Border Crossing

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This is not the sort of half baked thing you just up and do. In fact it took a few weeks for the yeast to cause the bread to rise. And then there was the research.

The story happened when we were juniors at Wayne State in Detroit. Looking back, the event that planted the seed occurred when a senior we knew was arrested -- for prostitution! Sheila always dressed a bit slutty, but nobody guessed she was making money that way. Of course, when the story broke, we were able to find Sheila's ad on - fake fantasy Date 20 In/Out. Her face was blurred out, but it was her, for sure. nice tits! Unfortunately, one of her admirers was a cop.

This created quite a stir - we all were talking about it. Two themes emerged when my two suite mates and I had enough to drink to get really excited talking about it. First was the curiosity factor - we wondered what it was like to have sex for money, with a stranger? Couldn't be that bad, could it? Well maybe some of them are ugly or old or mean, but there had to be some good ones.

And second, somebody reported that prostitution was legal in Canada. Just a few miles away in Windsor, Ontario, Sheila could have sold her skinny pussy legally - American fantasy Date 20 In/Out! Was she stupid or what? Wonder what she charged. What's that about in/out? Not about a man's penis it turned out.

Then the dance began as we voice one little idea after another. Did you ever think of doing that? Would you go across to do it? Do you have a passport? I'd be too scared. So would I. Maybe if we went together. mom and dad would kill me.

We didn't really decide to do anything at first, but we kept looking things up. Over time, we learned what different quality girls would charge and how to arrange for contacts. Somebody even looked up hotels. We figured we were worth about $200 an hour and laughed about how we were giving it away for free all the time. Well at least we knew the guys. I would go back to my room and masturbate every time this came up, but we were still just fantasizing.

Anyway, the night came when we decided to do it and started working out the details. First we had to have pictures - the kind that would lure the men but hide our identity. We decided to go as "American College Trio Take Your Pick." So we took a picture of the three of us standing side to side with only our panties on. We each had one arm across our nipples and the other pulling the waist of our panties down as far as we thought was decent (LOL). Marla cropped that one so our faces didn't show. Then there were the individual pictures, mostly from behind.

Anne searched out an old fashioned motel with doors on the parking lot so our customers didn't have to go thru the lobby.

We thought we were ready to go when Anne mentioned that some of the men might want a 3-some. I was taken aback because I'd never done that. And worse, she said they might want to have the two girls have sex first!. And I'd NEVER done THAT!

So we decided to have a training session. I was totally shy and a little grossed out, to be honest. I couldn't do it.

Finally, Anne said she would show me.

As Marla looked on, Anne unbuttoned my blouse as she started french porno kissing me. She reached around behind me and unclipped my bra. Her cool hands brushed across my nipples. I was actually getting wet. My eyes were closed but I felt her press her lips against my nipple. And then the other. Oh my god, she was suckling me!

She guided me to the edge of the bed. I flopped back with my feet hanging down over the edge. Anne reached up my skirt and pulled down my panties. I was so wet and so embarrassed at the same time. She was kissing my thighs and working her way up up up. I felt her cool fingers rubbing my oh so sensitive lips. Then as she started kissing my lips her finger probed deeper and found my hard little clit. I couldn't imagine how I could get so aroused when I was so embarrassed, but it was happening.

She had me going pretty loud when her tongue took over where her finger had been and two fingers found their way deep into my vagina. I was already cumming and Marla was sucking one nipple and rubbing the other. The in/out (those words again) motion of Anne's fingers sent me through one of the strongest orgasms ever. Then it was over.

Anne said, "Your turn!" and I almost died. She could see the fear on my face. "Here," she said, "I'll undress for you." And she did. Anne was a pretty girl with nice round B tits and a flat tummy. Her pussy was shaved except for a little decoration out front. (I would have to shave myself, too!)

"Just pretend you are a man. Do what a man would do and you'll be fine." Oh yeah, sure! Maybe this Canada thing wasn't such a good idea.

Anyway, she put both my hands on her breasts and sighed convincingly when I rubbed them. Then she took one of my hands and guided it between her legs. "Rub me, please." I could feel she was wet as I rubbed her outside. Then, "Rub my clit!" And I did.

Her moans and sighs got more and more irregular as I managed to get her cumming. "Put your finger in - be the man! Moan." Her insides felt so hot as they enveloped my fingers. What a nice feeling. And her hips were thrusting her up every time I pushed my fingers deeper.

"Oh yes. Oh yes," she moaned, "Lick me. Oh god. Lick me, too." That didn't bother me as much as I expected and she tasted so sweet. I fingered her and licked her and, with my fingers out, pushed my tongue into her, like so many guys had done to me. And then we both took care of Marla.


So the big night finally came. We crossed over that afternoon. I just knew the US and Canadian border guards could tell what we were up to. I tried not to look embarrassed as they barely glanced at our passports. The motel wasn't far. I'm pretty sure the desk clerk actually did know what we were doing. 3 girls asking for 2 rooms? Right. He smiled at us, said have a good evening and handed us the keys. We already had a Canadian cell phone and a stash of condoms - way too many it turned out.

We put up the ad with all the pictures and our number and waited. It wasn't long before we started scheduling appointments. We told the men we wanted $200 for one hour with one of us. If they wanted a threesome we had decided we would just charge double since we hadn't figured out what the going rate actually was.

