Best sex slave ever 6

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After Mistress Samantha “tested” Marcie, her newly acquired slave, in the dungeon she sought out her male slave, Derek, whom she had banished him to his room for his unbecoming behavior toward master Hans. 
Authoritatively she entered his room where the young six-foot two dark haired man immediately descended to his knees. Eyes blazing, she regarded her submissive charge as she circled his almost nude form. Looking down at his red loincloth she could tell he was glad to see her. The regal lady was pleased by the way he kept his eyes down and his hands clasped behind him with his knees parted as trained.

“Slave!” She mouthed sternly as she stopped in front of his kneeling form.

“Yes Mistress.”

“I want you to get dressed and take the car out of the garage. You may drive slave Marcie and me to the Mall. I need to do some quick shopping.”

“Yes Mistress...right away.” Derek answered resolutely, relieved that he wasn’t going to be punished again.

She then grabbed a hank of his hair and jerked his head up. “Try not to fuck this one up, slave!” she said with a sneer. “Now get going!”

“Yes Mistress,” he replied with a wince.


Two hours later Sam and Marcie pranced out of the main door of the huge shopping center with the slave, who was clad in an old pullover blouse and jeans that her Mistress had loaned her, toting a large shopping bag. Mistress Samantha’s Lincoln Town car was waiting and Derek, in his chauffeur’s uniform, hopped out of the luxury auto and politely held the back door open– This action also made him wince from the relentless pressure of the nipple clamps beneath his white shirt that his Mistress applied just to remind him of his status.

When the two ladies were safely seated in the back, Sam looked at Marcie. “Now you will be more presentable while we’re checking in at the hotel.”

The giddy sex-slave flushed. “Oh thank you, Mistress.”

Samantha continued in a light tone. “We can’t have you walking in the lobby of the Grand Hyatt in just your panties and robe,” she said with a slight snicker.

Marcie couldn’t help but join in the levity. “That would indeed attract some unwanted attention I’m sure,” she replied with a wry grin.

Sam chuckled. “I swear I think that saleslady would’ve gone down on me to make that sale!”

“Well I won’t feel so conspicuous now Mistress,” Marcie said as she looked into the bag at the finely made wine colored blouse and the white pants.

Mistress Samantha then got a sultry look on her face. “You may properly thank me slave...right now!”

Marcie’s eyes locked onto the dominatrix’s and she instinctively got on her knees on the roomy floor of the vehicle as Sam nonchalantly spread her thighs. Marcie unzipped the lady’s jeans while the mistress obligingly raised her pelvis. After gently tugging the denims over the unimpeded hips and down to her ankles, the slave hooked her fingers in the waistband of the black silk panties. When the smooth material had joined the denims, the subservient plunged her face headlong into her soft, juicy crotch.

Sam exclaimed wantonly as she felt her inner passion rise abundantly, while she guided her slave’s face by gently massaging her scalp through her mane of blonde hair. “That’s it! Get that tongue in there! Lick my clit!”

This was indeed something new for Marcie. She’d never gone down on anyone while traveling 60 miles-per-hour before.

Diabolically, Sam knew Derek could hear moans of pleasure while he was driving and he probably had a raging hard-on. That was his loss though. Serves him right for coming without permission last evening and he better not jerk off because she would check him later, plus he better not remove those nipple clamps.

By now, Sam was now throwing her head back in pleasurable delirium as Marcie had become quite an expert at eating pussy–The slave’s mind wandered back to that day in the patio where she ate those grapes out of Hilda’s pussy...What a gas!–But now Samantha’s sweet nectar was filling her oral cavity as she tongued
the Mistress’s clit over and over. Marcie could feel the other woman’s body shudder as a giant tidal wave consumed the sexually stimulated siren and a shriek of joyous ecstacy soon echoed around the inside of the long vehicle.

Ten minutes later Derek drove onto the circular driveway of Mistress Samantha’s palatial estate. The ladies had enjoyed their ride back here immensely. When the chauffeur had opened the rear door, they both exited the vehicle.

“Leave the car here slave,” Sam directed the tall brown haired man. “We’ll need it when you drive us to our hotel.”

“Yes Mistress.”

