Brandy : The new neighbor.

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 Lima and Gina were the popular women in the neighborhood. They were housewives who stayed at home all day planning town meeteings and making sure that they stayed busy in everone else's business. They were known for their yearly halloween parties. IT was the only time of year when they could dress like sluts and the neighborhood didn't seem to mind. One week before the halloween party,Brandy, a new housewife moved to the neighborhood.Gina spotted Brandy and her husband mooving and walked over with a pie to invite them to the neighborhod. Brandy and her husband warmly accepted Gina's hospitality. Gina was an tanned skinned italian women with thick legs and a smooth accent. She handed Brandy the pie and the husband left them to take boxes into the house.

"Where did you move here from? asked Gina. "Miami," said Brandy. Gina smiled and said, "Welcome to the neighborhood." She turned to walk away and then stopped, flipped her hair out of her face and invited Brandy to the Hallowwen party next week. BRand gratfully accepted the invitation, she felt good. Gina went home,called Lima and told her about Brandy. The next day Lima came over to Gina's house. She had a photo album in her hands. "DO you think we should initiate her into the neighborhood club?" asked Lima. "I think so she is cute with a nice body we could use some fresh meat" "But we cannot make it easy on her," said Lima. Gina opened the photo album and thumbed through the pages. She began to giggle and said, "DO you remember her?" "How can I forget. It was so much fun initiating her," said Lima. "Too bad she left", Gina said while she licked her index finger and ruubbed it on the photo. Lima got up out of her seat and said, "We better start decoratig for the party." GIna went to the closet and brought out supplies. She brought out a box and opened it. Inside she found a whip and motioned for Lima to come to her. Lima came and Gina slapped her ass withthe whip. "ooooohh," said Lima. "YOu haven't used that thing in a while. Lima and Gina looked through the box and found their customs for the party. Lima's was a bunny custom and Gina was a Amazon.

The night of the halloween party Lima and Gina waited for Brandy to shoe up, as the housed filled with partiers. Lima was getting impatient as she constantly look out the window. Finally, the doorbell ringed. Brandy and her husband were at the door. He was dressed as a pirate and Brandy as a princess. Lima invites them in and yelled to Gina "Brandy and her husband are here". Gina came and greeted them. Then said that they needed to have a little girl time. The husband smiled and walked away to the punch bowl. Brandy, Lima and GIna went to the kitchen. "YOu have a nice home," said Brandy. "Thanks," said Gina. "Brandy is from Miami," said Gina."YOu are new to the neighborhood and I don;t think you have had the opportunity to meet anyone. IS this true?" asked Lima. "No. Not yet," said Brandy. Lima smiled and looked at Gina and she nodded. Gina walked over to Brandy, seated on a bar stool. "We will introduce you to all of the women of the neighborhood. Most of us are housewives and we are reall close," said Gina. "I'm a housewife too," said Brandy. "Great. "We are all friendly in this neighborhood. We formed a all housewive's club, where we get together twice a week and have tea, read books, talk about our lives," said Lima. "That sounds fun. It is a good way to stay sane," said Brandy. Gina walked over to Brandy and put her arm aroung her shoulder. "We would like for you to be a part of our club. YOu are so sweet and we need someone here like you. Some of the women are a little wild," said Gina. "WOuld you like to join us?" asked Lima. "Okay," said Brandy.Lima and Gina smiled and hugged her. "There is one thing,"said Lima. "What is that?" asked Brandy. GIna put down her glass of wine and said, "YOu must pass a test, before you can join. It shows that you will keep the secrets of the club. We say a lot of things about our husband's jobs and such that could make a lot of trouble," said Lima.

