Black Alley : Part 2 v1

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It was Friday night at one of the most exclusive restaurants in town. Kathy knew her husband Paul must have paid a pretty penny to acquire such a good table. All around, waiters hurried in and out of the kitchen carrying expensive plates of artistically cooked dishes for their high-end clientele. More notable, finely dressed men and women were arriving at the door, having their coats taken and being shown through to the bar area. Normally Kathy would have felt right at home but she was far from a contended woman. Even in the days leading up to their wedding anniversary she had been distracted and moody. Tonight was no different and having hardly touched her food she even avoided making eye contact with her husband. After a string of affairs, here he was, suddenly trying to make it all up to her. Maybe it was that he thought he could that so riled her. That she would happily forgive any indiscretion so easily. No. Something in Kathy had changed. Paul was very handsome and yes, she loved him but tonight she was hungry for more. As she finally locked eyes with him across the table, the anger disappeared and was briefly filled a sense of satisfaction. He’d know her own betrayal soon enough.

‘You look stunning tonight darling’ Paul remarked. Kathy had, in the months after her first ever black fucking at the hands of Ray and Darren taken to dressing herself how, she imagined, they would have seen fit. She was a white, married slut, even if it was for now, unbeknown to her hubby. She smiled. Her dress was purposefully revealing, leading Paul to think it for him. Her perfect, well kept, thirty five year old body deserving of attention. Kathy had taken after her mother, in turn a stunningly elegant woman. Rich, dark hair which fell onto her slender shoulders, the dress just about covered her full, firm thighs and ass but betraying the tops of her suspenders which, beneath the table, were prominently displayed. Her large, beautiful breasts lifted neatly out at the front and held Paul’s longing gaze.
‘I knew you’d forgive me and I promise you I’ll never stray again’. Kathy did not reply, but merely checked herself discreetly in a pocket mirror produced from her handbag. After an awkward pause, Paul produced a felt covered black box with a silver band on the lid. ‘An anniversary gift darling’ he said. As she opened it Kathy gasped and for a second her heart melted. Inside were two of the most stunning diamond earrings she had ever seen, with a lavish, matching chain. There were absolutely delightful and Paul grinned, finally seeing the response he wished for on his wife’s face.

‘Oh… Thank-you Paul’ she gasped, bewildered by the quality of the gift. Pausing, Kathy put them on, fastening the delicate chain around her neck.

After dinner the Waiter took away the plates. He asked if they would like to see the desert tray but the couple declined. Ordering coffee Kathy smoked a cigarette and ran her plan through her mind for the hundredth time. To deny herself on a night like this would be a severe failing on her part. Paul had to know, even if it meant the end of their marriage. Rotating her wedding band around her finger she composed herself. This was the way it had to be.
‘Darling, It’s our anniversary’ she began, sitting forwards in her chair and putting her hand out across the table to collect Paul’s. ‘Tonight I want to give you a surprise’. The expression on her hubby’s face changed and he nodded eagerly, his eyes welcoming his wife’s wonderful cleavage. Checking her watch she smiled and nodded to herself. ‘It’s time to go’. Paul gave a quizzical expression but he was willing to go along with anything for now.

Kathy let Paul take her arm as they walked together towards the car. She thought of his last mistress, the sweet blonde girl barely out of her teens. Had he ever brought her to their home? Her home? In their bed? She had cried her last tears. It was a cold night and had been raining much of the day. The ground was still wet and as evening came to an end the streetlights began to blink into life. They approached the car when Paul suddenly gathered his forcefully in his arms. She let him kiss her, impatient and lust stricken, his hands sliding down onto her ass and pulling her onto his rising cock.
‘Not yet honey’ Kathy smiled. ‘I want you to take me somewhere first’.
‘Feeling kinky eh?’ he beamed. ‘Well I hope it’s not too far’.

Checking her watch again Kathy got into the car and crossed her legs. The dress was so short the stocking tops reappeared immediately and with no panties beneath it really left little to the imagination. She knew what she wanted. Just as the rage which still burnt inside her would not be denied. There was no turning back.

