Becoming My Brother's Girlfriend

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

Tori drove slowly as she pulled up to the college apartments where her big brother Derrick lived. She was visiting him that weekend to check out the college since she'd be graduating that year and heading off for the same college. Derrick was two years older and a junior in college. Tori and Derrick had been close growing up and always helped one another.

She finally pulled up and grabbed her small duffle bag from the back seat. She was so anxious to see her brother. It'd been months since she last saw him and couldn't wait to hear about what was going on in his life. Last time she knew he was involved with Stacey, a girl Tori never got to meet.

As soon as she was about to head on upstairs, she saw Derrick waiting for her with a huge smile on his face. He looked so handsome with his dark black hair slicked back and his blue eyes piercing at her. She ran to him throwing her arms around him and kissing him on the cheek.

"Hey bro! So good to see you again!"

He kissed her back and brushed her long hair out of her face. "Wow sis you look really pretty!" His eyes wondered down at his little sister's sexy petite figure. Her dark hair was longer now and her blue eyes danced as he looked at her.

She blushed. "Thanks! And look at you! So handsome. I bet you're fighting off girls huh?"

He smirked. "Yeah right. Actually I'm totally single now. Stacey dumped me."

"What? Why?"

They began to walk up to Derrick's apartment, which he shared with his roommate Josh. He began to tell her the entire story. Derrick and Stacey had dated for several months and Derrick really liked Stacey a lot but something happened along the way that she fell for Josh and now Derrick was stuck living with a guy he thought he trusted but betrayed him. Now Josh was moving out into an apartment with Stacey. Derrick couldn't wait for his roommate to leave that way he wouldn't have to sit back and watch him and his ex-girlfriend do the whole lovey dovey thing.

"Well at least now you'll live alone huh?" Tori asked once they were inside sitting down in the living room.

"Yeah that'll be much better. I like my privacy."

"You really liked Stacey didn't you bro?" Tori asked concerned.

He nodded but immediately changed the subject. They were talking and suddenly they heard the door opening up. Tori saw Derrick panic but had no idea he was about to do what he did. He quickly put his arm around her and kissed her. Tori gasped at first not really sure of what to do. Her brother's lips were so warm and his tongue searched hers. She wanted to just push him away but instead she found herself kissing him back. Their tongues massaged together so gently and finally their kiss broke when they heard a male voice.

"Ahem!" Josh said interrupting them. Tori looked up still in a daze from her brother's sexy kiss.

"Hey Josh. Sorry I didn't know you were coming today," Derrick's voice was shaky.

"So who is this?" Josh asked with his eyes focused on Tori.

Derrick put his arm around her neck. "This is Tori. My, my g-girlfriend."

Josh raised his eyebrows. "Hey there. I'm Josh. Nice to meet you."

"Likewise," Tori said as she shook his hand.

Josh was your average college pretty boy. He had short blonde hair and emerald green eyes. He was slightly shorter than Derrick and dressed preppy. He was quite good looking Tori thought, but she hated him for what he did to her brother.

"Well stud looks like you didn't waist any time finding a new girl huh?" Josh said sarcastically.

"Actually we've been dating for a while now." Tori added surprising Derrick.

Josh looked puzzled and shrugged. "Ok anyway, I just came to get a few of my things and I'll be out of your way. Stacey's waiting for me downstairs. I'm gonna get the last of my things tomorrow."

"Go ahead it's all yours buddy," Derrick said cheerfully.

They waited until Josh was out of the apartment to discuss what was going on. Tori eyed her handsome brother and she knew he was nervous.

"Ok now what's going on Derrick? I mean I kind of have an idea but I was just so-" Her words cut off and she felt herself blush.

"I'm sorry Tori. I just didn't know what to do. I mean Josh has been sorta rubbing it in my face about going out with Stacey. I didn't mean to use you like that."

Tori smiled and hugged her brother. "It's Ok bro. I don't feel used at all. It was a very smart plan actually, but you think we can get away with it for the weekend? Or even once I start to come to school here?"

He ran his hands up and down his sister's little body. She felt so good, so warm. "Well I didn't think about that. We'll worry about that later, but for this weekend can you just pretend to by my girlfriend?"

She looked into his eyes and touched his face. "Yes. I can do that. I just hope no one finds out were are siblings."


That night, Tori was asleep in Josh's bed right in the room next to where her brother slept. She kept thinking about that mind-blowing kiss he'd given her at the spur of the moment. She felt her body so hot every time she replayed it in her mind. His lips still lingered on hers and she could still feel his tongue gliding on her tongue. It had to be the most delicious kiss she'd ever experienced. She'd managed to have a few boyfriends in her eighteen years, but no kisses were as sensual or sexy as her brother's kiss.

She was wearing her short cotton little shorts and a matching t-shirt that night. She hadn't realized she'd been playing with her nipples for a while now just thinking of her big brother. Her pink nipples were hard as she pinched them and rubbed them. Her other hand crept down between her legs and into her shorts and panties. Her pussy was bald since she shaved it and drenched. She'd never been so turned on by any other guy. All the time she'd spent growing up with her brother, she never realized how hot he was, or maybe she did but never wanted to admit it.

"Mmmmm," her soft moans escaped from her mouth while she rubbed her clit.

She wanted to cum so bad. She wanted to let herself go with all these nasty incestuous thoughts of her big brother eating her pussy, fucking her, being her boyfriend. All these wicked and dirty images going through her mind were sexy as hell. She hadn't had sex yet, and the thought of her brother being her first lover was driving her over the edge.

Her finger was now buried deep inside her fuck hole. It moved in and out so fast and her legs were spread wide open. She bit her lower lip feeling strong sensations going all through her body. She kept thinking of what Derrick's cock looked like. She recalled being about 18 years old and he was fourteen. She accidentally caught him naked as he got in the shower and got a quick glimpse of his cock but it was fast that she didn't get to savor the sight of it.

Her lower lip quivered as she brought herself to an orgasm. It was hard to keep quiet so she threw a pillow over her face moaning as softly as she could. Derrick's name slipped out of her mouth as she came. She wanted him. Oh how she wanted him!


Derrick got up early that Saturday morning. His heart was pounding from excitement since he knew he'd be spending the entire day with his beautiful little sister. His cock was already hard that morning. He kept trying to convince himself it was morning wood, but he knew it was because of Tori. He reached down his pajamas and grabbed his cock pulling it out wanting to desperately cum hard all over his hand.

He began to stroke it furiously. When he closed his eyes all he could see was Tori. He remembered watching Tori grow up and becoming a gorgeous young lady. He remembered seeing her in her cheerleader outfits, her sexy nightgowns she wore around the house, and her little dresses she wore to try to impress the guys at school, which made Derrick furious but he could never understand why until now.

His hand was gripping his hard cock now very tight. Moans of pleasure were hard to keep silent. He had to admit he'd had fantasies about kissing his little sister, well more than just kissing, but he'd definitely fantasized about her.

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