balls and prick. He wiggled from underneath the nasty woman and stood up.

"Did you like your pee shower Donald?" giggled the girl.

"I have never been pissed on before" he laughed.

Carla licked her mother's pee off Donald's balls and prick. It tasted salty but surprisingly good. Donald's prick got hard again so she sucked him off. Garry let out a groan and filled Sarah's asshole with cum. Then he lay on the floor with Carla's mom and smothered her with kisses. Everyone drank more beer and rested.

"Did you like fucking my mom's asshole Donald?"

"God yes, it was tight and wonderful" he replied.

"I have never fucked her butt hole before" said Frank.

"You can if you want to honey" cooed Sarah.

Then she looked at her daughter and said.

"You know what I want to do?"

"Yes" whispered the delighted girl.

Carla lay on the floor and let her mom eat her pussy. The men drank beer and watched. Finally it was time for Carla and the boys to go home. On the drive back Donald stuck his hand under her dress and finger fucked her.

"I like that Donald" she cooed.

"Your parents are a lot of fun, we will have to visit them more often?" said Garry.

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