Best sex slave ever 3

(Part 1 from 1)

Marcie laid there once again spreadeagled to the large bed by her wrists and ankles. It had been quite a day with Hilda. Hans’ sister did indeed make a sex slave out of her. Yet, the blonde haired Marcie couldn’t say she didn’t enjoy it. She’d always wondered what it would be like to go down on another woman and she sure found out. By her count she sucked off six pussies, counting Hilda three times. And she’d been butt fucked three times as well. But the grandest was that wonderful cunt fucking her mistress gave her just before Hans returned from work. 

Even though she was trussed up Marcie felt totally relaxed.Thrilled to see her master after a full day of not seeing him, she wondered, what was going on between Hans and his sister? He had told her to go to the dungeon– a place Hans had not shown Marcie yet– and prepare herself. 

Hans had not left the room yet and was gazing down at her with those gorgeous hazel eyes and she felt herself get moist again between her legs. 

“Did you enjoy your day with Hilda, Marcie?” 

“Yes Master I enjoyed my time with your sister.” 

The tall, blonde haired Hans smiled at her. “Well Marcie, I need to tell you something. Hilda is not really my sister. We’re actually second cousin.” 

“Oh,” Marcie reacted with raised eyebrows. 

“Yes, we bought this house together three years ago and we just told the real estate guy that.” 

“I see.” 

“But now I must attend to her. She needs the balance, you know.” 

Marcie was somewhat confused about all this, but she, nevertheless, smiled up at Hans. “Yes Master.” 

Quickly her master made his exit from the room. 


Meanwhile, Hilda, Hans’ cousin was kneeling naked down in the dungeon, waiting for her Master to appear. She loathed this waiting. She wanted him to get on with it. She gazed around this room with the pitch black walls and red carpeted floor. She looked at the stationary implements ( spanking horse, chains hanging down, and a “special table” as he called it). Along one wall hung his many paddles, whips, straps and canes. He also possessed restraints, various sized butt plugs and nipple clamps. 

All of this made this room look quite ominous, but the short haired Hilda had been in here many times before. She recalled her initial trip to this room, and how she gasped upon seeing it. She was no stranger to bdsm; she dabbled in the scene while she was at college. In fact that’s really where she flourished in it. She recalled her old roommate, Beth and how surprised they both were to learn that each of them had fantasies about it. 

It started innocently enough. At first Beth agreed to let Hilda spank her, and since this was Hilda’s maiden experience as well she went easy on her. But after a few smacks, Beth was pleading for more. So the blonde obliged the brunette by smacking her harder and faster. Beth got so turned on she leaped on top of Hilda and kissed her roommate right on the lips. That eventually led to a hot sixty-nine in which both college seniors climaxed in thunderous orgasms. 

Each time after, their sessions got bolder and steamier. They went on shopping trips to a local sex toy store, and experimented with various paddles, whips and other devices. A dog collar, a leash, nipple clamps, wrist and ankle cuffs were all added to their collection. They rarely went out to clubs or campus parties because they enjoyed each others’ company so much. 

Then graduation came and Hilda and Beth lost track of each other. Hilda had a degree in Clinical Psychology and was anxious to start a practice when she met Hans at a family reunion. They hadn’t seen each other in ten years and she was impressed with his stature and the way he carried himself, self confidant and assured. Her five-foot ten inch frame was only a few inches shorter than he. She found him to be a charming talker and when he said that he wanted to buy a house, she jumped at the chance of purchasing it with him. He’d already began his dental business and she could have an office in the house. How grand she thought. 

Then once they settled on the house and moved in, he hinted at his proclivity toward bdsm and she in turn tipped her hand as well. This was even grander. They could both practice this hobby of theirs and still hold down legitimate means of employment without any strings attached. 

Then one morning at the breakfast table before he went off to work, he suggested to Hilda that he’d like to practice his domination on her. She in turn informed him that she was also a dominant...But she did find it fascinating, the idea of being his submissive. It took a week of negotiation, but finally she agreed...She would allow him to dominate her– with some limits– but she would be a Domme to anyone else...Agreed. 

