Best sex slave ever 7

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“It’s really great having you back,” he said leisurely as his breathing slowly returned to normal. 

“Thank you Sir, it’s really great to be back,” Marcie replied gleefully as the buxom blonde looked up at her handsome master from her knees while she licked the remains of his manly juices from her lips. 

“Mistress Samantha raved about your performance last week,” the Germanic gentleman said with glowing eyes as he reached down and lovingly caressed the side of her face. 

“I’m really glad that I pleased her, Master.” 

His hazel eyes looked proudly into her brown orbs. “You see, I knew you could do it!” Her pretty blush filled her face and she accepted the gracious compliment while she enjoyed the gentle feel of his hand. “Hilda and I both missed you.” 

“And I missed you both as well.” 

“You realize we’ll have to make up for some lost time, of course.” 

“As you wish Master.” 

At that point the tone of Hans’ voice suddenly changed. “Mistress Samantha also informed me of your disrespectful behavior when you first arrived in the hotel room!” He said tersely as he removed the hand from her face. marcie lowered her eyes. She knew exactly what her Master was talking about. His voice was even but stern. “I warned you specifically about any embarrassing behavior!... Did I not!?” 

Supreme guilt filled her facial expression. “Yes Master.” 

“Mistress Samantha deserved your utmost respect, slave, and she rightly punished you for your negligence!” 

“Yes Master, She did.” 

“You do realize that I must punish you as well!” 

“Yes Master,” she replied softly. 

Hans’ eyes bore into her forehead. Purposefully, he pulled on the leash that was attached to her leather collar. Like a puppy dog, she was forced to follow him as he led her naked down the carpeted corridor toward the door that opened to stairs that descended to the dungeon. 

One step at a time, she carefully managed until they reached the cold basement floor. Once there, he led her through the swinging door and over to the hanging chains, where he ordered her to her feet. After attaching her wrists over her head, he added a spreader bar that forced her legs wide. 

Marcie had learned since becoming Hans’ sex-slave that there can be two kinds of whippings: one was for her Master’s perverse pleasure; they were part of her training. She understood that thoroughly and she endured them solely for the purpose of pleasing Him. Besides, they were always accompanied by some sort of purposeful pleasurable act like caressing a nipple or gently fingering her clit. In fact, marcie looked forward to those sessions. 

The other type of whipping was strictly for punishment and she knew that’s what she was about to endure. 

She had no excuse for her unthinking behavior toward Mistress Samantha and Master Hans had indeed forewarned her. Hence, marcie did not utter a single word of protest when the forceful lashes struck her between the shoulder blades. She gritted her teeth and dearly regretted the mental lapse of not kneeling before Mistress Samantha that day in the hotel room. He gave her no respite at all as the solid strokes struck repeatedly over every inch of her back and buttocks. 

The backs of her thighs felt the sting of the lashes as well. It was the most severe whipping she’d endured yet and her stoic resolve dissolved into shrieks that echoed around the walls of the dungeon. Her Master, an expert flagellator, was only halfway through. He fronted her suspended form. Her wails continued as the leather lashes struck her left breast. A matching slash to the right one made her secretly vow never to cross her Master again. Between her bouncing orbs, down her flat tummy to her mound the strands struck, then to the front of her thighs as her tears dripped. 

Lesson learned. 

As his freshly whipped slave hung there, Hans merely walked over and hung up the flogger. He then ambled back and stood in front of her and spoke softly, “Your transgression has been wiped clean.” And despite the severe punishment marcie had just endured, she was so relieved to hear those words, that when he freed her from her bonds, she sagged against his manly body and laid her head on his chest. She then sobbed tears of happiness as he enfolded his arms around her in a loving embrace. 


In the days ahead marcie was reunited to the ways of being a sex-slave. Each morning Hans would enter her room, for the strict purpose of using one of her bodily orifices. Some mornings Hilda would accompany him and they would use her sexually any way they wished. 

