Best friends

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I was after high school doing some work I missed for one of my teachers. The only other person that stayed after school too was my girlfriends best friend. I loved my girlfriend but she was a bitch sometimes, and her best friend was hot very hot.

Her name was gabby she was white with brunette hair and small boobs but a very big ass. Suddenly gabby dropped her pencil and she bent over to pick it up, I could see her thong outline through her pants. I got a rock hard boner so I asked the teacher to use the bathroom.

Soon as I got in the stall I yanked down my navy blue pants and started jerking off. Yes.... That's it yes yes.... I jerked off harder and harder thinking about Gaby's nice big round ass. Suddenly I squirted a load all over the stall door yes!

Suddenly the stall door flew open and I saw gabby standing in front of me completely naked but her thong.... Well u gonna fuck me or not? She said to me with a horny look.

Instantly I pulled her in the stall and locked the door. I snatched off her pink thong and she stripped me naked, give me that big cock. She swallowed my penis like it was a lollipop! She was very good at deep throating, here it comes!! I squirted sperm down her throat like a water hose.

Then I grabbed her from behind and grabbed a handful full of her brunette hair and I slowly slid my dick into my tight butt hole. I rammed her pale white butt like there was no tomorrow. We had the entire stall shaking: she was screaming oh god yes!yes! fuck my ass! I could feel her butt hole rip open.

Then I turned her around and stuck my 8 inch dick into her tight vagina and grabbed her throat and thrusted harder and harder with every thrust, I covered her mouth and continued to do my girlfriends best friend.

The next day we secretly met in the woods, next thing I know I was eating her out like a pro. Yet again I did her against a tree we both grunted like wild animals in need of pleasuring she screamed with delight at her climax. We still continue our little affairs....

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