Brother Of The Bride Ch. 02

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

Eric went on to finish getting his tuxedo fitted just the perfect size. I just sat on the leather couch still shocked and silent. My legs felt so weak and my pussy ached now but yet I still felt so sexually aroused. My hands were shaking like crazy now. I was so nervous to face Eric alone on the way home.

I waited for Eric to finish paying for the tux as my eyes gazed through the room. It was odd how there was so many people there and yet no one had any idea what I'd just done with my brother.

It was time to go back home and Eric and I drove home in silence mostly. His eyes stayed on the road and my mind just drifted away. I wanted him to be the first one to speak. I couldn't since I was still so shook up.

"So already this Saturday huh?" Eric finally spoke.

I snapped out of my thoughts. "Huh? W-what?"

He laughed softly. "I said, so this Saturday huh? You know that's your wedding day. Are you nervous?"

Was I nervous? Was he kidding me? He'd just stuck his hand up my pussy and was asking me if I was nervous about my wedding? It was all so unreal. Then I just figured he was as scared as I was. He was just trying to make conversation.

"Well, yes I am a bit nervous still. It's such a big step in one's life." I responded quietly.

"yeah it is and I'm sure you'll make a wonderful wife." He smiled at me sweetly finally being able to look into my eyes.

He placed his hand softly over mine but kept his eyes on the road. I felt whole body begin to shiver at the touch of his hand. I found myself holding his hand now as our fingers intertwined. We just drove in silence that way the rest of the way home. As we arrived home, we let go of each others hands and nervously walked in the door. My mother was up by this time cooking lunch. He rushed to the kitchen to greet my mother and I just ran upstairs. I checked my voicemail and Nick had called me. He'd left me a message like he always did just letting me know how much he was thinking about me.

I laid on my bed for a moment just kept replaying the sexy event that had happened earlier. I could still feel Eric's touch and could still taste his kiss. He'd completely turned my whole world upside down.

Never had Nick stuck his whole hand up my pussy or kissed me the way Eric did. I had to quit thinking of my brother and focus on my lover. It was going to be tough but I had to do it.

Lost in my thoughts I almost didn't hear my mother call me down to eat lunch. I really had no appetite being so much in shock and so nervous about the wedding.

I still managed to go downstairs and I was trying to avoid Eric as much as I could. There were moments I couldn't help but look at him and lust after him. Our parents mostly carried on their own conversation while Eric and I kept exchanging passionate looks to one another.

Later on that day I decided to go visit Nick at work. I was so horny that day. Nick and I hadn't had sex for over two weeks since we'd decided to wait until the honeymoon to really get it on.

I got to the car dealership around five that evening. I was greeted by Nick's father who was already on the way out. He led me to Nick's office where Nick was busy inputting some information into the computer.

"Hey! Babe! What are you doing here?" Nick asked standing up to greet me.

I felt him put his arms around me. "Nothing I just wanted to see you tonight even for a few minutes if that's OK?"

He kissed my forehead softly. "Sure it is. I'm glad you stopped by. I wanted to take a little break anyway."

We began to kiss gradually. It felt so good to finally be able to be with him. To hold him. He was the only one who'd be able to take my mind of Eric.

We continued to kiss with intensity and love. Nick's hands began to lift up my dress and all of a sudden I'd remember what I had done that morning with Eric. I was scared Nick would feel my loose pussy and wonder what I'd done.

"No babe. I'm here to please you only. Now sit down while I get to work." I commanded him.

Nick gave me a devilish smile and reclined himself on the big leather chair. I got on my knees ready to begin to suck my lover's cock. I began to unzip Nick's pants. I was so ready to suck on his hard veiny cock. I pulled out his cock slowly as it crept out of his boxers. The tip was so wet with precum. I knew my babe was going to cum so hard.

I looked up at him as he lightly grabbed my hair. "I love you," I whispered to him as I began to take his cock in my mouth. He was sitting down relaxing as he got his cock sucked. I took in every inch of that cock savoring every flavor of it. I let his precum float in my mouth as I kept capturing his taste.