That evening was when Hilda got her first taste of his dungeon. He started by putting her over the spanking horse with her wrists and ankles cuffed to the legs. He began with a hand spanking, which not only had her gasping from the constant sting, but had her wet between the legs. Despite the fact that she was a dominant female who liked women, she wished at that moment he’d shove his cock up her cunt. 

Then he changed to a hard leather paddle that easily covered both of her hind cheeks and soon had her yelping. After that, he chained her up by her wrists and used various whips on separate parts of her body. A flogger was used on her back and buttocks, a lighter whip on her thighs and a short whip on her breasts and pussy. She couldn’t believe he’d actually whipped her there, but what could she say? She hadn’t mentioned that as taboo

It wasn’t until the next session when he put her on his special table. It was an old mahogany coffee table that was just long enough for someone to lie with their torso on the table with their legs dangling over. He tied her wrists to the front corners, then lifted each leg up and secured the ankles to a different chain hanging from the ceiling. That position left her completely wide open and vulnerable for anything Hans wanted to do. Her butt cheeks were actually off the table as well. 

She recalled vividly how he began with a riding crop and reddened every inch of the inside of her thighs. The tall red head cried out after each swat, which was only music to his ears. He even used the crop on her raised bottom. He then put five clothespins on each breast and after a few agonizing minutes whipped each one off as she shrieked. 

He then teased her clit with a finger until she was about to come, then cruelly stopped, making her plead for her release. But in stead he whipped her down the front of her body, including her breasts. Then he teased her some more...She pleaded anew, but all she received was a pussy whipping with his small leather stranded whip. 

He then teased her again, made her beg to become his sex-slave, and only then did he fuck her in that position until finally she came right after he shot his load into her. 

From that time until now, Hilda has been Hans’ sex–slave, even though he shares his other female slaves with her as well. 

But now, Hilda waited for Hans to come down as she knelt quietly on the red carpeted floor of his dungeon. “Inposition” meant her being on her knees, with her hands flat on the floor behind her and her thighs spread wide with her head down. 

That’s the position the short cropped slave was in when the tall blonde haired man of German descent entered. He circled her naked form as he inspected her slender body with the smallish breasts. They were no where near as bountiful as his other sex–slave who was currently bound to his bed upstairs. Yet, he did admire they way they protruded from her chest, unyieldingly with no sag. And her bush was neatly trimmed. Her legs were long and lithe. Hilda’s pretty face added to her overall attractiveness. 

Stopping in front of her, he reached down and tilted her face up. “You did very well with my new sex–slave,” he said with a soft smile. 

“Thank you Master,” she replied while returning the smile. 

“How many times did she suck your pussy?” 

“Three times Master.” 

“Did she do a good job?” 

“Yes Master, she did.” 

“Excellent! I’m proud of you, but now it’s time I paid some attention to you, isn’t it?” 

“If you wish Master.” 

“Right answer slave. Now let’s get started. I acquired that St Andrews cross a while ago and haven’t used it on you yet, have I?” 

“No Master.” 

He pointed toward it. “Walk over there.” 

On her knees she negotiated the ten feet and waited obediently for her next instruction. 

“Stand up slave!” 

When she did, he eased her forward until her midsection was touching the two cross pieces where they joined. He raised her right arm and tied her wrist snugly to the board. He copied the process by duplicating the feat with her left wrist. He pulled her right leg wide and tethered it tightly to the bottom right board, repeating the same tether to the left ankle. 

Her time had come. 

Hans strolled over to where his toys hung on a pegboard. He reached up and took down his favorite whip. It was all black with a shiny handle, but what made this particular implement stand out was the fact that the lashes were made of rubber. Their impact was far more devastating than any other whip he had in his collection. He would never use this whip on Marcie, at least not until she’s gained some experience. Hilda, on the other hand, was getting to be an old pro at this. 

