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This is a follow up to a letter I wrote last year. If you remember my husband had me to pose for his friends at his camera club. I had upset him, and done things which I regret many times over. This was his revenge. One of the men who was there was John. I knew him from school. I didnít like him in school because he just gave me the creeps. John has lived in our street for sometime now. When I posed at the camera club John was there as part of my punishment. Which my husband thought was in some ways retaIiation, for what I had done to him. Had to pose with my legs open and totally in the nude. I also had to masturbate with my fingers and vibrators in front of him. I still cringe at the thought that he has seen my naked and in such obscene poses. After I posed at my husbands club things have go back to normal between myself and my husband. I have seen John a good few times since but I havenít spoken a word to him since that night of shame.

A few days ago I came out of our local shop and bumped into John, and one of his friends. I looked John in the eye, but his friend says havenít I seen you before. I knew I had never set eyes on him before, then Johns says Oh yeh I gave you some photos of a girl with her legs spread wide open, thatís her. I felt my face turn red and my heart missed a beat. Oh this is your fancy girl, then John his friend said, John looked down to his feet with some shame.

I was tamping by now. His friend who must be near 60 fat and bolding said I like the photos of you fingering yourself the best. I could have died then. What about having a night with John, and me and a couple of friends. I just gave the blank look and walked away.

That night I told my husband what happened, but he just laughed, and told me not to be silly. Then to my surprise he says what a good idea for John and his friend to have a time of there lives and to share me for the night. As the pair of them we losers. I told him in no uncertain terms to forget any idea about John and his friends of sharing me.

A couple of days later my husband had to go away for a weeks work in London on a job. As I had my job I couldnít go with him. On the first night he was away, there was a knock on the door. I thought it was his dad who usually calls round when im on my own. But when I opened the door I had a fright of my life to see John and his friend, from earlier in the week. What the hell do you two want I spat the words at them? Well Johns friend spoke up, I will make this quick for you, he replies. Either you pose nude tonight for John, myself and a couple of our friends, or John will put all of the photos he took of you on the internet with my help. And we will show the world your lovely body in all its glory. With of course you name etc. You wouldnít dare do that thatís, blackmail, I said. Well itís your word against ours but who will care your photos will be everywhere. You wait till my husband gets back and he will sort the both of you out. Ok if thatís what you want but it will be too late by then, your photos will be on the web. Do what you want, just you wait thatís all. I then closed the door on them.

I went straight on the phone to my husband and told him what had happened. He was very shocked, and said he would sort John and his friends when he got back home again. He asked me what I thought, about how serious John was. I told him, I thought he would post them on the net. I also told him I did want to risk them being put on the web. What should I do I asked him. He replied the only thing to do would to be to pose for them.

What you have got to be joking I said, what if he blackmails us again this could go on forever. Listen I will sort all this out once im back, I promise.
Then the phone went dead, I had lost the signal. I tried to phone him again but could get through to him. My heart was pounding, oh no I canít do this I thought. But deep down I knew I had no choice. I poured myself a large whiskey. And downed it in one, to calm my nerves. I thought I would get this over as quickly as possible, do what ever they want quickly and no fuss. Otherwise I would be there all night,. Also I had no choice. They could do what they wanted; otherwise my naked body would be displayed for all to see. I put my jacket on and walked out and the short distance to where John lives.

I walked up the path and through the over grown garden. I took a deep breath and knocked the door, the door is opened by John he says well well well, glad you could make it, come on in. I walked down the small hall way, the smell of smoke beer and BO, is very strong. I followed John into the living room. There were another 3 men inside. The room is full of smoke and I feel sick. This is Terry and Bob you meet before and also Paul. Gents meet the lovely Lyn, you have all seen the photos here she is in the flesh. Ok Lyn this is howís its going to work, Bobs says. Bob who must be about 60 very fat and unshaven, and the very thought that I will undress in front him, makes me feel sick. Letís get the ground rules first. What we want is to have a good look at every part of your body. Secondly we want you not to be shy; we want a repeat show like you done for John before.

But this time just for us, after tonight nobody will mention this again. There will be no photos on the web or anywhere else. Nobody will mention this night again. What we want from you is to have a good look at your body, and to photograph, it to get close ups. We want the works from you. Come on John says with a grin lets get on with it.

