Blackmailing Christina into being my sexual toy

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Christina was the only girl in a family of 4 children. She grew up the baby sister to Andy, Johnny, and Kevin and frequently was left out of their games. For most of her childhood she was all legs and arms, a gangly skinny blonde hair girl. She was always quiet and shy when out in public or around people outside her immediate family. Her mother worked as a nurse in the local hospital and her father was a truck driver who was frequently on the road.

I lived in the neighborhood and watched Christina grow up over the years. About the time she turned 14, her body started to fill out and nature worked on shaping Christina into a statuesque young lady. Her flat chest started to grow, her skinny hips started to take on the curves of a model, and her skinny arms and legs became shapely and womanly. About this time she also started to attract the attention of the boys in her school and neighborhood. She was still very shy, but that didn’t stop the boys from doing what boys do at that age. Christina was too shy to get involved with the boys but you could see that she liked their attention.

This behavior continued all thru highschool with the boys vying for her attention. By 18 Christina had now grown to a stunning 6' tall woman with curly blonde hair reaching past her shoulders and stunning blue eyes. I guessed her weight to be around 130 pounds with perfectly sized B-C cup breast that often showed off her pencil sized nipples. While she did date on occasion, nothing very serious ever came of the relationships. I often talked to her when walking in the neighborhood and frequently fantasized about getting between her long lovely legs. I worked on gaining her trust and friendship and soon her shyness was gone. She would come over to the house when she noticed me working outside and we would share a cool drink and small talk. Being single and living alone, the company of a young pretty lady was always welcome.

Little by little Christina let me into her life and we talked about all sorts of things. Music, Movies, boys, school, family, etc., where all subjects of our conversations. These conversations gave me the opportunity to get Christina in my house and set the next stage for my plan of action. I planned on drugging her and blackmailing her into being my sexual toy. By the time I was done with her, she would have no choice but to do as I said whenever my desires needed attention.

I put my plan into effect on a warm Friday afternoon in May. Though some contacts, I got a large supply of extasy, and the “date rape”drug Rohypnol for her, and Viagra for me. My plan was to get her in the house, loosen her up with some spiked cold drinks, and then wait for Christina to start showing signs of her building stupor. I had the cameras ready, the internet accounts opened, and my very large Great Dane waiting to fuck her brains out when I needed a break. Her statuesque golden haired body would never be the same and the deepest recesses of her body would be the violated until the weekend ended.

I was working in the yard when Christina came over to chat with me and see what I was up to. She was home alone and bored in the empty house. As she walked over to me, her curly golden locks flowed over her form fitting tee-shirt. The tee shirt did little to hide her taunt breasts and her areolas were visible through the fabric. The view of her long tanned legs and hard body had me licking me lips at the thoughts of what was to come. We had some small talk for a few minutes, and I then asked her if she wanted to join me for a cool drink inside the house. She eagerly agreed and then I knew she was mine. Having planned this out for today, I had a pitcher of iced tea ready with the extasy mixed into it, and ice cubes with Rohypnol as the main ingredient.

I poured Christina a large drink and added plenty of “ice” cubes to it and got a beer for myself. The iced tea had not yet been cooled down in the frig, so the ice started melting quickly and the roofies mixed more and more with the extasy as the minutes passed. We chatted and laughed about people in the neighborhood as she drank more and more of the sexual tonic down her lovely throat. After about 30 minutes, she started getting a little dizzy and nearly fell off the stool in the kitchen. I grabbed her, steadying her as I walked her to the couch and sat her down while playing the concerned friend. I went back to the kitchen to retrieve her drink and a cool towel and felt my cock stirring at the thought of what was soon to come.

I went back to the couch and sat down next to Christina who was now very flush and looked very drunk. I handed her the drink and told her to drink some more as I put the cold towel on the back of her neck to help “cool” her down. I said, “let’s sit here and watch some TV while you rest up.” I moved closer to her and place her head on my shoulder as I held her against me. As she began to slip further into drunken state, I slid over and laid her head across my lap. With her head in my lap, my cock stirred and started to harden into a rigid tool of sexual conquest. I rubbed her head with my left hand while my right hand slowly stroked her arms and hands as they laid across her flat exposed stomach. Christina purred and moaned her satisfaction with the comforting touch of my hands. As she closed her eyes, I bent over and planted a kiss on her tender 18 yr old lips as I grabbed a handful of her hair while sliding my right hand under her shorts. Christina’s eyes popped open and she had a surprised look on her face that is a mixture of “oh no!” and “oh yes” at the same time. At first she struggled a bit, but the sexual cocktail had done it’s job. Try as she might, she was unable to resist with any success.

With a handful of her golden hair I forced my tongue into Christina’s mouth as my other hand slipped past her silky folds to touch her hooded wonder. Back and forth I ran my fingers over her clit and soon felt her getting wet as our tongues were locked in a breathtaking liplock. As our kiss broke, Christina said softly pleaded “please no. We can’t do this. I don’t want to do this. I thought you were my friend?” I replied “ I am your friend Christina. That’s why I’m doing this. Would you rather be fucked by some drunken school boy? I ‘ve wanted you for many years and I want you in my bed until I say otherwise.” Christina weakly replied, “but I’m only 18 and your 40. You’re too old and I’m still in high school.” My reply was “I know, isn’t that great? I get to teach you the ways of sex.” With that statement I trust my fingers into her pussy as a loud groan came from her throat.