Finding the area were Ray and his friend Danny had discovered her months before was more difficult that Kathy had imagined. All the streets looked the same. For an hour they drove, Paul becoming increasingly frustrated at his wife’s whims. Though his irritation with her only fuelled her resolve. Frequently, she reached over and put her hand between his legs, attempting to pacify him while letting him know there would be reward at the end. The streets were mostly deserted. Much as she remembered. Several lost souls huddled around lighted dustbins, the streets on the edge of town home to the most desperate of people. Paul had nothing but contempt for them but Kathy’s heart pounded as the memories came back to her. The dark, the wet and cold, the loneliness and fear she had felt walking these streets alone. At last, a familiar sight.

‘Turn right here and pull up’. Paul let out a long sigh and pulled to the side of the road. Yes, this was it. The building with the broken shop front. The smashed call-box on the street across. Kathy opened the door and stepped out into the night air.

‘Why the fuck are we here?’ Paul looked distastefully around the broken down, boarded up buildings. Most were covered in gang graffiti and litter blowing around the derelict street. A far cry from their lush, four bed-roomed home. Across, a fire burned within. Kathy took several steps towards the light, a sudden gust of wind blowing her back and making her totter on her ‘Gucci’ high heels. Yes, this was the place. It was almost as if some force were willing her back into the car. To go back to her own world and forget what she had done on this forsaken street. Shadows flickered against the stone wall suggesting the movement of people inside. Being there again, brought back all kinds of feelings for her. For a moment she stood, her body aching, willing to be made to feel that way again.

She turned back to see that a black, homeless man pushing a cart full of junk was approaching them. He was mid forties or thereabouts and wore a battered, green army trench-coat. On his head was a thick grey woollen bobble hat that came down low onto his brow, a striking grin and glowing eyes blazing out from beneath. Those eyes were wild.

‘Charity? Charity fo’ a vet’ he said cheerily.
‘Get lost’ Paul spat. The man ignored him but came staggering forward, unfaltering towards Kathy. He walked drunkenly, likely amazed to see such a well presented white couple here in his domain. Reaching into his pocket he produced a paper bag containing a bottle and after taking a swig presented it to her.
‘Hey baby’ he grinned, ‘fo’ the cold’. Kathy put her hands on her hips, letting him run his gaze up and down her body and knowing full well that Paul was watching in disdain. The way he looked at her, right in front of her husband made her feel wonderful and she leant forward to slightly to give him a generous view of her tits.

‘Oh yeah!’ the man beamed, displaying three gold teeth as he took up the generous offer. She posed and returned the smile, his eager eyes recording her fantastic body in all it’s glory.
‘Hey!’ Paul’s voice broke the spell. Kathy gasped at him as he walked over violently and shoved the man on the shoulder. ‘I said fuck off!’ Paul took hold of the mans coat and swung him around so hard he fell heavily onto the road. There was a crack as the bottle in his pocket broke.
‘Damn…fuck’ the man swore, rolling around in the gutter.
‘Stop’ Kathy shouted as Paul made to deliver more punishment. Sneering, he relented and put out his hand. ‘Come oh honey’ he said. ‘Lets get out of here’.

‘Hey baby!’ Kathy knew Ray’s voice right away. The thickly accented tone tinged with subtle menace. It had after all, been in her dreams since her first meeting with the horny Jamaican. For a moment head swam and her heart throbbed. Through the poor light he stood, leaning on a lamp-post not ten feet from were Paul stood, a cigarette between his thick lips. ‘Best leave dat’ brotha’ alone man’. His words were said lightly but there was no request. Paul sensed it and backed towards the car. Ray’s posture and tone demanded respect and Kathy felt her legs go weak.
‘Was wondering when we see yo’ again’ he shouted to her. Trained yo’ good last time eh?’ Paul tilted his head in surprise.
‘What? You know this guy?’ he said. ‘Honey come on, we’re leaving…now’.