They pick up there cameras ok Lyn lets start, go and stand in the middle of the room. I do what im asked. Take your jacket off Terry says, oh by the way this is Paulís first time he has seen a naked girl heís only 16 so we want him have a good look at you. Terry is just staring at me. He has a long thin nose, with lots of spots, and bolding. Very unclean look about him, he must be about 50. Ok Lyn take of your tee shirt, I look at the 3 of them and im thinking to myself you sad bastards. But im stuck in this situation, I slowly pull up my tee shirt over my head and I place it on the chair. I am standing in just my bra. Paul begins to take some photos, then the rest start to photograph me. John says drop your trousers. I undo my button and pull my zip down. I bend down and pull my trousers down and I fold them and place the on a chair. I stand up in just my white underwear. Now im told to put my hands on my head which I do. Look at the size of her tits there fantastic, Paul shouts. John now comes in front of me, with his camera, taking his pictures.

Lets see them then Lyn get your tits out for us to look at, Terry says with a huge grin on his face. I put my hands behind my back and unclip my bra, and I pull my bra away to reveal my breasts to the them. Fucking hell Paulís says their huge. John walks up to me and puts his hands on my breasts and holds them. Take my picture he says the he squeezes my nipples; he bends his head and starts to suck on my nipple. Terry says I want a bit of that and walks over and starts to suck on the other breast. Get out the fucking way, I want to see her tits, not you 2 fuckers sucking on them, Bobs say .Both John and Terry move out of the way .Ok Lyn lift and cup your tits, thatís it, pull your nipples. Look at me and smile, Bob says. I do what is asked so I can get out of this shit hole. I know sooner or later I will have to put a perverted show on for these ass holes. I look at Paul he has a huge smile on his face; his dreams are going to come true tonight. John turns to Paul and says do you want a look at her cunt now? I know I do he says. He turns to me and says drop your knickers, lets see what you have got.

I take a deep breath and I place my hands on my knickers rim and I pull them down over my ankles and throw them onto the rest of my cloths. I just want to get this over as quickly as I can
Terry bends down for a close up shot of my pussy. Bob tells me lie on a blanket and to spread my legs open for inspection. I lie down and I open my legs a little bit.
You know what we want, so come on spread you legs wide open, all the way, we want a good look at your cunt. I open my legs wide as I can. Bob says now lie back with your hands behind your head and smile while we take pictures of your cunt. And they bend down and zoom in for close ups. There all have a good look and photograph my open pussy.

And there I am totally naked my legs spread wide open, and pussy on display for and always having to smile for John and his friends to photograph. I know I have to obey there commands, and I know what is coming. John tells me to put a hand onto my pussy. now Iím told to hold my lips between my fingers. Slowly im told to pull my lips apart for them to look inside me. I do what im told. Spread yours lips wider we want to see youíre pink. Paul mouth is wide open, with the display im having to put on. good girl, Bobs says, as he gets a close up shot of my spread lips. When he has finished he tells Paul to get in close for a good look. So I have to hold open my lips while he bends down, for a close look and to take his pictures. Next Terry moves in camera close to his face. When heís finished John takes his place, now big smile hold it, he says, he wants me to look at him with my pussy spread wide open just for him. Paul asks whereís her clit. Bob tells me to put a finger on my clit and to rub it for Paul to look at. So I do what ive been told, and I rub my clit.

Ok Lyn get on to your hands and knees doggy style, and of course spread them legs wide open. I turn around as asked and I open my legs. Spread your cheeks and put your ass in the air, we want a clear look at your hole. I do what they say, I can hear the camera clicks as they take there photos of my exposed pussy. I see Paul move closer, and then Bobs tells him to stick a finger in her hole. What I say no way, come on Lyn thatís not the deal, you said you would pose, so no questions just let him finger you. Heís never fingered anyone before, just let him slip a finger into your hole, hes only young. Go on John says I turn over, still holding my cheeks open, I can feel his finger slip into me. He starts to pull it out then he pushes deeper into me. I can hear the camera clicks as they record Paul fingering me. Then Terry says my turn and he comes behind me, and Paul moves away. This is how you do it, and he pushes 2 fingers deep inside me. I can see Paul getting a close up photo. Terry says youíve got a nice tight hole, Lyn as he pushes his fingers deeper into me. Ok Lyn get up and go and sit on the chair, which Bob has brought into the centre, of the room. I stand up, and move to the chair, which is an old style reading chair. Ok Lyn you know what we want put a leg over each arm and come to the edge. I cast a leg obscenely over, each arm and im on the edge to give them a clear unobstructed view, of my pussy. John walks over, and looks me in the face, and then without warning slips 2 fingers in my pussy, I think she likes to be finger fucked, He pushes his fingers in and out 4 or 5 times, I think she is getting wet and enjoying this. Your right Terry, sheís got a tight hole, John says.

