Big fat weekend

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This story is purely fictional (I wish it wasn't but it is) it contains m/f sex if this upsets you or you’re a minor I ask that you don’t read on. My name has been changed and these stories are not true just my fantasies which i put on display for others. Thank you.

Hi my name is John. I am a 16 year old and a bbw lover. This story happens to involve a story containing me and my teacher whose name is miss O’Hara. She is gorgeous she has long red hair blue eyes is about 5'8" (about my height) and is Really overweight! No problem there is nothing I love better then a big woman ;).
Anyway Miss O’Hara is my Biology teacher and I have thought she was extremely sexy since I first started taking her class. Of course I didn’t let anyone know I thought this. I am not an overly popular person and if that would have gotten out I would have NEVER lived it down. 

Any way I had been having some trouble in biology so I scheduled a meeting with miss O’Hara at lunch time after this was over and I left the Biology classroom one of my friends saw me leaving and made a joke saying I liked miss O’Hara. Well that made everyone that heard it roll with laughter and soon everyone in the school knew and was teasing me even some of the teachers joked about it to me. But after a week or so it died down and everyone forgot about it seeing as they all knew it was a joke anyway.

Friday morning we had Biology first thing it was another boring class about ecosystems. At the end of class miss O’Hara was handing us back our assignments we had done earlier that week. When she handed mine to me she held it for a second and winked at me. The bell rang just as I got it though so I didn’t notice her wink at the time as I was in a hurry to get to math as I was already in trouble for being late for class so many times so I just stuffed my assignment in my book bag and forgot about it. When school was over I dropped by the staff lounge and asked to speak with miss O’Hara. She smiled when she saw me and I asked her if she could schedule me in for some extra help with biology again. She told me she was busy the next few days but she would let me know when she could fit me in. I thanked her and left to walk home.

The rest of my day was pretty boring I went home ate dinner spent all night doing my homework so I’d have the rest of the weekend to myself and went to bed. The next day I was watching TV when my mom asked If I wanted to Go to the mall with her and my dad. “Gee” i thought to myself “I can either spend my day with mom clothes shopping or spend the whole day talking to my dad about the fishing poles for the next 5 or 6 hours”. “no thanks mom” I said and she said ok shed be back later tonight and that not to stay up to late as she was going to stop to their friends on the way home. This meant they were going to spend the night playing cards and be home about 2. Aw well house to myself for the day. 

I had nothing to do so I fed my dog and went down to my room in the basement to get online. I got on an instant messenger program that everyone I knew used and started talking to one of my friends. After a while he asked me what I got on my Biology assignment. I had forgot about it. I told him to wait a minute I’d go check. I told him i only had a 57 he told me I was lucky he only got a 23. We talked about other stuff and he got offline no one else was on to talk to so I got offline to. I looked at my biology assignment. I Couldn’t believe I only had a 53. I noticed one of the pages had a paperclip on it i thought that was strange as i never use them I always use a stapler. I took the paper clip off and three small pieces of paper fell on my floor. One had writing on it so i picked it up and read it. “I heard you have a crush on me”. Shit!! I thought Miss O’Hara heard about that to. 

I was gonna kill my friend. When i flipped the paper over my draw dropped, eyes shot open, and my heart went up in my throat and skipped a beat. It was a picture and not just any picture a very sexy picture and it was of miss O’Hara. I picked up the other 2 and they were sexy pictures as well. One was of miss O’Hara In her bra and panties with a garter strap and fishnet stockings. (Man she has a huge set of tits!!!) The next was her in the same outfit but back on bent over showing her ass. The third was her sat down naked spreading her cunt for the camera.

I got super horny looking at he pictures and started jacking off. I blew my load in no time but that only stopped me for a few minutes I must have jacked off A dozen times over the picture before i heard my parents coming home. I quickly hid the pictures in my hiding space (Behind a loose board in the wall) with the rest of my porn, which consisted of a few bbw magazines i lifted from time to time from my local magazine shop and a porno called big fat sluts. That was much harder to obtain which involved secretly mailing a check to the company and checking the mail every day for 2 months before my mom did. I then went to bed and jerked off again before i fell asleep thinking of miss O’Hara.

