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(A young wife told me the basic outlines of her story in a chat room. So I guess its a true story - at least as far as anything you hear in a chat room. Of course, I've changed the names and filled in a few details, LOL.)

I never had sex with anyone but my husband. We were very religious and took to heart all that stuff about fornication. Well, with no small measure of guilt, we did start having sex when we got engaged. But it seems like, for the last few years, Luke's interest in sex has gone way down.

The more I learned about other people's sex lives, the more frustrated and resentful I got. I was 28 after all. Connie and Julie had told me so much, and pretty much convinced me I should, how do i say it, branch out. But I was so timid, nothing ever happened.

Late one afternoon, we had planned to meet at our favorite bar. When I got there, Connie and Julie were sitting at a table with two incredibly sculpted men - I later found out they were gym coaches - Carlos and Jack. Somewhere during my first drink - they were on round two - Connie told me, "So Penny, we've decided to throw you a little party at my place -- surprise!"

My eyes opened so wide! It wasn't hard to figure out what they had in mind, but I sure wasn't expecting it. They all laughed when my hand came up over my mouth. Now it was clear why the last few days they had been so inquisitive about my hubby's work shift that week. Still, I only had a vague notion of what was about to happen, just that my years as a faithful wife were actually about to end. I thought I felt my pussy getting wet.

When we got to Connie's apartment, we all took beers from the fridge. Connie had a big easy chair she must have picked up at Goodwill after her divorce and I was guided in that direction. Everybody crowded around me. Somebody took my half finished beer and put it on a table. While I was still standing, Julie rubbed her hand across my boobs. "You have such nice tits." Julie kissed me as she started to undo my shirt. Julie is a bit heavy and she always told me she wished hers were only 34c's like mine.

Jack immediately started rubbing my tits too, and Carlos and Connie were pawing my fanny and rubbing my legs. I started giggling. And Carlos opened the snap on my pants and slid down the zipper. I stepped out of my shoes and let him slide them to the floor while I wiggled out of my open shirt.

Jack pushed my bra up off my breasts and started sucking my nipple. Julie undid my bra in back and dropped it to the floor. There I was standing with nothing on but my very plain pink cotton panties. I could feel them getting moist, but I couldn't stop giggling. Connie's hand slid into the waist of my panties and oh yes her fingers were getting wet.

Everybody finally pushed me back into the chair. Connie somehow managed to keep her hand in my panties and pressed her fingers between my pussy lips. - You have to realize this was all new to me. Luke never does anything but rub my tits and fuck me. Sometimes i'm barely able to get wet for him. - Carlos was kneeling on the floor, holding up my foot, and kissing my toes. Julie and Jack were both sucking my nipples. I must have been a sight.

Carlos's kisses were moving up my leg - ankles, calves, knees, thighs. Now he was licking at both edges of my panties right next to my pussy. Connie's hand slipped away and he started knowing on my pussy thru my panties. They must have tasted good, they were sure wet. I put my legs together long enough to let him slide my panties off even as he was kissing my belly lower and lower. There was an aroma that I knew had to be my own sex.

And then Carlos was kissing my pussy lips - OK. They always ask this in the chat rooms. No my pussy wasn't shaved. Black hair there like the black hair on my head. - And now it was Carlos's fingers that were pushed between my lips and rubbing on that sensitive little bump in there. Oh my god the feelings in my tummy. And then as his fingers pushed into my vagina, his tongue took over licking between my lips. I was moaning now. Moaning out loud. As wave after wave of sensation rolled over me, my hole body started shaking. I never knew an orgasm could be so strong. And I could hear Carlos undoing his trousers with his free hand.

He came up between my legs and started rubbing his penis where his fingers and tongue had been. My hips were rocking in involuntary sex motions. He used it to tease my clit and even tickle my butt hole. I felt his cock at my opening. He tickled me there for a while. Then without even asking he slid it in an inch or so. My back arched up against him and suddenly it was inside me. Deep inside me. Plunging in and out in and out. Nothing ever felt so good. I'd never been so ready, so needy. i pushed up against every thrust trying to make it go deeper even though it went all the way in on every stroke. Oh my god. Oh my god. Moaning, moaning.

Jack stopped sucking on my tit and stood up beside me. There was his cock right in my face. It was only the second cock I'd ever seen - I hadn't seen Carlos's before he shoved it in - and so close. It was obvious he wanted to put it in my mouth. I knew people did that so it was OK. I took it in. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do but he started fucking motions and I wrapped my lips around it and tried not to let my teeth scratch it. And I was having such wonderful feelings from Carlos's cock deep inside me though my moans were muffled now.

My orgasm subsided and came back and Carlos was still fucking me. But finally I heard him start to groan. Then his motions became more spasmotic and I felt jets of his semen erupting inside me. I was so happy! My girlfriends knew I had an IUD and I guess they told the men. And so the subject of a condom had been spoken. It seemed like it never stopped coming out of him but even after there was no more, he kept fucking me til he got soft and popped out of me.

I was expecting Jack to cum in my mouth but instead he stopped. As Carlos moved away Jack came around to my feet and suggested I get on my knees. It was awkward on that big chair but when I did, he rubbed me for a bit - I must have been a terrible mess - and then he shoved his cock in. Oh god that felt good. Different that way. So deep. He was obviously ready and it didn't take long before he was moaning too and everything was jetting out. I felt warm all over.

I'd been able to look across the room while that was happening and, wow, Connie was between Julie's legs licking her pussy. Carlos was behind Connie rubbing her pussy and fingering her - he wasn't even hard yet. But after Jack finished inside me Carlos had managed to enter Connie from behind. Me and Jack, we stood up and watched.

Jack was behind me with his damp cock against my butt. He was reaching around and rubbing my boobs and then playing with my pussy as we watched. Carlos decided to treat Julie to some of the same switched to her. By then I could feel Jack's cock getting hard behind me. He bent me over the back of the chair and slid himself in again. I was getting sore inside, so it wasn't as much fun, but somehow it still felt good and I was happy to feel him let go inside me. Carlos finished in Julie.

Julie had to get home in time to clean up before her husband came home. Luke still had a couple hours on his shift, but we all decided to call it a night. I used one of Connie's towels to clean up as best I could. Then I went home and showered and tried my best to use the spray to clean out. My panties and even my pants had evidence of my adultery, so I decided it was time to run the washing machine. Not that it mattered. It was three weeks before Luke came to me for sex.

And I've never been so happy in my life!

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