Brother Of The Bride Ch. 03

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

I woke up the next morning very early. The sun was just coming out and I felt my whole body tingling with lust. I couldn't believe how hot Eric had gotten me the night before. I could still feel his tongue between my legs, licking me, sucking me and tasting me. I'd fallen fast asleep right after my brother performed his incredible oral sex act on me.

I was thinking of Eric and then of Nick and how much I loved them both. I kept craving both of them in my thoughts and in my heart. The more of thought about them, the more I wanted to touch myself. I felt my pussy aching for my brother. I knew what Nick was like in bed, but I had yet to only fantasize what Eric would be like.

I kept wondering how big my brothers cock was. My mind raced with different images of his cock and his nutsack. Oh God! I just kept thinking of what It would be like to suck on my brothers balls.

With those dirty thoughts in my mind I started to finger fuck my pussy. I could still feel my pussy loose, after the erotic damage my brother had done to it. I started to touch my tits with my other hand and was starting to just enjoy a moment of untamed masturbation when I heard a knock at my door.

"Fiona, We are taking Eric to visit some relatives that want to see him. Then we are going to get some breakfast. Honey you want us to bring you something back?" I heard my mother's faint voice.

"No mom. Thanks anyway." I said trying to catch my breath.

I felt relieved knowing Eric would be gone for a while. At least I could have sometime to think straight. I headed for an early shower hoping to be able to see Nick that day.

After my shower I called up Nick to come visit me. He wouldn't be going to work that day but he'd be busy trying to get some last minute arrangements done. I called him and he was already up.

"Mmmm good morning baby." He said in a sexy deep voice.

"Hi sweetheart. It's so good to hear your voice." I felt my heart flutter with happiness.

"Did you sleep good last night?"

"Uh yes! I did!" I responded feeling incredibly guilty.

"Is it safe to come over to see you?"

"Yes! Babe, please do come over. I wanna see you so bad!"

About half an hour Nick was at my house. I was still in my blue satin robe with my hair just slightly damp. Nick wore some black basketball shorts and a white T-shirt. He had a glow in his face that made me realize how much I loved him.

"Oh hi babe!" I whispered as I held him tightly.

"Baby, you smell so sweet. Like apples." He smelled my hair and held me so close.

"I've missed you so much. Are you hungry? You want me to fix you something to eat?" My wife instincts were kicking in.

"No. I just want you. I wanna taste you Fiona." He kissed my forehead softly.

We began to kiss intensely. His tongue met with mine as we got lost in our kiss. His hands began to feel me all over. His touch today was exciting like never before. I didn't wear any panties under my robe giving Nick easy access to my craving pussy.

His hand slid between my legs feeling my shaved wet cunt. His index finger stroked my swollen clit. I tossed my head back letting my lover pleasure me.

"Mmmmm babe, that feels good! Keep touching me Nick."

His fingers continued to creep further on my pussy finally making their way to my opening. I felt Nick break out kiss off. His eyes wondered down to my pussy.

"Baby you feel a bit loose. What's going on? Are you cheating on me?" His eyes were losing that glow I saw earlier.

"U-uh what? Nick, what are you talking about?" I asked trying to sound surprised.

"I've felt your pussy before but it's never felt this... well this loose." His fingers were moving around easily in me.

I felt so awful. If only Nick knew that I had cheated on him. With my own brother! I felt guilty and dirty. I had to come up with an explanation. And a fast one too. Nick knew I had no vibrators or dildos and if I did say I had one he'd want to see me with it. I was running out of ideas. I felt Nick slip his fingers out of me and beginning to step away from me.

Just then, my eyes gazed the room and I saw a few cucumbers on the fruit basket my mother always had out. That's it! I could just tell Nick I got so hot for him that I did a cucumber. Oh it was brilliant!

"Well babe. Uh, this is kind of embarrassing. I didn't want to tell you." I said in a nervous voice.

"What? What is it Fiona? Are you OK?" His eyes showed nothing but concern.

"Well I've missed you so much these past few days that yesterday I got so hot for you after I visited you, and I grabbed a cucumber and I fucked it."