The rest of the weekend was similar to the day before and needless to say my hand was very tired Monday morning. Monday was ok cause there was no biology class which was good cause the minute I saw miss O’Hara I was going to get a rock hard boner. That went good till last class when we had computer studies when miss O’Hara walked in and said the usual computer teacher was sick today so she was filing in for her. As she walked to the front of the class I was staring at her ass and my soldier was at full alert. 

Thankfully instead of talking to each other in computer class everyone chats online so no one noticed my..... ah hum.. Enlarged appendage. Near the end of class when I finally got my boner down miss O’Hara told us the photocopier was broken so please write your e-mail addresses on a piece of paper and bring them to the front of the class so I can e-mail all of you the review for next weeks quiz. 

While the rest of the class passed in their e-mail addresses I finished what I was doing and wrote down my address I was the last person in class when I handed in my address. Miss O’Hara was writing something down in her teachers book. She was bent over writing and I could see partially down her shirt. She looked up and saw me staring at her tits she reached up and squeezed her tits. I went rock hard again and she smiled. I blushed and left the room.

That day my parents were home so I couldn’t jack off but it was ok cause Monday nights my dad plays poker with his friends and my mom goes to the bingo hall so I knew id have plenty of time that night. Later that night I was online chatting with some friends when my parents yelled telling me they were leaving. About time I thought. I was finishing up on the internet and was about to get off when a message came up telling me someone named big sexy just added me to their chat list. Out of curiosity I stayed on to see who it was. Hey there sexy a message popped up on my screen. Hi I said back. What are you doing the person asked. Nothing I said. Home alone? they asked. Yup. I said. You have a webcam? They asked. Yeah I said.

Then a window popped up inviting me to a web cam and voice chat. I turned my mike and webcam on and accepted the invitation. The picture came up and with the voice chat I could hear the person laughing. Of course you would laugh to if you could have seen my face. Big sexy was miss O’Hara.. M..M. Miss O’Hara? I stammered. Please she said call me Rachel. Ah... ok I said.

Did you get my pictures? she asked. “I took em’ just for you.”

I told her I did and she asked me if i liked them. I told her yes and she asked if i had fun with them. Even my webcam picked up the huge redness in my face. She giggled and said she guessed I did. As she said this she took of her sweater and through the webcam I could see the t-shirt she had on showed a lot of her generous cleavage. She told me to stand up and move back so she could all of me on the screen. I did and she told me to strip. I hesitated and she asked if this would help and she removed her t-shirt so she had just a bra on. I took off my shirt and pants so I was there in just my boxers. She smiled and took off her bra letting her tits come into view. Then I had a tent in my shorts she giggled and licked her lips very sexily. 

She told me to take off my shorts and I did. My six inch dick was at full length and she told me to stroke it but not to cum i did so for a while and she told me to sit down again I sat back down in front of my computer and she told me to put my hands in front of me and don’t dare touch my dick. I did as i was told and she smiled as moved back from the camera.

She was wearing really tight jeans and being a really fat woman her stomach was hanging out over the front it was really sexy. She got back so i could easily see all of her in the screen and she started dancing around very sexily in front of the camera for me. I was so horny but i didn’t touch my cock. Then she slowly undid her jeans and wiggled them down over her ass and legs. Now she was just in a thong. Then turned around and bent over and took off her thong. She then laid down on her bed and picked up a vibrator she turned it on and started masturbating. She rubbed it all over her cunt and started ramming it in and out of her.when she started moaning and came i was shaking i was that close to cumming and I hadn’t even touched my cock yet. She got up and came back to her computer. She moaned and licked her lips again and said she would see me tomorrow and logged off. I then started stroking and i only stroked it twice and i blew my load. Then I went to bed and had a very good night sleep. 

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