Bred Wee, to Serve : Part III

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“So you little swine, now that you have been inducted into the inspirational conditioning of the holy crop enhanced by the sacred altar and since I’m sure we now understand each other really well, you will be given a daily responsibility. When I bathe or use the toilet you will wash my anus and then…lick it vigorously, other sows service other parts of my body.” She rose, turned her back and bend over her chair spreading her legs. The crop keeper lifted her dress, exposing her ass crack. Piglet did not have to be told what to do and her lips and tongue quickly met her mistress’s rose, licking and kissing. There was no unpleasant taste or smell; someone had washed her very well. The mistress then stood up and turned, staring hard at her latest pig as she sat down again.

“As my lowest ranking swine, you will also be responsible for maintaining the anuses of the entire herd. They must be clean and pure at all times I can’t stomach filthy subhuman creatures in my chambers. In order to be sure that you understand what that entails you will now lick every anus in the herd.”

She motioned the crop keeper to spread her legs and touch the floor with her fingers. Piglet knelt and positioned her head on a slant in the crack so the mistress could watch her long tongue in action. One by one she licked the assholes of her nine sister slaves. When finished she read a nearly imperceptible facial twitch in the mistress’s face to resume her praying position.

“Now do you understand fully what your daily function is and what I mean by clean?”

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“Yes my mistress, I will be diligent every day to ensure that my assigned body part is perfectly clean at all times.”

“Every time you wash a pig you will lick the anus you have just washed. I may ask you anytime to lick it again so it’s up to you to decide when cleaning is required. This Pig” she pointed at a shapely Oriental “is in charge of cunts. You will of course work together in the toilet area behind the feed trough, since your areas of responsibility are close. She will clean your cunt and anus and you will do the same to her; do you understand?”

“Yes my beloved Mistress I am privileged to serve and receive such an important responsibility. “ She was really thrilled to be given this task; her need to completely obey her owner, no matter how menial a task was a rush, she would now perform those duties with the same total commitment she applied when serving sexually. One of the pigs near Piglet raised two hands above her head. The mistress nodded and gave her a sign to leave. Piglet wondered why a few minutes later a bell rang somewhere and the mistress gave her and the oriental a sign to crawl out of the room. She followed her to a room behind the feeding sty where they found the slave who had left earlier standing next to a potty and various buckets filled with water. They cleaned their respective areas on her and then crawled back to the common chamber, where they licked the slave’s anus and vagina under the mistress’s watchful eyes.

After returning she watched as her mistress eyed two other pigs in turn and then a spot on the floor moving her head slightly from side to side. The two pigs threw themselves to the floor on their sides in the opposite direction, with their extended tongue very close to the others vagina. She then motioned Piglet to get on her knees and head on the floor ass high at her feet. She slapped her ass lightly with her hand twice. The two slaves on the floor immediately began having oral sex grunting and oinking like pigs. Another slap and they stopped and then another two whacks and they continued, grunting and slurping. She realized that she was not being punished but was being used as a drum to direct the action on the floor. Watching the floor in front of the mistress she saw another two slaves hit the floor in the same position. Two whacks on her ass and they went in to action. Then another two slaves hit the floor and her ass received two more whack, then one and the second coupled stopped. She noticed that the way all three couples were positioned; one was able to keep an eye on the mistress between the others spread thighs while licking or waiting with an extended tongue. Why had the mistress told her that slaves could not climax and now they were being ordered to have oral sex?

She could also see the remaining slaves, sometimes masturbating and fondling their own breasts while grunting and oinking. She didn’t know the signals yet since she couldn’t see her mistress. After a good while and many more light whacks she felt her hand just rubbing one ass cheek, she instinctively rose and faced her mistress on her knees The mistress raised her head slightly eyeing the back of the room and she crawled away. When she got to her spot, another slave had crawled to take her place at the mistress’s feet. The mistress eyed Piglet and then lowered her eyes to her vagina. She immediately began to finger herself and squeeze her breasts while grunting, as the mistresses’ hand slapped intermittently in ones or twos conducting the oral sex on the floor. Another direct look from her mistress and a slight quick sideways movement of her head and piglet knew to stop.

Suddenly she received a direct stare and the sideways head motion to the floor look and she hit it quickly with another slave. The other girl had the mistress’s eyes and acted on her signals. They licked each other, grunting and slurping several times interrupted by longer ordered pauses.

