Bunny and Rod-2

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

Jake was right about the "now" part of it. As soon as her husband left, the super-stacked mother picked up the phone. After a very husky-voiced conversation, the scintillating beauty opened a bottle and went upstairs to masturbate and dress for the night's happenings.

Rod heard the bed bouncing, and it made him horny. Every so often there would be an interlude where he would hear glass clink. He had to wait for his mother to leave before he could break into her supply of booze.

"Rod," Bunny had said squirming towards her son in a very revealing evening dress with a cocktail in her hand. Her hefty body was encased in a lustrous gold form?fitting, dress with a top that cradled her capacious breasts leaving the rounded tops and the deep chasm between them open to view. 

He had seen his mother in various provocative postures and stances, but something about how wide her hips were sent waves of horniness through him. It wasnít just how ample they were but how, beneath the skin-tight fabric, her ponderous thighs met at the engorged pouch beneath her smoothly rounded abdomen. She was ready for action!

Rod had thought that maybe she was too fat, but now, the way she walked; how her body, although heavyset, could still squirm while her jutting and jiggling breasts surged as though ready to pop out of her low?cut gown. 

"Yes mom. Uuugghh!" Rod let out an involuntary gasp when Bunny turned to show off her derriere.

"How do look?" Bunny's burgeoning posterior jutted out not only far but with such roundedness where it was encased by her tight dress that, somehow it made her whole body, her bulging breasts, her waist, her belly dome, and especially her legs and curvaceous thighs look irresistibly obscene.

Rod's face was flushed as he responded "You're too much, mom." 

"Your father told you, right? I'm going to be going out with a lot of rough looking men from now on," with that, she lifted her glass to her lips, and as she drained it, Rod saw her stiff nipples rise above the edge of her dress.

"But, he's hardly been gone! And look at you! I thought you weren't going to drink as much!"

"No, that's not quite it, honey," she moved towards him and touched his arm with very feminine appeal. He looked down and saw her wedding ring sparkle on her sexy-smooth hand.

"I'm not going out to drink as often, but when I date, I'll have to drink even more."


"Well, you understand that I'm dating for health reasons."

"Dad says you'll be makin out."

"Well, yes. So you can see if I make love to strange men, when I'm drunk, I make out a lot more with hotter men. Being drunk makes the way I have sex obscene and lots more thrilling. I was honest with Jake, and Iím trying to be honest with you. I told your father that this time, I am going to party a whole lot more than before and see how down and dirty I can become. You used to get upset over stuff thatís going to have been mild compared to what Iíll be doing from now on. So, I hope he told you not to be surprised by how much I party from now on."

"So, you're telling me you're going out with men to get drunk with and have filthy sex with."

"Yes, an a lot of it, too. Did sheur father tell yeuw I'm gonna need help when I get home?" she slurred.


"Well, I am." She had downed several drinks, and the alcohol was really beginning to hit. Her wedding ringed hand unconsciously moved to her crotch and began to stroke.

"What kinda help, mom?"

"Yeeuw know. Getting me cleaned up before bed. Then, taking me to bed if I'm not able to walk." Just then, the doorbell sounded. "OK, honey?"

"OK, mom," the boy responded as she turned without noticing the growth under his chinos as she pump-walked to the door.

Rod heard his mother's voice at the door. "Hi there! I'm Bunny. You must be Animal. She led a huge brute into the living room and brought him to face her astounded son, "Animal, I want you to meet my son, Rod."

When her son just stared at the bearded brute, she said, "Well, I mustn't keep you waiting hon," she gasped excitedly. "Let me get my wrap."

(4:30 AM)

Rod heard a car door slam outside and saw a tall, thin Latino assist his staggering mother up the walk. Her dress was hitched up on one side so lamplight reflected off of the glistening wetness on her barreling thigh flesh. 

Worse yet, one of her breasts hung out through her plunging neckline. When they got to the door, the doorbell rang, and before he got to open the door, his mother's voice shouted, "RAAAHD, LED USH IN!"

As they made it in the door, Bunny stumbled into her son, bathing his face in alcohol fumes. He reached out to catch her, and her breast fell into his hands. It was slippery wet!

"Raahd, I wansha ta meet my fren, Carlosh!"

"I'm not Carlos. That's my cousin. Doesn't matter, baah-bee! You were good! See ya some time. Call ya up. Here, kid, don't let her fall."

"I'm nod goona fall! I'm nod gonna fall!" she drunkenly insisted as the door closed behind her escort. She tried to move towards the stair and because her breasts, one hanging and the other about to fall out of her dress, she began to fall off balance. Rod came up behind, her and reaching under her arms, steadied her.

"Jush lemme grab the railing, hon. I'll mage id! I'll mage id!"

"You already made it, mom."

"Ooohh honey, I suuuure did! I suuuure did! Gaaaahd, what a fuckin party!" The sight of Rod's mother's rear view, her dress hitched up to her knee on one side with a garter belt swinging by her wet thigh, as she drunkenly climbed the stairs, guaranteed that Rod would soon jerk off. He could see her ballooning breast dangling beneath the arm she used to support herself on the stair rail while her buttocks seesawed provocatively.

After about 10 minutes, he heard a crash, and running upstairs found his mother naked on the floor trying to get her panties on. He started to come in, and she slurred, 

"DON'T LOOG, DARLIN! Yeeuw shouldn't see me thish way," she slurred. 

"Can ya ged mommee a dring, an hab one yeeursef."

"Can I help ya mom?" he asked.

"No, thash alright. I'm all messy from partyin. Jush get me my robe an throw it my way. I'll get bag on tha bed. I need a drink. Jush bring me a dring, an we'll talk." Itís times like this that mothers and sons can have interesting talk.

When he returned, she had managed to put a robe on and was lying in bed with her vibrator. 

As they drank, Rod finally asked why his mother couldn't clean herself up after the party. "Ooohh baby, I tried, but the baffroom wash busy, then I'd meet another man, an he would made me messy again."

"Honey, I'm gonna hab to ask yeeuw a favor." 

ďWhat's that, mom?"

She lifted the vibrator and slurred, "Coulsha plug thish in before yeeuw go?"

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