Birhtday Surprise

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100% fiction!

Lisa was enjoying the company of her sister-in-law Tammy, while her husband Frank was once again on an extended business trip. Lisa hated his long trips and having to stay at home alone, and not having anyone to talk to. It was particularly hard this time because it was her birthday, and of course her husband had forgotten all about it.

Needless to say she was depressed having been looking forward to a night out maybe, culminating in some heated sex with her husband. Unfortunately now that wasn't going to happen. It looked like it was going to be another night spent masturbating, and wishing she had a nice cock filling her pussy instead of her favorite dildo or her fingers. Maybe later she could burn some of her sexual tension off with a good workout at the gym.

Lisa keeps herself in good shape visiting the gym at least 3 to 4 times a week for a good workout. Lisa is an attractive woman at 5' 6" tall with nice firm breasts and a great ass. If not for her sister-in-law Tammy being around, it would end up being another lonely day. Tammy was in town looking for job opportunities, and was staying with Lisa and Frank.

Lisa had always liked Tammy, mainly because she was fun to be around and easy to talk to. Like Lisa, Tammy was a very attractive woman, and as far as Lisa knew she liked going out and having fun. Lisa didn't know whether Tammy was as highly sexed as she was, but then that wasn't something they would normally talk about anyway. Lisa was trying to relax on the sofa when she noticed that her neck and shoulders were getting really stiff.

She reached up, and tried massaging her neck to ease the tension, but she wasn't having much luck. That's when Tammy walked into the room wearing nothing but her bikini panties. Lisa couldn't help noticing what a great body Tammy had although she was a little surprised at her lack of clothing. Her body was even more beautiful than she had thought as she couldn't help checking her out.

It felt a little strange, but she found herself unable to stop staring at Tammy. Tammy had was blessed with long sexy legs, and beautiful firm breasts with nice hard nipples. Tammy was a gym rat just like Lisa, and loved working out almost every day. Lisa wasn't into women, but on occasion she found herself staring at the other women at the gym now and then. Nothing overt or anything, but she appreciated the female anatomy.

If the truth be know, Lisa had fantasized on occasion about her and another woman being together sexually. It wasn't that she ever planned to have it come to fruition, mainly because Frank would freak out at the idea of her and another woman having sex. Frank was pretty conservative when it came to that kind of thing.

He enjoyed making love to Lisa, but when it came to the kinkier side of things, Frank was just not into it. He was pretty old fashioned in that respect. All in all though, Lisa liked her little fantasies, and it was a fun fantasy once in a great while. She mainly fantasized during masturbation sessions when her husband was away on one of those long business trips of his. Lisa snapped out of her thoughts when she heard Tammy ask,

"See anything you like there Lisa?"

"Huh... Oh sorry. I'm just not used to having another woman around the house half naked unless it's me."

"I understand, do you want me to put something on?"

"Oh no, don't be silly you look fine. I was just admiring your body wishing I looked as good as you do without clothes."

"Nonsense Lisa, you look fantastic. You do however look really uncomfortable, is everything alright?"

"Oh, I have a really stiff neck and shoulders this morning. I must have slept on it wrong or something. It could be I'm tense because it's my birthday, and of course Frank is gone again on another extended business trip so no loving for me. Plus he didn't even call to wish me a happy birthday."

"Well I'm sorry that he didn't call, but what do expect...he's a man, and men tend to forget birthdays unless of course it's theirs. I can't do anything about his missing your special day, but if you'd like I can massage your neck and shoulders for you."

"That does sound like a good idea."

"Well then why don't you go take a nice hot shower to relax those stiff muscles, and when you're done meet me in the den."

"Fantastic! I'll be right back."

After her shower Lisa wondered if she should put something on, or just warp a towel around herself. Thinking that would probably defeat the purpose of a massage she wrapped her naked body in a towel, but not before taking a look in the mirror. She just couldn't pass up comparing her breasts to Tammy's. As she looked in the mirror her breasts seemed just as nice, and maybe even a little bigger. As she posed in front of the mirror looking at her body, she thought her ass compared favorably to Tammy's as well, and like Tammy she had nice, long, shapely legs.

Even though she worked out 3 or 4 times a week, it still wasn't as much a Tammy, but all in all she liked what she saw in the mirror. Feeling pretty good about herself, and thinking she measured up pretty well, Lisa walked into the den with the towel wrapped around her. When Lisa entered the den she couldn't believe her eyes. Tammy had spread out a quilt on the floor, and it was covered with rose petals. She looked at Tammy and asked,

"What's up with the rose petals?"

"Well since it IS your birthday and I know how you love roses, and you seemed so sad, I thought I'd see if I could cheer you up a little. I realize I'm not Frank, and it's not quite the same, but in a pinch I thought it might work. I hope you don't mind."

"No, it's really sweet of you to try and cheer me up like that. Thank you Tammy."

"Good, I'm glad I could cheer you up a little. Now lay down, and let's see if I can relax those tense muscles."