Ray blew out a long plume of smoke.
‘Once yo’ go black yo’ neva go back’ he laughed. It was true. Kathy knew. It was her reason for being there and her look said it all. Paul stared at her and their eyes met. There was a look of disbelief in his then suddenly his rage erupted and he ran forward cowardly to kick the kneeling homeless man. From the shadows and with fantastic speed, the coated figure of Danny appeared. He lifted Paul up, a muscular arm locking around her husbands neck which lifted him clean off the ground. It happened so quickly. After a moment gargling and kicking he went still, unconscious. Ray laughed, seeing the look of shock on Kathy’s face.

‘Damn, dat yo’ hubby baby? He one angry white boy. Wha’s he doin’ bring yo’ to dis part of town?’ Kathy looked at both men as they came towards her. Flooded with lust, anger and anguish. They stopping several feet away and Ray let out a long whistle. ‘Forgot wha’ a smoking hot white lady you ar’ he smiled scratching his bristled chin. Having thought about Ray and Danny every day since their last meeting now Kathy was speechless.

‘Fuck…fuck’ the homeless man swore as he inspected the broken bottle in his pocket. Ray laughed and nodded to the sleeping Paul.
‘Relax now Goldy. Dis here lady Kathy’ he smiled. ‘She da pretty white wife of dat piece of shit over there’. Another cold, icy blast blew down the alley. The man named Goldy spread his lips, the precious metal in his teeth catching a light. All three men eyed her up like a piece of white meat. This was incredible. Even then they just took it for granted that they’d end up fucking her. Icy specks of rain began to fall from the sky, making her shiver as they began to land heavier on her back and bare shoulders. The whole experience felt like a dream. Breathing deeply Kathy pulled ridiculously at the short hem of her dress, her head telling her one thing while her heart and pussy quite another.

Danny’s younger, larger frame stood several inches above Ray. Kathy found him extremely attractive. He was dark skinned and dread-locked, his face as last time, poised and focused. A silent yet powerful tinge to his demeanour.
‘Why don’ we go inside and av’ a good look at you baby?’ Ray smiled, his words soaked with suggestion.
‘Alright Ray’ Kathy replied, her voice husky from the excitement and cold. Stepping forward he put his coat around her arms and together they went into the shop front. Underfoot remained as treacherous as ever. Bricks and debris scattered around the floor meant she had to be sure of her footing. The fire burnt as brightly as before and was just as welcome as the first time she had been there. The flames licked against the sides of the metal, sending sparks up through the roof of the building and onward into the nights sky.

Ray took back his coat in order to give himself chance to observe his prey in the light. There was no doubt he liked what he saw. Danny went back for Paul, carrying him through the shop front as Ray gave instruction for him to be tied to an exposed beam in the wall. Her cheating hubby would have a perfect view as events unfolded. As Kathy’s eyes adjusted she saw the black men’s home now had two soiled couches, a gas stove and two mattresses in the adjoining room. Her revenge was so close. When Ray stepped out of the darkness his closeness startled her. She felt her knees tremble, unable to contain herself any longer, putting her arms around his neck she kissed him full on the mouth. The horny Jamaican seemed surprise as he leant in, returning the embrace and sliding his big hands under the dress and onto her ass.

‘Mmm damn yea. You fucking hot lady Kathy’. Already his erection was pressed hard into her belly. As behind her, Goldy beamed and watched with awe, Ray took the dress and dragged it down over the lovely woman’s breasts. She gasped on his forcefulness, rough hands groping her tits and squeezing her flat nipples. Everything was getting to her.
‘I want to suck your dick’ she gasped dropping to her knees and unfastening Ray’s pants. She took his thick dick so violently into her mouth she gagged herself. He throbbed on her tongue, letting out a small groan and thrusting forward gently with his hips. With her fist wrapped tightly around the thick shaft Kathy put her mouth to work, looking up Ray while stroking his shaft rapidly against the back of her throat. It felt good. Natural even, so be blowing another mans cock again with her husband only feet away.
‘Das it…das it Kathy’ Ray smiled as he kicked off his pants completely. His erection was solid, veins massed along his length. Suddenly Danny was beside her, bigger, blacker. A hand came down and fondled her breasts in turn as she took him, bobbing her head willingly on the head of his monster cock. Small beads of spittle began beading off her chin, dribbling down the underside of Danny’s cock and into his huge balls.

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