The first man arrived. A heavy set fellow whose finger betrayed the missing wedding ring. We lined up in front of him in our short skirts and halters and recited our pseudonyms: I was Darling, Anne was Melody and Marla was Angel. He picked Angel - she was a bit more filled out, so to speak, than Anne, I mean Melody, and me. Marla/Angel kissed him and took him next door.

Next a reasonably fit business type, Jeff, showed up and picked me. He hadn't bothered to take off his wedding ring. Anne/Melody slipped outside and waited in the car with a book. Jeff was tall, with jet black hair, nicely groomed and actually fairly handsome. He put an envelope on the bureau. I assumed it had some money in it.

I realized I was incredibly nervous and it showed. My hands were trembling as I moved close to him. I couldn't look him in the eye. Then I forced myself to look into his face. "Are you OK," he asked. I admitted I'd never done this before.

I let him take off my top and my bra and helped him undress too. He kissed me on the lips and then kissed my neck and my shoulder and both nipples. We laid on the bed and I felt him unzip my little skirt and slide it and my panties off. He knelt at my feet and I saw his erect cock. He picked up my leg and started kissing my foot and my ankle and my calf and my thigh. I let him kiss my pussy lips and lick me - I learned later what a huge mistake that could have been - and I was so very ready for him.

"Where are your condoms?" he asked. I had left them across the room in my purse. It almost broke the mood as I jumped up and ran over there. But I tore one off and ripped open the wrapper. He let me unroll it over his cock and I started to suck him. I guess he didn't want to cum that way cause he stopped me after a while.

"How do you want it," I asked.

"You on top."

So he laid on his back and I crawled over him with one knee on each side of his chest. I sat back with his very hard cock just in front of me and rubbed it for good luck. Then I scotched forward enough that it was just below my entrance. I used it to masturbate my clit a little and then eased myself down on him. I sat all the way down til it was pressing hard against my cervix. I stayed like that for the few seconds it takes for wonderful spasms to overtake me and then we were at it.

After a couple minutes, he wanted to switch to doggy and finally missionary. That's how he came. I was already on my second O! I slipped off his condom and threw it in the wastebasket. Soon he was caressing me as we lay side by side on the bed.

He was getting aroused again well before his hour was up and I knew enough to wash a man off before putting on another condom. I ran to the bathroom and got a washcloth wet with warm water. I cleaned him off and slipped on the new condom.

He asked me what it would cost to do anal? I had no idea but it wouldn't be the first time for me and he wasn't so huge that I couldn't do it. He said, how about $100.

"OK." I ran to the bathroom and, well, let's just say made room for him.

I had thought to bring extra lube but I had sometimes had good luck with my own juices and the lubricated condom. So I laid him on his back and first took his organ in my vagina. Then I smiled at him, pulled off and put his tip against my butt hole. I relaxed as best I could and eased myself down. He slid in easily. I leaned back so he could watch and he started pumping pumping pumping. I love doing it that way because his tip was actually pressing against my vagina and the inside of my clit thru the wall of my butt hole. I get incredible orgasms that way and this time was no different. He didn't last very long either - I guess that opening is pretty tight.


Anne and Marla came in as he left. Marla had a big smile on her face, but Anne was bummed having to wait in car. Fortunately, the next man, Ben, wanted a threesome with me and Anne/Melody. Marla/Angel took another guy in the second room.

Ben put his envelope down and the two of us pawed over him. He was an older gent, but still attractive, apparently not married. We took off his shirts and rubbed his hairy chest. Then I took off Anne's halter and her sweet titties popped out. She did the same for me and his hands were splitting their time among all four boobs. Anne knelt down and started to undo his pants as I started kissing him all over his face. I felt his hard cock bump against my hip as he shuffled out of his shoes and dropped trousers.

Anne was holding his cock in one hand and unzipping my skirt with the other. Soon it dropped to the floor. She pushed him and me closer together so she could rub his organ against my panties which were getting wetter every second. Then she pulled down my panties and motioned me to kneel with her. We both were kissing his shaft up and down and even his helmet. She surprised me when she took it bare into her mouth, but she suprised me even more when it came out of her mouth with a condom on it!

Anne gave it to me and I took it in my mouth. She stood up beside us and slid her skirt and panties off in a very erotic fashion. Then she pushed him back and stood in front of me with her legs slightly apart. I knew what she wanted. Soon I was kissing her little patch of fur and she rolled her hips so I could lick between her legs. I pushed two fingers up inside her and she was moaning. Ben was masturbating, trying not to cum as this unfolded. We managed to work our way over to the bed and Anne flopped down on her back.

I was kneeling between her legs, my knees almost falling off the bottom of the bed. I felt Ben maneuver himself behind me. He kissed and licked my pussy - another no no i know - and slid his fingers in. Anne was cumming and so was I when I felt him stand up and start to fuck me. oh my god!

He'd been in me for two or three minutes, I suppose, when he pulled out and moved me aside. He got down on Anne and wasted no time pushing his cock into her pussy. He was kissing her, playing with her breasts and fucking her all at the same time. Her moans were not faked. Nor were his as he filled the condom.

All of this was so new to me and I had to be a whore to have it. We split the money 3 ways that night. And we went back a couple more times to set up our little business. My share was almost $3,000.

I've never told my husband about this. There are stories about bored wives earning "pin money" a certain way. I don't know. Would it really be that wrong? We're moving overseas for a couple years. Attitudes are different there, aren't they? Aren't they?

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