Breeding Brides Part 1

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Breeding Brides
Chapter 1

We arrived at 11.00 o’clock. Sunday lunchtime. My 28 year old wife Kathy well dressed in a sexy white number, high heels and carrying a small, leather handbag over her shoulder. She looked good and was as expectant as me about the big afternoon ahead. If somewhat apprehensive about meeting Vikki and Bob for the first time. After 5 years of marriage I could always tell what she was feeling. It was the first time we had been invited to watch one of these ‘Breeding Sessions’ first hand and the two of us where naturally nervous. Having seen the videos we knew what to expect. It was black on white action all the way. Deep, penetrating interracial sex

Kathy is as into this sort of thing as me. We had after all, been following the adventures of Bob and his wife Vikki for nearly four months. Fascinated and equally turned on by their desire to have a black baby. The videos Bob made where full on and explicit. He wanted to document every moment and it was this that first attracted Kathy to the possibilities. We both live where any kind of mixed race relationship is heavily frowned on. Today my wife was desperate to make a good impression on ALL those concerned. It wasn’t that she wanted to try black cock.. Deep down she needed too. Even if she didn’t know it yet. Kathy was wearing her best perfume as well as her favorite, most expensive jewellery. The necklace with the diamond studs. Offset perfectly against her dark, shoulder length hair. She had put a lot of effort into looking her best. Having spent much of the morning trying on different outfits in our bedroom. 

It had been a long drive to the hotel. Though neither of us would say it was anything other than worthwhile. There was a tangible silence between us as I parked the car. Inside, we met Bob and Vikki and ordered a meal in the restaurant. It was strange to see them in person. We had both seen Vikki having sex with two and often three black men in the past. She was full-on and bubbly. 31 years of age with a toned, shapely figure, long blonde hair and particularly nice tits. I liked her right away. Warm and forward with a broad sense of humour. 
‘Every time I think it’s going to happen’ Vikki had said about her getting pregnant. ‘We’ve been trying for months now’. You could see just how much it meant to her. In turn I could tell how envious Kathy was of this other woman. She had many questions though clearly felt almost embarrassed about asking them. As the blonde laid on ‘how’s’ and the ‘why's’ we chatted and acted like any normal couple. Bob treated us all to a bottle of champagne. A kind of celebration. 

Though Vikki and Kathy where so different they seemed to share a bond. Afterwards we all went up to the room Bob had booked. By then Kathy had drunk several glasses of wine. Though she was still tense she gave me several warm, appreciative smiles. Holding hands playfully in the lift. Vikki was growing more excited by the minute. She had been very commending towards my wife. Not just in the way she spoke but the way she looked at her. She was being overly complementary of Kathy’s figure. Her dress and hair. I could see there was real sexual attraction on her part. 
‘I’m so glad you decided to come’ she had said. ‘It’s going to be so exciting having another couple watching’. I began wondering if there was another side to this lovely woman’s character. 

The four of us waited. It was a spacious room. Classy with a large double bed against the wall. A widescreen television, small bar and bathroom. Bob had spared no expense. He drew the thin curtains then began setting up his camera. As he did so Vikki perched on the bed while Kathy took a seat cross-legged on the couch. Her skirt pulled tight around her fine waxed legs. Finally the knock we had been waiting for came on the door. 
‘Enjoy yourselves you two’ were Bob’s words to us. Kathy appeared beside me. Quickly straightening her outfit and adjusting her hair. It excited me to see how much of an impression she wanted to make. Her eyes on Bob as he went to unlock the door. She had been looking forward to this for weeks. Video was one thing but actually being in the same room was something else. 

One by one the three black men came into the room. I have to say that they where exactly as we had imagined. All big and obviously well built. Dressed casually in jeans and jackets. Their eyes dark and roaming. Quite fierce and piercing as they scanned the room. Taking in everything, including ourselves. The two women had their immediate attention and Kathy stepped a little closer to me as they gave both her and Vikki a generous going over. 
‘This is Peter and Kathy’ Bob said, introducing us. ‘This is their first time. They’re just watching today’. I held out my hand to the nearest of them. His grip was firm as he shook without reply. All the time his gaze cast behind me where my wife stood. 
‘Pleased to meet you….’, Kathy said. Her voice wavering as the men cast hardened, almost cruel looks in our direction. I stepped back and felt her hand slide into mine. She was intimidated. I could see it on her face. Excited too by the arrival of these strong men. Though fearful all the same. 