During the daytime, however, marcie would become strictly Hilda’s bitch. After Hans would leave for work, the first requirement would be to orally satisfy Hans’ live-in dominant second cousin. That was usually followed by a spanking or a whipping or whatever Hilda desired. 

After what was usually a scrumptious breakfast, which the slave always fixed, it was doing the daily chores. This meant that marcie had to change the linens on all the beds. Hans insisted on fresh sheets daily. Vacuuming, dusting, washing the clothes and ironing were all parts of the slave’s duties. Hilda enjoyed lording over her naked charge and would punish her for the slightest screw up. Of course marcie was forced to go down on Hilda whenever the mood struck the dominant woman. 

The sex-slave was kept naked at all times except when taken out or on special occasions. She once accompanied the tall, wiry dominatrix to a store that specialized in adult toys, where they purchased what was called a dildo gag. When they returned to the house marcie stripped immediately. (It was a requirement that she be naked one minute after entering the house) She was forced to her knees, where Hilda shoved the gag end, which was shaped like a penis, into the slave’s mouth. The Domme also stripped bare, laid on the end of the bed and spread her long legs. 

With the slave kneeling between her splayed thighs, the dominant woman ordered the long haired blonde to insert the phallus into Hilda’s wide open, wet cunt. Marcie did so by pushing her own face forward. Then slowly marcie moved her head backward, almost withdrawing the ten-inch cock. Then she’d plunge forward once again. Then back again, then forward, back and forth. Once marcie got into a rhythm, Hilda’s breathing quickened and she gasped aloud as the slave face–fucked Hilda until the older woman shrieked with pleasure. 

Then on other days Hilda would invite some of her girl friends over so they could use the sex-slave’s body to a fare-thee-well. That meant marcie very often got spreadeagled to the coffee table where her body was constantly poked and prodded. Her nipples would be twisted and clamped, fingers would be jammed into her pussy and ass and her face would be sat on by one pussy after another. 

On Saturdays after her double teaming and after a triple shower which was always fun, her owners would take her out for breakfast and chat with her amicably. Marcie looked forward to these pleasant gatherings, which made her feel like a real person, not merely a sex-slave. 

Marcie was generally given Saturday daytimes off. Hans usually watched some sporting event on television with his slave kneeling at his feet while Hilda mostly went out shopping or got her hair and nails done. 

Saturday evenings, however, were another matter. Hilda and Hans would either be hosting a party, attending someone else’s party or going to a local BDSM club. 

If they were going out, they’d dress up in their sleek black leather. Hans wore a skin tight shirt and pants with black boots; Hilda’s slim body was encased in a tight leather black blouse and matching miniskirt, with fishnet stockings and long black boots. 

Marcie, on the other hand, was quite different. Hans preferred his slaves to be in lace. Thong panties were a requirement; marcie was never allowed to wear a bra. She was usually dressed in some kind of frilly, see-through top and a very short skirt, so her Master could have easy access at all times. 

At a club Hans would lead his slave around the large room, that was filled with spanking horses and other various devices, by her leash while Hilda usually would find some submissive guy or gal to frolic with. 

Spankings and whippings were commonplace occurrences at these events. Both genders could be dominant or submissive. There was usually somebody being stretched on a rack. They noticed one lucky guy who was suspended by his wrists and being spanked with a large wooden paddle by a female in back of him and who was also being whipped on his cock by another female in front of him. By the looks of his hard-on he was really enjoying it. 

Hans would stop at any point, bend marcie over a spanking horse, raise her short skirt and spank her with the hard leather paddle he carried with him. Since the thong panties kept both of her cheeks visibly available, the long implement covered both of the slave’s rounded globes easily. There were even times when her Master would allow other dominants, male or female, to have a go at her. 

