Brother Of The Bride Ch. 01

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

I was 22 at the time I was getting married. Yes 22 is young to get married, but I was truly in love. I'd been dating Nick since I was 16. We were high school sweethearts and now he'd already graduated college and wanted to marry me since he'd gotten a rad job with his father in the car industry. My parents were crazy about Nick. He was a very gorgeous man. He was only a year older than me and stood about 5'11" with short dark hair and honey colored hazel eyes. He was always a wonderful boyfriend. Hard to believe, but he'd been my first and only sex.

Well the week before my wedding my sweet older brother, Eric, called me and said he'd be arriving a few days before the wedding to get his tuxedo ready. He was going to be one of the ushers at the wedding. Eric was my only sibling and he was such an awesome guy. He was 27 and I still remember so many of my girlfriends having a major crush on him because he was one hell of a looker. He was a bit taller than Nick and he liked to wear his jet-black hair a little bit long but his hypnotizing gray eyes were what made a girl want to fall to her knees for him. I was incredibly excited to see him.

It'd been at least a year since I'd last seen Eric. He lived in another state and he worked long hours, barely having any time for any relationship in his life.
It was a Wednesday when Eric arrived to the house. I was in the middle of looking at some bridal magazines for hairdo ideas and all of a sudden I felt him rush to me.

"Hey! Fiona!" I heard Eric yell.

"Ah! Eric so good to see you!" I said with joy as I hugged him tightly.

He felt so strong and warm against me. I found my breath sip from my lips by his fierce hold. I just kept thinking how wonderful it was to see my brother but then another part of me loved the way he felt.

"So my little sister is finally getting married huh?" He asked nudging me on my arm.

I laughed nervously. "Yeah I am. I guess I beat you didn't I? mom and dad always thought you'd be the one to get married first."

He just shook his head, "No way! Marriage isn't for me just yet. It's hard to find a nice girl out there you know. And you know how picky I am."

I rolled my eyes listening to his poor excuses like always. "Whatever, I'm just glad you could make it to my wedding. I figured you'd be to busy working and you'd miss my wedding."

He cupped my chin in his hand looking at me with his honest eyes. "Come on, I wouldn't miss that! Besides, I'm here to make sure Nick treats you good. I don't' want some loser marrying my sister."

His caring touched my heart. He'd always been so overprotective of me. He never really got to know Nick and I don't think he'd ever wanted to know him.
We stayed up most of the night talking and catching up on our lives. I had to go to bed early since the next day was another day of hectic running around. I still had to do some last minute arrangements for the wedding. Nick said he'd come over the next day after work and be with me. I hadn't been able to get much sleep or see much of Nick since the whole wedding thing started. Nick was always busy working to help me out so it'd just been my mother and I doing all the work. At moments I felt so excited and at others I felt like something was missing.

Next day Thursday, was so strange. Nick had stopped by early in the morning. My father was already at work and my mother was still asleep. I of course was wide-awake because of my wedding day jitters. I let nick in the front door quietly. He looked so sexy in his car salesman suit with his hair slicked back and his cologne left a soft scent as he passed by me.

I softly kissed his luscious lips. "Hi honey, what brings you here so early?"

He looked a bit disappointed. "Well I'm not going to be able to see you tonight. I have to work really late tonight. I'm sorry babe."

I felt my eyes begin to water. "B-b-but you said we'd spend time together. Oh sweetie I miss you so much," I said putting my arms around him.

He held me tight stroking my hair. " I know babe but you know I have to keep this job. I promise I'll make it up to you on our honeymoon that's for sure."

He looked down at me wiping a tear from my eyes. His eyes were so sincere. I knew he meant well. I had to stop being such a spoiled brat and accept the fact the he had to work. I knew he was just doing this for us. He leaned down to kiss me again. His mouth felt so sweet. He slid his tongue in my mouth very quickly and our kiss broke as we heard a noise in the room. Startled I looked and saw Eric standing there. Had he been watching?

"Oh Nick, this is my brother Eric. Eric this is my fiancÚ Nick." I said letting them exchange handshakes.

"Well it's finally nice to meet you," said Eric in a mischievous tone.

Nick turned a bit silent. I could tell he was a bit frightened of Eric. "Yes, nice to meet you too."

It was an awkward silence for a minute. I felt for some strange reason jealousy in the room. It was crazy but very erotic. I found myself feeling a bit mesmerized by Eric. He was already dressed and looked like he was ready to go out. He wore a nice plaid button up shirt and his black slacks and black shoes.

I heard Nick clear his throat, which drew my thoughts away from Eric. "Well babe I will call you tonight after work ok?"

"Yes sweetie call me. Love you." I said softly as Nick was already nervously walking out.

Nick didn't respond to me loving him but he hardly ever did. He was one of them guys who never expressed his feelings much. I could learn to live with that. I loved making love to him. He always was so gentle with me, so sweet. He'd only been with one other girl in his life and that was a little bit before he'd met me. So we were sort of "new" to this love making deal.

"I think I scared him." Eric said laughing hysterically.

I playfully hit him on the arm. "Don't be mean to him. He's your future brother-in-law."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Quit reminding me will ya?" Eric said frustrated.

