Bronya: Torture Queen - Part 2: Journey To Her Lair

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*** Read Bronya: Torture Queen if you have not already.

Ryan woke to sound of the low murmur of a car engine. His head was spinning and his nose reeked of a smell unrecognisable to him, as it tugged at his nose hairs. He was lying sideways on the back seat of a car, which he soon realised had the interior of a limo, leather seats, a mini bar and blacked out windows. It was dark inside and his vision was still blurry so was unsure if he was alone or not. He tried to pull himself up but pain shot through his core, his groans were muffled by a leather gag on his mouth. He felt the leather pulling against his mouth and cheeks and it was then he started remembering what had happened. He tugged at his hands behind his back. They were bound. He could feel the soft leather bonds rubbing against his wrists, which had no give at all. His ribs were burning in pain, and his cock was tingling in a way he had never felt before.

“Oh I see you are awake then, you hurting?” a sultry, patronising voice came from the depths of the limo, he recognised it instantly. Bronya.
Ryan groaned as he pulled himself up, his body willing himself not to, but pride got the better. His vision started to clear and he could see her silhouette at the other end of the limo.
“I would love to say you put up a fight, but you really didn’t, it was easy for me, you remembering now?” she teased again.

Ryan squired in the seat trying to work his way out of the leather restraints.

“Thought I told you, you won’t break them” she said as she moved herself onto the back seat next to him, and now she came into full view.

Her dark blonde hair shimmered with every street lamp that past outside, flowing towards her tits that were bursting out of the grey top she was wearing. Her flawless face carried that same expression he had seen many times, biting her glistening lip, a sadistic look in her eyes. The legs that had tortured him still encased in the tight soft leather that showed of her athletic legs, all the way down to the black strappy heels she had on.

She moved closer to him along the seat, Ryan pulling away towards the door, but she grabbed his face with one hand clutching at his cheeks. She had a frighteningly strong grip for such a slight girl.
“You can’t escape”, she purred, smiling as she leaned into Ryan, her face now inches away from his. He could smell a musty smell that exuded from her body, that he found alarmingly alluring, almost captivating. To his surprise his dick started to grow, bulging up against his jeans. He prayed Bronya wouldn’t notice it. Their faces were now so close she could feel her minty breath on his face. He was trying not to look at her, but her vice grip was keeping his head still, his only option was to not look her in the eyes. He found her lips with them, covered in pink gloss, shining seductively. A tongue came out of her mouth licking them, and then her eyes flicked and she laughed. She had seen my hard on.

“Hah, so you are attracted to me, even like this, no one can resist me, bet your dying to shag me aren’t ya?” she smirked, she was loving the control she had over his body.
Ryan tried to a protest to her confident claim, a muffled sound coming from behind the leather gag.

“Don’t worry there will be plenty time for that later”, she laughed and then reached into leather purse lying on the floor picking out a bottle and leather glove. She placed the leather glove onto her left hand and then turned to face Ryan again.
“In the meantime, why don’t you keep this to yourself”, she said as she reached into Ryan’s jeans, finding his erect dick with her leather gloved hand and grabbed it at the base squeezing hard. Ryan jolted with surprise. He could feel the leather of the glove against his dick, he tried to fight his way away from this bitch but he was now backed against the window of the car. With her other hand Bronya grabbed Ryan’s jaw again pulling him back so he was again face to face with her. Ryan tried to start shouting from beneath the gag but couldn’t move his lips for it being so tight around his head.

“I’ve always loved this leather”, she said as her tongue came from between her lips and licked the leather gag that ran across Ryan’s mouth, “so soft, and smooth, extremely sexy, turns guys on right away especially when I’m wearing it, but very strong too, perfect for tying them up in when I’ve captured them” she smiled sadistically letting out a sigh.

The hand that was around his dick then moved to his balls and squeezed them, making Ryan squirm in pain, muffled sounds of agony coming from his mouth. Bronya was starting to get turned on, her pussy tingling with the sight of this guy in pain. She squeezed his balls for a few seconds longer, watching Ryan writhe in agony until her pussy was wet, then released them withdrawing her hand from his jeans. Ryan opened his eyes again, free from the pain, and watched as she moved she leather glove inside her leather leggings and towards her wet pussy. Bronya started fingering herself, loving the feeling of leather against her clit and around her pussy, she made sure she got thefingers of the glove covered in her juices and withdrew it. She now picked up the bottle she had taken out earlier and sprayed a liquid on the cum covered glove. The then moved her hand towards Ryan’s face, he tried to pull back again but her free hand came up and grabbed his face again holding it still. He could now smell the cum, leather and liquid infused together, an intoxicating smell.

“If you remember earlier, you smelt this and knocked out, that was just short term, this liquid is digestible, it has a longer effect, it will keep you out till tomorrow afternoon when I’ll start to have fun with you”, she said with cruel smile, biting her lip once more. She then moved the free hand and undid the leather gag, so it dropped around Ryan’s neck, she was immediately meted with a barrage of abuse and curses.

“Fuck you Bronya! You whore! You bitch! You are fucked up, Fuck off, let me the fuck go! There is no fucking way your gonna get me to eat that, Fuck you, you bitch!”, Ryan screamed, insults and abuse reverberating around the cabin of the limousine, he tugged and pulled ferociously at the leather bonds but there was no give, he started flailing his legs in an attempt to kick Bronya, who simply sat there, coldly, watching her prisoner squirm. She starting laughing, she knew his attempts to put her off and attack her were futile, she had dealt with the same thing time and time again, it was no different. She knew he was unguarded, and any guys can be controlled by his dick. She moved forward and with the non-gloved hand grabbed Ryan’s balls, silencing his tirade immediately, replacing the abuse with groans. She looked Ryan in the face again, moving the glove back towards his now unguarded mouth where the groans where seeping out from. Ryan knew what she was trying to do, so kept his mouth shut.

“Open your mouth, Ryan”, Bronya ordered.
Ryan glared, restraining himself from the pain allowing his mouth to open.
“Open it, it’s in your best interest that you do it now”, she said calmly.

“Fine. More enjoyment for me.” She smirked, leaned forward licked his cheek and twisted the hand holding his balls, distorting them in a sickening way, Ryan screamed in pain, his mouth shot open unable to control himself, Bronya then slid two fingers of the gloved hand into his open mouth, rubbing the leather and cum onto his tongue. She released his balls, and moved the now free hand up to clamp his mouth shut still with the two leather fingers in his mouth. Ryan could taste her cum, and the faint taste of the liquid she had sprayed onto the glove, his tongue rolled around his mouth feeling the leather of the glove, his tongue now covered in the cum that was on it. She held her hands there, until he had to swallow the cum and liquid. Satisfied, Bronya removed both hands and returned to her seat on the other side of the limo.
The effect was immediate, the dissipated from Ryan’s body, all the fight he had previously demonstrated now was leaving him at a startling rate. His body started going limp, his vision faded and soon he blacked out.

Bronya watched as her prisoner slumped in his seat. She smiled and bit her lip. This was going to be a fun one, she always liked the ones who fought back. She slipped off the glove and placed it back into her purse. In all the commotion she had forgotten how wet she had become her leather underwear, soaked in her juices. She knew there was still 10 minutes before they got home, so reached inside her leggings and found her damp pussy once again. She replayed the nights events again in her mind, coming to the memory of torturing Ryan.


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