Black Bred

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Katarina’s mother stood by the door to see us off. All the women in my wife’s family where good looking and despite her age Emma was still very attractive. The same deep, sparkling eyes trim waist and big, firm tits. I imagined she would have appeared very similar in her youth. She even had the same proud stance about her. The same lightly amused look that Katarina shared with her two sisters. Yes, they were all special. They had all been brought up to be confident of themselves and indeed, all three were now married with families of their own. Despite our occasional closeness Emma and I had never seen eye-to-eye. When we were courting she’d let it be widely known Katarina could have done better. She hadn’t foreseen us having a child together or that my current earnings of 40k a year would keep us very well. How her ideas on me had changed then and as I looked upon her I felt a deep relish that I knew what she did not. Certainly no-one back home would have guessed for a minute, especially Emma that her 29 year old, eldest daughter was tonight destined for a lengthy black breeding. She smiled warmly; happy as ever to watch Chloe for us as checking my watch, I discreetly hid the hard-on I had in my trousers. Deep down I knew we were lucky to have her and soon I would enjoy telling her the good news. If she was to be Grandma to a healthy, black baby I wanted her to know it.
‘Come on Hon’, I called. ‘Time to go’. 

Upstairs I heard my wife hurrying around. She knew the importance of that evening and I wanted her to look her best. In fact, she had spent the better part of that evening going through her sizeable wardrobe, earnestly matching outfits to shoes. It showed just how much it all meant to her. Susie, our friend and group “rep” had informed us that “Chez Louis Night-club” was the absolute hotspot for interracial swinging, especially on Saturday night when the place would be full of white married couples, singles and of course “Bulls”. I don’t know what we would have done without Susie. She was a single woman with two black kids of her own and a nature that actively encouraged mixed race breeding. It was unfortunate indeed that she had lost her husband some years ago, now assisting as she did with new couples who wanted to take that last step. 

As a cuckold couple of just over two years Katarina had been fucked by no less than fifteen black men. I recalled them all individually, from the first to the last. It was a fact I knew that my wife’s preference and attraction to coloured men went back right to her school days. Now, in meeting me she was expressing herself to what she had long sought for. Whenever I saw her naked and spread beneath a dominant black male I saw true. The helpless nature of shame and guilt as black cock pumped her white cunt to a wet and satisfying climax. If she were not with me she would certainly be with one of them. Regardless of what anyone including her family might feel. The opportunity to spend six months in America was itself a chance not to miss. I think in that first few months Katarina all but fell in love with the States and it seemed apt when she decided that the father of her child should be a US Bull. Fortunately, her parents had both lived in Miami for years, not far from where my local branch office was situated. Everything was perfect. Certainly it was a big move for all of us, especially Chloe but she would adjust. I felt sure of it. Like her mother she was strong willed.

Casually I threw Emma a customary smile and went to check. Katarina, my wife of six years was standing in the mirror of our bedroom. She had her hands on her hips and a look of total concentration on her face. As ever she set high standards for herself. ‘You look great?’ I sighed, leaning on the doorframe and running my gaze over her body. There was no denying she looked good. Standing a little over 5,6, her figure was beautifully trim with long legs, a tight waistline and prominent breasts that pressed noticeably through her sleek, gold dress. Her outfit did much to highlight her luscious femininity while providing the earthly suggestion of upscale nudity—with the noticeable absence of her panties and bra. It had an unusual, thin yet rough texture to it though truthfully, the shortness of the outfit was something to behold. Stretched tightly around her thighs. I felt good for whichever hard, black bull would be enjoying her that night.
‘I’ll just be a minute’ she said without looking back, carefully applying her lipstick. I walked over, took her hips in my hands and pressed my hard cock against her inviting ass. Katarina felt hot and sexy. She giggled and pushed back against me, spreading her legs slightly. How crazy I was for her! Her extended legs looked tremendous--so smooth, seductive and feminine--soon to be spread wider for intense breeding by a big black Bull.

