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I and my husband Manukh are happily living with our two kids in Mira Rd. It’s near Mumbai. We have a family friend Rakesh... He is very helpful to me & our family.... My hubby called him my Boyfriend in humor.... He is good looking person. I did not had any relationship with any other person except my hubby. But I had dream to make love in crowd. And mostly in these my day dreams Rakesh will be my hero, instead of my husband Manukh. But we never crossed the line. Once, my husband had some urgent work at two locations on the same time. So he requested me to go to one location. I am just housewife; never stepped out, without any male protection. So he suggested to go with Rakesh...

I & Rakesh reached Mira Rd station. I boarded in ladies compartment. There is always crowd in Virar train. These are always jam packed. Ladies were packed like glued with each other. As train reached Borivaly, some ladies stepped down, & some more boarded. However train was still packed. After some time I felt someone’s hand is resting on my bossom. I turned my neck. There was another lady standing behind me, who was looking on another side. I could not understood, what to say…. I turned my neck staright, without any reaction. Her hand remained on same location for some more time. In the period with the jerks of train her hand was pinching in my bossom & came on crack. I did not try to change my position. Now my heart was saying, why is she wasting time. After sometimes god heard my feeling. Her hand started traveling on my body. I remain frozen for some time, But very soon, I decided to have fun in this crowded train. My body started to react on her every move. Her hand was moving on my body. Her another hand also came down, it cupped my breasts from behind with this hand. Suddnely the lady standing in my side, got some brushes with the movement of her hand, she turned to her. I become red, like I have cought red handed. But I did not have courage to get away my new lover’s hand. She surprised to see it.

She turned back side towards my new lover. I also back, My new lover was smiling at her & she also gave her lusty smile. The lady standing in my side did not react & turned her neck staright. In between she glanced towards us, perhaps it was making her also wet. Now for us the my side lady was like a wall. This incident made us bolder. My new lover asked me, where am I going, I replied her Andheri. She proposed me to come with her for Bandra at her lonely flat. But I was not in position to obey her. She was passionately kissing my neck & just behind my ear. In the mean time she had unbuttoned some of my blouse’s hooks & put her hand in it. But it was my bad luck, train stopped at Andheri station. And we parted.

Rakesh & me met at plateform.I had wrapped my saree carefully on my open blouse, instead of hooking it. I was still hot & thinking about the same incident. And my thoughts suddenly turned towards the Rakesh, my so called boy friend. We took the auto. Instead of sitting on a side I sat with him, touching his body with my body. Every jerk was giving me encouragement. To be frank with him, I also narrated him that as train was jam packed, my blouse’s hooks have been broken. So my milks are nude inside the saaree…. I felt, it made him hot…He secretly glanced many times in my saaree. He thought I am seeing on another side, but my eyes were catching him in auto mirror. I made my pallu some loose. But in vain, Rakesh did not try to go further step & finally our auto reached Manukh’s office.

After finishing our job we reached Andheri station... Due to too much crouwd he again suggested me to go in ladies compartment. But I insisted to go with him in general compartment. When tarin came, crowd rushed to catch it... We also rushed to general compartment... He took me ahead & forced me to help to board in it... Finally we boarded, he was just behind of me... There was too much crowd, which was pushing us ahead... He was tighty fit with me from behind... My boobs & front part was tightly pressed with the person, who was ahead of me... Like he got lottery, so he was not trying to go ahead... He was feeling me... I was feeling Rakesh's manhood in my bosson... I had decided to have some fan with Rakesh. I also felt some heat in Rakesh’s manhood... I understood, he is also enjoying it... I was getting hard the same time, But after all we were family friend... So perhaps he was feeling shame to put first step.... On the same time, he also have to protect me... Somehow he managed to got space & I stand with the support of sidewall in gangway... I felt sorry... I missed the beautiful chance to be molested in crowd... & to being away from Rakesh... But very soon, I got another chance... Rakesh was standind in front of me, face to face me, protectecting me from the pressure, I made some room in my back & fill the blank space between us.