Suddenly they were ordered to the altar, her partner had missed a cue and punishment was inevitable. The herd was instructed to assume their praying positions to watch the ritual.

Piglet was ordered by the mistress’s eye to prepare the altar even though she had not made the mistake. She turned the knobs as required, which she noticed was maximum sharpness when she mounted the altar. The other pig was ordered to lie down looking up into Piglets face. They were then told to cup each others heads with their hands and stare into each other’s eyes. That to some extend took the pressure off her stomach. She got ten lashes for the other pig’s infraction. Between each lash the mistress pushed the crop in her partner’s mouth to be suckled. Piglet cried her oinks out loudly with each whack of variable severity as her tears dripped on her partner’s face, while her ass received what she did not deserve. This was another of the mistress’s head games, letting the guilty party off but forcing her to watch and hear the cries of an innocent slave a few inches from her own lips. The facial expression of her partner slave was one of apologetic pity tempered by calm resignation to the inescapable destiny of their lives.

She got up and faced her mistress; tears pouring down her cheeks expecting her partner to get the same treatment. “I am very pleased now with you alabaster complexion pig. Oh I feel so good now, are you pleased for your mistress?” Her face beamed with an orgasmic glow.
“Yes mistress,” she sobbed, “I see the contented flame in your eyes; I feel you happiness. I am fulfilling my responsibility as a sub human. The pain in my flesh is warming my heart with true delight and love for my mistress.”

The mistress smiled sweetly and prayed before sending her for the rounds and then to get her face rouged before taking up her position. She had learned that you didn’t always get physically punishment for an infraction; sometimes the mistress would torment the wrongdoer mentally by making her watch her innocent sister suffer.

The mistress then ordered three pairs back on the floor leaving the rest masturbating. After a short time she stopped all action and everyone assumed the praying hands position. She then motioned two slaves to approach the altar. “You know why you’re here?” One of them nodded. “Well what was your disgusting sin?” Speak swine!”

“I pretended to climaxed like a human when this pig,” she looked at her partner, “licked my cunt on my mistress’s orders and I even pretended to shake with pleasure.”

“How many times do I have to tell you…pig, that it is impossible for a slave to attain sexual pleasure? It is a grievous sin for your kind to be a human pretender.”

“Yes I deserve to be corrected on the altar; I have sinned, despite the prayers of my beloved mistress. Please exorcise the evils from my body

“I don’t want to deprive you of redemption. You would be very disappointed and that would make me feel bad. Do you want me to be punished by a higher power for not correcting your sin?”

“Oh no please I must be punished, I want to feel the pain and cry so my mistress can pray on my behalf to that higher power.”

The mistress smiled sweetly and ordered her to turn the blocks to positions befitting her crime. Shaking with fear she adjusted them to the most painful edges. Piglet now guessed that the innocent slave would be punished since the guilty one was already more than terrified. She could see the orgasmic pleasure in her mistress’s face as the slave spoke and her body trembled. Sure enough the innocent slave was told to mount the altar.

She quickly obeyed; mounting the altar with her black bubble ass forming a mountainous spacious target. The oriental was motioned to join her below and they cradle each other’s heads, the guilty staring anxiously into the eyes of the innocent awaiting unjustified pain. The mistress waited while the black slave’s heavy body suffered on the sharp edges selected by her partner. Piglet could only see the side of her face but she was obviously grimacing with pain that the coming lashes would overshadow. The Oriental whimpered loudly watching her partner suffer, as the mistress deliberately prolonged her prayer to intensify their misery. Finally she reached for the crop, pulling it out ever so slowly and then offered it to the Oriental who attempted to suckle as quickly as possible, the spittle pouring out of her crop filled mouth. The mistress was now in an orgasmic trance but finally she landed five quick but variable whacks on the beautiful black ass and returned the crop to its sheath.

After a quick inspection and prayer the slave made her rounds for the ritual kissed and returned for the rouge before taking up her position.

Her appetite for beating flesh with the accompanying tears seemed to have been sated for the moment. She rose and eyed four pigs in turn who crawled close to her and waited. She rang a small bell and the keeper appeared, motioning the remaining pigs to follow her. Piglet was in the group of four plus the crop keeper with the mistress which including the two slaves just punished. They crawled behind her as she walked into a library for what turned out to be quiet period. As Piglet would experience later the slaves following the keeper, were put to work cleaning, scrubbing floors and other household duties The mistress never watched this but her inspection later on was in keeping with her fanatical obsession towards everything else.

To be continued...

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