Best Friends and Masturbation

(Part 1 from 1)

Growing up my best friend lived next door. We had lots of good times together.

One day after university, he said do you want to see something? Sure I said. We were at his house and his parents weren't home from work yet.

We went into his parents bedroom and he got out some magazines. He said look at this. I was looking at a naked man with an erection. Why is his dick hard I asked.

I'll show you, he then took of his clothes and started playing with his dick.

We've been friends a long time and had seen each other naked before, but this was new to me. His dick got hard and he started stroking it up and down.

Why are you doing that I said, does it hurt? He laughed and said. Hurt, no it feels good... Try it your going to like it!

So I took off my clothes and started playing with my dick like I had seen him do. But my dick didn't get hard. I tried stroking it. Nothing, it wouldn't get hard. Are you sure about this I asked.
My dick isn't doing anything like yours.

He stopped stroking his dick and said let me try. He put his hand on my dick and started playing with me. I started
feeling something and my dick started to grow, It felt so good... My friend kept stroking and had me squirming until... My dick erupted, shooting white cum all over him.

I couldn't believe it! What a great feeling... I wanted to do it again and again.

My friend said to me, see isn't it great. Now it's my turn. I reached over and felt his hard cock. I've never felt anything like it. His was the first hard dick I ever touched!

I started stroking him up and down, up and down. Until he started squirming and moaning, then he shot his load all over me. It felt warm on my chest, I put my hand in it. Warm and sticky, I lifted my hand to my mouth. Mmmmm...

We sat there smiling like a couple of idiots, with each others cum on our chests. We cleaned up, then I ran home.

My mind was racing faster than my legs.
I called him later that night and asked if he wanted to sleep over my house that weekend.

I told him my parents was going out for a couple of hours and we would have my house to ourselves for awhile.

That was the first of our many jerk sessions, but not the last!

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