Boss Called Me Good Girl

(Part 1 from 2)

All the friends and colleagues called me the shorten name of Nelu instead of Nelumini. It became my pet name as well as popular among others. I got my first appointment as a secretary in private sector firm. Lot of happy memories gathered in my life since my first appointment. Meanwhile, I had to give resignation to my first job at age 29 for better prospectus of the future. I was sure my experience and qualifications would help me to find better place. While I was seeking a new job, I applied for Personal Secretary of leading well established company engaged with garment industry.

I believed the first appearance of an interview leads to get better perception of the interview board. Therefore, I dressed up with a sari as accepted official attire and put a knot behind the head by combing hair back tightly, because long visible neck is suitable for the dress like sari. Tiny little greenish slide on the knot was matched with the light green sari designed with dark green checks. Sari jacket was low cut neck with short sleeves and colour in dark green. Black beads necklace, earrings and shoes were suited to the dress too. Neat dressing and faire complex of me contrasted with extra beauty.

Although, I had experience in my carrier, I felt little bit nervous in front of the interview board. One senior director and two executives were in the panel. The director interrogated me while other two gentlemen examined the testimonials. Director had tough look and good personality. I guessed that he was passing mid fifties of his age. Other guys were young and smart.

Director’s questions were very straight and concise. I noticed while he was interrogating me, his eyes ran over my body with extra attention. Once I caught his eyes was gazing at the cleavage of my breast due to low cut neck of the jacket. I adjusted the sari to cover the opening. I ignored his sharp look because I had faced these kinds of things frequently in my life. I believed that attractive and well shaped figure of me brought me sexy look. I had self proud ness about my beauty because I had noticed, not only men even females gazed at me with admiring look mostly in public places.

The interview ended with typical answer of “We will inform you”. It passed one and half week without any response. I gave up the idea about the new job, but suddenly one Friday a call came to my hand phone with good news. I had been selected to the post and asked me to sign the agreement on Monday. I was happy because of prospects of the new place. All the weekend holidays used to purchase few cloths and stuffs needed.

I went to new place in time on Monday morning. Receptionist on the helping desk asked me to wait till receives a call to come in. One person accompanied me to the Director’s room. But door was closed. Nobody could open the door from outside. Anybody who wanted to meet him had to push the button on the door. I entered to the room and I heard the door closed automatically. It was a huge room with valuable luxury office wears. The director Mano seated behind the huge executive table. The coolness of the air conditioner gave me a freshness and chilly feelings.
“Good morning. May I come? Sir” I wish him politely.

He raised his left hand slightly and told “Sure” without looking at me. I sat on the seat in front of his table. He continued his work with a file without glancing at me. I felt that my heart beat was up and felt little scared of new environment. On the other hand I was lucky to have an opportunity to work in such an affluent office environment. Director’s room was located at 9th floor of the building and it gave a good aerial view of the city through the blinds fixed on the windows.

He raised his face up and looked at me sharply. My fingers sought the strap of the hand bag which was on the table. I adjusted pink colour sari tail which was over the shoulder nervously.
“You are welcome to this office. First of all you will have to listen carefully about your duty. You have to work me. You know all the function of secretary’s and confidential personal assistant roll. The coordination is essential with buying offices and merchandizes. Actually I am really busy here. So I hope your assistance will help me to get rid off the stress of work as an office partner. Long hours and field visits are included in your duty.”

He explained the responsibility of the job with steady voice and very concise manner. But I was little bit confused with what he meant about an office partner. So I listened to his words with care to get an idea he expected.

“You know why I selected you. Your personality, beauty and figure appearance became added qualification for the selection. I hope you will help me to relax my mind after heavy days of office matters within these four walls. Therefore, I offered big salary with a car facility and other benefits.”

I analyzed the things that he disclosed. Sometime he meant his personal needs should be fulfilled by me. But he stressed that is only for this room. Therefore, I was unable come a conclusion that he proposed a wrong thing.

He raised his voice again. “Tell me if you like or not, no matter, you have to decide”

“No Sir, I agree to sign the agreement.” I replied him without showing nervousness in the mind. I signed the agreement with his wishes and determined to do the job with care for his entire satisfaction.

