Boss's Wife

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I am a supervisor for an industrial general contractor. This causes me to travel to different job sites across the country and oversee different crews. My wife and I fell into the hot wife / cuckold lifestyle several years ago and this job has also created many wonderful opportunities for us to continue in that also. You see, we are respectable members of our small town community. My wife is president of the PTA and other various conservative organizations. Along with being very beautiful and sexy she is a horny nympho but you couldn’t tell by seeing her day to day. Every time we go shopping for clothes and I find her something hot enough to suit her true self she says, “I can’t wear that out, I will have to save it for a special occasion”. She buys it and up it goes into the closet until the next time she gets to go out of town with me.

The crews I supervise are made up of workers from all over the country so none of them know anything about my wife or my personal life. I do have a reputation for being a good guy to work for because of all the after hours perks I provide if they do a good job. The main perk that has made me a legend is my tradition of hiring strippers and hookers towards the end of a job. Of course what none of them know is that one of the “hookers” is always my own wife. Here is what happened the last time.

I had been stationed in Texas for 3 weeks and the job was finishing up right on schedule. By this time my wife and I were so horny from being apart that we were desperate for any type of relief. I always have a room by myself and the other guys bunk up two to a room. I had spent the last three weeks summing up the crew as much as the job. There were two guys in the room next to mine that were young, single and horny. Ron and Brent. I had made it a point to befriend them in particular and had been slowly putting ideas in their heads about them “gang banging some slut” in their room. Now they were ready and I was on the way to the airport to pick up my wife.

She came strutting off the plane in one of her “put up” outfits. Short, tight skirt with thin, sheer blouse and spiked, platform high heels. Her bare legs were ending with bright red toenails. Her long blonde hair was framing her blue eyes and red lips. We met in an energetic and sexual embrace. We were both ready to fuck right there. I know I was rock hard and I am sure she was wet. We walked to baggage claim looking like we were on our honeymoon. When we finally got to the car in the garage, I pushed her against the door and began kissing her mouth, face and neck while my hands explored her breast with her thin blouse still covering them. I unbuttoned a couple of her blouse buttons and lowered my mouth to her breast and run one hand up her bare leg and under her skirt. She let out a gasp when my fingers found her hot, moist panties. She was spreading her legs wider as I began trying to put my fingers under her panties. When I was a fraction of a second away, she pushed me away and began buttoning up her blouse. I would have picked her up and fucked right there against the car if she would have let me.

We made it to the hotel around 8pm. I looked around to make sure none of my crew saw me carrying her bags to my room. Once we were safely inside we began to make out standing up once more. Once more I got within a fraction of her pussy and she stopped me. She held me at arms length and said, “it’s not for you yet.” She sat on the edge of the bed and crossed her sexy legs, dangling one high heel sexily from her foot. “Get down on your knees at my feet where you belong” she said. I went to my knees and immediately slipped her pump the rest of the way off and began to rub and mouth her now bare foot. It felt as good to her foot after having been trapped in those heels all day as it did to her mind having her husband kneeling before her under her power. She lifted her foot with the heel still on it and pressed it into my already uncomfortably swollen crotch. All I could do was hump it and moan while I continued to lick her foot and rub her legs. 

“Stand up” she ordered. “Take your pants off” she demanded after I stood. I was so horny I was shaking as I yanked my pants and shorts off. My cock sprang free and stood straight out and was almost curled upwards it was so hard. My balls were aching while she admired my full 7 inches. “Mmmm, nice cock, too bad it won’t get any of this pussy” she teased as she spread her legs and stroked her still panty covered pussy. “Grab it” she ordered. I wrapped my hand around it and squeezed while she watched and smiled. She lifted her legs and placed her one bare foot on one of my hips and her other high heel on my other hip. She pulled her panties aside and showed me her shaved pussy. It was beautiful and glistening wet with the lips slightly parted. I looked down at the wonderful sight and began to jack off without even being told. “Turn it loose” she said just moments before I was about to explode. She placed her toes that were visible through the open toed heels under my cock and lifted it up against my stomach until the bottom of her pumps were mashing my cock into my stomach and her spiked heel was digging into my balls. It was slightly uncomfortable but extremely erotic so all I could do was push against her while she grinned madly at the sight herself. She moved her heel back to my hip and traded it for her bare foot and repeated the process. This time it was totally pleasurable feeling her bare skin against my bare cock finally. 

Her panties were still pulled to the side and she placed her fingers with long red nails at the top of her pussy and called my attention to it. She began to tease me about how tight and wet and hot it was and how much it was ready for a good fucking. I was looking at her pussy just a couple of feet away while my cock was getting trampled under her foot and wanting to fuck her so bad that I was about to cum. Then she said “ too bad you won’t be the one getting it first.” “I can hardly wait until I can get gang banged by 2 of your workers while you lay here waiting for me with your dick in your hand” she said. Then she slid her fingers down over her cunt and spread it to show me how beautiful and wet it was. She closed her eyes and moaned with pleasure at the same time and I felt myself go over the edge. She felt the underside of my cock begin to pulsate and swell against the sole of her foot. She opened her eyes just in time to see my cock explode cum straight up in the air against my chest and stomach, then rain down on her foot and leg. She just kept massaging the underside of my cock and my balls with her foot, coaxing every drop of cum out.

“Good boy, but look at the mess you have made” she said when I was finished. She was referring to the cum that was now covering the top of her foot and splashed onto her leg. “It won’t do to have me show up next door with cum already on me now will it?” she asked. I was weak at the knees so all I could do was shake my head. “Get back on your knees where you belong and lick it off” she commanded. I was still in a daze as I went down and began to do it. Tasting cum on my wife’s bare skin was erotic enough but the fact that it was mine and it was on her feet was enough to snap my brain back in gear. Especially since it was obviously making her even hotter making me do it. My chest and head was pounding for me to fuck her by the time I was finished, but my cock was shriveled and dead between my legs. It always took awhile for my dick to recuperate. I begged her to at least let me eat her pussy. She said “no.” She let me kiss all the way up her thigh until I was only inches from it. I could see it and even smell it’s sweet freshness but she refused. She said I could eat it all I wanted after she came back from next door, but she wanted her pussy fresh and unspoiled for the men. She was about to go wild herself since she hadn’t even had the relief of an orgasm like me. This combined with the fact that my dick was beginning to thicken back up made her say it was time to go. She knew if she stayed any longer we would have been fucking like mad ourselves and that would have spoiled half of the fun. So she straightened her panties and slipped her shoe back on while I got my pants back on. We stood and kissed again and she whispered in my ear, “ you can lay here in bed with your dick in your hand while I am getting fucked next door.” With that said, we headed next door.

I had already told Ron and Brent that I was going to bring them a high class hooker tonight so they were pumped and ready when they opened the door. They both stood at the door looking at my wife from head to toe like a piece of meat. She just smiled at them and enjoyed their appreciation. So did I. “Well are y’all going to let me in or keep me out here in the hall just to look at?” she asked. They fumbled out of her way as she turned to me and said with a wink “ okay, I won’t be needing you any more.” She turned back and walked through the door and it closed in my face behind her. I went back to my room and stripped and stood against the wall with my ear pressed to it and my dick in my hand. I couldn’t hear much to start with but I knew what was happening from other times and because she told me every detail later. She went to work on them like a pro.

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