Breeding Brides Chapter 4

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‘Well? Did you enjoy that Hon?’ Vikki stood beside me, hands on hips with a big grin on her face. The stunning blonde’s perfect tits hung from the nurse’s uniform; her lipstick smudged from the wealth of black cock that had abused her mouth that afternoon. I stared back at her although I could hardly speak let alone reply to her question. Her blue eyes where wild with excitement. All the more so for the many dark figures that stood around the apartment. Stripped or shirtless men with half-empty beer cans in their hands and women, clustered around the door and looking on with cruel, satisfied looks on their faces. All eyes trained on the mattress were my wife Kathy was being bred a final time. 

Vikki stroked her already pregnant belly and watched the scene close. She knew more than any of us what that day had been about. Perhaps even seeing the look on my face as one reflected many times on her own husband. Bob was stood over Kathy. The camera to his ever eager eye. Capturing the precious mating between my white wife and the current black buck. Grunting and moaning steadily. Her smooth legs expertly pinned back, exposing her sex and bobbed under the steady and controlled pounding. Indeed the last of three newly arrived men was humping her furiously to a climax. Kathy’s breeding had gone far better than any of us had hoped. Anywhere between twelve and fifteen bulls of all ages had been fucking her for well over three hours and there was a strong feeling amongst them that they had achieved their goal. Knocking up a white woman who had set her heart on having a black baby. I couldn’t blame any of them. Not even the women who watched me with evil, content smiles from the doorway. 

She swayed on my shoulder as I led her back down the narrow staircase. A sure sign of the strong whisky she had been given to calm her nerves. Having just seen my wife gang-bred I was light headed myself. The short, blue spandex dress she had arrived in returned to her prize figure. Firm, large breasts moving discreetly inside and stretching against the thin fabric. Kathy was so weak I was almost left to carry her. Behind us Carl, the alpha male, suggested that if things didn’t happen for us we should return to him personally. He sounded confident and there was a look in his eye that suggested he too was expectant of success. The sounds of the ghetto apartment block calling out around us as we headed outside into the evening air. It was the first time we had been to this part of town and probably the last. Kathy took small, ginger steps as we walked to the waiting car. She was truly worn out as Bob opened the door and helped me get her into the back seat. I arched my back tiredly. Taking a deep breath of hot, stuffy air. What a day it had been. Now close to dusk Vikki appeared. Beaming broadly, her skirt wafting between her toned tanned thighs as she strode towards us. Her round, neat belly shown off to perfection as a prudent reminder. 

Once home, Kathy stayed in bed nearly a full day while I waited on her constantly. The sheer enormity of what had taken place beginning to sink in. Glazed, accepting of the consequences. Actually aching from the session in such a way that I felt some of those studs had rooted her belly too eagerly and too deep with their big, black dicks. Though as the sore, stiffness subsided I felt safe in the knowledge that 
my wife had been filled to perfection. The baby-making sperm already going to work in her unprotected womb. She wanted it. Needed it even. The rest was indeed, up to her. It wasn’t easy to admit yet I found it exhilarating. At first she couldn’t get over what she had done. Kathy hadn’t planned on having sex with every man who had walked through the door. An old man and several younger lads had done their part. Though maybe she realised that it hadn’t been her decision. They had used her because they wanted too and deep down she enjoyed that feeling. 

A month and first signs later the hospital had the news we all expected. Kathy and I hardly spoke as I drove her for the scan though I could tell she was excited. Having been denied in the past we felt that this was it. I stayed with her. Watching the ultrasound monitor with amazement as the nurse congratulated us and printed off a photograph of Kathy’s unborn baby. A black child. She had done it. She was pregnant. When we got home I sat in front of the television stunned. It had all happened so fast and now there really was no turning back. The first part of our journey had reached a spectacular conclusion. When all this had begun we had sealed a vision. A taboo whereby my wife would take a black man and have his baby. The pictures I had seen on the monitor were so true, so real. The foetus, smaller than a plum though his features where already so well defined. Even then I knew Kathy would make a wonderful mother. I had watched my wife’s face keenly for a reaction though it was hard to read. As she saw that black mans seed growing inside her was she really so ashamed? The father could have been any one of them. I remember saying it over and over to myself before I picked up the phone to call Bob and Vikki. I guess I didn’t know what to say. This strongest of taboos as real as ever. 


As I sit here writing this it doesn’t feel like two years. Perhaps I wish there was more to tell though it truth my wife’s term passed perfectly and without complication. Partly due to the problems in our home town we sold up and moved out. I guess there was nothing keeping us there anymore. Bob helped us find a really nice house. Not far from their own and in a similar woodland setting that suited our need for privacy. The house had the extra room we would need for our family. ‘Family’. Kathy was resigned to everything now. Still, I was glad that Vikki was there for her. In honesty our blonde friend could not hide her delight. Despite everything it was shameful thing for a proud woman like Kathy to admit. Our friends where of course eager to stay in touch. They loved the fact that they had introduced us in interracial breeding. Unlike our in-laws from whom we had not heard. Kathy had called them from the ghetto apartment. Spoken to her mother while an aged but eager stud over twice her age was effortless pounding her semen soaked cunt balls deep. It must have been a shock to them. Now they knew of their daughter’s love of black meat. Several people whom we knew shunned us openly in the street and Kathy was ignored in the local mall. I guess my mother in law hadn’t kept the news to herself. She had made it quite clear she wanted nothing more to do with us.

Bob and Vikki where only a short drive or phone-call away. Though she had a head start on my wife the two suddenly found themselves to have a lot in common. I enjoyed very much seeing them together. Especially when Kathy began to show. Exchanging baby magazines and talking almost endlessly on the subject. It was going to be hard work. Though I also enjoyed talking to Bob. Comparing how it felt now our wives where pregnant by other men. I could see the same satisfaction is his eyes. The same pleasure. For Kathy her shame was almost complete to such a point where she had trouble sleeping. More than once she awoke me, groaning and pushing at the sheets with her hands. I had grown used to it and often watched as she relived the vicious breeding.

When Vikki had her daughter that very Christmas it suddenly became so real. Bob apparently cried at the birth, which was very unlike him. Still, I didn’t know how I would react. Kathy was into her eighth month. Her belly tight and round. Swelling with a black child. Every time I looked at her I thought of the ghetto and the rows of horny studs waiting to knock her up. Which had it been? Our friends named their blessing Cassandra. Somehow it truly suited her and Vikki took every opportunity she could to show her off. She was delighted. Having lived a fantasy for real. Kathy’s 30th birthday followed soon afterwards and then, a few short weeks into February, it was her turn. We held hands as the ambulance drove her in. The baby was on its way. After seven gruelling hours my beautiful and special wife finally delivered via Caesarean. It was a boy and we named him Thomas.

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