Brians lust

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Brian was 16, he was a good kid not a real bright spark at school but he did well, and he got on well with most people though he always seemed just a little shy. He had never been big for his age and at times he had been subjected to a bit of bullying but he had handled it and got on with life and hadn't let it worry him to much, but one thing did worry him and it worried him alot.
From the age of about 13 Brian had been jerking off, most times at least once a day, sometimes two or three times a day, he would do it in the shower , in bed at night, in the toilet, even in school, he just couldn't seem
to stop himself, it seemed to him that he was always horny. A collection of porno mags that he had gotten from a friend a couple of years back were now well and truly past there used by date, most of the pages were stuck together where he had cum all over the pictures of men and woman fucking, and this was what worried him, he was sure it wasn't normal to jerk off as much as he did, he never heard any of the other guys talking about it and he assumed that in the main they weren't like him, in fact he was begining to think he was some kind of masturbatory freak, his biggest problem was he loved it, he loved to cum he loved to feel his 6" long cock explode and feel the semen shoot from him in long pleasurable spasms, he couldn't help it it just felt so good.
By now at 16 though he was really starting to worry, if anything it seemed he was jerking off more and more, the other problem was that he didnt seem to have anyone to talk to, he certainly wouldn't dream of raising it with any of his friends, and he didnt want any of his teachers to know, his father had left long ago and he would of just about died at the though of raising it with his mom, of course the other thing was that most of his fantasys actually revolved around his mom.
Stacy, Brians mom, was 36, she had had Brian quite young and her ex husband only managed to hang around for a couple of years, after that she had pretty much been on her own, she had had a couple of casual relationships but she found them too hard, she was trying to raise a son and manange her career at the same time, this didn't really allow much time for anything else and anyway she hadn't really missed the company of men, most of the men she had known had turned out to be real assholes anyway. But Stacy did miss sex, she had always enjoyed fucking even with guys she didn't particularly like, she still enjoyed the sex, sure now and then she would play with herself, and she had a couple of realistic dildos, but it just wasn't the same, she loved the heat and sweat and passion of sex and that is what she missed the most,the passion, sure she could of gone out and picked some guy up, but there was always her son to consider, he was young and developing, she would of hated it if he ever thought of her as becoming a slut, she loved her son dearly and valued his opinion of her above just about anything else.