The regal woman nodded. “Now, however, I want you to adorn your usual slave attire and report to me in my room in twenty minutes! You may remove the clamps.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Then Sam directed her attention to Marcie. “And you slave girl will don your new attire and wait in the living room until we are ready to leave!”

“Yes Mistress.”

Exactly twenty minutes later slave Derek knocked obediently on his Mistress’s door waiting until he heard her say, “Come in slave.” Entering the room and sinking reverently to his knees he waited in his red bow tie and matching loin cloth. She was seated at her vanity applying makeup with her back to him, and her body smelled fresh like she had just stepped out of the shower. Stark naked, she deliberately made him wait, knowing the affect she had on him. Then without turning around she addressed him.

“Are you looking at my naked butt, slave?”

“No Mistress,” he replied quickly, keeping his eyes affixed to the floor.

“You better not be lying slave!”

“No Mistress, I’m not.”

“Have you jerked off today slave?”

“No Mistress.”

“Remember what I told you about not be allowed to come for a week?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Is your dick hard?”

“Yes Mistress,” he answered softly.

“Good...remove your loin cloth and stand up!”

Rising from his submissive position he watched curiously as she turned to face him. His face paled when he spotted the chastity belt she was holding. 

“This will keep your boy here in check until I return. Come closer and spread’em!”

When he complied she very carefully applied the device and locked it on with the key, which she removed and dropped on the table behind her. 

“Now I can go to the convention ,slaveboy, knowing that your manly juices will still be in your balls when I return.”

Derek felt frustration for sure, but he knew better than to question her. “Yes Mistress,” he replied in a tone that showed acceptance.

“Good, put your chauffeur attire back on, carry my suitcases down to the front door and wait beside Marcie!”

Fifteen minutes later Mistress Samantha descended the staircase and saw her two slaves kneeling side by side...a lovely sight indeed: one wholesome male who was her live-in slave and one female, lent to her by her good friend Hans.

Sure, there were other slaves who would visit her from time to time for a session. Some she kept for a day then released; some only stayed a few hours. Sam was also a member of a local bdsm club, which is where she’d met Hans about five years ago. She also frequented some local parties.

Nevertheless, she was also the CEO of an up and coming IT company and it was a tough juggling act at times keeping her social life separate from business. Being a woman in a field dominated by men made it doubly important that she keep her head up, so to speak.

Dressed in a conservative light blue blouse and matching pants, this gave her a leisurely look without being outlandish. She was very careful not to wear even a hint of domination attire...what was in one of her suitcases was another matter.

She then looked at her male slave. “Take my bags to the car Derek and wait!”

Lingering until the male slave had gone out, Samantha looked at her female slave, who like Derek had her eyes diverted downward, her hands clasped behind her with her thighs parted. Marcie looked absolutely divine in her newly acquired outfit.

“You look magnificent my slave,” she said as she reached down and tilted the kneeling blonde’s head up. Her eyes locked onto Marcie’s. “But I want to make sure you know what’s expected of you.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“If someone wants to spank you or whip you, I will let them!”

“Yes Mistress.”

“If someone wants you to go down on them, you will!”

“Yes Mistress.”

“And if you embarrass me in any way, you will pay dearly! Is that clear!?”

“Yes...Mistress...” Marcie gulped.

“But make no mistake, I will see to it that nobody exceeds your limits.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“I made that very clear to Master Hans when we discussed this.”

“Yes Mistress...Master explained that to me thoroughly.”

“I told you your Master is special...He’s a wonderful man.”

“I know Mistress,” replied Marcie with a wide smile.

“Well then...Let’s be off to check in at the hotel.”

It was about a forty minute ride into town from Mistress Samantha’s suburban home. Derek took the Parkway, a route that he knew his Mistress always preferred because of the majestic trees that lined the roadway. As they rode along, the loquacious lady carried on a light conversation with a very attentive Marcie, who was gradually becoming more at ease with her Mistress.

Once Derek had reached the circular driveway of the Grand Hyatt he parked the long black luxury vehicle in front of the door, hopped out and politely assisted his Mistress and her slave while they exited.

One of the doormen approached them with an official greeting. “May I help you ladies?”

“Yes sir, we have reservations here,” Sam announced firmly.

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