“Nelu” That was first time he called my name.
“You have to change your dressing pattern. Here after no sari. And I like the all appreciate me selecting a very cute luscious girl as a secretary. So I hope you will change accordingly into fast and show off figure.” His voice was commendable than request.

His suggestion made me happy thoughts because I thought that he was conventional type. However I realized that he liked to have a modern, sexy, fashionable secretary not only to work efficiently but to ease the pressure of business too as well as pleasing clients who came to his office.

There was a separate cubical with attached wash room for me. In addition to my room I had to work on the computer table which was in front of the director’s table facing him. Actually I was really happy about the working environment of this luxury office.

First and second week, I paid my entire attention to pick up the work. Boss appreciated me for picking up the work very soon. One day he asked me to work with the computer which was in front of him because it was easy to dictate letters. Hence I used to come to that table in afternoon when he was available for the office matters.

One evening he came to my table and just looked at the screen of my computer to see what I was typing.

“I think pink colour is suitable for you” I smiled with him as a reaction to his suggestion. But I got confused because I dressed up with blue colour tight mini skirt and white blouse with long sleeves. I guessed he might was colour blind. After tea time, I went to washroom to get a refresh. Then I rolled up the skirt and pulled down the panty to put pee. Immediately I just remembered the words that boss mention because I had worn pink colour panty. Definitely he had seen that I was wearing a pink panty through the open space of under the computer table. Even though I felt shy, I managed to behave without any change in front of him.

Hereafter I concerned about the keeping legs when I was working in front of him. Next day, he had noticed that I paid extra attention to keep the legs together not to expose things to his eye sight. In evening, he came to my desk and opened his mouth with steady voice.

“Nelu, listen carefully, I selected you at the interview and later I gave you instruction before signing the agreement because you are not merely secretary of me that is why I told you about an office partner scenario. Your smile, intelligent, beauty and sexy look are resources to this office. As you know, it is not easy thing to control a big office like this. Most of the time, I am under pressure with the business matters. So I expect to keep me out of the stress aggregate during the day. I don’t mean to keep you as casual partner. If I want that kind of life, I can go to richest night clubs in the town and pay highest charging whores. Think Nelu, you can please me and if you are not ready, better to leave the place.”

He finished the things with commendable voice and left the office remaining a big weight on my head. I was in great puzzle. Actually he had expected pleasant and free behaviors of me would reduce the pressure of his business life.

When I was on the bed at my compartment I determined to please him in the office using my good and sexy appearance as he wished. Therefore I had to pay extra attention on my dresses and costumes too. I knew he was busy in day time and almost out of the office in morning session. He used to get a relaxation in evening. Therefore, he thought to get involved me as a partner of his office with free behaviors beyond the official respects.

Next day, I dressed up with shortest mini skirt and with beautiful low cut neck blouse. In evening, when he was at the table, I went to my desk in front of him. I did my work as normal way thinking about my new task. Eventually, I opened up my thighs time to time to expose inside to get his attention. I caught his eyes one time were gazing at my crouch. I too got hot feelings of this exhibitionism and I loved it. Naturally, most of the women like to get attraction of opposite sex by exhibiting their parts of body such as boobs, buttocks, thighs and legs etc. But I had to do this purposely because it has become a duty of my job.

Boss came to my desk and told “Now, it is confirmed that you won’t leave the place and I appreciate white colour is also good for you” He went out with a smile on his face. However my effort had been succeeded and thanked to god of not seeing the wet patches on the panty. I was unable to think that why I got wet from this incident.

One evening, I wanted to meet him to get his signature for the business documents. With an intention of pleasing him, two top buttons of the blouse were unfastened and opened the collar to expose my breast. It was really provocative, grown boobs looked like jumping out because of low cut neck bra that I worn with the strap fixed close to armpits. When I was leaning over his desk, he could get clear view of my boobs and the cleavage of these twin chunks. He smiled and said good girl. After signing the documents he poked the pen between the boobs and told “Your pen is lucky” It made a laugh to both of us.