He was still trying to keep away me from the pressure. At every station, more crowd was entering & more pressure was increasing on Rakesh. Finally he could not stop the pressure... Very soon he was pressing me... My up & down... I was feeling his manhood on my protective part... His chest was pressing my boobs; I felt again, some heat in his paint... It was rocking hard… I did not tried to change my position to avoid it... Rakesh's manhood was saying his dilema... On the one side he was getting golden chance, & on the other side, he did not want to ruin the friendship... His manhood was being bolder & bolder... I understood, by luck I have got another chance, I must not miss it... So I start to give him some jerks on his manhood by by mine flower... He got the point... He was now more & more pressing me, but also showing that he is helpless due to crowd. Whenever heat in his manhood was telling me the real story. He gives look to both sides, no one was looking our side. He left the handle & took his hand down... Slowly I felt it on my stomach... He put his hand in my saree, where my blouse was already loose due to being unbuttoned. But still he was showing that it is just accident... Time was moving very fast... So I thought to one stop ahead. I also took my hand down & rested on his manhood, just like it may be accident… But still I found him in dilemma, I go to further step, Opened his zip... Freed his manhood... Rakesh becomes red with shame, he starts to see both sides.. Finally when he felt, none was feeling our game, he relaxed... He started to push me more hard with his manhood on my flower... I was also rhythming with his stroke... But my Saree was proving wamp... However I was enjoying & wetting....

When I was going ahead to meet the heat... Suddnely I felt a hand on my bossom... I shocked... Who is it... Rakesh's one hand was on handle, another in one side of my open skin just on my loose blouse. When i tried to find out, I got it was another person standing in just side of me. He was standing vertcle to me, So his both hands can roam on my body, & he started to did it also... Rakesh was still unknown to it, But the person was fully aware of our act... I did not liked his action, but not in position to say him anything. After all he was unknown to me. And I was not the whore. I could not understood, what to do... But he understood, my urgency & dilema.... He started to raise my saaree from behind, lowered my panty from behind & finally his finger was just on my onus... Rakesh's manhood was stroking on just above my flower, so the person did not dare to play with my flower... I got the point, when he can put his finger in my back hole... Why can't Rakesh penetrate my front hole with his axle... His finger was bending me ahead... Rakesh thought, Its me, who is coming ahaead... Again I did my hand lower, raised my saaree... and slowly made space for Rakesh's manhood to enter my flower... And I was totally succeed his top was just on my opening, train becomes slow to halt, people rushed to gate. Rakesh zipped his pant & I left my saaree to be normal ...

Train had reached Mira Rd Station, & crowd rushed out of train... But the side person was still bolder... He was penetrating in my untouched back hole with his finger... And even held my hand & kept it on his manhood... But at the same time, Rakesh pulled me, as in the game I forgot that We have to step down at Mira Rd.... I have decided, I must have sex with Rakesh immediatly... So we took auto to reach home, where at this time no one should be there. Rakesh Told the driver to take us Srishti from Poonam saagar side, where is no traffic... On the way we kissed, carresed, but still now, it was I started who started it. . Rakesh stopped the auto in the way, Went to medical shop & returned with some lubricated condom packet... As we reached home, I become surprised to see my children who rushed to me & put their wrists in my neck....They told me that there tution is off today. I told them to play in the ground... In between Rakesh also reached there after paying autodriver. We rushed to lift, In the lift, there was one of my neighbour, so we did not get any chance. Finally we reached at my home, But what I see... My hubby was ready with cake & candles on it... He congrulate me for my birthday... At the same time my kids pop up at the door & gave me best wishes...

Then I understood, actually It was my hubby's plan to give me surprise party. So he made some excuse & send me with Rakesh to arrange the party. But how can I say him I had already got my best birthday surprise gift with his friend... Rakesh gave me the condom packet secretly as my birthday gift... We could not make love, but hesitation between us has gone... But again I got bad luck, within two three days someone expire in his native place, he left for there… In the mean period, I also got rid from my dream to have extra marital affair… Please also react on this story at my ID If you also had the experience, mail me.


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