"I understand. What kind of test?" asked Brandy with her mouth slightly ajar. "Follow Lima and I," said Gina. Gina and Lima lead Brandy out of the kitchen and to the basement. The basement had steep steps, if it were not for Lima and Gina holding Brandy's hand she would have fallen face first down them. The basement was poorly lighted. Gina walked over and grabbed candles and a lighter out of the slide-board coffee table. She light the candle as Lima and Brandy sat in the couch. "Brandy are you ready?" asked Gina. Brandy nodded her head. Lima got up and stood next to Gina. "Repeat after us, said Lima. "As a housewife member I will keep the codes of order, trust, commitment. I will love the housewife club like a second family and enjoy the benefits it brings. I promise to perform one test to prove my commitment and if I fail I will never be a housewife member." Brandy repeated the oath. "Ok. YOu are ready." said Lima. Gina stood Brandy up and told her to walk into the guest room and they would call her out when they were ready. Once Brandy was in the guest room, Gina and Lima statred giggling. BRandy felt nervous with anticipation. Gina and Lima began to undress. Gina stood in her black lingerie. Lima had on a red night gown with no panties. "Come on out," said Gina. Brandy came out and her eyes met GIna and Lima's figure shocked. Lima told her to come ot her and not be shy. BRandy walked slowly to them. GIna began to rub her head. BRandy jerked away. "Don't you want to be one of us?" asked Gina. "You know this is a lonely neighborhood without any friends and I bet your husband will run into a lot of trouble at work if he has no friends, maybe even loose his job," Lima said as she firmly grabbed Brandy's ass. "What are you two freaks talking about?" cried Brandy. "Don;t touch me. I'm leaving. BRandy turned and Gina grabbed her by the arm. "DO you not get a hint bitch? If you leave you and your husband can kiss your new lives in this town good bye."

Brandy turned around quietly. "Okay. what do you want me to do?" "Just relax," said Lima. "We are sisters if, you pass this test and we have to be comfortable with one another,"said lima. Gina grabbed Brandy's shoulder strap and pulled her costume off he shoulders. Brandy stood there trembling. Lima began massaging her shoulders. "Just relax. We'll take goods care of you." Lima unhooked Brandy's bra and out popped her breasts. She had nice milky whit breasts with perky nipples and very tiny areolas. Gina couldn't stop herself as she hungrily stretched out her tongue and licked Brandy's nipple. She encircled it with her toungue very slowly. Brandy began to breath heavily. Lima grabbed Brandy's custom and pulled it down further and finally off her hips and told her to step out of it. Brandy had a slim waist, nice curvy hips and a tight ass. Lima complimented her on it before she happily and firmly slapped each cheek. "Owwwww," yelled Brandy. Lima then pulled down her white panties. Brandy's ass cheeks were silky white too. Lima kneeled behind her. She could see Brandy's pink, shaved,pussy lips. They were so fat that they made her ass scheeks spread without touching them. Lima was a bigger junkie for Brandy's body than Gina, who was pinching, licking and sucking Brandy's now swollen nipples, as she sat on the floor, tilted her head backward and pushed her toungue deep between Brandy's fat lips. Brandy's eyes bulgeed,"stay out of there. My husband doesn't like anyone in my pussy but him!" Lima replied, "It's our pussy now." Lima lapped up Brandy's juices like a rescued man in the desert. She used her fingers to spread open Brandy's soft, pink lips and let her to do the fucking. Brandy hated every minute of it, but out of her control she began to feel waves of pleasure shoot all over her body; down her legs, in her feet and most importantly in her pussy. Gina mutilated Brandy's nipples with her tongue, teeth, and lips. Gina finally let Brandy's nipples rest and began slapping her tis with her hand. Brandy moaned loudly and threw her head back in extasy as Gina quickly began sucking her clit. "Ohhhhh! fuck me! Gary!" yelled Brandy as she confused Lima's tonguing with her husband. Brandy began to drop ger hips onto Lima's tongue. Lima's face was glossed with Brandy's juices and she eagerly awaited Brandy to cum in her mouth. Brandy let out a strong orgasmic release when Gina restarted her tongue atack on Brandy's breast's.

After Brandy came. Lima and Gina grabbed Brandy's limp body and threw her on the couch like a common whore. Brandy lay there sprawled on the couch totally worn.Lima begand licking her lips and Gina kissed her and they shared Brandy's fluid treat. Gina reached inside the table and pulled out a dildo. Gina grabbed Brandy's limp legs and flung them over her head. Brandy, still dizzy, looked down and saw as Gina was about to insert the dildo in her and yelled, "NO!!!!!!!! stop. please no. no. no" "Why, do you want to nbe with us or not?" "Please no I'll do anything else just don't penetrate me. I promised to never let anyone do that but my husband. I'll do anything else." Lima said ok as she remembered how good Brandy's pussy tasted. Lima walked over to Gina and whispered in her ear.

