Blackmailed MILFS

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Both of them were youngish, in their late teens or early twenties, but looking younger, and wise beyond their years. She was pretty in a cute, innocent way, and dressed in tee shirt and jeans, worn under a denim jacket. He was kind of good looking, if a little tubby, and dressed in a chav like uniform of baseball cap, jeans and Lacoste polo & jacket.

Both already veteran’s of this, they had the routine down pat, they knew that the best places were not bars or clubs, but cafes and coffee shops in shopping centers; that the best way of approaching was to use a girl, not a man, that two women shopping out in pairs were easier to approach, less likely to be on their guard, safety in numbers and all that, and her innocent, almost angelic, face helped reel them in.

The ideal victims were conservative in mind enough to be vulnerable, have someone, or thing to lose, and the means to pay, but they had to be dressed in a way that it their partners could be easily convinced of their guilt.

Looking round the cafe, the girl spotted them first; both in their forties, but attractive and well preserved, wedding rings, and dressed in an expensive, but sexy style. Both were of a similar height and build. Tall, one was blond, the other brunette. The blond was wearing a shortish skirt with knee length boots, the other trousers. Both were wearing tops that showed of the perfect amount of cleavage. Not so much that they looked ‘slutty’ but enough to be noticed.

She lightly touched his shoulder, and nodded in the direction of the table, a low whistle escaped his lips, “Perfect” he breathed, they nodded and then...whack, she slapped him across the face, the sound made the women’s heads to turn round ‘Stop following me how many times do I have to tell you, I’m not interested, just fuck off’ with that she turned and started to head towards the coffee bar, straight towards the table.

Both women looked up with sympathy in their eyes as she approached; “is he still there?” the brunette looked over towards the way she came, “yes, do you want me to get rid of him for you.” “No thanks, but can I sit with you both for a while”

“Sure”, the blonde simply stated, “I’m Emma and this” she nodded to the brunette beside her “is Saskia” Saskia smiled a greeting. The girl sat down, obviously relieved, “thanks that was getting scary. I’m Monica”

They looked up, taking in the girl for the first time, about 5ft 2, slim build, cute looking.

Saskia glanced over where the man had taken a seat and was drinking a coffee, “so what was all that about?” “Him, he’s some bloke who started following me about today, he asked me out, not very politely, and won’t take no for an answer, didn’t bother getting his name, hopefully if he sees I’m not alone, he’ll give up.”

Half a hour later, after discussing their various lives, they noticed that the man had gone. Monica got up in relief, and put her hand in her pocket for her purse, “let me get the coffees for you, as I have ruined your day out”. Both Emma and Saskia started to protest, “I insist” Monica wasn’t going to take no for an answer, then “oh no, my purse has gone” “What did it look like” Emma started to look around and beneath the table “Multi colored, it’s got a Paul Smith style design on it”. Saskia got up, and went to the table where her ‘admirer’ was sitting, “is this it?” “Yes, oh no” she took it out of her hand, and started to look through it. “Nothing missing, thank god, but one minute, he now has my address, he could be waiting for me” She shakily sat down, and started to sob.

The women looked down at her and asked if she wanted someone to call the police, sobbing the girl refused, stating that she doesn’t want a fuss, she just want to get home.

The women looked at each other, and asked if she lived local and how was she getting home.

“I was going to get the bus” “No you not” Saskia said, in a voice that would brook no argument, “We’re driving you home - no argument” Her friend nodded in agreement. Gently she asked “Is there anybody at home” “No, not for another couple of hours” “Right, we will wait with you” The girl looked up, smiled and said “thanks, you don’t know how much I appreciate this”

And now things get a little hazy, as realities diverge, from what happened to what they think happened and what people would think happened. They think they took Monica home, sat talking with her until her mother appeared then went. They were soon to be shaken out of this notion.

We now catch up with Saskia and Emma a couple of weeks later, at the same coffee place, waiting for Monica, who had rang them a couple of days previously.

Sitting there chatting they were startled by two heavy, padded envelopes landing on the table in front of them. They looked up to see where they had come from, expecting to see Monica, they were surprised to see a vaguely familiar man. It took them a moment or two to place him, then it come to Saskia, he was the man who was harassing the girl, only at close up, she realized that he couldn’t have been more than twenty one, twenty three at the outside, and he was standing in front of them with a leer on his face.

She realized what his was leering at, from where he was standing he had a great view down both their tops, in Emma’s case all the way to her push-up bra, which made his job of looking at her boobs far too easy.

Before she had time to say anything, he smiled, a smile that showed both lust and evil, winked “I’d open them in private if I was you sexy, I’ll be in touch” and with that he disappeared into the crowd as quickly as he appeared.

Emma picked up the envelopes to notice that there was one for them each, she opened the one marked ‘Emma’ and stated to pull out the contents, some photo’s and a DVD, also marked with her name. Glancing at the photo’s she gave a little cry, and quickly stuffed everything back. “We better get out of here” she said with shaky voice. Saskia looked at her quizzically, “Why what’s happened, what do the photo’s show?” Her question was met with a shake of the head and a not here, not now and Emma started to walk towards their cars.

Saskia paid for their coffees and hastened to catch up with her distressed looking friend.

Catching up by her car she hammered question after question at her “What is it? What’s the matter? What’s in the envelope?” She started to tear open her envelope, but Emma stopped her, “not here” her voice was still shaky, she looked around, “let’s get back to my place, I’ll explain there”

Saskia looked at her quizzically, “what about Monica, shouldn’t we wait for her?”

“I don’t think she’s fucking coming!!!” Emma almost shouted. If anything, it was Emma’s swearing, coupled with a raised voice, both events that were extremely rare, that convinced her that it was serious, and something that should be dealt with around one of their homes.

Once they were in Emma’s, and had made sure that they were alone, Saskia opened her envelope.

First she started to leave through the contents, the photos first.

The first pic was one they both remembered, it was all three of them, sitting on the sofa, which Monica had insisted on taken, a photo of her ‘angels’ as she put it.

The next pic was of Emma and Saskia, sitting together kissing, only this wasn’t the normal, peck on the check kiss of a friend, this was a full on song. Saskia’s face went white.

“When did this happen?” Emma shook her head, “I don’t know Sask, I can’t remember it happening”

The next shot was similar, only with Emma replaced by Monica. The forth pic showed Saskia sitting on the sofa with her top pulled up and a naked Monica whose hand was massaging her left breast through her bra, while Emma was beside with her hand under her own skirt masturbating.

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