I picked up the remote and turned on the camera placed in the entertainment center and started filming the events as they happened. After soaking my fingers with her juices, I removed them and licked them clean as I slid out from under Christina’s reclined body. Once standing next to her, I removed my shorts and released my iron hard cock for Christina’s inspection. I got myself in a straddling position above her waist and smiled at the thought of what is about to happen. With Christina slipping further into a stupor, I grabbed her tee-shirt and pulled it over her head exposing her perfect tits for the first time. They were very firm and stood like proud sentinels on her rib cage refusing to slink over the sides and become flat fleshy globs. Her areolas were the size of quarters with a light red color with 1/4" long nipples the size of pencil erasers. I leaned over and sucked one of Christina’s hard nipples into my mouth. The touch made her breast quiver and she let out a soft “please, don’t do this” followed by a moan.

While I continued to sample Christina’s tender nipples I also hand one hand working on unbuttoning her shorts. Once I had Christina’s nipples purple with excitement, I got off the couch and knelt down next to her hips. Taking her shorts in both hands, I pull them off her slender hips and lovely LONG legs. With her shorts out of the way, only a thin piece of cotton and lace stood between me and her wet teenaged pussy. I bent down and took a deep breath of what I was sure a virgin pussy and savored the aroma drifting up from her womanhood. I then grabbed her panties and inch by inch removed them while revealing her “Golden Fleece” to my sight for the 1st time. Her blonde fuzz was neatly trimmed and came to a stop just at the top of her vulva. While it was mostly natural in it’s growth, Christina had done some trimming to keep her blonde hair under her bikini. It was very soft and it’s color was a perfect match to the hair on her head.

While taking in the sight of Christina’s treasured blonde pussy, I leaned over and licked her vulva from bottom to top as she quivered with every touch of my tongue. After the first pass over her lips, I slipped my tongue as deeply as I could down inside her pussy and drank the juices seeping from her inner recesses. Christina tasted even better than she looked and I stayed buried inside her with my tongue fucking her and teasing her clit for over 30 minutes. After only a few passes over her clit, Christina’s hands started reaching for my head and her pleas of “no” soon were replaced with pleas of “please don’t stop, it feels so good”. With her now enjoying the situation, I stood up and got on the couch above her head. With my knees on either side of her head, my balls dangled just above her face, and my cock stood out waiting for the next progression of the events.

Without saying a word, she reached up and grabbed my cock while my balls brushed her forehead. As I laid down over top of her to continue sampling her tasty pussy, she slipped her lips over my cock and started to suck me off. As I probed her inner folds with my tongue and fingers, I felt more and more of my 7" cock going into her mouth. I lowered my hips to allow Christina to suck even more of my cock into her moist hot mouth as groans and moans came from her throat. As she got used to having my cock slide further and further in, it wasn’t long before she had my whole cock down her throat-. While she was very weak and only slightly aware of what was happening, Christina keep doing what was natural and did her best to suck my balls dry. Like a sleeping baby given a pacifier, she sucked my cock into her mouth and never stopped until I pulled it out of her mouth. I had other plans for my seed and it wasn’t going to go down her throat just yet.

After sampling Christina’s vaginal nectar for over 30 minutes, my cock was aching to be drained. I wanted to part her velvet folds and feel the wetness and tightness of her wrapped around my cock. Before I could enter my little piece of heaven, I picked Christina off the couch and placed her on the floor. I repositioned the camera in the entertainment center to get a good side view of the action and brought in 2 more cameras to position above her head [to get the view of my cock sliding in as her tits wiggled beneath me] and behind us to get nice closeup shots of my cock sliding in and out of her pussy. Once I had the cameras ready and rolling, I got into position and leaned over Christina. I whispered in her ear, “Are you ready for this?” She softly replied “Umm yess, I want to play some more”. To which I replied “OK Christina, time to become a woman and a star.”

With her confirmation of what we were going to do on tape, I got my cock positioned at the entrance of her Golden haired pussy and slowly parted her swollen pink lips. As my cock slid further and further into her slick tunnel, the feeling was incredible. As my cock penetrated her, I could feel her vagina stretching and then relaxing as it became a form fitting glove around my cock. It didn’t take long to discover that she was indeed a virgin. I smiled at the thought and was hoping the camera behind us would pick up the blood covering my cock once I broke her barrier. I leaned over and started suckling her tits as I readied the thrust to break her hymen. In her stupor, Christina was still getting into the action too. She wrapped her arms around my neck, and had her long tanned legs around my back. I doubt she really knew what was going on, but I bet she thought she was dreaming of her wedding night. With my lips firmly attached to her right nipple, I pushed my hips forward and felt her resistance tear away as my cock continued all the way into her womanly reaches. Christina softly gasped as her cherry was broken, and then quietly whimpered as she felt my cock push into her until my balls were resting against her ass.

Once my cock had reached it’s limits inside Christina’s tight wet hole, I paused at the entrance of her womb to revel in the sensations I was feeling. Christina’s pussy was quivering and contracting continuously as she slowly purred in my ear. Her breathing become rapid and shallow as she experienced one orgasm after another. After a few minutes of soaking up the sights and sensations under me, I started slowly sliding my throbbing cock in and out of Christina’s sopping wet vice like pussy. After about 5 minutes of slowly fucking her, I put her legs over my shoulders and started driving my cock harder and faster into the Golden Haired Wonder Pussy. The whole time I was fucking her, Christina was cooing and moaning in a soft muted voice. With 20 minutes of fucking Christina’s pussy I could feel the pressure building in my balls and knew it would soon lead to an orgasm I had been waiting years for. Before I knew it, there was no holding back any longer. With one more thrust, I buried my cock at the entrance of her womb and let loose a torrent of cum that shot so hard out of my throbbing cock I nearly blacked out.

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