When Katarina had stopped her birth control I had been worried but oddly excited too. At home she had been seeing a bull named Thomas and it was he who opened the door. What would it be like to be bred? That was the ultimate step. Why not take it? It was Thomas who had introduced us to Susie and she to likeminded people. It was so good to know there were others: Jane and Carl, Lauren, Denise, Brian and Emily to name but a few. All ages and types across Europe and America. I remembered when we had all met at Susie’s house. A monthly event designed to exchange stories and tips. As it was our first time we both had to introduce ourselves. A round of applause had circulated as Katarina reiterated her desire to have a black baby. We knew what we wanted. My wife wanted another child more than anything in the world. The baby catalogues that lay heaped in our living room a tell-tale sign to Emma. No. Our plan quite simply was for Katarina to mate successfully with a bull in time for Christmas. She was as accepting as I was of the consequences. Susie, in all her wisdom, had given us help on how to deal with and explain to our families. How to plan for the future and what our roles would be. We had been told all this that day at her house with other couples contributing. Quite simply, the bull’s role would begin and end with the eventual breeding of my wife. That was his right. As her husband I was ready for it now.

Tonight I was sure Katarina would be a big hit with the black men I was taking her to meet. All these thoughts went through my head as I returned to Emma. My wife’s mother was in the kitchen, washing dishes but she came out on hearing my footsteps. 
‘She’s been just the same since her teens’ she said with a joking air. ‘Always taking an age to get ready. Used to drive her father mad’. I nodded. Emma couldn’t know how far we had come or understand our reasons. What would she think of our decision had she known?
‘Coming’. Katarina’s call brought a smile from both of us. Like two people who loved her. Then she appeared at the top of the stairs, her lovely body wrapped in a long, ankle length coat. Obviously meant to hide her incredible dress from her mother. As she came downstairs, balanced on some tall high heels the two women exchanged a familiar warm look. Katarina looked good, stylish and very sexy. The scent of her rich perfume hung in the air and had my temples pounding. ‘Now don’t let Chloe stay up too late. She can watch TV until 9”. 
‘Now don’t worry. You two just have a good time’.

There was nothing I loved more than introducing my perfect wife to a new man and knowing he had no other interest than in fucking her in front of me. The raw emotion of such events stay with you and I had witnessed many in our bedroom. After some initial hesitation on her part I was pleased by how quickly Katarina had grown into the lifestyle. She understood now as much as I did the sexual dominance and superiority of black men as well as their inevitable attraction to and deserving of, good looking white females. The chance to mix with other wives at Susie’s was at a perfect time for her. I recalled so vividly talking to other husbands while the women chatted and shared snapshots of their offspring. What could be more wonderful than a black stud planting his seed in a white womb and watching it grow? 

We went together up the path to our car. Our new home was perfect. Our new life was perfect. I had a beautiful wife and daughter and a need to share the former. There was a new, confident, carefree air about Katarina. A desire that since leaving the majority of her friends behind had pushed her towards finding something new and exciting. “Chez Louis” was just that and not your average seedy place. Not if Susie’s taste was as I suspected. In fact many of the other couples we had met frequented the establishment. Outside our new home, I couldn’t keep my hands off my wife, touching her back and hips as she led the way. She felt so warm and smooth beneath her cover, her high heels sounding crisp and clear on the floor. The night was warm and clear. That afternoon we had watched the tape of Lauren’s most recent black mating, our television turned down to cover the noise of her furious and desperate groans. It was easy to see why. The bull was a slightly older man with greying hair and an enormous cock. His size was indeed so noticeable as to be unsettling. At home I too preferred to watch Katarina with older men. Perhaps it was their age of authority or settled confidence. I knew my wife appreciated maturity. Lauren, the 36-year-old had been trying with numerous bulls for months. We both knew it might take some time and effort for us too. 
‘Thankyou Adam’ Katarina said. There was love in her eyes. I groaned as I stepped in close and let my cock press against her as we kissed. Her lips tasted good, sweet and delicious with the faint effect of her lipstick. Breasts firm against my chest.
‘You look so lovely’ I sighed. 

Once safely out of view of the house I opened the boot and allowed her to slide off her coat. No words were necessary. She knew how good she looked and I knew how I really wasn’t deserving of her. What black studs we would meet that night would be very impressed and would spare no time in making her their own. The dress Katarina wore stretched tightly between the very tops of her smooth and very rounded thighs, leaving little to the imagination I can tell you. It hung gently on her shoulders, not as low-cut as I’d have her wear in the past but revealing all the same. Her smooth, waxed legs looked so good even in the dark. How easily I had knocked her up with Hannah just four months into our marriage. We exchanged a smile. She did look perfect and taking my hand pressed it between her thighs. Her sex felt warm and soft beneath my fingers. 

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