It was August, Brian was of from school and Stacy had decided to take a couple of weeks vacattion, they hadn,t planned anything it just felt good to be on holiday. It was really hot and they were both feeling it so stacy decided it would be a good idea to pack a picnic and drive out to the country, there was a swimming hole in a river that they had gone to when Brian was younger, they hadn't been for about three or four years and today was a very good day to go for a swim. When they got there they were surprised to find the place deserted it had always been a popular spot especially with the locals , but today there was no one else around and they had the place to themselves. They were quickly into their swimclothes and were soon splashing about in the cool refreshing water, after about half an hour they decided it was time to eat and Stacy made her way up the river bank. Brian couldnt help watching his mom, she was wearing a two piece suit and he noticed how it had crept up her ass revealing her firm round cheeks, the cool water had also caused her large nipples to harden and they were plainly visible pressing against the material of the bikini top which struggled to hold her two large round breasts, despite all his efforts he could feel his cock harden as he watched the water runn from his mothers body, her hair hanging in wet ringlets down her tanned back. He stayed in the water trying to let his hardened penis subside but his mom kept calling him to come and eat and so eventually and hoping she wouldnt notice his cock pressing against his shorts he quickly ran from the water and lay on his stomach by his mom.
They ate and soon the warm sun was taking its toll and Stacy began to fall asleep, Brian kept talking to her but soon realised his mom was fast asleep under the shade of a tree, He sat up and let himself look at his moms tight body, she had kept herself in good shape, there was a gym at her office that she used most days and it worked she really was quite sexy. His cock hardened again he watched as his moms breasts rose and fell in time to her breathing, his gaze trailed down the flat smooth stomache, he noticed the bulge of his moms pubis and as he stared his moms legs opened and he could clearly see the outline of her puffy cuntlips.
His cock cried out for attention and he slowly slipped his hands inside his shorts and squeezed the iron hard rod and gently began stroking it, he knew it was wrong but could not stop himself, he couldnt keep his eyes of his moms pussy and as her legs opened wider he noticed the thin curls of her brown pubic hair that had
escaped the side of her bikini crotch. Brian knew it wouldnt take long to cum, he thought he could just look at his mom and jerk until he needed to cum and he could go and finish in the river, but as he got closer he knew he had to stay as close to his mom as he could, he moved closer to her, straining his head forward between her legs as he stroked he could smell her, smell her pussy the aroma was strong and drew him closer, oh how he wanted to rip her bikini off and shove his mouth onto that sweet scented cunt, but he restrained himself and stroked his cock harder and faster.
Suddenly his mom was awake, she umped up quickly as if she was having a bad dream and Brian was slow to re-act, hsi mom was soon aware of the situation , Brians hand was till in his shorts and she knew he had had his head between her legs, in fact it must of been that that had awoken her, all of a sudden as she was sleeping she had began to feel her pussy get very damp very quickly, she must of been reacting to Brians stare and she had felt an intense pleasure but she was also shocked, shocked to think that Brian could feel like this that he could get turned on by his own Mother. Brian guiltly pulled his hand from his shorts, he had never felt so embarrased in his life, he could feel tears welling up inside and was about to break down when he felt his mothers arms about him, she pulled him close and hugged him, "oh Brian, its ok hun , its ok dont worry son, its ok"
her words calmed him and he relaxed and he felt her hug tighten.
"Mom Im so sorry im so ashamed, its just that i cant help it, i get this feeling, all the time, and seeing you like that I just couldnt stop myself"
"Brian its ok , I know about boys and I know that sometimes these things happen, but I'm your mom hun, you shouldnt have those feelings for me"
Brian knew it was now or never and he suddenly let it all out, all his worries about masturbating, how much he seemed to do it and how most of his fantasys involved his own mom.
Stacy listened, she heard her son telling her that he was jerking off three times a day and that he jerked into her panties, and how he was sorry and how he was so worried that he did it too much and she felt funny. She felt very funny, as he spoke she found herself getting wetter and wetter, the thought of her son jerking off, that he jerked into her panties, that just now he had been sniffing her cunt as he beat off was making her very very horny, she had images of his cock in his hand and her panties filled with his white hot seed, her breathing was becoming a little ragged and the feeling in her cunt was causing her to wriggle slightly, Brian was not slow to notice this and asked her if she was ok, she said she was fine and that she thought he should of told her all this a long time ago, that they shouldnt have secrets and that if he wanted to jerk off he shouldnt hide it, it was fine with her as long as he cleaned up after himself. This caused them both to laugh and they hugged tightly again, this time though stacy could feel her son push hard into her, she could feel her titties pressed hard into his chest and her nipples were burning into him. Brian pulled his mother closer, tighter and pressed his still very erect cock into the soft flesh of her thigh, Stacy knew she should stop this but the feel of the cock against her and the images still racing through her mind were making her a little crazzy and she instead pressed her thigh against her sons cock.
Finally Brian pulled away from his mom and was about to jump back into the water, he thought he had pushed this as far as it was going to go and he needed the cool water to soften his penis, but as he got up his mom noticed the very obvious bulge pressing against his shorts, she looked at it and felt her resolve melt, her stomache was in knots, she felt giddy but she knew what she was going to do, she reached up and sliding her hand under the leg of her sons shorts she wrapped her fingers around his very hard cock, Brian froze, the feeling was undescribable, his moms fingers snaked around his red hot penis and slowly tugged on it, standing he watched his mother with her free hand slide her bikini bottoms down her long shapely legs, he saw the thick curls and she opened her legs revealing a puffy swollen very wet cunt, as she stroked on his cock her fingers slipped to her mound and she traced circles over her fleshy lips, and darted her finger in and out of her soaking slit.
Stacy had never felt so excited in her life, her pussy was on fire and her sons throbbing jerking cock in her hand was like a lighting rod sending sparks through her, this was so wrong she knew it was but there was no one to know, no one to see her with her sons cock in her hand and her free hand sliding all over her own cunt, she was in heat and this was the passion she craved, she felt her young son trembling with desire, could feel the slimy precum dripping from his cock, could feel his balls tighten and tighten again, she knew he would not last, at least not the first time that he would cum quickly and powerfully she wanted him too, she wanted to watch her sons sperm fly from his dick, she wanted to feel it splash all over her, she wanted to be coated in her sons jizz.
Brians legs weakened, his balls ached and he was trying to hold on, he fell to his knees and his mom pulled him close, she quickly worked his shorts down over his thin waist and off she lay back opening her legs wider, she looked at her sons thick hard penis and with what little resolve she had knew she could not let him enter her, she wanted it so much, wanted to feel her sons cock push and squirm its way inside her hungry cunt but there was no protection and she was not sure she wanted to risk a pregnancy by her own son, she knew he would have so much hot, fertile seed that she would easily fall to him and although the idea strongly titilated her, she knew now was not the time.
"Brian Baby, you cant put it in me, not yet not here"
"Ohhhhh god mommy I want it so much ,oh please mom, just let me put it in a little"Brian begged
'Oh god son I know, I want it too, but not know hun, just rub it against me, please"
This was far beyond brians wildest fantasy, and he did not want to upset his mom so sliding between her legs brian pushed his throbbing cock against his moms wet cunt, he could feel her crinkly pubic hair crush against him, the wetness and heat of her snatch, he slid his pole along her lips sliding, rocking back and forth.
Stacy felt her sons cock pressed to her, as he rubbed her now very sensitive and enlarged clit she knew she would cum in seconds, she felt a realese cumming and she pulled her son tighter against her crushing her heavy breasts against him, forcing her clit harder and harder against his dick.
Suddenly Brian convulsed and spasmed and cried out, she felt it, his cum erupted spurt after spurt after spurt flooded her stomache, he ground into her as more and more waves of pleasure flowed over him he pulled her bikin top down and sucked one of her thick fleshy nipples into his mouth, the thick sticky cum coated them both and as his cock throbbed and pulsed her own massive orgasm wracked through her, her legs wrapped around him pulling him ever tighter into her they jerked and thrashed against each other, tears flowed as they released and she pulled his face to hers and hungrily snaked her tongue into his very eager mouth , they kissed and kissed as still more of her sons seed soaked her
"OOOOOOHHHHHH FUCCCCCCCKKK MOMMM Im Cummming mmmmmppphhhh cummming on you mom, im cumming all over you mom" he cried
" OOOOOhhhhh yesssss baby cum on mommy cum all over mommy, let me feel all your cum, ohhhh baby i love you so much...... cummmmmm baby cum for mom"
Finally he was drained, his balls ached and throbbed after letting go such a large load, for a long time they held each other, Stacy would grind against him as small orgasms contiued to race through her until eventually they were both spent. Shakily Brian stood and then reaching for his moms hand helped her to her feet, they were both solidly coated in his spunk and kissing and holding each other they slipped into the cool refreshing water to clean the sticky mess off
"Brian" his mom said
"yes mom"
"You know you can never say anything dont you"
'Off course I do mom, but mom do you think we could do this again'
Stacy pulled her son to her and whispered in his ear
"oh yes baby, I think we can do this lots more"................

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