As Lisa laid down on the quilt Tammy tugged at the towel pulling it away and tossed it aside. Lisa felt kind of funny being naked in front of Tammy, but as soon as she smelled the rose scented lotion and felt Tammy's smooth hands working her neck and shoulders all she forgot all about Frank missing her birthday.

Soon the tightness in her neck and shoulders was melting away, and she was beginning to feel like her old self again. She felt Tammy's hands moving down her shoulders to her back where she continued massaging, and kneading the muscles in her lower back. Lisa told Tammy she could quit if she liked, because her back and neck felt great.

"Don't you want a full body massage?"

"Sure if you don't mind I'd love one."

It did feel good, and Tammy had such a soft relaxing touch that she figured why not? Tammy moved her hands down Lisa's back working out all the tension as she made her way down to the small of her back. Adding more lotion Lisa felt Tammy's hands glide down onto her ass where she started making circular motions as she kneaded her cheeks. It felt so good that Lisa was starting to become aroused from Tammy's touch. She felt herself spreading her legs slightly as Tammy continued gently kneading her ass, as she made her feel even more aroused. She heard Tammy say,

"That's it Lisa, just relax and let all that pent up tension release from your body. You don't have a problem with me massaging your sexy ass do you? You seem to be tensing up just a little again."

"Oh no it's just that it feels so wonderful, almost erotic. I'm a little embarrassed, because I'm getting a little turned on from the combination of the scented lotions and your wonderful touch."

"It's supposed make you feel good silly, now relax and enjoy the massage. As for getting turned on, that just says you're enjoying the massage no matter who's doing it."

Lisa felt Tammy's hands slowly move from her ass down onto her upper legs pulling them apart just a little more. Lisa blushed because she knew Tammy could see her pussy if she looked between her legs, but the funny thing was Lisa found the thought of Tammy seeing her pussy actually turned her on even more. She wondered if Tammy had finished when she felt her hands move away, but it was only to add more lotion as Tammy started moving her hands once again over Lisa's legs. It felt so good that there was no way Lisa wanted her to stop now.

Tammy worked her hands up and down Lisa's legs smoothing out the tension as she moved down her legs to her feet. Lisa moaned softly as Tammy ran her knuckles along the side of each foot, and then pulled and gently twisted each toe. Lisa felt Tammy move her hands back up her legs toward her thighs, and then slide down along her inner thigh. Again she felt herself parting her legs slightly, but Lisa couldn't stop herself, or maybe she didn't want to. As Tammy's fingers inched closer and closer to her pussy Lisa found herself hoping that Tammy's fingers might inadvertently touch her pussy lips.

The combination of being a highly sexed woman, and the fact that it had been days since she'd had sex was adding to her arousal. She felt funny becoming aroused from the touch of another woman let alone her sister-in-law, but at the same time she was enjoying it way to much to let a little embarrassment stop her. Just at that moment she felt Tammy's finger tips graze her pussy.

She moaned a little louder than normal, and had to fight the urge to raise her hips to meet Tammy's fingers. Lisa did however find herself spreading her legs a little more, almost as an invitation. Again she felt Tammy's finger tips on her pussy lips, and this time they seemed to slide ever so slightly between her now tingling and moistening lips.

Lisa was about to raise her hips slightly when Tammy's hands moved back up onto her ass. This time her hands were so close to her crack that Lisa thought Tammy's hands were going to slide between her ass cheeks. That would have been fine with her at this point, because her ass was so highly sensitive. Lisa got her wish when she felt Tammy's fingers moving long the edge of her crack. It felt good as she moved them up and down her ass. Tammy was moving from side to side when she heard Tammy say,

"I can stop if it makes you feel awkward. Would you like me to stop?"

Lisa's heart was pounding in her chest, but she didn't want her to stop. Taking a deep breath Lisa whispered,

"No... don't stop... it feels so good."

Lisa's heart was racing as she wondered what Tammy was waiting for when she felt Tammy add more lotion. She cooed softly as Tammy began smoothing the lotion over Lisa's ass, and sliding her hands down between Lisa's cheeks. It was amazing how erotic it felt as she tensed her cheeks together trapping Tammy's fingers between them. It seemed like a natural response but Tammy told her,

"Relax Sweetie... you're too tense."

Lisa tried to relax as Tammy continued pleasuring her ass, placing a little pressure against her asshole with her fingers, along with teasing her as her fingers gently brushed against it. It was such an amazing feeling that Lisa was soon moaning and cooing as she slowly gyrated her hips. She was waiting for Tammy to do more, but Tammy moved her fingers from between her cheeks, and began running her hands up Lisa's back again.

Lisa was a little disappointed that Tammy had stopped, but then she felt something on her back other than Tammy's hands. She couldn't figure out what it was, and then it dawned on her. It was Tammy's nipples, and she was slowly dragging along her skin as she worked her way up to her shoulders again. After a few more times of feeling Tammy's nipples gliding along her back she felt Tammy lightly slap her butt cheeks and say,

"Alright Lisa....flip side."

Lisa turned over to see Tammy's smiling face.

"How is it so far, Sweetie?"

"Oh Tammy, you have such a magic touch, but why am I the only one naked here?"

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