Book store arcade fun

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While in Arizona last week for work I went to a book store that I thought had video booths. It turned out it had an arcade with old school movie screens and chairs divided into three different sections. The first section had regular porn, the second had gay porn and the 3rd had regular porn again. I walked around and sat in the first area, there were about 5 guys sitting around the room, one had his cock out the others were rubbing their cocks through their pants. I decided to go see what the other areas had going on, and as I got up and moved around, it seemed like I was the center of attention and the others followed.

I went in to the last room and got a chair near the back wall and pulled out my cock and started stroking it. I have a nice 8" cock and huge balls that usually gets people's attention. As I stroked my cock, a black guy with his hair pulled back into pony tail came over. I was thinking he was going to pull out his black cock and got a little excited about the prospects of sucking a black cock, but instead, he dropped to his knees and took my cock all the way down in one swallow and slowly started working my cock.

Him going down on my cock got the rest of the guys going and suddenly there were 4 guys standing around me stroking their cocks watching this guy work on my big cock. The guys standing around started saying things like, yeah....suck that big cock......lick those balls, yeah....that's it....stroke that cock while you suck those balls....... I just laid back with my head against the wall enjoying all the attention,.. the was really talented and the head was fantastic. He would get my cum working up my cock, then slow down and it would go back down and he would start over again keeping me right on the edge.

The guy on my left reached down and pulled my shirt up and the guys on both sides each grabbed a nipple and started pinching and twisting my nipples while stroking their cocks. The guy on my cock was driving me crazy with his soft and light head and I couldn't take it anymore and grabbed him by his ponytail and started forcing him down on my cock throat fucking him. The guys pulling and twisting my nipples started stroking their cocks harder and loved the show saing, yeah take that cock!

I felt something bump my face and turned to see a cock being stroked right next to my cheek and as I turned it was shoved in my mouth. My eyes got wide as I looked to see who this nice cut cock was attached to, and lit up to see a younger white guy with rock hard abs. I hadn't even noticed that guy before, he must have slipped in unnoticed and decided to joined the fun, which was fine with me.

I have a black guy on his knees worshiping my cock and balls, two older white guys working on my nipples and stroking their cocks on either side of me, and a young stud fucking my mouth. I reach around and grab the young studs ass and it is as hard as a rock. I circle my finger looking for his asshole and this encouraged him and he grabbed the back of my head and started pumping his cock faster and deeper in my mouth. He keeps pumping my mouth, mouth on my cock speeds up, my nipples being pulled and twisted, cocks being fisted on both sides of me, and my finger finds the studs asshole and pushed through his ring, ....he stiffened up and let loose a huge jet of cum straight to the back of my throat, held my head tight with both hands and shot off about 3 or 4 more jets completely emptying everything he has, filling my mouth.

The guy on the right was saying.... oh yeah..... swallow that cum as the studís cock pulls out of my mouth with a string of cum from my lips to the tip of his cock. I look at the guy who said to swallow and swallowed mouth full of cum while maintaining the eye contact. He goes...oh yeah and started jacking faster and shoots a jet of cum, steps closer and dumps his balls all over my chest.

This was too much for me and I started shooting into the black guys mouth who had never slowed with his worshiping of my cock. As I start shooting the guy froze and let and let me empty everything I had in his mouth, at least 4 or 5 strong jets of cum and then oozed out some more.... he waited until I stopped cumming then pulled off and swallowed.

As soon as he pulled off my cock the guy on my left grabbed and shoved his cock in his mouth, pulls his head hard to his stomach driving his cock to the back of the guys throat and started grunting uhhhh uhhhh awwww and dumped his load straight to the back of his throat filling up his mouth for the second feeding in a row.

I was exhausted at that point and leaning my head back on the wall.......the guy who shot all over me pulled out a napkin and started cleaning his cum off of me as I just laid back in my chair, Man I was spent. I slowly got back to my senses, put myself back together tucking everything back in and left. It was very cool session.

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