Now itís your turn, we want to watch you finger fuck yourself, pull your lips apart and use them fingers. And Paul lowers himself down for close up photos as I slip my fingers and I start to masturbate, in front of they eyes. They take it turns to get close up photos, making me stop and pull my fingers out. So they can get really close up photos. John finished his beer bottle and tells me to use that on my hole, so I stop using my fingers and slip the bottle gently into my pussy for there pleasure. A sense of calm is in the room and the men are enjoying watching me, play with myself.

After about 5 minutes and they have captured me on film using the bottle, Bob tells me to get onto the floor doggy style again. For the grand finale I climb off the chair and lower myself down. I go onto all fours as asked I have no idea, why they want me back onto all 4s as they have enough photos, of me in this position. Paul and John change there films, and so does Terry. Ok Paul, what I want you to do are get your cock out and Lyn to suck you dry, Bob says. No way I protest thatís not going to happen but Bob replies we told you any position and you agreed. So suck him off. And I want to photograph him spunking, into you open mouth and I want a shot of his cum in your mouth, ok.

Paul has a big grin and pulls his trousers down around his ankles and lowers himself down. He holds his cock and then pulls the foreskin back, and pushes it to my mouth. I can see John move his camera level with my mouth. I know that im stuck and I canít get out of it, so I take hold of his cock and I draw it close to my mouth. I then, place it my mouth and I start to suck him off. In the corner of my eye, I can see Terry up zipping his trousers, and he pulls down his trousers and pants. He starts to wank, and then he moves. I can feel someone touch my ass, I turn round and I can see Terry with a huge hard on, lower himself down.

I am about to stop and tell him no way when Paul lets out a huge groan and I can feel his hot sperm in my mouth. And he shots his load down my throat .I gag and spit it out only for John and Bob to capture this moment on film. Paul grabs my hair and pushes his cock back down my throat.

He now moves away, and I start to get up. Bob says where the fuck do you think you are going. I said thatís enough, you got what you wanted. Oh know, thereís me, Terry and John to cum yet. Bob replies,. Now on your hands and knees. We are going to split roost you. Terry you fuck her from behind, Lyn you suck me while Terry fucks you. John make sure you get the video camera, and Paul make sure you get good close ups as Terry slips into her hole.

I now have a video camera filming the action as I am being split roosted. Bob has a small cock which he pushes down my throat. He grabs my hair and moves my head at the same time that Terry thrusts his cock deep into me. Terry grabs my breasts and pulls them by my nipples; Bob is using my head to wank with. And all the time its being captured on film and video, I can feel Terry pull out and I can feel his hot sperm shot onto my pussy as he wanks himself off. He then slides his cock deep into me again, and the same moment Bob pulls his cock out and pulls my head back and empties his load over my face. I collect my breath. As Terry moves away from me and Bob grabs a towel. Then I see John give the camera to Terry, sloppy seconds he says. Iíve waited a long time for this; Iíve wanked over you for years.

 The last time when you suck me off was fantastic. But I have waited and dreamed about this for years, get up and bend over the table. I do as he says. Point the camera to her cunt he asks Terry , then he grabs my ass cheeks and spreads them open, look at the spunk in your hole ,he tells me. Are you ready for a real cock? make sure you get a good clear close up as I slide my cock into her cunt he tells Terry .I can hear the zoom focusing and then I feel Johns cock slide into me. And he starts to pump like mad. The men all cheer as John fucks me. He grabs my breasts, pulls my hair. And then he stops but he hasnít cum. Turn around Lyn I like to see your face as I fuck you cunt. I turn around. Now on the floor, so Iie down and he lays on top of me I take his full wait, he tries to kiss me but I move my head away. I can feel his cock buried deep in me every pump I can see the how much he is enjoying his moment. He bends his head down and sucks on my left breast. Then I can feel his body tense up as he shots his load with a huge groan. And he rolls off me. I lie there legs wide open, when John tells me to suck the juices from his cock. I turn on to my side, and do what ive been told to do and I take Johns cock into my mouth and I suck him dry.

I can see Bob and and Paul laughing, and Terry pulling up his trousers. John gets up and gets dressed. He tells me to spread my lips so he can photograph my pussy filled with his cum. Then terry, bob and Paul picks up there cameras and take photos as I hold open my lips. When they have finished photographing my swollen spunked filed pussy.I also get dressed .Then Bob thanks me and so does Paul. Terry just smiles. John come close and says sorry but Iíve loved you for years. Thank you. I look at the 4 of them and shout bastards. And walk out.

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