Other times Hans would suspend her by her wrists, flog her bare back and front, place clothespins in strategic places on her body and insert a butt plug up her ass. Marcie really didn’t mind this attention because it was usually accompanied by some pleasurable act, like manipulating her clit. Her Master was an expert at knowing just how far he could take her without release. She was getting so that she craved the lashings for she knew he would always allow her some sweet pleasure, but it was only after she begged him wantonly that he allowed her to cum. Marcie grew to love these parties, for she liked the way Hans showed her off to his contemporaries and yes she was becoming quite an exhibitionist. 

One Sunday morning after she played out her daily ritual, Hans sat on the bed and gazed at her in a manner she’d only seen once before; it was the day he told her she’d be lent out for a week. Like before, a pensive marcie wasn’t sure she wanted to hear the forthcoming pronouncement. But on the other hand, that week with Mistress Samantha didn’t turn out so bad. 

Clearing his throat, the gentleman began. “Marcie, there’s something I want to tell you.” Recognizing the questionable expression in her eyes he headed her off. “No, I’m not going to lend you out again.” She raised her eyebrows in anticipation. “In fact,” he continued, “I never want to let you go, ever again.” A hint of a smile crossed her face. “During the week that you were gone, I missed you terribly.” Her smile increased. “I realized just how much... I love you.” He waited a moment for that proclamation to sink in as her smile increased to a wide grin. “And...I want you to marry me.” 

Stunned, marcie gaped back at him, suddenly lost for words. The look in her eyes went from stark confusion to utter elation. “Well, um...” she stuttered, then she blurted out, “This is awfully sudden Master!” 

“You do want to remain my sex-slave, right?” 

Her eyes focused on his. “Yes Master, I do!” 

He took her hand and smiled softly. “This will be the next step in our relationship.” 

Marcie did admit to herself how much she missed him during the week she was gone and she recalled happily the words of Mistress Samantha who said that Hans was a wonderful man. An offer like this didn’t come along every day. 

Her smile widened as she sat up and threw her arms around him. “Yes, yes Master! I will marry you!” 

Then grasping both of her shoulders he kissed her softly on the lips and she swooned in his arms. Gently he laid her back down on the bed and covered her soft body with his and they made passionate love for the first time. To them both this was more than just a fuck. 

After their pleasurable coupling, Hans and marcie glowed in the aftermath for what seemed like hours. Then he looked into her eyes as he laid beside her. “Our wedding is going to be a special one.” 

“How so Master?” 

“It’s going to be a Dominant/slave Wedding.” 

Marcie looked puzzled but he explained. “It’s a little like a normal wedding. There will be a person who conducts the ceremony, much like a priest or minister, but the words, dress code and actions will be vastly different. I’ll have a best man, you’ll have a mistress of honor, most likely Hilda. 

“Dress code Master?” 

“Yes marcie, everybody there will be dressed in their best black leather, except you of course, who will be naked.” He emphasized the word “naked.” The wide-eyed slave blanched a bit, but accepted it without protest, although she really didn’t have a choice. 

Then her eyes narrowed. “How will the words and actions be different, Master?” 

“The words will be carefully scripted and the actions will be the culmination of all your training. The ceremony will reinforce that,” he said with a reassuring tone. “All you have to do is simply follow the instructions of the ceremonial leader.” 

“When will it be Master?” 

He nodded. “I’ve checked the calendar and a good day is the second Saturday of next month.” 

“Ah, that should give us plenty of time to prepare, but this all sounds so exciting Master!” 

He smiled at her knowingly. “Now one thing, I’ve made an appointment for you to have some piercing done.” 

She looked puzzled once again. 

“Yes marcie, you are to have both nipples pierced as well as your labia. Hilda will take you there. These people do great work, real professionals,” Hans declared in a matter of fact fashion. 

The blonde haired slave looked slightly perplexed at the thought. “But Master, why...?” 

“Because that’s what I’ve decided!” Hans declared, cutting her off. “Besides, it will be necessary during the ceremony that you be pierced!” 

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