Lima told Brandy to stand up and she as Gina removeed their clothes. Lima. Gina had a tanned curvy body with thick legs and huge breasts. Lima, on the other hand, had a model styled body. She had long legs, a slim waist and small breasts.Lima lay on the couch with her legs spread, exposing her moist maine of hair. "come here Brandy,"said Lima. Brandy slowly lowered her head to Lima's pussy. Lima told her to keep her mouth open and never close it or Gina would penetrate her pussy, as she grabbed her firmly by the hair. Brandy began to lick Lima's bush.As she licked, Lima got wetter and wetter. Lima's bush became matted with her own juices. "Make sure you get into it bitch," said Lima as she pulled Brandy off her pussy and slapped her in the face. "Just think about your pretty pussy geting penetrated. I would hate to ruin that for your husband. I know he likes it becasu it felt so good on my tongue," said Lima. Gina watched from the floor with her legs spread wide apart. Brandy spat on Lima's pussy and strted to lick it like crazy. She imagined it was her husband's cock.She licked so wildly that Lima's pussy hair kept getting stuck between her teeth. "Ohhh fuck!" yelled Lima as Brandy pulled her pubes from her pleasured flesh. Gina fingered her pussy friviously as she watched Brandy turn into a total slut. Lima's rgasm continued to build after each lick, finally when Brandy stuck her tongue inside of her cunt she let out a "oooooooooooooooghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aahhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" and pounded her thin hips into brandy's face. Gina could no longer take the tease of Lima's pussy aroma.

Gina pulled Brandy by the hair, off of Lima and got in doggystyle on the table. "Lick it bitch!" Gina said licking and biting he puckered lips.Brandy spread her ass cheeks and stuck her tongue inside of Gina's pussy. Gina turned around furious. "No! Bitch. What the fuck are you doing?, she slapped brandy. "you told me to eat you."cried Brandy as sh rubbed her cheek. Gina bent back over and said, "This hole slut, pointing to her anus. Not my pussy." "I'm noy licking that. That's disgusting." Gina turned around and grabbed her by the head and slapped her repeatedly, until she started crying. "listen bitch. I spared your pussy, but I can take it." "NO please I'll do it," said Brandy. By this time Lima got up fresh from her cum. She pulled Brandy's hair back out of her face and Gina bent over in doggystyle on the table. Gina spread her cheeks. They were tanned and the skin around the anus was really dark. Brandy began to lick across Gina's ass hole. "Ummmmm," moaned Gina. Brandy licked slowly and hated it. Lima pushed her head into Gina's ass and told her to keep her tongue out at all times. Gina began to push her ass against Brandy's tongue, and it pushed inside of her ass hole.

"ooohhhhhhhhhhhh shittttttttttt!" moaned an excited Gina. "go deep into my ass. deep into my ass." lima pushed Brandy's head harder and BRandy grabbed her hand and pushed it away. "I got it, "she yelled at Lima. " LEave he alone she's cleaning my ass hole good." Lima walked away and Brandy began to prove her enjotment. SHe grabbed both of Gina;s cheeks firmly and spread then as fas as they could go. She burried her tongue inside of GIna's ass. Gina's hole tightened around Brandy's tongue and she went nuts.Brandy twirled her tongue inside of Gina's ass hole and out right tongue fucked her anus as Gina fingered her own pussy.Gina's ass hole began to open and close irregulay and suddnely GIna farted into Brandy's mouth. "Cahah! Cah! caah!" coughed Brandy as she let go Gina's ass cheeks and turned away with her face to the floor. She had her breath taken away. "BItch! what the hell was that. That was so gross. Why did you do that?" Gina jumped up from the table and grabbed rany by the hair. "Hahaha haha!"Lima laughed hysterically. "You got her with the stink hole bomb." Brandy was catching her breath and stared at Gina with eyes of rage. "Get your little ass up and eat my ass until I'm content." "No. Not after what you did to me. That was grossss," she said while fanning her mouth and face with her hand.

Lima got up and grabbed Brandy and gina helped her. they threw her on the couch. Gina held her legs up in the air and Lina pushed the dildo into the mouth of her pussy. "STOPPPPPPPPPP> I'lll do it!!!!!!!!! I'lll do it!!!!!!" "That's what I thought," said Gina. "You are two dirty bastards. How can you get off by farting in someone's mouth?" Gina grabbed her by the hair as sh spread parted on cheek and pushed Brandy's head inside. Brandy let out her tongue and started to lick her ass hole. Puupppppppp! Brandy squinted her face and coughed. Gina slapped her face and said, "get used to it whore. You are the worst member we ever inducted. Just shut the fuck up and lick ass!" Brandy licked her ass again and again. In totlly GIna farted in her mout 25 times. Brandy's breath smelled like pure shit, and her nipples were fire red and chaffed. GIna and Lima inducted her into the housewives club and told her she had to do one final thing before she was in. She had to go and kiss her husband with her shit smelling breath. She kissed him and he gagged from her pungent smell. They told her the first meeting was next week.

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