Sometime I purposely bent the body to find the files in the filling cabinets projecting my back to him. The view of my round hip and widen fair thighs with high heel shoes turned him on definitely. When I bent body over the cells of filling cabinets, sometime stretchy mini skirts went up to see the panty even. If he was happy, of all these things, he used the word “good girl”.

One day, after a heavy busy schedule he was sitting on his seat. I went to his desk to get the approval for some payments. After signing of documents, he looked direct at my eyes. “You know today is really big day for me, because I had to do hard work to get the approval of bank loan. So I hope that you will relax me”. I smiled with him and thought about how to please him. He was really crazy with women’s body appearance and nudity.

I went to my wash room. When I was front of the mirror I got an idea to do. I removed my yellow colour U neck blouse exposing maroon colour bra. Not only that, I took off the dark brown knee length tight skirt too. Normally, I didn’t wear underskirt after getting this new job. Panty was same colour as bra and very brief. T shape back and tiny triangle covered pubic area in front exposed almost all the thighs and round buttocks with fleshy bums. I adjusted slim shoulder straps of the bra to keep the boobs perfect and rose up the tiny waist band of the panty to look sexy. The image on the mirror was very luscious and sexy. Black high heels with straps brought additional look to my sexy appearance. I loosened the hair from the slide and let to fall around the shoulders. I was really look like a sex scandal in a play boy magazine.

I entered into his room with surely of nobody can come into his room because of remote door closer fixed to his table. I was crossing the room came up to my computer table. I just stared at him. His face had brightened with big smile. As usual I did typing and others office needs with this sexy attire. He came to my desk. “You are really pleasing me. Good girl. You are beautiful like Venus.” That was first time that he used so many words to appreciate me. But he never touched me as we had an agreement for that. He looked with utmost pleasure at every movement of me till he left the office. When he was leaving, he remembered me, not forgetting cloths before go home. We laughed together.

Few days went on without any significant. So I wanted to do something that he had banned to do. Very first day he told me that he didn’t like to see wearing saris. Therefore, I selected a reddish Kashmir sari with an elegant border on it. It was fully back opened thread crossing deep neck jacket. No needed bra, cups were fixed on to the jacket itself. I took long time to dress up in front of the mirror because I was afraid that he would scold me definitely.

I wrapped the sari around the hip just over the pubic area. Therefore, it exposed body shape and curves provocatively. Big belly button made good look for anybody to make their hot feelings. On that evening, I appeared in front of him with few files covering my bust. As I anticipated, his eyes were widened and made little smile on his lips.

“Wow, you are great.”
“Thanks Sir”
I walked back to the computer table. I knew his eyes were admiring lovely view of my features behind. I had noticed when I was walking booty cheeks swung side to side with an instinctive rhythm. Meanwhile, I heard his voice behind me.

“But you know you have violated one of my rules. So I will have to punish you.” I went back to his table with the doubt ness and fear. I kept files on the table. At the same time the tail of the sari slipped off the shoulder unveiling the bust area. I didn’t try to bring the tail as it was. I glanced at him timidly. His eyes had sharpened and brightened with my lustful appearance.

“Why don’t you ask about the punishment?”
“Sorry Sir, I don’t do again.” I apologized to him.
He laughed, looking at my timid face.
“Punishment is that you will have to fix a ring on your lovely belly button. When you do that, it will hurt you. That is the punishment I give you. But you made me really delighted by dressing up a sari. So I give you a gift voucher to buy a beautiful sari.” I laughed with big relief.

At the weekend, I had to find a place for piercing body jewelers. Fortunately, there was a place close to my compartment. That was a place for tattoos, body painting and piercing. A lady worker did it efficient way by fixing a very beautiful blue tassel on upper side of the naval. It was really hurting by pulling skin and piercing. That was very beautiful studded tassel hanging on the belly button. It took two to three days for healing the pain.

Next week, Boss went to Bangkok for business matters by assigning duties to follow on. I felt little boring because of his absent. There was an envelop cover on my table mentioning “Good Girl”. I hurried to open it. It was a big amount of gift voucher of leading sari shop. I really enjoyed with the happiness and the relationship with boss.

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