Vikki was keen to take over. The men towered over her 5,5 as they surrounded her. We stepped to the rear of the bedroom to give them more room. Already they where putting their hands all over the blondes body. It was as though they owned her and their familiarity took us by surprise. Bob grinned, enjoying the scene and began recording through the camera. I could already sense the needy heat coming off the three of them. They knew what they where here for sure enough. Understandably they each began glancing curiously back towards the two of us. Kathy moving a little closer to me as the one we had spoken to ran his gaze up and down her body. Liking what he saw. It noticeably unsettled my wife. Clearly turned on by having him look at her. Seeing this the man smiled and turned his attention back to Vikki. 

Bob set the camera on the tripod. We watched as they undressed his wife. Taking off her dress. Revealing her black suspenders. Finally unclipping her bra and exposing her nice, firm tits. She had a good body. Seeing their hands, sliding and cupping her was a treat. Not to mention very exciting. There was a real surge in the room as they took off their own clothes and let their big dicks spring free. Needless to say they where well hung. Two especially so and their own bodies where especially toned. I smiled at my wife, feeling her arousement as she looked between them. The mere sight of black cock turning her on. Vikki lay on the bed. Her blonde hair trailed down her shoulders. Over her tanned skin. The first man started by giving her some head. The others standing by and jerking off. She soon began to buck and groan. Sighing with pleasure as her pussy was tickled and tongued. 

The horny men where soon ready to fuck Vikki properly. All the time encouraged by Bob. One of them began kissing her on the mouth as a second mounted the bed. My eyes widened as he moved her legs around him and pushed his way in. Thrusting deep into her cunt. Vikki moaned. Accommodating him and reaching out to hold the other two men who stood awaiting their turn. She grinned at her husband as the man began to fuck her. His big ass bouncing heftily on her and driving moans from her lips. Bob sat by the bed watching. I could understand why he wanted to be close to his wife. I shared a glance with Kathy. Both shocked by just how roughly the men treated her. The big man rode, pushing himself up all the way. Vikki’s legs nicely spread up around his waist. Back and forth he rode. His heavy balls smacking against her harder and harder. There was raw aggression in his fucking. When he came Vikki was gasping and breathless. Squirting his cum deep and making way for the next. 

He wasted no time. His cock a long hard erection. We could see how excited he was. How much he was looking forward to screwing this hot woman. He slid himself in deep. Making Vikki cry out as he drew back and thrust home. On and on it went. The three black men using her body and dumping their loads inside. Grunting with satisfaction as they made love to her in turn. Bob encouraged all the time. Asking his wife if she was ok and telling the men to pump her pussy harder. There was an edge to his voice. Revealing his excitement. Kathy squeezed my hand. For a long time now she had had been looking forward to being here today. She was transfixed, enjoying the sight. We where watching a lovely, white woman being aggressively bred. She wanted a black baby alright. Enjoying every moment. 

Beside me Kathy’s breathing was heavy. Showing her own excitement as she stepped a little closer. Bob shared her look. He too found the sight too perverse and too wonderful to ignore. The rhythmic squeaking of the bed ground to a halt as the current stud unloaded his balls into Vikki’s fertile womb. They had each been with her twice. The sweat was glistening on his back as he withdrew, the next taking his place, sliding easily into her cunt. The size of him was really huge. Vikki groaned. Her legs stiffening as he pushed in the last inch. Gasping with fulfilling pleasure. Her face showing the strain and the size of their big cocks. The first sign of cum running down her crack as her body was violently ravaged. Black dick pumping in front of our eyes. Unrelenting, the next one buried himself effortlessly deep. Vikki’s cunt grasping a ring around his long cock. His hips rocking back and forth as he thrust himself in and out.

I swapped hands with my wife and slipped my arm around her neat waist. Her skirt was quite high above the knee. Showing off her smooth legs. Right down to her shiny, high heels. It was a sexy outfit. Classy and stylish. She was watching another woman being bred. Unable to hide how turned on this always made her. I looked longingly down to her cleavage. Prominent but tastefully displayed. Kathy has an envious, wonderful figure. I’m a lucky man. Since Vikki and Bob had invited us to watch one of their breeding sessions she had thought of little else. She liked to watch the videos at home. Maybe imagining herself in Vikki’s place. Being bred by a group of horny black men over and over as they dumped their sperm into her one by one. She was ashamed of herself I knew. But she couldn’t hide from me how she felt. 

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