Nick's eyes widened in amazement. "Whoa! Fiona! Are you serious?"

"Y-yes. I'm so embarrassed." I responded feeling my face turn crimson.

I could see Nick's excitement in his eyes. He stepped now closer to me. His fingers began to stroke my hair as he kissed my neck. His hot breath was making my skin shiver with delight.

"Fiona you don't know how hot that got me. I wanna see you baby. I wanna see you fuck that cucumber for me." His voice was raspy now.

My heart was racing. How they hell was I going to do this? Now I'd gotten myself in a bigger mess. That's what I got for deceiving my lover. Now I had to pay the consequences.

"B-but Nick. I can't right now." I said nervously.

He held me closer to him. "Please? I gotta see this. I wanna see you get off on yourself." He continued to trail kisses down my neck.

Nick's kisses were overwhelming and his touch was so irresistible. I pulled myself away from him and walked over to grab a cucumber. I was trying to get the smallest one I could find, but that was almost impossible. The vegetables were all thick and long but I still managed to get the least monstrous one.

Nick stood there in awe. His eyes looked at me with eagerness and longing. I sat myself up on the dinner table letting my robe fall off me showing Nick my naked body. He stepped closer to me and sat on a chair ready to watch this thrilling display of masturbation.

I spread my legs slowly showing him my shaven cunt. He licked his lips as he saw my pink clit and pussy lips. I never kept my eyes off him. I loved looking at him and the way he always craved my pussy. I spread my pussy lips more showing him my loose little pussy hole. I heard him gasp as he began to slide his hand down his shorts.

"Show me baby. Show me how much you wanted me that night." He whispered.

I grabbed the cucumber and slipped it in my mouth sucking on it showing Nick how his bride to be sucks cock. His hand began to move faster underneath his shorts. I could hear his heavy breathing begin to increase.

I moved the cucumber from my wet lips down between my chest sliding it between my tits. I moved it down lower to my belly and then finally between my legs. I let it rub on my clit as I let out a soft moan.

Nick was already beginning his own masturbation. He pulled out his cock ready to explode. His hand was gripped tightly around his cock as he watched me get myself off.

I began to insert the cucumber in my pussy feeling it stretching my pussy as Eric's hand had. The feeling just brought back the dressing room incident I had with Eric. I only had the cucumber in half way and already I was hurting with pain and pleasure. I decided to only slip it in just a little bit more. I finally had gotten enough of the vegetable in me to get myself off.

I moved the cucumber in and out of my pussy fast as my legs spread wider. Nick continued to masturbate. His cock was so hard and precum was oozing out.

"Oh fuck yes! Baby show me how much you want my cock. Fuck yourself for me." Nick kept jerking his cock off.

I felt my pussy sucking up the cucumber as it went in and out of me. I felt my nipples harden as I watched Nick get himself off. We masturbated together never taken our eyes off each other's bodies.

"Oh Nick! Oooh babe I love you. I wanted you this bad." I said as I started to go faster with the cucumber.

The sensation was incredible. I don't know if it was because I knew Nick was watching me or because I was imagining it was Eric watching me get off to this piece of vegetable. I felt my body begin to feel exhausted. I was about to cum. To let all my juices ooze out of my aching pussy.

"Nick! I'm g-gonna cum!" I moaned loudly as I came hard letting the cucumber satisfy me.

"Yes! Baby oh fuck yes! Cum for me." Nick was now beating his meat faster as his body began to shake.

I watched as he came on his hand. Hot strands of cum squirted out of his cock and fell onto his stomach. We both just remained frozen at the moment trying to catch our breathe. I continued to feel my juices escape from my pussy. Nick just sat slouched on the chair with his eyes piercing at me.

I began to slide the cucumber out of my pussy inch by inch. I heard a "pop" sound as the tip came out of me. I dragged myself off the table and crawled over to Nick. His hands were full of sticky cum. I licked his fingers letting the full taste of his salty cum penetrate in my mouth.

"Nick I love you. I can't wait to marry you." I moved up to sit on his lap. He held me tightly and so loving.

"Let's go up to your bedroom to be together. I just wanna hold you Fiona."

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