Book store show

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I stopped at a book store in Azusa CA not long ago. It has a funny set up. Instead of booths it has room that is split in half with straight porn showing on a 60" flat screen on one side, and gay porn showing on the other. About 9 folding chairs sitting around the walls on each side. There is a sliding door opening up in the middle, where anybody can walk in at any time.

It's kind of a weird set up. I went in and sat on the Regular Porn side. There was an old guy, and an Asian/Islander guy in his mid 30's on that that side. On the other side was a guy that looked like middle age engineer wearing tan Dockers, short sleeve button up shirt, pin in his shirt pocket. Because the door can open at any time, we are just sitting there watching the movie, looking at each other, waiting for somebody to say something or make a move, but basically just watching the move and rubbing our cocks from the outside.

Then a mexican guy about 25yrs old came in, sat on our side and pulled out his cock and started stroking it. We were all like,,,,,, wow.. kind of bold. Then the Islander guy slides out of his chair and gets on his knees and started sucking him off. Me and the other guy pulled out our cocks and started stroking while we watched the show. Then the mexican guy pulls the guy up and tells him to spin around that he is going to fuck him. The Islander guy let me suck it, and he tells'm going to fuck you. The Islander says that he is not in to that and just wants to suck.

Then the quiet nerdy engineer looking guy from the other room says.... I'll do it. We all turn our head, and the mexican guy gets up and goes over to him and puts his cock in his face. The nerd stands up and the Mex spins him around towards the wall and starts grabbing and feeling his ass saying, yeah.... He then reaches around and starts undoing the guys belt for him while he bumps him from behind and is saying something into the guys ear. He then forcefully pulled the guys pants down to his knees, reaches into his pocket and pulled out a rubber, ripped it open and rolled it down on to his, 7" or 8" uncut cock, while the guy stood there facing the wall.

He slid his cock up his crack a few times, then lined his cock up to his asshole as the nerd put his hands up to braced himself against the wall. He pushed forward and his cock in his ass and slid in a little, then he stopped. Then nerd then pushed back and his cock slid all the way in. The both let out moans and he started slowly pumping his ass.

By this time, the other 3 of us are in that part of the room circled around stroking our cocks saying, yeah.....fuck his ass.... and he did, he grabbed his hips and started stroking him good. You could hear the slap of flesh on flesh as he pounded in to his ass, saying stuff like, yeah.., you like that...take that cock. The Mexican guy then slowed down, pulled engineer guy away from the wall and had him face out towards us, put his hand on his back and pushed him over so he was really bent over, and started pounding again. He was really working his ass and I see the mexican guys face started to twist and his breathing was getting faster. Then he got up on his tippy toes, and with a death grip on the guys hips he buried his cock and held tight started cumming AWWWWWWW, AWWW, AWWWW as he came in the guys ass.

The 3 of us watching were looking at each other going, WOW, that was hot, and the guy next to me shoots off as he jacks it. I look back and the Mexican guy pulls his cock out of the nerds ass, pulls off his cum filled rubber and tells the guy.....yeah, you liked that didn't you bitch, and as the nerd guy straightens up I saw cum drip from the tip of his little cock where he came while getting fucked, and he shyly nodded yes.... I put my cock away and got fuck out of there.

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