Best Summer ever!! (revised)

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*** Hello Readers, Author Doragon here. In review of my own story, i noticed a major grammatical error, so i have revised the story and corrected the error. I am very sorry for any confusion if any of you had caught on, the revised story is as follows;

My name is Michael. I will be a senior in high school this coming fall. Every summer, my cousin, James, and I visit each other's house for 2 weeks. I stay with my aunt, and he stays at my house. We have alot of fun. My aunt Cindy is a blast. We go to water parks, bowling, and anything else that sounds fun.
So, it's that time of summer, my mom, Jill, drops me off, and picks up James.
"Bye mom" i call out, before stepping in the door.
"Bye Michael, i love you!!" she replies.
"See ya James" i say as i pass him on the way in the door.
Standing in the hallway is my aunt Cindy. She is beautiful i have to say. Every summer i spend with her, i masturbate more and more. Her huge DD cup tits make me hard just thinking about them. I often dig through her laundry until i find one of her bras, and hold them around my shaft as i stroke my cock. I run up to her and give her a big hug. Pressing her tits firmly against my chest.
"Hey aunt Cindy, i missed you"
"Hi Michael, i missed you too"
"So what do we have planned" i asked.
"Oh, lots of stuff, they opened a new bowling alley in town. I figured we could try it out" she replied.
"Sounds great" i say.
"We'll get started on another great summer in the morning, but tonight, you should rest. You had a long trip." she tells me.
"Yeah, i am pretty tired" i reply.
"Ok, you head upstairs and put your bags away, and i'll start dinner" she says.
So i run upstairs and put my things away in my cousin's room. I get cleaned up and head downstairs when she says dinner is ready.
Aunt Cindy was always a good cook. We sit at the kitchen table and have dinner, where we catch up on what's happened to us over the last year. After dinner, she tells me i should head to bed, because we are going to be really busy this summer. So i head upstairs to my cousin's room, then suddenly the "urge" hits me. So i run to the laundry room and dig through the hamper. "holy shit" i think when i discover i white lace bra, I quickly shove the bra down my pants and run to my room. After the lights go out, i pull the bra out of my pants, i go to an open spot on the floor, drop my boxers and wrap the cups of the bra around the head of my cock as i stroke the shaft. I imagine my aunt's huge tits and i begin to stroke faster. I feel myself nearing the end when suddenly i hear my aunt's voice...
"Just like your cousin i see" she says.
I completely lose my hard on in shock.
"Oh, don't stop, i don't mind" she tells me.
"Wha...what?" i stutter.
"James use to love masturbating into my bras. I use to find bras practically overflowing with his cum. That is, until i let him masturbate on to these." she said as she removed her night gown. Exposing her huge tits to me. She kneels on the floor, holding her arms underneath her tits, pressing them together, making them look even larger than that actually are. My hard on instantly comes back to life as i stare intently at her tits.
"Well, don't you want to cum on them? I mean, you were thinking about them weren't you?" she asks.
I leap to my feet, standing inches in front of her chest, my cockhead pointing straight at her tits. I begin to stroke my cock with great speed.
"Mmmm, go ahead sweetie, cum on these huge tits. They love the feel of cum all over them" she begins to encourages.
"Oh damn aunt cindy, i can't believe you're letting me do this"
"Oh do it baby, cum on my tits, they are begging for your cum"
"Oh fuck, i'm gonna cum. I'm gonna blow my load on your huge fucking tits"
I feel my cum slide up my shaft as i stroke my cock, pointing the head straight at her tits. Then suddenly, my cock explodes, shooting a huge load of cum right at my aunt's tits. Splashing across both tits. Then several more globs of cum shoot out of my cock, splattering all over her chest, covering them both in speckles of thick cum.
"Oh yeah baby, blow that load all over these fucking tits. Cover me in your warm load."
"Oh fuck, yeah, you like that cum don't you?" i say, getting alittle couragous now.
"Yeah sweetie, i love being covered in cum." she replies.
I finish stroking my cock until i've squeezed every last drop of cum onto my aunt's chest. Then i take a step back and get a good look at her. Her huge tits are covered in my cum. My cum drips down her chest, covering her nipples in my load.
"Wow babe, has it been awhile since you masturbated. You covered almost every inch of my tits in cum." she asks.
"Aunt cindy, will you swallow some of my cum?" i ask.
"Certainly sweetie." she says, she coyly runs her finger through the load on her chest, and licks it off seductively.
"Mmmm, you taste great sweetie." She says smiling.
"Damn aunt cindy, i can't believe you just let all that happen." i say.
"Well sweetie, i think our summer just got alot better." she replies.
"So you said you let james do that too?" i ask.
"Yeah, he loves it, but he doesn't ever cum quite this much. I'm drenched in it. I better clean up." she says, placing one hand under her tit and lifting it, licking a huge glob of it off her tit. She leans her head back, looking up at me and sticks her tongue out, covered in my load.

"Damn Aunt Cindy, you"re so fucking hot. I wonder how James is doing on his first night......"

the other side of the story to cum soon....

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