"Mmmmmm. Fiona, I love you. Oh baby suck me." Nick moaned as I deep throated him.

I began to pick up my speed as my lips were tight around Nick's cock. I could see he was beginning to sweat as his whole body felt this incredible pleasure.

"I'm g-gonna c-c-cum!" Nick cried out.

I felt all his jizz shoot in my mouth. The warm liquid flowed all down my throat so smoothly.

"Oh fuck yeah," he panted.

I stood up gracefully and sat on his lap as his cock was now semi-hard. He held me close to him breathing heavily. "I love you so much Fiona." I could sense his love towards me so deep that moment. Yet a part of me still thought about Eric.

I got home later on that night and called up the lead singer of the band that would be playing at our wedding. I was just checking to make sure they'd be no last minute cancellations. I made sure he'd play certain songs that Nick and I shared growing up.

I went on to take a hot shower to cool me down from what I'd done with Eric and then what I did to Nick. It was odd how these two men in my life had so much sexual control over me. Nick as my friend and my lover, and Eric was my brother and was more like a forbidden lover.

I felt so much better after my bath. I put on one of Nick's long T-shirts like I always did just to have some part of him close to me. I laid down on my bed as I listened to some relaxing music from Bjork.

I was beginning to doze off when I heard a soft knock on my door. I quickly woke up from my little daze and looked at the clock. It was already almost midnight. I figured it was my mother telling me to turn my music down a bit.

As I opened the door I saw Eric standing there looking at me. He gave me a mischievous smile.

"Are you trying to avoid me?" He asked letting himself in my room.

I felt my whole body begin to shake nervously. "N-n-no. W-why would I want to avoid you?"

He closed the door behind him. "You don't have to be afraid of me Fiona. I love you. I hope you know that."

I couldn't even look him in the eye. "I-I love you too."

All of a sudden I felt him lift me up in his arms and lay me on my bed. I gasped at his firm hold. He laid next to me stroking my hair and my face. His finger tips traced my lips.

"Mmmmm your so beautiful. I never thought my little sister would grow up to be such a beautiful woman."

His words were making my heart want to jump out of my chest. His rough hands were slowly pulling my shirt up exposing my lacey white panties.

"I figured you'd be sore after this morning so I wanna make you feel much better." Eric whispered as he began to pull my panties down.

I didn't even resist. I couldn't resist. I was so ready for Eric to take control of my body once again. My panties came off quickly as his finger began to play with my clit. I closed my eyes at that point loving my brothers touch.

"Don't go making too much noise now. You might wake mom and dad," He teased.

I was completely lost in his touch. He picked up my legs as he slid his head between them. He began to lick my pussy rapidly. I felt my whole body ignite with heat. He took turns sucking and licking my clit enticing me more each minute.

I tried my hardest to keep from moaning with pleasure. I felt his hands reach up to play with my nipples. My body was squirming all over my bed. Then surprisingly I felt Eric plung his tongue in my pussy. He slide his tongue in and out my pussy hole fucking me with his tongue. I felt my legs begin to weaken as I came on my brothers tongue.

I felt him cover my mouth as I moaned while my juices oozed out on his mouth. It was such an intense orgasm. One of the most intense of my entire life.

Eric kept his tongue in me as I recovered from my orgasm. I could still feel his tongue move all around in my pussy. He began to move it in circles sucking out every one of my juices.

"Oh fuck oh fuck yes!" I whispered gasping.

Eric came back up for a nice long wet kiss. I could taste myself in his mouth. He was now driving me closer to him.

"Well, I better let you get to bed. I hope you feel better." He said playfully as he patted my pussy lightly.

I couldn't even speak. I just watched as he closed the door. I just laid there once again wanting Eric more. It felt like a cruel game he was playing with me. I knew I had to make it stop before it was too late.

to be continued...

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