Once he took his position behind Hilda’s spread form on the cross, he tested the lashes with a few practice strokes through the air. The ten lengths of rubber reacted sufficiently to his liking and Hans gazed intently at his intended target. He took a deep breath then brought the lashes back. He waited ten seconds, then forcefully brought them forward and slashed all ten of them right across the middle of Hilda’s back. Her painful shriek echoed around the walls of the dungeon. Hans waited for the affect of that blow to subside, then delivered another one just below the first one. A matching shriek mimicked the initial one and Hans wondered if Marcie all the way upon the second floor could hear it. None of his submissives that he had before Hilda lasted more than two before they were screaming the safe word. However, since he had not heard that word uttered from Hilda’s lips he continued. Three more across her back had Hilda jerking her bonds as she wailed, but she was determined not to say the word. Three more hard ones across her ass produced some amplification of her shrieks. Then two across the backs of her thighs had her screeching the safe word. 

Finally Hans hung up his whip and released Hilda from her bondage. He hugged her and told her that she had done well. 

Hans allowed Hilda to rest after that. 

Two hours later, Hans awakened Hilda and they both ascended the stairs to where Marcie laid tied to the bedposts. Hans was dressed in his black leather shirt which opened in the front revealing his chest hair, and a pair of leather pants that hugged his backside. Hilda was also dressed in black leather. A leather blouse which did nothing to hide her breasts and a short leather skirt which stopped at mid thigh, with calf high boots with six inch spiked heels made her look like a femme fatale in her tall lean frame. 

They stood on each side of the sex-slave Marcie and ogled her naked form. Then they each began playing with the blonde’s body, kneading her breasts, pinching her nipples and running their fingers in and out of Marcie’s pussy. The slave was actually loving this action. 

Then it all changed. Hans untied her right wrist and ankle and Hilda untied the left ones. Hans then reached out and grabbed a hank of Marcie’s hair and forced her off the bed and onto her knees. He then ordered her to walk toward the sliding glass doors that led out to the balcony on her knees. 

When she once again felt the cold hard concrete she wondered what this was about. Hilda sat on the chaise lounge while Hans still held a lock of her hair. The leggy dominatrix then spread her legs wide, revealing her naked pussy to Marcie. Hans forced his sex-slave toward his cousin’s crotch. 

“Eat it slave!” 

And for the fourth time that day, Marcie tasted Hilda’s pussy juice. Hans meanwhile picked up a belt, doubled it up and slashed the leather piece across Marcie’s ass. She yelped into Hilda’s crotch, as she sucked on the other woman’s pussy. 

“I’m gonna whip your ass until Hilda cums, slave!” 

Marcie yelped and sucked furiously until Hilda finally let out a boisterous cry of pure pleasure. Hilda then laid back on the lounge and breathed heavily as she glowed in the aftermath. 

But Marcie wasn’t quite done. 

Hilda rose from the lounge and Hans sat down, unzipped his leather pants and pointed. Hilda this time grabbed Marcie by the hair and ordered her to take out Hans’ cock. When the long haired blonde fished out his manhood, Hilda forced Marcie’s mouth onto it. She let go of Marcie’s hair so she could take up the belt. 

“Such that cock, slave!” Hilda sneered as she delivered a swat right across Marcie’s ass cheeks. The sex–slave sucked Hans’ cock for all she was worth, in and out, in and out. Her ass whipping continued until Hans stiffened and sprayed the inside of her mouth with his cum. 

“Drink it all bitch!” Hilda snarled. Marcie did just that, not allowing a single drop to his the deck. In spite of her sore butt cheeks, she was contented that she pleased her Master. 

Hans was indeed pleased with his sex–slave. She had done well on her first full day, but their would be others to come. Hans and Hilda then led her back to bed, spreadeagled her once again to her bed and each kissed her good night. 

Tomorrow would be another day.

To Be Continued...

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