"So why you so dress up?" I asked looking him up and down.

"I have to go to the tuxedo store to try on the hideous tux you chose for me," He said complaining.

"Really? Well would you like me to come with you? I want to make sure it's perfect," I said sarcastically.

"Yes! Please come with me. I hate going to these places alone."

A few minutes later I was ready to go. I wore my black hair that matched Eric's in a ponytail and put on my pale blue summer dress that was a bit short but it was summer and so hot I couldn't stand to wear anything else.

Once we were at the tuxedo store that's when my whole life changed. The whole store seemed to have so many people there. It was summer of course, so many weddings. We first spent about an hour taking the correct measurements for Eric's tux. I was getting tired and falling asleep on a leather couch that was there. I heard Eric go into the dressing room.

"Psst!" I heard Eric whisper to me. He woke me from my light sleep.

"What?" I asked impatiently. I saw how he peeped his head out the door.

"Come in here. I want you to see how I look first and then we can have the sales guy fix this. I think it's kinda long from the pants."

I walked over to him. He let me in the dressing room, which was pretty big. It even had another leather couch there. I looked at Eric in his tux. God he looked handsome! Our gazes locked for a moment there. I stood in silence as he waited for me to say something.

"Close the door Fiona," Eric said in a serious tone.

I did as he said and we were only inches apart from each other now. I could feel the sexual tension in the room, which was filled with Eric's male scent. My heart was racing and my mind was just filling with incredible sexual fantasies of my brother.

I felt his hand slightly touch my arm. His touch sent little shocks of electricity all over my body. I felt weak and breathless for a moment. I couldn't even move. I just felt him get closer breathing softly on me. His mouth was now by my neck. I voluntarily tossed my head back to let him do anything he wanted with me.

I felt Eric begin to kiss my neck softy as my legs began to feel like jell-o. His lightest touch was driving me insane. His full lips were softly kissing my neck. I put my arms around him as he held on to my waist. With my eyes closed, I kept enjoying every minute of this. I'd never been with any other guy other than Nick and now here I was messing around with my brother.

His hands were tightly grabbing on to my waist and suddenly I felt him slide a hand to my back slowly unzipping my dress a little. I felt the dress slowly slip down my shoulders as he moved his kisses from my neck to my upper chest. His tongue began to trail down lower until he got up to my breasts. I felt one of his hands touch my left breast and the other hand was still on the small of my back.

"Eric kiss me," I pleaded softly.

He slowly came back up to my neck with his tongue never leaving my skin. Finally I felt his lips on mine. He was incredible. He kissed me so tenderly and no tongue just soft light kisses. I felt him begin to suck on my lower lip as his hand was still on my breast playing with my now hard nipple.

I felt so hot so slutty. But god I wanted him. I wanted my brother so bad. More than I'd ever wanted any other man. He kept kissing me with small kisses as his hand that was on my breast was now between my thighs. I felt his strong hand touch my pussy over my panties. Eric's touch was totally irresistible.

I was up against the wall feeling his strong body up against mine. Using both of his hands now he pulled down my panties slowly. I felt my juices flowing so fast. My panties fell to the floor and Eric slid a finger in my pussy.

I gasped and he put his mouth over mine. He kissed me harder this time with more passion more heat. I felt his tongue intertwine with mine. I moaned quietly as we kissed. His finger slid in and out so rapidly. I arched my back a little wanting more of him. Wanting all of him.

"How many fingers do you want me to put in you Fiona?" He asked breathlessly.

I couldn't help but get hotter as my brother asked me this. I looked at him anxiously. "Get as many was you can Eric. I'm so horny for you right now."

I felt Eric slide a second finger in me and then a third. By this time I felt my pussy opening up. Stretching. Even more so with four fingers in me now. It was a bit tough but then with my pussy juices I got his fingers lubed for faster finger fucking. I couldn't believe how much my pussy could take. I wanted it all. I wanted my brother to get me loose.

"Eric, get your whole hand up my pussy. I want to see if I can take it."

That seemed to drive Eric wild! I felt his big hand begin to really tear my pussy. I closed my eyes in pain. Never had I felt such excruciating pain and then again never had i felt such pleasure either.

A few moments later Eric's whole hand was up my cunt. I couldn't believe I managed to take it all. I arched my back now as far as I could with my tits on Eric's face as he fucked my cunt with his hand. His mouth sucked my nipples as my pussy got what it needed.

"Oh fuck! I'm gonna cum!" I said with my voice shaking.

"Yes! Cum for me Fiona. Let big brother know how much of a slut you can be."

I felt myself cumming, exploding on my brother's hand. With one leg on the floor and the other around his waist. My whole body shook madly as I came. Never had I felt anything so powerful, so erotic. Eric settled me down with a nice hard kiss. I held him close to me. His body felt hot and intense. It was unbelievable what we'd just done. I was loving it. I wanted more of Eric.

"I better get fitted for this tux." Eric whispered handing me my panties back.

I stayed silence feeling a bit in shock for what had just happened. I put myself back together and left Eric in the dressing room. How in the world was I going to face Nick with a straight face anymore?

to be continued....

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